Where Are the Christian Churches When We Need Them Most?

May 21, 2011

by Mark R. Crovelli

(Editor’s Note: Paragraph one of this article quotes Thomas Aquinas about the church’s mission on earth. Unfortunately, the church would not know truth if it fell into a vat of it. The church’s mission on earth has always been the perpetuation of the church and nothing else. That its devotees are of limited intelligence only serves to make the church’s mission easier to accomplish. I wrote Who Should Be The State’s Mortal Enemy? Read that too.)

One of the most important functions of religious faith, observed St. Thomas Aquinas, is to allow people of limited intelligence and people with limited time for study to know important truths about God without having to investigate them personally. After all, few ordinary people are in a position to spend years rationally investigating the tenets of their faith, so, if they are to have any chance at finding Truth during their lives, they need to have it prepackaged for them to swallow on faith alone with the assistance of the Church.

This infinitely wise observation is just as true today as it was in the thirteenth century, and the Christian churches would do well to remember it during these especially turbulent political and economic times. In fact, with the world’s masses aflame with revolutionary ideas at the very same time that governments are going bankrupt, the need has never been greater for the Christian churches to remind their unthinking, gullible, and emotional flocks of what is true and just and good. If they fail to do this, and right quick, there is a very real and dangerous possibility that the Christian masses will get swept away by exciting and profoundly immoral ideas that will doom Western civilization for the foreseeable future.

Specifically, the Christian masses desperately need to have the foundations of Christian ethics beaten into their dense skulls to keep them on the right path during these hours of intellectual temptation. Since many of the ideas floating around the world right now are both alluring and morally dangerous, the Christian masses need a simple set of criteria by which to judge what is right and what is wrong. Fortuitously, God was provident enough to provide Christians (and Jews and Muslims) with a list of ten moral criteria so undemanding that even the most intellectually challenged among them should be able to determine right from wrong.

The list contains two ethical commandments of especial importance today because of the extreme danger that the Christian masses will unthinkingly violate them. The first and most important is that it is wrong for Christians to kill people. One would think that the Christian masses would have been able to memorize and abide by this simple proscription in the two thousand years that Christians have been walking the Earth, but apparently the density of the mass man’s mind continues to defy penetration. Christians in recent years are definitely no less likely to kill than any other peoples, and the danger is that they will kill even more frequently in coming years as economic and political conditions deteriorate further.

Thus, the Christian churches must intervene right now to remind the Christian masses that it is wrong to kill human beings and it is wrong for other people to kill in one’s name. The Christian flocks are increasingly angry, frightened, and impoverished by the political classes’ extravagances, and the temptation will only grow to take out their frustrations on other groups of people, such as the wealthy, Muslims, immigrants, or even their own neighbors. This is all the more true today, when it is so easy to aid in killing other people simply by voting. The majority of Christians do not need to bloody their own hands by shooting unarmed women and old men, for example, but they do irreparably stain their consciences by supporting such killings and paying for them with their tax money. And let’s not forget about the hordes of professional “Christian” killers (i.e., “soldiers”) that are presently plying their bloody trade in the three immoral wars that the supposedly “Christian” West is prosecuting in the Middle East.

The task of reigning in Christian killing before it gets even more out of hand will be impossible, however, unless the Christian churches simultaneously reign in their flocks’ nationalistic sentiments. Like most peoples today, Christians have come to worship their own governments with religious fervor, a serious Christian sin in its own right. They thus do not view killings by “their” government soldiers and police as morally analogous to killings by rapists and robbers. Unless this nationalistic moral blindness is corrected by the Christian churches, or by human reason, by emphasizing that the lines drawn on maps identifying different countries are completely morally irrelevant, Christians will never curtail their killing, because they will inevitably view government-sponsored killing of “other people” as somehow morally acceptable. Without help from the Christian churches, the unthinking Christian masses will continue to value, not human life as such, but their “own” people’s lives, and to hell with the rest of the people of the world.

The Christian churches must also urgently emphasize that Christians should not torture, imprison, beat, or otherwise physically abuse other human beings. Nor should they countenance such depraved activities done in their name by their governments. This proscription follows directly from the prohibition against killing, because to put a man in a cage deprives him of his life and dignity during that time just as surely as killing him would, and torturing him makes him envy the dead, which is worse than actually killing him. It should go without saying that Christians ought not to do these things or accept that they be done in their name with their tax monies, but the Christian masses keep approving of them nonetheless. This will only increase as political and economic turmoil increases, and the Christian churches will be morally responsible to a certain extent if they do not do all they can to head it off now.

The second important ethical precept that the unthinking Christian masses urgently need to be reminded of is God’s prohibition against stealing. It is unequivocally wrong for Christians to take property from other people without their consent, and it is equally wrong for them to encourage or to pay other people (e.g., tax collectors or mob strongmen) to do the same thing. Like the prohibition against killing, God’s prohibition against stealing is about as clear as man could possible desire: “Thou shalt not steal.” One might be tempted to think that the Christian masses would be able to comprehend something as simple as that, but apparently God vastly overestimated the mental abilities of His progeny. The Christian masses accept stealing, by governments in particular, just as much as any other people, and they tend to particularly approve of stealing from (i.e., taxing) the rich. They apparently think that it is morally acceptable for their government to take money from rich people by force just because Jesus was poor and defended poor people. The fact that Jesus’ own Father explicitly forbade them to steal – even from rich people – does not seem to enter into their moral reasoning. The Christian churches desperately need to undermine this invidious tendency before the increasingly impoverished and desperate Christian masses fall on their rich prey with a vengeance. Failure to head this tendency off will doom Western civilization for the foreseeable future, as the rich take flight with their capital to places that actually care about God’s Commandments. The loss of this valuable economic capital at a time when it is most needed to rebuild after the government created recession will send the Christian West back to the stone age.

Along a similar vein, there is an urgent need for the Christian churches to remind their mindless flocks that it is immoral to counterfeit money. It is just as wrong for me to print fake money to buy your car, for example, as it would be for me to steal it from you outright. The need for the Christian churches to emphasize this ethical precept does not, however, stem from a danger that the Christian masses will resort to the printing press themselves. Instead, the danger lies in the likelihood that the Christian masses will have their entire life savings and livelihoods wiped out by profoundly immoral economic idiots working in collusion with government who believe that prosperity grows on trees. Again, one would think that the Christian masses would already be aware that counterfeiting money is sickeningly immoral and economically destructive, but Christians of all stripes have done virtually nothing to stand up to this form of robbery. This testifies, yet again, to the appalling stupidity of the Christian masses – even when they themselves are being victimized, and the desperate need for the Christian herd to be morally guided by the Christian churches.

One hopes that the Christian churches will begin to lay seeds in the minds of their followers that will counteract these deadly immoral trends. With economic conditions deteriorating and political “leaders” plumbing new moral depths, the need has never been greater for the Christian churches to lead their herds back to the ethical path laid by Jesus and His Father. And that means, first and foremost, that the Christian churches must do their best to stop Christians from killing and robbing other people. One shudders to think that the Christian Churches even need to be reminded of something as fundamental as this.

Mark R. Crovelli writes from Denver, Colorado.

Copyright © 2011 by LewRockwell.com.

Human Freedom Rests on Gold Redeemable Money

May 20, 2011

by Hon. Howard Buffett
U.S. Congressman from Nebraska
The Commercial and Financial Chronicle 5/6/48

(Editor’s Note: Remember that this was written in 1948. Gold and silver coins ARE money. Paper script is currency. There is a big and significant difference. The reason that the US Constitution authorized Congress to “coin money,” not “print money,” is for this very reason. Further, the clause in Article I, Section 8 clearly identifies coinage as an issue of weights and measures, just like fixing the pound to 16 ounces or the yard to 36 inches. The ONLY way a US state can successfully secede is to establish real money of gold and silver coins, or electronic money based upon WEIGHT of precious metals. I even contend that a state could secede without a militia if it got the money issue done right.)

Is there a connection between Human Freedom and A Gold Redeemable Money? At first glance it would seem that money belongs to the world of economics and human freedom to the political sphere.

But when you recall that one of the first moves by Lenin, Mussolini and Hitler was to outlaw individual ownership of gold, you begin to sense that there may be some connection between money, redeemable in gold, and the rare prize known as human liberty.

Also, when you find that Lenin declared and demonstrated that a sure way to overturn the existing social order and bring about communism was by printing press paper money, then again you are impressed with the possibility of a relationship between a gold-backed money and human freedom.

In that case then certainly you and I as Americans should know the connection. We must find it even if money is a difficult and tricky subject. I suppose that if most people were asked for their views on money the almost universal answer would be that they didn’t have enough of it.

In a free country the monetary unit rests upon a fixed foundation of gold or gold and silver independent of the ruling politicians. Our dollar was that kind of money before 1933. Under that system paper currency is redeemable for a certain weight of gold, at the free option and choice of the holder of paper money.

Redemption Right Insures Stability

That redemption right gives money a large degree of stability. The owner of such gold redeemable currency has economic independence. He can move around either within or without his country because his money holdings have accepted value anywhere.

For example, I hold here what is called a $20 gold piece. Before 1933, if you possessed paper money you could exchange it at your option for gold coin. This gold coin had a recognizable and definite value all over the world. It does so today. In most countries of the world this gold piece, if you have enough of them, will give you much independence. But today the ownership of such gold pieces as money in this country, Russia, and all divers other places is outlawed.

