Ann Barnhardt Dismantles Mitt Romney

June 8, 2011

(Editor’s Note: Ann Barnhardt is a fresh new face on the liberty opinion blogosphere. Ann is in the investment counseling business, and you can find her at: Barnhardt Capital Management Inc.)

I saw another video Ann did, in which she attacked Islam. She read passages from the Quran, which she had bookmarked with strips of bacon. After each quote, she tore the page from the Quran and burned it. Kind of makes that kook preacher from Florida look like a candy-ass. I nearly spotted from laughter. The Islam video is below my comments, which are below video #1. Anyway, enjoy getting to know Ann Barnhardt, and read my comments after the video.)

Here is the text of an email that I sent to the lovely Ms. Barnhardt after viewing the video:

Dear Miss Barnhardt:

Watched your delightful tantrum about Mitt. Excellent. I do want to challenge your worldview in a couple points.

1. You said something to the effect that conservatives can’t stand Marxists. But I want you to acknowledge the reality of national presidential elections. 40% vote for Republicans, 40% vote Democratic, and usually the swing vote plus or minus 5% decides the election. Therefore, the people who call themselves conservatives that vote Republican are just as much Marxist sympathizers as the greatest majority of voters. Roughly 90% of American voters have no real problem with Marxism, since both parties offer Marxist candidates and America chooses one. I contend that if conservatives actually had core values that could not be bought, one of two things would happen: (a) a true conservative national political party would emerge, and a true conservative would run for Prez. The Tea Party is not that third party for true conservatives…they just like to think they are. Or (b) the conservatives would stop going to the polls, holding their noses, and voting for the candidate that the party presents to them. Vote numbers would plummet by half. Neither of those eventualities will ever occur. Washington is broke, the electoral system is hopelessly not fixable.

2. Saving the United States from the certain economic tsunami heading for our shores is not going to happen, either. You are in the perfect business to see this unfold on a global level. Debt is unsustainable and going higher. The rest of the nations of the world are in cahoots with Washington on the fiat currency and fractional reserve banking, thereby defrauding the population of the planet. At some point, somebody somewhere is going to f**k up and sell off too many T-bills, which will cause a run and collapse the world bond market. Or, the nations of the world will simply stop buying Treasuries, which will collapse the dollar. Or perhaps some other nation of the world will decide to cut its losses and try to look out for #1 and default on all its debt. What….like the IMF is going to repossess the country?

The only hope for individual liberty and property rights in North America is SECESSION. But I also contend that secession is too hot for any politician right now. No state will secede from the Union until AFTER the economic meltdown. Missing meals tends to focus minds. Once Washington collapses, America will go the way of the USSR in 1989. State after state will secede and become new nations. Some will do it right and some will just fashion themselves as little Washingtons. But states like Texas have a real chance to actually make it as a new nation.

I’d like to see you put your formidable intellect and energy behind the dream of secession. I have been writing about secession now for over two years at That’s not much, but it seems to be more than most. I’d be delighted to have you visit my website and peruse the Archives to see what I write. I can tell you this much. Your political views are EXACTLY where I was when I moved to Georgia in 1992. I didn’t embrace the concept of secession until the mid-2000s.

Keep hitting hard, Ann. You are a breath of fresh air in a world of putrefaction.

Russell D. Longcore