The subject of a Hitler or a Stalin is a serf by the mere fact that his money can be called in and depreciated at the whim of his rulers. That actually happened in Russia a few months ago, when the Russian people, holding cash, had to turn it in – 10 old rubles and receive back one new ruble.

I hold here a small packet of this second kind of money – printing press paper money – technically known as fiat money because its value is arbitrarily fixed by rulers or statute. The amount of this money in numerals is very large. This little packet amounts to CNC $680,000. It cost me $5 at regular exchange rates. I understand I got clipped on the deal. I could have gotten $2½ million if I had purchased in the black market. But you can readily see that this Chinese money, which is a fine grade of paper money, gives the individual who owns it no independence, because it has no redemptive value.

Under such conditions the individual citizen is deprived of freedom of movement. He is prevented from laying away purchasing power for the future. He becomes dependent upon the goodwill of the politicians for his daily bread. Unless he lives on land that will sustain him, freedom for him does not exist.

You have heard a lot of oratory on inflation from politicians in both parties. Actually that oratory and the inflation maneuvering around here are mostly sly efforts designed to lay the blame on the other party’s doorstep. All our politicians regularly announce their intention to stop inflation. I believe I can show that until they move to restore your right to own gold that talk is hogwash.

Paper Systems End in Collapse

But first let me clear away a bit of underbrush. I will not take time to review the history of paper money experiments. So far as I can discover, paper money systems have always wound up with collapse and economic chaos.

Here somebody might like to interrupt and ask if we are not now on the gold standard. That is true, internationally, but not domestically. Even though there is a lot of gold buried down at Fort Knox, that gold is not subject to demand by American citizens. It could all be shipped out of this country without the people having any chance to prevent it. That is not probable in the near future, for a small trickle of gold is still coming in. But it can happen in the future. This gold is temporarily and theoretically partial security for our paper currency. But in reality it is not.

Also, currently, we are enjoying a large surplus in tax revenues, but this happy condition is only a phenomenon of postwar inflation and our global WPA. It cannot be relied upon as an accurate gauge of our financial condition. So we should disregard the current flush treasury in considering this problem.

From 1930-1946 your government went into the red every year and the debt steadily mounted. Various plans have been proposed to reverse this spiral of debt. One is that a fixed amount of tax revenue each year would go for debt reduction. Another is that Congress be prohibited by statute from appropriating more than anticipated revenues in peacetime. Still another is that 10% of the taxes be set aside each year for debt reduction.

All of these proposals look good. But they are unrealistic under our paper money system. They will not stand against postwar spending pressures. The accuracy of this conclusion has already been demonstrated.

The Budget and Paper Money

Under the streamlining Act passed by Congress in 1946, the Senate and the House were required to fix a maximum budget each year. In 1947 the Senate and the House could not reach an agreement on this maximum budget so that the law was ignored.

On March 4 this year the House and Senate agreed on a budget of $37½ billion. Appropriations already passed or on the docket will most certainly take expenditures past the $40 billion mark. The statute providing for a maximum budget has fallen by the wayside even in the first two years it has been operating and in a period of prosperity.

There is only one way that these spending pressures can be halted, and that is to restore the final decision on public spending to the producers of the nation. The producers of wealth – taxpayers – must regain their right to obtain gold in exchange for the fruits of their labor. This restoration would give the people the final say-so on governmental spending, and would enable wealth producers to control the issuance of paper money and bonds.

I do not ask you to accept this contention outright. But if you look at the political facts of life, I think you will agree that this action is the only genuine cure.

There is a parallel between business and politics which quickly illustrates the weakness in political control of money.

Each of you is in business to make profits. If your firm does not make profits, it goes out of business. If I were to bring a product to you and say, this item is splendid for your customers, but you would have to sell it without profit, or even at a loss that would put you out of business. – well, I would get thrown out of your office, perhaps politely, but certainly quickly. Your business must have profits.

In politics votes have a similar vital importance to an elected official. That situation is not ideal, but it exists, probably because generally no one gives up power willingly.

Perhaps you are right now saying to yourself: “That’s just What I have always thought. The politicians are thinking of votes when they ought to think about the future of the country. What we need is a Congress with some ‘guts.’ If we elected a Congress with intestinal fortitude, it would stop the spending all right!”

I went to Washington with exactly that hope and belief. But I have had to discard it as unrealistic. Why?

Because an economy Congressman under our printingpress money system is in the position of a fireman running into a burning building with a hose that is not connected with the water plug. His courage may be commendable, but he is not hooked up right at the other end of the line. So it is now with a Congressman working for economy. There is no sustained hookup with the taxpayers to give him strength.

When the people’s right to restrain public spending by demanding gold coin was taken from them, the automatic flow of strength from the grass-roots to enforce economy in Washington was disconnected. I’ll come back to this later.

In January you heard the President’s message to Congress. or at least you heard about it. It made Harry Hopkins, in memory, look like Old Scrooge himself. Truman’s State of the Union message was “pie-in-thesky” for everybody except business. These promises were to be expected under our paper currency system. Why? Because his continuance in office depends upon pleasing a majority of the pressure groups.

Before you judge him too harshly for that performance, let us speculate on his thinking. Certainly he can persuade himself that the Republicans would do the same thing if they were In power. Already he has characterized our talk of economy as “just conversation.” To date we have been proving him right. Neither the President nor the Republican Congress is under real compulsion to cut Federal spending. And so neither one does so, and the people are largely helpless.

But it was not always this way.

Before 1933 the people themselves had an effective way to demand economy. Before 1933, whenever the people became disturbed over Federal spending, they could go to the banks, redeem their paper currency in gold, and wait for common sense to return to Washington.

Raids on Treasury

That happened on various occasions and conditions sometimes became strained, but nothing occurred like the ultimate consequences of paper money inflation. Today Congress is constantly besieged by minority groups seeking benefits from the public treasury. Often these groups. control enough votes in many Congressional districts to change the outcome of elections. And so Congressmen find it difficult to persuade themselves not to give in to pressure groups. With no bad immediate consequence it becomes expedient to accede to a spending demand. The Treasury is seemingly inexhaustible. Besides the unorganized taxpayers back home may not notice this particular expenditure – and so it goes.

Let’s take a quick look at just the payroll pressure elements. On June 30, 1932, there were 2,196,151 people receiving regular monthly checks from the Federal Treasury. On June 30, 1947, this number had risen to the fantastic total of 14,416,393 persons. This 14½ million figure does not include about 2 million receiving either unemployment benefits of soil conservation checks. However, It includes about 2 million GI’s getting schooling or on-the-job-training. Excluding them, the total is about l2½ million or 500% more than in 1932. If each beneficiary accounted for four votes (and only half exhibited this payroll allegiance response) this group would account for 25 million votes, almost by itself enough votes to win any national election.

Besides these direct payroll voters, there are a large number of State, county and local employees whose compensation in part comes from Federal subsidies and grants-in-aid.

Then there are many other kinds of pressure groups. There are businesses that are being enriched by national defense spending and foreign handouts. These firms, because of the money they can spend on propaganda, may be the most dangerous of all.

If the Marshall Plan meant $100 million worth of profitable business for your firm, wouldn’t you Invest a few thousands or so to successfully propagandize for the Marshall Plan? And if you were a foreign government, getting billions, perhaps you could persuade your prospective suppliers here to lend a hand in putting that deal through Congress.

The Taxpayer the Forgotten Man

Far away from Congress is the real forgotten man, the taxpayer who foots the bill. He is in a different spot from the tax-eater or the business that makes millions from spending schemes. He cannot afford to spend his time trying to oppose Federal expenditures. He has to earn his own living and carry the burden of taxes as well.

But for most beneficiaries a Federal paycheck soon becomes vital in his life. He usually will spend his full energies if necessary to hang onto this income. The taxpayer is completely outmatched in such an unequal contest. Always heretofore he possessed an equalizer. If government finances weren’t run according to his idea of soundness he had an individual right to protect himself by obtaining gold.

With a restoration of the gold standard, Congress would have to again resist handouts. That would work this way. If Congress seemed receptive to reckless spending schemes, depositors’ demands over the country for gold would soon become serious. That alarm in turn would quickly be reflected in the halls of Congress. The legislators would learn from the banks back home and from the Treasury officials that confidence in the Treasury was endangered.

Congress would be forced to confront spending demands with firmness. The gold standard acted as a silent watchdog to prevent unlimited public spending. I have only briefly outlined the inability of Congress to resist spending pressures during periods of prosperity. What Congress would do when a depression comes is a question I leave to your imagination.

I have not time to portray the end of the road of all paper money experiments.

It is worse than just the high prices that you have heard about. Monetary chaos was followed in Germany by a Hitler; in Russia by all-out Bolshevism; and in other nations by more or less tyranny. It can take a nation to communism without external influences. Suppose the frugal savings of the humble people of America continue to deteriorate in the next 10 years as they have in the past 10 years? Some day the people will almost certainly flock to “a man on horseback” who says he will stop inflation by price-fixing, wage-fixing, and rationing. When currency loses its exchange value the processes of production and distribution are demoralized.

For example, we still have rent-fixing and rental housing remains a desperate situation.

For a long time shrewd people have been quietly hoarding tangibles in one way or another. Eventually, this individual movement into tangibles will become a general stampede unless corrective action comes soon.

Is Time Propitious?

Most opponents of free coinage of gold admit that that restoration is essential, but claim the time is not propitious. Some argue that there would be a scramble for gold and our enormous gold reserves would soon be exhausted.

Actually this argument simply points up the case. If there is so little confidence in our currency that restoration of gold coin would cause our gold stocks to disappear, then we must act promptly.

The danger was recently highlighted by Mr. Allan Sproul, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, who said:

“Without our support (the Federal Reserve System), under present conditions, almost any sale of government bonds, undertaken for whatever purpose, laudable or otherwise, would be likely to find an almost bottomless market on the first day support was withdrawn.”

Our finances will never be brought into order until Congress is compelled to do so. Making our money redeemable in gold will create this compulsion. The paper money disease has been a pleasant habit thus far and will not he dropped voluntarily any more than a dope user will without a struggle give up narcotics. But in each case the end of the road is not a desirable prospect.

I can find no evidence to support a hope that our fiat paper money venture will fare better ultimately than such experiments in other lands. Because of our economic strength the paper money disease here may take many years to run its course.

But we can be approaching the critical stage. When that day arrives, our political rulers will probably find that foreign war and ruthless regimentation is the cunning alternative to domestic strife. That was the way out for the paper-money economy of Hitler and others. In these remarks I have only touched the high points of this problem. I hope that I have given you enough information to challenge you to make a serious study of it.

I warn you that politicians of both parties will oppose the restoration of gold, although they may outwardly seemingly favor it. Als o those elements here and abroad who are getting rich from the continued American inflation will oppose a return to sound money. You must be prepared to meet their opposition intelligently and vigorously. They have had 15 years of unbroken victory.

But, unless you are willing to surrender your children and your country to galloping inflation, war and slavery, then this cause demands your support. For if human liberty is to survive in America, we must win the battle to restore honest money.

There is no more important challenge facing us than this issue – the restoration of your freedom to secure gold in exchange for the fruits of your labors.

Howard Buffett was an Old Right libertarian congressman and businessman from Omaha, Nebraska. One of his aides was Murray Rothbard. His son is the oligarch Warren Buffett

Copyright © 1948 The Commercial and Financial Chronicle

Time to Get Rich

May 19, 2011

by Gary North

(Editor’s Note: TIME is the only aspect of humanity in which there will ever be equality. Each of us gets 24-hour days, 365-day years. You can waste time and waste money. If you waste money, you can always get more. But you cannot get more time.)

“If I had just known at age 18 what I know today!” That lament is among the most universal among people aged 50 or older. Is there any society in which itr cannot be heard?

I was reminded of this when I watched a video of half a dozen of coach John Wooden’s most talented basketball players. It was produced in 2010, just after his death at age 99. He had retired 35 years earlier, yet he was still remembered and admired.

The story was basically the same for each of those now middle aged – or older – men. Wooden had been a great teacher, not just a coach. They all said how much sense his principles of living had meant to them two or more decades later. But all of them said that they had not paid much attention at the time. I had heard the same thing before he died from other former players.

Here was a legendary coach who taught some of the finest athletes in America. He was a very smart man, and more to the point, a very wise man. His chart of the pyramid of success has been seen by millions of people. Yet he was unable to get the basics of his outlook across to young men who had come from all over the nation to play for him. (Oddly, the group in the video had all come from southern California.) You can see it here.

What does this tell us? That youth is wasted on the young – a lament of oldsters throughout history and across many borders.

It is not a matter of brains. It is a matter of character. From time to time, we do hear of young men who seem to understand as teenagers how little time men have, and how large the payoff is for hard work, high thrift, and dedication to the mastery of some field. These are the super-performers discussed in books like Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. They invest their crucial 10,000 hours before they reach age 21.

But it is not just character. It is something else. It is their understanding of time. They recognize that effort and assets invested early in life have a compounding effect. This makes an enormous difference at age 40 or 50, if a person finds the right niche in which to invest his time.

To do this, a young person needs future-orientation. This is exceedingly rare among the young. As Ben Franklin put it in 1750, “A child thinks that twenty pounds and twenty years can never be spent.” A few musical artists figure it out early, or at least consent to their parents’ demands while they are still forming their habits in life. But few understand it with respect to money.


You have heard the phrase, “Get rich slowly.” That is good advice. It applies to societies as well as individuals.

Why should getting rich take so long? Because it takes a long time to accumulate capital: the tools of production.

Economists have understood this for over a century. But, sadly, most people are into middle age before they figure out that it takes time to accumulate sufficient capital to provide for a comfortable retirement. When we are young, we rarely understand how much we must save, and how long we must save, to accumulate capital.

In Chapter XVIII of his magnum opus, Human Action (1949), Ludwig von Mises presented the case for the importance of time perspective as a source of thrift, capital formation, and wealth. He called this outlook “time-preference.” Some people are present-oriented. They want satisfaction now. They will not lend money at low rates of interest. They borrow at high rates. Others are future-oriented. They save at low rates of interest. They refuse to pay high rates of interest when borrowing.

He made a profound observation on why we are rich compared to earlier generations.

Our activities are designed for a longer period of provision because we are the lucky heirs of a past which has lengthened, step by step, the period of provision and has bequeathed to us the means to expand the waiting period.

Mises recognized that modern man is the heir of generations of capital formation and thrift.

We are in a position to rely upon a continuing influx of consumers’ goods and have at our disposal not only stocks of goods ready for consumption but also stocks of producers’ goods out of which our continuous efforts again and again make new consumers’ goods mature.

Today, we possess far more capital goods than society did in 1949. Around the world, the message is taking root. The free market social order provides incentive for people to innovate. Innovation requires capital. This requires thrift. Thrift is the result of future-orientation.

A generation ago, Harvard University’s political scientist, Edward Banfield, suggested that time perspective, not wealth, is the correct basis of class. Lower class people are present-oriented. Upper-class people are future-oriented. He wrote this in the late 1960s, at the height of the counter culture. Chapter 3 of his book, The Unheavenly City, made this explicit. Radical students complained so much that he left in 1972 for four years, In 1976, he returned to Harvard from the University of Pennsylvania. He told Robert Nisbet that the students at Penn were just as hostile as the students at Harvard. Nisbet passed this tidbit along to me years later.


Professor Philip Zimbardo has studied the long-term effects of time perspective in children. Beginning with studies begun over two decades ago by a colleague, Zimbardo has tracked the lives of an early group of children. He has concluded that a child’s future-orientation – the psychological ability to defer gratification – is a major indicator of future success in a child’s life. He has produced two videos on this.

The person who is willing to defer present consumption for the sake of future income is in a strong position in society. He has the internal make-up necessary for building capital in the broadest sense.

A person who is ready to consume all of his income now, and even borrow to consume more, is not going to accumulate capital. He will not have the tools, including education and skills, to maximize his contribution to a paying society.

By neglecting the investment required to increase a person’s productivity, the present-oriented person finds that he has gotten what he wanted: high consumption at the expense of future income. In contrast, the future-oriented person gets what he always preferred: lower consumption for the sake of future income.

The great benefit of the free market is that it allows people to buy what they want if they are willing to pay the price. The present-oriented person says” Buy now, pay later.” The future-oriented person thinks, “Save now, buy later.”

In school, we are taught many skills. But what is rarely taught is goal-setting and time management. Perhaps this would be wasted. But if I were to design a curriculum – and I am doing this – I would emphasize goal-setting and time management as soon as a child is capable of adopting a self-taught curriculum. This is probably around age 8. The only one I know like this is Dr. Arthur Robinson’s, which at $200, grades K-12, is a bargain.

By the time a student is a teenager, he or she should understand the basics of lifetime success. Coach Wooden looked for quickness above all other categories. That one is too limiting. Here are the ones I would look for, in this order.


“A man’s word is his bond.” That is an ancient principle. It should be basic to any person old enough to make a binding promise.

In a free society, the division of labor is crucial. People must learn to delegate. They cannot do everything by themselves. But decentralization is risky. The person who promises to perform a service may not deliver.

I have said that there are three principles of success.

1. Do what you say you will do.
2. Do it at the price agreed on.
3. Do it on time.

These may sound trivial. They are difficult to achieve for the vast majority of people. Perhaps I should add a fourth.

4. Do it without being reminded or monitored.

At this point, the character set is difficult to find, especially in employees under age 30.

Any teenager who is governed by habit to meet the three requirements of performance has an enormous advantage over his peers. It will be difficult for them to compete with him.


There are good employees who meet the criteria of predictable performance. But they will remain employees if they do not have fire in the belly.

Some people call this character trait an obsession. It probably is. Others call it ambition. It often is. Still others call it visionary. It always is.

The person with no fire in his belly is unlikely to take the risks that mastery require. Mastery is a high-risk endeavor. It is more than routine maintenance. It is a matter of putting your reputation on the line in something like full public view.

Rockefeller and Carnegie had fire in the belly. They helped to create a new, far richer world. Both of them switched to charitable giving when they got old. Their money bankrolled some of the most insidious projects of the so-called New World Order. They were better at piling up wealth than giving it away. They had no skills at giving it away. They would have done more good for mankind in their lifetimes if they had stuck to their knitting. But super-rich men cannot escape their responsibility for managing great wealth in this way. Their piled-up capital will be inherited. By whom?

Consider Howard Hughes. Leonardo DiCaprio got it right in The Aviator. Hughes was unbalanced from the beginning. He was brilliant. He was creative. He was also rich at a young age, because of his father’s invention of a unique oil-drilling bit. He more than outperformed his father. Yet he was unbalanced to the degree that he became unhinged. He had too much of a good thing. But no one ever called him poor.

Bill Gates had fire in the belly at a young age. He made a lot of money. Then he married an eminently sensible woman. She was able to give him a new vision of service other than designing and marketing digits.

I think a person must have this fire in the belly: his calling. I define calling as the most important thing you can do in which you would be most difficult to replace. This may be a person’s occupation, but only rarely. It was an aspect of John Wooden’s job, but it reached far deeper than his job. After he retired, his calling remained. His influence grew greater over the years as a result of the foundation of his life, which was also the foundation of his occupational success.

After Wooden’s death, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar commented on this aspect of Wooden’s coaching. When Kareem/Alcindor went to UCLA in the fall of 1965, Wooden’s office was a Quonset hut. This was after two NCAA championship seasons.

Fire in the belly keeps a person from getting sidetracked. He may go over a cliff. Surely Hughes did. But it keeps him moving forward.

Ludwig von Mises had this characteristic. Nothing could stop him. He was still teaching and writing at age 85. So was his disciple, F. A. Hayek. Hayek’s book, The Fatal Conceit, is a masterpiece. It can easily serve as the tombstone of the idea of socialism. Hayek finished it at age 86. I visited him in the Austrian Alps in 1985. He handed me a chapter, which I had photocopied by the hotel. He could not be stopped.


Hughes had this, obviously. Had he not had it, he would have died in a plane crash. Others have it. They present their work to the public without loose ends. They may revise later on – hooray for eBooks – but they bring a ready-for-prime-time product to the public the first time.

The devil is in the details. So are the failures. This is where a producer pays attention to the customer. He makes sure that the product works as promised, at a price promised, delivered on time. Again, if it is released as a beta-version, fine. The customer knows. But it is best to release it free of charge.

This is a matter of going the extra mile.


Success comes at a price. The earlier someone begins paying it, the more success he should expect. The compounding process is a power for personal and economic change.

This outlook requires faith in the future. But it requires more than faith. It has to be accompanied by future orientation. A person needs to discount the future by a low interest rate in order to maintain a high present value of his forfeited income.

The time to get rich is in your teens. The longer you wait to begin the process, the higher the rate of return that you must achieve.

I wish I had more teenage readers. But, then again, Coach Wooden had his share. It took time for what he told them to register.

Gary North is the author of Mises on Money. Visit www.garynorth.com

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The Inexpressibly, Unthinkably Obvious

May 18, 2011

Somber Thoughts on Race and Ethnicity

by Fred Reed

(Editor’s Note: Jared Taylor is a Yale-educated author and Editor of American Renaissance. I wrote Is It OK To Be A Racist?” back in February. Goes along with this article quite well.)

I have just read Jared Taylor’s new book, White Consciousness. The title might lead one to expect racial ranting, but there is none. It is a good read. Jared deals thoughtfully with America’s changing racial and ethnic make-up and the probable consequences. He is usually painted as a hate-monger who regards his bed sheets as evening wear, wants (as Lincoln did) to send blacks back to Africa, shoot Hispanics, and blame Jews for sun spots and loose fillings. Alas, he fails to perform. The book is no more extreme than Pat Buchanan, well documented, and utterly incorrect politically. His crime is asking questions one mustn’t because the answers come up wrong.

For example, he doubts the existence, and the desirability, of racial integration, as very distinct from desegregation. It hasn’t worked, he says.

Isn’t this obvious? I ask my readers, most of whom are white, how many close black friends do you have? When did you last have them over for dinner? We talk mixing. We don’t do it.

I lived a couple of decades in Washington, DC, a city mostly black, and had many white liberal friends. They believed they believed in multiculturalism, but they—we—lived in an overwhelmingly white world: white restaurants, friends, bars, clubs, dances. I can’t remember even once being in an establishment in which the majority, or anything close to it, were black. Whites associate with whites, blacks with blacks. That’s how it is.

Jared points out that most of what we think we are supposed to think about race and ethnicity isn’t true. He notes the mandatory refrain, “Diversity is our strength,” and asks, exactly how is it our strength? I have myself wondered. Name five ways diversity has made the country stronger (without mentioning ethnic restaurants or music).


The book is a curious one in that most of it is obvious though one mustn’t say it. Does not diversity just cause trouble, almost everywhere? As much as one might want it to lead to comity, it doesn’t. Consider: Shiites and Sunnis, Irish Protestants and Catholics, Hutus and Tutsis; blacks, whites and Hispanics in the US; Turks and Kurds; Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, Turks and Armenians; Indians and Ugandans; Turks and Germans; Moslems and the French; Moslems and Dutch; Jews in many places; Christians and Moslems in Sudan; Chinese and Indonesians, and so on for pages. None of these groups is evil, but none mix well. Usually they kill each other.

A staple of political correctness is that groups eventually merge into happy indistinguishable citizens. Occasionally, yes, if the groups are similar and want to assimilate: The Irish and Italians in the US did. Jared points out that, whatever one might wish, it usually doesn’t happen. Sunnis and Shiites have been around since the seventh century. They celebrate diversity by exchanging car bombs. In the US, neither blacks nor Amerindians have assimilated to the dominant European culture, nor have the cultures blended.

Jared notes that the US now has fifty million Hispanics, or sixteen percent of the population, expected to rise soon to twice that, as well as thirteen percent of blacks. Now, since I live in Mexico, have a Mexican wife, and speak Spanish at home, it will be difficult to nail me with racial hatred of Hispanics. Nor do I hate blacks. But…is this going to work? Or are we going to end up with three mutually hostile countries in one land? The possibility is real. Several states, including California, have Hispanic majorities, which means that shortly they will have Hispanic governments. If the majority vote as a bloc—bingo.

Aggravating the problem is that the people who most believe that we will eventually be one big happy family are those with the least experience. They have never been in the huge, hopeless, festering slums of Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Washington, on and on and on. These are awful, culturally isolated, and not getting better. If there is an answer, no one has found it.

Americans hardly notice the cost of diversity, as they have never known anything else. Jared was born in Japan to missionary parents, went to Japanese schools, and speaks Japanese. He makes the point that in Japan there is virtually no diversity, and therefore no civil-rights acts, no forced busing, no governmental agencies counting how many of whom one hires, no voting-rights laws, no affirmative action and resulting anger. An employer simply hires the best qualified candidate. And the Japanese do not burn their cities in racial rioting.

We are what we are, a mixed nation, but need we make things worse? Unrestricted immigration may let us feel good about ourselves, but does it really have a happy ending? One maywell wonder what will follow when half of the country is either black or Hispanic.

Further, when some groups are economically and academically way below the dominant culture, hostility and separatism become almost assured. As Jared points out, blacks and Hispanics are on average scholastic disasters. In the schools the gap in achievement is large between white and black, and has proven resistant to everything: Head Start, forced busing, integrated class rooms, segregated class rooms, affirmative action, schools run entirely by blacks, or entirely by whites, and so on. Hispanics in the US are not doing a whole lot better. If the shortfall doesn’t change, it won’t matter whether it is genetic or cultural in origin.

The implications, discussion of which is verboten, are not trivial. The US depends on and rewards deployable intelligence, particularly on IQs bordering on the scary, as in 180 and up. The clearest examples are in Silicon Valley, many of them from the physics department at Stanford or Harvard. These men—almost all are men—have given the US its dominance in technology. They are not just bright, like the valedictorian in your high school. They are off-scale, almost another species.

If you follow the computer/internet racket, you know that they are overwhelmingly white, Jewish (a subset of white, granted), Chinese, Asian Indian, Korean. The black and Hispanic proportion is close to zero if not actually zero. This isn’t because of racial discrimination. Santa Clara runs on raw brains, and doesn’t care what package they come in. Google would hire a giant clam if it could program well enough.

Sez me, this is not going to lead to cheery Kum Bah Yah harmony. As the country becomes a two-tier society—it already is, but as the second tier grows rapidly in size and political potency—how is this going to work?

Jared will disappoint many by not making exterminationist recommendations. But if you want a clear exposition of what is happening, he’s worth a read.

© 2011 Fred Reed

The FairTax? No Thank You

May 17, 2011

Sales Tax for A New Nation? Yes, Please!

by Russell D. Longcore

As the most recent “silly season” of a presidential election is beginning, the FairTax idea is being bandied about once again. The FairTax is a concept promoted in “The FairTax Book” by talk show host Neal Boortz and Republican Congressman John Linder. It is basically a national retail sales tax that is meant to replace ALL Federal taxation. Boortz’s idea overlays a national sales tax on a 50-state America. But it has some dangerous and ill-conceived downsides.

First, and most important to me…is that the FairTax seeks to solve the problem of taxation for the United States of America. We here at DumpDC do not care about the future of the USA. We seek to bring our influence to bear…such as it is…to encourage states to secede from the Union and become new nations. We’re all about secession here at DumpDC. So we are trying to convince a big dysfunctional nation that smaller is better, and that individual nations are better than the confederacy of serf states presently comprising the USA.

We believe that a national sales tax, unencumbered by tax loopholes, is the very best method of collecting taxes to operate any government. But many features of the FairTax don’t make any sense for a new nation. I wrote about taxation in a New Texas HERE.

Next…the FairTax tries to be “revenue neutral.” That means that it seeks to collect roughly the same amount of money in taxation that the Federal Government presently plunders from Americans. But Washington is a Category 5 spending hurricane, destroying the nation with taxation and inflation while it continues to borrow trillions so it can spend even more. For the FairTax to be revenue neutral is to reward the current criminal and unconstitutional behavior of the Congress and whatever President occupies the White House.

In a seceded state…a new nation…there will be no Social Security and Medicare. There will be no gaggle of three-letter bureaucracies that gobble up tax money. If the new nation creates their national money based upon gold and silver, there will be no central bank. I contend that the national sales tax should be set in the new nation’s Constitution at 10%, and alterable only by a Constitutional amendment.

Next…in the first edition of the FairTax Book released in 2005, America has not yet begun the runaway economic train to oblivion. So Boortz makes a lot of statements that are no longer true now that it’s six years later. For example, Boortz talks about how the FairTax will make America so attractive that corporations who have moved operations offshore will flock back to the USA to take advantage of the business-friendly taxation of the FairTax. But in 2005, Congress had not completed the bailout of the banks, the auto makers, and some insurance companies. Congress and the President had not borrowed trillions of dollars over and above taxation. No stimulus packages had been enacted. And, the US Dollar was not in imminent danger of collapse back then. Besides, big business did not move their operations offshore just because of taxation. Labor costs, the costs of crushing regulations, and even some raw materials costs, are drastically reduced or eliminated outside the USA. So I contend that most US businesses with offshore operations would stay right there…offshore.

The FairTax as proposed will be assessed as a national sales tax at 23% on all goods and services sold at the retail level. The sales of used or formerly owned goods would not be subject to the sales tax. So sales transactions between individuals would not be subject to the FairTax.

Chapter 9: The FairTax ‘Prebate’…The Key To Fairness

Boortz takes the first six chapters building a case against the tax loopholes that the Washington special interest lobbies have successfully gained over the years. He tells us how outrageous it is that certain groups get tax exemptions at the expense of others. But then Boortz creates his own tax exempt group for the FairTax, and then goes one better. The FairTax places ALL Americans on the government dole. That this idea came from a purported Libertarian should boggle your mind. At the very least, it should bring into severe question the Libertarianism of the authors.

The FairTax is based on the premises that “the poor” should not have to pay the Federal tax, and that none of us should have to pay the FairTax for the necessities of life. Boortz/Linder propose what they call a “prebate”…a monthly check issued in Washington, that allegedly reimburses “every family for the sales tax that the family will pay on all spending up to the Federal Poverty Level…” Presently in 2011, the Federal Poverty Level is $22,350.00 for a family of four. That’s American poverty for you…an inflation-distorted income level where most families have refrigerators, microwaves, multiple TVs, cell phones, computers and an automobile.

But I ask you…why should anyone be exempt from paying a national sales tax? Even if the poor are on government assistance right now, they pay state sales tax on most purchases. They drive the same roads, get the same fire and police protection, and receive many of the other benefits of civilized society that the rest of us that DO pay taxes also receive. In the FairTax book, page 88, Boortz says, “For them, it’s all benefit and no burden.” Further, many of the poor receive thousands of dollars in government assistance that NONE of the rest of us enjoy, simply because they are lumped into the group known as “the poor.”

I contend that in a new nation that created a national sales tax as its only revenue source, no human being would be exempt from taxation. Little Johnny buying his bubble gum would pay, just like the richest person in the nation. No favorites. No class warfare. No income tax. No other forms of taxation. Just a national sales tax.

Chapter 10: Underground and Offshore Economy…Taxed At Last!

Before we begin looking at this chapter, just contemplate that chapter title for a moment. “Taxed At Last??” Since when does a Libertarian have a goal to tax more people and gain more revenue for DC? Isn’t the essence of individual liberty and property rights found in avoiding taxation to the limits of the law?

This chapter proves that the ridiculous IRS code has an unintended consequence, which is tax evasion. Of course it does. There will ALWAYS be an underground economy…a “black market”…when there is taxation enforced or when there is some prohibition enacted against goods or services for which there is a public demand. In like manner, the IRS code has created an offshore economy as Congress has enacted tax loophole legislation. But Boortz goes a little crazy on page 96 when he says, “But there’s an even larger tax-avoidance drag on our economy: those who avoid taxes absolutely legally.”

A drag on our economy? By avoiding taxes legally? Neal, whose side are you on?

Even though the underground economy does not pay income taxes, it pays sales taxes when it spends its money. So, with liberty in mind, we should be much more concerned with minimizing government taxation and maximizing individual liberty and property rights.

Then, on page 100, Neal steps over the line of reason. He equates laundering money from criminal activity with legally keeping an offshore bank account. Quote: “If a criminal stashes his ill-gotten gains in one of these (Offshore Financial Centers), all he needs is a simple debit card issued by that offshore bank to access his funds…it’s estimated that 1-2 million Americans are using such accounts.”

Then, on page 104, Boortz says something that makes me think that he does not understand basic economics. He states that trillions of dollars in American wealth sits offshore. Quote: “This is money that is not creating jobs and driving economic growth in our country…and would come flowing back home if the income tax…were replaced by the FairTax.”

But capital does not create jobs all on its own. And capital’s reason for existence is not to create jobs…it is to create profit for those holding the capital. Basic economics says that demand for a product or service motivates entrepreneurs to create those products and services to satisfy the demand. Jobs are the labor costs of any goods and services. Capital that creates goods or services without a demand wastes capital…like communism did in the Soviet Union. Demand comes first, Neal…not capital. And demand can be as simple as your stomach growling. Demand is destroyed by runaway government spending and inflation which plunders capital and evaporates its value. Get rid of runaway spending and inflation and people will once again have the discretionary income to satisfy their demands.

Chapter 12: The Opposition: Where Will It Come From?

Neal hauls out the bogeymen who will naysay his self-perceived brilliance. He talks about how Americans cheat on their taxes as a matter of course. But most Americans practice tax avoidance, not tax evasion. And under a 23% national sales tax, there will be a new wave of tax avoidance. But tax avoidance is not tax evasion. Evasion is fraudulent and illegal. Avoidance is intelligent money management. Boortz blurs the line between the two extremes.

I thought Neal Boortz was a Libertarian. He says he is a Libertarian. Libertarians embrace smaller government. But what is there about creating a taxation system that sends every American a monthly check that sounds even remotely Libertarian?

The answer? There is nothing about the FairTax that is either sensible or Libertarian. It is yet another big-government shell game, designed to perpetuate the out-of-control spending of the Congress at present levels. Boortz says he doesn’t MEAN to do that, but it still happens nonetheless. Once again, the law of unintended consequences wins.

The FairTax also exposes a certain political naiveté of Boortz. Who really believes that the FairTax would never exceed 23%? Who believes that the FairTax would ever be less than 23%? Who believes that Congress would EVER pass the FairTax into law? Who believes that the FairTax would have any effect on Congressional spending?

So here’s your choice, America. Choose between a 23% Federal sales tax added on top of whatever sales taxes you pay on the state and local level…which could EASILY total 30% or more, and 10% taxation in a state that becomes a nation by secession.

30% or 10%. Hhhmmmm….

It’s the biggest no-brainer in the history of earth.

Here’s the money quote for today: Secession will happen LONG before the FairTax happens. Even if all of us do nothing to promote our ideas, reality is going to cause the United States government, the US Dollar and the America economy to collapse. Which do you think will arise from the ashes of the USA…secession or the FairTax?

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

The College Conspiracy

May 16, 2011

The National Inflation Association spent the last six months producing a documentary about the higher education debacle happening today. The college bubble we have today is destroying the lives of millions of Americans who deserve to be receiving a much higher quality of education for only a fraction of the cost.

As you watch this documentary, we hope that you notice and appreciate the quality of work that NAI put into it. They hired one of the best Hollywood animators and a famous Hollywood narrator to help make this movie our most impressive and professional documentary of all time. It took us three months just to write the script, which used many of the ideas that were submitted by NIA members.

The College Conspiracy is going to open up the minds of millions of students who have been brainwashed their entire lives by the propaganda in the mainstream media. We are a nation of sheep, where few think for themselves and most follow the same system. The system we have today turns everybody into debt slaves, while the Federal Reserve allows bankers on Wall Street to steal the wealth of middle-class Americans through inflation.

Now is the time for all young Americans to think outside of the box and become self-educated. Don’t rely on others to provide jobs for you. Go out there and make a job yourself! Entrepreneurism is the only chance for the economy and your only chance to have a life without massive college debt. Further, if you already find yourself with massive college debt, owning a business is the best way to earn enough money to pay off that life-changing debt.

But don’t be misled. Owning a business is not the guarantee to wealth. If you choose the wrong kind of business, you’ll just end up with big college debt AND a business failure. So it’s crucial to choose the RIGHT business.

When you’re looking for a business, you must:

1. Have a huge expanding market
2. Have a unique consumable product
3. Be on the leading edge of trends and timing
4. Duplicate your efforts through others
5. Essential products/services versus discretionary purchases

After you watch this video, we strongly recommend that you look above the article and click on the “Residual Income” button and click on it, so you can learn a way you can go into business for yourself in a recession-proof business.

How The US Government Will Seize Your Retirement Account

May 15, 2011

by Simon Black in Santiago, Chile


(Editor’s Note: Of course, if you were in a state that seceded from the Union, and you moved your retirement account to a financial institution in that new nation, your retirement account would be safe. I’m just sayin…)

Following in the footsteps of a rather ignominious list of nations like Argentina and Hungary, the government of lreland is set to take its ‘fair share’ of private retirement funds.

Drowning in debt and faced with unpopular, unrealistic, ridiculously unpopular austerity measures, the government has announced that it will now tax private pension savings in order to raise 470 million euros (roughly $675 million) per year… a lot of money in a country of only 4.4 million people.

Somehow, the government expects to be able to create 100,000 jobs to bring down an unemployment rate at 14.7%. Perhaps they plan on hiring 100,000 new workers to go around the country and collect the tax.

It reminds me of what I saw in Bolivia a couple of weeks ago– there’s a tax or toll or fee for nearly everything you do. Driving on the highway (if you can call it that) outside of Santa Cruz, you pay a toll… obviously not for the maintenance of the road, but to pay the salary of the toll collector.

At the airport, you have to pay an airport tax before departure… obviously not for the upkeep and efficiency of the airport (it took 2-hours to make it to my gate), but to pay the salaries of the guys who collect the airport tax.

This is what politicians consider ‘job creation,’ yet these positions only serve to destroy value. That they would stick up the retirement funds of hard working people is even more immoral.

Here’s the best part, though. If you are a government worker in Ireland, your pension is exempt. They’re only going after people in the private work force. It’s truly disgusting logic to force private workers to pay for years of political incompetence while absolving government employees.

Coincidentally, there are a few other loopholes as well, particularly for non-residents and non-resident funds. Apparently those Irish who saw the writing on the wall and got busy moving themselves and their assets offshore will get to keep all of their savings.

Ireland is not the first country to call this play, nor will it be the last. Pension funds are attractive targets for politicians who have wide eyes and the most carnal thoughts at the site of any large pool of cash.

Think it can’t happen where you live? Think again. Late last year, the French government went through an elaborate process to change its pension laws, ‘legally’ allowing politicians to steal retirement funds from the public in order to pay off other debts.

In the US, public pensions have been raided for years, Congress routinely ‘borrows’ from Social Security to make up budget shortfalls. This is what talking heads mean when they play down concerns of a $14 trillion debt “because we owe it to ourselves–” $4.6 trillion of the debt is owed to intragovernmental agencies like Social Security.

Chances of this money being repaid to Social Security in full? Slim. The trend is more debt, not paying off existing debt. In fact, I’m convinced that politicians have their eyes firmly fixed on the trillions of dollars in private, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) in the United States to fund new spending.

Here’s how it will go down:

First, there will be some event… some sort of financial cataclysm, similar to the market meltdown we saw in 2008 after Lehman.

Bear in mind that most IRAs are managed by boneheads at big financial institutions; they get compensated not based on the performance of their portfolio, but on the total amount of assets under management. Your interests and their interests do not align.

As such, most IRAs are callously tossed into S&P index funds or some such generic vehicle, citing the safety of broader market diversification, as if that nonsense they teach in MBA finance classes is how the real world actually works.

When a big crash occurs, these unhedged broad market positions get hammered the most. Don’t worry though, your fund manager will still get a big fat bonus check, because his performance is irrelevant.

This is when Congress will step in. Citing its desire to ‘protect’ the American people from future market shocks, the politicians will mandate that a portion of all managed retirement funds be invested in the ‘safety and security’ of US Treasury bonds. And, just to be on the safe side, let’s park them in 30-year bonds that yield 4.35%.

Sound fair? Well who asked you anyways… just be a good citizen and turn over your money already. The important part is that the big financial institutions still get their big fat fees, and the government gets its hands on the mother lode.

This is how US taxpayers will end up being forced to loan their hard earned retirement savings to the government at rates far below any expected inflation.

Right now, there is a window of opportunity to take action; US taxpayers with retirement accounts can set up a special kind of IRA structure that allows you to take control of your retirement savings, and even ship it offshore if you want to, completely legitimately.

After taking control of your IRA, you can do any number of things– buy and store gold and silver coins overseas; hold foreign currencies in an offshore bank account; buy securities on international stock exchanges; purchase agricultural property overseas, or even a beautiful apartment on the beach in some sunny country.

The possibilities are incredible… but the most important thing is that you get this retirement money off the radar of the politicians before they pull an Ireland and announce some new measure, virtually overnight. These things can happen very, very quickly.

I’ve talked about this before a number of times, and every time I read the news of yet another country taking this approach, it serves as a reminder to take action.

If what I’m saying makes sense to you, my recommendation is to check out Terry Coxon’s book on this subject, Unleash your IRA. As one of the world’s foremost experts on this strategy, Terry walks you through the process of protecting your retirement savings quickly and legitimately. You can read more about it here.

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Secession: An Answer to the Sovereign Debt Crisis

May 14, 2011

by Ron Holland

Get ready as secession is coming soon to a failed union near you. Over the weekend, the news has been full of reports about Scotland getting ready to vote on independence from the United Kingdom after the election victory by the Scottish National Party. The UK has stated it will abide by the coming referendum but we fear the Bank of England, their central bank will not be so agreeable.

Also we hear with the usual denials, that Greece is considering withdrawing from the Eurozone due to their sovereign debt problems. The Greek leadership believes dumping the Euro and creating their own currency will allow them to inflate their sovereign debts away as well as getting the country out of recession and forced austerity from Brussels. These same Greek politicians should have thought of this when earlier receiving their big payoffs and incentives to force the nation into the EU. They will claim the motive now is patriotism to save the nation as sometimes even politicians will become patriots when necessary but we expect they see another graft opportunity.

The European Central Bank (ECB) will not be pleased with Greece because its Greek bond portfolio will suffer. Also these individual political actions where citizens decide their future rather than distant central banking cartels and eurocrats threatens the entire European Union. The EU and ECB were just a sham and power grab from the beginning for power hungry European elites not content with just pillaging their own citizens.

Why This Political Action Can Solve the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Secession is the right for an area to leave a government tax jurisdiction (national boundaries) based on the will of a majority of the voters in the geographic area wishing to peacefully withdraw by democratic means and create a government more in tune and controlled by the citizens in the region. Often just the threat to withdraw from a larger union is enough to cause the central government politicians and central banking cartel to better follow the needs and dictates of the people. But when all other political remedies fail, secession is often the final solution to an elite political and central banking tyranny which steals from the people for the benefit of the controlling Anglo-American monetary elites in many Western nations.

The establishment media avoids like the plague the only real solution to the sovereign debt crisis around the world because they are totally controlled and exist only to protect the elites which created the sovereign debt crisis in the first place. Today democratic secession is starting to happen in Scotland and Greece and this peaceful political tool is a real alternative to forced unions like the American and European Union as well as national politicians on the take that pillage their own individual nations.

Today, when most forced, arbitrary unions of nation states are ended today, the action is by negotiation, democratic voting by the regional citizens involved and then a friendly and cooperative relationship with the former state. Scotland which was annexed into the British Empire by terrible wars and force of arms over hundreds of years will likely soon depart peacefully as did the old nation of Czechoslovakia split into the Czech and Slovakia Republics back in 1993.

Independence Would Allow New Nations to Repudiate the Sovereign Debt of Former Governments and Create a New Currency

I fear, here in the US, if we fail to take the necessary political actions to protect our wealth now at a time of our choosing, then foreign creditors and markets will decide when the American debt and the dollar are finished. Secession is one alternative and I hope others will come up with additional solutions. But citizens of every overly indebted state need to ask themselves and their political representatives a few questions.

Are the benefits of powerful central banking and political elite controls worth the economic costs, debts on future generations and the loss of personal and financial liberties?

Would we not be better off as new independent sovereign states or nations with the opportunity to create our own currencies after repudiating all or part of the illegitimate sovereign debt created to benefit the central bankers and monetary elites?

Are federal taxes, controls, welfare/warfare expenses and government debts which threaten to impoverish the individual states and citizens worth the costs of control, economic rape and financial pillage from central government politicians and central bank thugs out only to make more money and profits at the expense of normal productive citizens?

Would you rather as an individual or a nation become debt free and prosperous with your own currency or allow the central banks to continue their actions which have brought most western nations to the brink of ruin and bankruptcy?

If you answered yes to these four questions, then it is time to begin organizing and taking peaceful democratic actions to save our liberties and remaining wealth before the coming Treasury debt and dollar crisis happens in the United States as it has in Greece.

The time of large nation states began to end when they realized they could borrow from our posterity to buy votes and control today. The new internet reformation makes it impossible for media and political elites to hide the truth about our economic situation from the voters or world investors. This new transparency creates both danger and opportunity and we can either seize the opportunity for freedom or wait for the danger of economic collapse.

From the United States to a Debt-Free These United States

Secession does not have to mean the end of your nation but rather a democratic change from an incompetent structure representing elite interests into a decentralized limited government which serves the interest of the citizens rather than the central bankers and political establishment would be a positive change. For example, the individual American states could secede and withdraw from the existing Washington federal government and come together again through a debt-free, limited federal system like the Articles of Confederation.

For example in Europe, a confederation of independent sovereign nations with the right to voluntarily enter and leave a European Confederation might be the solution to the top-down failures of the European Union.

In the US, now with easy communication and travel a simple return to our decentralized Articles of Confederation would allow the individual states to compete with currency alternatives along with private competitors as well as repudiate the illegitimate sovereign debt of the former federal government. This national debt was created primarily to fund money making opportunities for a few favored elite controlled global corporations, banks and oil conglomerates but paid for by our taxes and with sovereign debts on future generations.

It Must Be Both a Political and Monetary Secession!

Just withdrawing from a former political entity if the new nation retains the same central banking cartel and fiat currency without a new replacement alternative really accomplishes nothing. At best, you would have a new generation of tax feeding politicians and bureaucrats at the public trough and no more. The solution for most regions is to leave the political elites, their sovereign debt and the central bank controls behind when declaring independence.

Starting Now

After all, fiat currencies and the central banking monopoly can only survive if there are no alternatives. One day soon. A nation or nations and maybe even private entities will take the concept of the Central Fund of Canada which is made up of gold and silver bullion and traded like a stock on several exchanges and create a new store of value for the 21st Century. They might use controlled and owned gold and unmined gold reserves, oil and oil reserves with maybe timber or another finite resource and create the ultimate store of value for world investors.

This private store of value and competing alternatives using the free-market could then transcend into a real alternative to central bank fiat currencies and thus end the hundred year reign of the Anglo-American central bank monopoly cartel on currency creation, sovereign debts and inflation wealth destruction. Until this happens, individuals, organizations and businesses can take advantage of gold storage mechanisms like the Central Fund of Canada and Global Gold of Switzerland until new more diversified alternatives are available.

It is now time to prepare a secure future for ourselves and future generations. It is time to leave the governments behind who oppress us and the central bankers which plan to finish us off in the coming US dollar and sovereign debt crisis.

Scotland’s William Wallace Was Right!

In the 13th Century,William Wallace gained recognition when he led the Scottish people in their fight against English occupation in the First War of Scottish Independence. Who can forget the last scene in the 1995 film epic, Braveheart, as the English were torturing Wallace and his last words were “FREEDOM.”

I believe the cry of William Wallace for “Freedom” and Scottish Independence should be carried forth across the WEST today.

* It is time to demand freedom from national sovereign debts we did not approve.
* Freedom from central banks we never wanted which are destroying our economies and our currency.
* Free us from far off bureaucrats and Anglo-American elites which increasingly seize our wealth for their purposes.
* End the enticement of our children and grandchildren into serving their interests in foreign wars for wealth and resources rather than defending our nation.

Few citizens in Europe have had the opportunity to vote on EU membership and when they did the answer was usually a resounding “NO.”

In America, no living citizens have had an opportunity to democratically vote on remaining in the arbitrary American union since 1860 when 11 states were allowed to vote at the state level.Here the democratic majority in the Southern states was overturned by Lincoln’s War which killed over 600,000 Americans.

It is time to put the killing and war on citizens and regions wanting to leave forced inclusion behind us as is the case of the United Kingdom allowing the citizens of Scotland to decide and choose whether to remain in the UK or leave and remain allies of equal position. The days of tyrants like Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi and Lincoln making war on their own citizens who simply want to leave and be left alone should be over.

It took Scotland almost a thousand years but soon this proud people under the St. Andrews Cross will be rid of English and Anglo-American rule and Scotland will once again take its rightful place among the nations of the world.

This year marks the 150 anniversary of another nation which also fought under the sacred banner of the St. Andrews Cross. General Robert E. Lee prayed: “While we see the course of the final abolition of human slavery is still onward, and give it the aid of our prayers, let us leave the progress as well as the results in the hands of Him who, chooses to work by slow influences, and with whom a thousand years are but as a single day.”

Although chattel slavery ended a few years after Lee’s prayer, today most of the Europe and the Americas are increasingly slaves today. The war that ended chattel slavery paved the way for the destruction of the Southern economy and political power to allow a new kind of slavery, central bank slavery which began with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Today we are all slaves to fiat currencies which decimate our wealth, central banks and governments which create and burden future generation with sovereign debt and controls which are destroying our remaining freedoms and liberties.

It is time for the West to follow the halting steps of Scotland and Greece and begin the cry for Freedom from those financial institutions and political elites who oppress us and consider us as mere slaves to be manipulated, wealth creators to be fleeced and cannon fodder for their global wealth and resources plunder expeditions.

What do you think?

Ron Holland is a contributing editor to the Swiss Mountain Vision Newsletter and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking (FAFMT) in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

Copyright © 2011 by LewRockwell.com.

Saving The United States From Collapse

May 13, 2011

Can This Nation Be Saved?

By Russell D. Longcore

The answer to the question is ‘NO.’

There is no possible way that the Washington politicians will solve the financial disaster coming from Congress. All the unrelenting bullsh*t coming from Congress about fixing the financial crisis is making me very happy. That’s because their malfeasance will bring about secession sooner. The DC boys and girls are all trying to look like they’re fixing it, but they are just kicking the can down the road. There has not been ONE proposal floated that is serious about saving America.

Remember what Congress did to seal a deal on the 2011 budget…less than $40 Billion in spending cuts, and most of them were not immediate, and most were only cuts in proposed increased spending? This on a budget that is $1.3 TRILLION in the red. It was only back in the Clinton years that the entire budget was less than $1 trillion. Now the red ink is more than the whole budget used to be.

The present Congress, and any laws they pass, cannot bind any future Congress to do anything. So, all of these negotiations being wrangled between Dems and Repubs are entirely meaningless, and are only window dressing to make voters think that Washington intends to police itself.

The rest of the nations of the world are watching the USA to see what Washington is going to do to fix the mess it has made. And they will do what we do.

Cuts in Federal spending must be made immediately if the United States is to be pulled back from certain economic collapse. Here’s a short list of my recommendations:

• Suspend the Federal Income Tax for one year.
• Cease all foreign aid of any kind immediately. No more payments to anyone for anything.
• Cancel all mutual defense treaties immediately, including NATO.
• Cancel our membership in the United Nations, and evict it from American soil.
• Close all military bases outside the USA immediately.
• Downsize the US military by at least 50%.
• Cancel all military weapons contracts.
• Mothball at least 50% of our Navy and Air Force fleets.
• End all foreign wars immediately.
• Enact a 50% budget cut for all Federal departments immediately.
• Sell Federal land, buildings, etc immediately.
• Sell the US Post Office immediately.
• No increase in the Federal debt ceiling. Allow the US Federal government to default on its bond interest payments if necessary.

There are more that need doing, but these would be enough to get us started.

You see, if Washington did these things voluntarily, it would show America and the world that our politicians were gravely serious about pulling our nation back from the brink. But realistically, no Washington politician has the stomach for this…not even Congressman Ron Paul. Consequently, all these bullet points listed above will happen AFTER the American economy collapses and the dollar is rejected worldwide as the reserve currency.

So, it’s like the old Fram Oil Filter TV commercials…”Pay me now or pay me later.”

But any American state that secedes won’t have to go through the devastation that the rest of America will experience. All of the DC problems vanish in a puff of smoke when a state secedes. No more war, no more debt, no more regulation, no more tyranny.

One of Jack Nicholson’s most famous movie quotes is “You can’t handle the truth!” I wonder if there is any state that can handle secession. Certainly there is no state where the sitting politicians can handle secession. The ruling class, even at the state level, cannot bring themselves to break with Washington voluntarily.

Think back to the pre-Revolution days of the mid-18th century. Secession, and the new 13 nations of the North American continent, did not come from the state houses. They came from citizens who got fed up with royal tyranny and a King who would not protect the individual rights of English citizens who populated the colonies. Where’s the difference today? I submit there is little difference.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Why I Don’t Fear Islam

May 12, 2011

by Tom Baugh
Starve The Monkeys

(Editor’s Note: Welcome back, Tom! Great to have another brilliant think-piece by you. Dear readers, I’ve heard it said that the banco-nationalists intend on bringing down Western Civilization, and intend on using radical Islam as their foot soldiers and enforcers. After reading this article, you might agree. However, remember that a state that secedes, establishes hard money and a militia, will never be subjugated by the one-worlders.)

The title of this article is inflammatory all by itself, isn’t it? And that’s the point. We, even, or especially, in the LibertySphere have been conditioned to think that Islam is the greatest threat to humanity. And, like fans at the big game, we think no further than the artificial conflict which plays out before our eyes every day. The recent rash of spam emails with funny little cartoons about the killing of Osama are but one aspect of this Big Game. Sure, our leaders on both sides of our non-existent political spectrum have been careful to hold Islam itself at arm’s length from blame, but that’s all part of the ground rules.

There’s no political campaign more effective and enduring than one that seems to spring from the individual soul. The campaign against Islam is the finest piece of political astroturf in history, and serves to unite even the most liberty-minded of us underneath the banner of a rapacious federal government we have learned, by experience, to dread and despise. “The lesser of two evils,” we console ourselves, while feeding our children into the jaws of the machine of lifetime servitude to mounting public debt, or in too many cases, youthful death or dismemberment fighting a fabricated enemy for the end purpose of increasing that debt.

I know, I know, we’re all aquiver about the ills of Islam, including abuses against women and children, beheadings, terroristic bombings, political imprisonment, the horrors of sharia law and the dreaded looming specter of Islamic anti-Semitism.

Let’s open our eyes a bit, and take a wider view, shall we? It won’t hurt a bit, and then you can go back to dreaming. If you’ve read any of what I’ve written before, and don’t yet understand the real font from which all evil in our world springs, then go ahead and drift off now. Nighty-night, ye noble fool.

OK, so now that it is once again us adults, let’s discuss some of these ills of Islam. First of all, the woman thing, as it were. This topic deserves an article all its own. I’m working on this one for later publication, as a kind of public-service self-help guide on the topic for Muslims, but here’s a preview: you Muslim boys need to give the virgin thing a rest, fellas. For most practical purposes, slightly used women in the here and now, given a sufficiently sweet disposition, are perfectly serviceable. And stop being so damn jumpy about skin. If some sweet thang gets you boys fussing at each other and makes you lose your religion, that’s your fault, not hers. Learn how to get ’em under control using positive reinforcement, and it’ll all be good. I’ll toss you boys a few tips later, including that young bride concept, but that’s enough on the topic for now. Now back to our general audience.

Changing sexual gears, the rumors about Islamic homosexual pedophilia are indicative of defectives in positions of power, not Islam. While Islam does feature subjugation of women as an arguably negative point, I don’t think that homosexual pedophilia is in there anywhere. No, just like it isn’t in Catholicism, yet priestly pedophiles lurk behind every rectory, were we to believe the popular media about them. So, dear reader, either believe stories about both faiths, or believe none. Or, come to the conclusion that power attracts those who wish to exercise unchallenged control over their fellow man, and that pedophilia is the extreme of that character defect. For those Constitutionalists out there, you probably better not look too closely at the personal lives of a lot of Congressmen, either. It would be just as absurd to say that, because some prominent Muslims or Catholics are pedophiles, that pedophilia is a characteristic of Islam or Catholicism, as it would be to say that pedophelia is written into the Constitution because some Congressmen enjoy little boys on your dime.

Beheadings? They just lack our sophisticated execution machines. And, unlike Texas governors, those boys don’t mind getting their hands dirty personally. Sure, a lot of them wear masks or hoods while they do it, but when is the last time one of our own state executioners went on a talk-show circuit? Or for that matter, a DEA or DHS agent?

Next on the list is terroristic bombings. Let’s set aside the historical fact that the best way to get your people to demand sending their children off to war is to off a lot of their own countrymen in some grand spectacle. In the modern age, it helps to be able to get a lot of impromptu video from many angles, too. Another good tactic is to blow up a lot of the other guys to get them mad as hornets at you. Intelligence organs such as the CIA, MI-6, Mossad and the erstwhile KGB, got a lot of their budgets for just this kind of intrigue. Oh, sure, they may not get their hands dirty directly, but there’s always some psychopaths out there who can be talked into doing just about anything. And some of these psychopaths even think they’re doing the patriotic thing at the time.

Along these lines, the fact that suicide bombings have started giving way to remotely-detonated IEDs may be indicative of several things: a) the world’s anti-Muslim intelligence services are running out of self-destructive easily-manipulable psychopaths, yet lack the literal guts for the taking on the work themselves, b) the threshold of give-a-damn is too high now for these intelligence services to keep up the propaganda tempo any other way, c) or actual Islamists have gotten smart and are learning to build in organizational growth by sidestepping the virgin sales pitch. This last possibility is heartening, since it indicates a moderation of the most negative aspects of Islam in favor of a strategy which has some legs on it.

Oh, did the idea of the CIA, MI-6, or more particularly, Mossad, blowing up your baby soldier hero in Iraq or Afghanistan for political currency piss you off? That’s the point, of course, to make sure that your loss now requires you, just like teenage abortioner, to take an unthinking political stance for life lest ye live in unconsolable regret for your loss. What you should be pissed off about is the system which exists to grind all of our children into slaves, or at the very least, makes such an outcome possible or even probable. This possibility raises an even more disturbing specter which we’ll explore in a future article.

Or, did the idea of a maturing Islamist strategy upset you? Well, again, that’s the point of your having been propagandized. We, as a reliable pool of soldier-breeding voters, tend to want to classify our enemies as either evil or stupid, or some combination of these. The idea of an enemy learning and growing with a determined and winnable strategy is too upsetting to comprehend, isn’t it? Why do you think that is? Answer that for yourself, and you will understand all. Now back to the list, we’re almost to the good stuff.

Islamic political imprisonment? Talk to a tenth-year marijuana incarceree in one of our modern gulags-for-profit and ask him what he thinks about that. Try to pick a quiet spot out of the traffic flow near the front gate while they let actual murders, rapists and thieves out to keep the quotas up. Worse, we don’t even try to lock up any of the banco-terrorists who cause all of this crap in the first place.

Sharia law? Well, well, well. That is the big boogie-man, isn’t it? I admit, it is frightening to think that one would live in a system of laws dictated by religious beliefs rather than reason and respect for the individual. I have news for you: Jeffersonian freedom is long dead, and was never actually implemented even in his time.

The entire drug war, and the leverage it gives the government over everyone through the threat of unconditional property seizure on a whim, is self-imposed sharia law. But control of substances doesn’t stop, or even start, there. In many states you can’t buy liquor, or in some cases, any alcohol, on Sundays. Alcohol and tobacco have been heavily regulated and taxed since the inception of this land of the free; said taxation having been sold to the populace as necessary for moral reasons. Never mind that fermentation, a scientifically miraculous food-preservation gift from God, has been lauded since Biblical times as necessary for survival for millions in hard times, and good health for all in moderation. This could explain, of course, why such an important and universally accessible staple, in all its forms, is a necessary regulatory component in the plans of tyrants of all faiths and financial orientations.

Marriage, whether straight, gay or polygamous, is heavily regulated for reasons of faith. Yet, few stop to ask why relationships are the government’s realm in the first place. Again, control this necessary aspect of human life, and it becomes much easier to control the rest.

We have faith in a financial system that allows mass theft in front of our eyes; we defend this system thinking that it protects and benefits the long-dead small businessman. We believe that all healing comes in a pill or from a machine and punish the heretics with the regulatory power of the state. We believe that tossing an aluminum can into a green bin or a blue bin really makes a difference, and ostracize those who don’t care. We have faith in the official version of events, and demonize those who question. We believe that in a crisis the military and the police will be on the right side, and so attack with the most venomous bile any competing reasoned thought.

We have faith that universal female suffrage is good and noble. Yet, at any given point in time, including on Election Day, more than fifty percent of women are functionally insane as a natural and delightful consequence of biology. Huh. Maybe the Muslims have a point in not letting them vote. We see what happened to the country after that little sacrament started.

Most people in this country, including most of the self-labeled liberty-minded, revel in their own brand of sharia law, and act, in their own petty ways, as its street-level enforcers, searching about for stones at the slightest breach. This includes, of course, women of both genders who had their sacred ox gored by that previous paragraph.

Sharia law is already all around you, but one cannot recognize a prison if it is in the shape of one’s choices. You have been placed in a Judeo-Christian-Enviromento-Feminized cage, and then taught in school, at church and at work to make decisions which keep you safely within it. The political conflict which you think exists between major factions is merely a play to keep you blind to the reality of your imprisonment.

The only difference between the Islamic sharia cage and our Amerikan cage is that the shapes are different. You are caged, either way. It is entirely likely that many Muslims enjoy the comfort of their cage just as much as Christians enjoy theirs. If you can see the cage at all, and disdain either one, you are in a precious minority.

From our list of the perils of Islam, this leaves only Islamic anti-Semitism. The term anti-Semitism has become so laced with emotion and ingrained response that had the Holocaust not happened, the Ruling Classes, of any faith, would have paid dearly to cause it, so perfect is this shield from criticism. Permanently demonizing the Germans was an important side-effect. Coincidentally, the Germans are the only European race which had for millenia successfully withstood the same banco-Roman empire which murdered that upstart questioning Nazarene. What would Jesus do today? Bitch-slap some bankers (or in those times, “money changers”), of course, but I digress.

Each time anyone writes about the evils of banco-nationalism, the easiest and most effective deflection is to label the author as anti-Semitic. Similarly, any criticism of Israel or its establishment is brushed aside with the same ease.

The banco-nationalists have spent centuries and hundreds of millions of lives building their empire, now with intelligence and special operations forces completely outside the scope of what we think of as civilian control, and propaganda organs willing to spew whatever spin is needed to keep you fighting for them. They aren’t about to give all that up for something so reckless as truth.

The most important truth to understand, and the one that these financial terrorists fear the most, is that Islam is the only force on the face of the earth which has, as one of its core tenets, direct opposition to banco-nationalism.

That one reason is why Islam has been defined as our enemy. All the rest is spin.

Just as the Holocaust was such an effective propaganda coup that it was worth six million Jewish lives (a number highly in dispute. Ed.) for these banco-nationalist monsters to attain, the demonization of Islam is a similarly worthwhile investment. It is one thing to demonize the normally peaceful Germans. Most Germans, although they don’t mind opening a can of Peitscheesel when necessary, really just want to go back to being quietly efficient and rocking out to Rammstein. It is an entirely different thing to demonize Islamists, who have the capacity for manufacturing an endless stream of multi-national Truly Bad Guys, who know, in their heart, that, at least on the banco-nationalist issue, they are on the side of good.

Islam did not change the bankruptcy laws in 2005 and 2006 while simultaneously changing the financial lending rules. Islam did not then extend millions of personal and business borrowers a Hobson’s choice of escalating variable interest rates and balloon payments (many of which have yet to pop). Islam did not deliberately withhold lending in 2008 to then cause desperation and panic as millions of households and businesses struggled to provide the banco-nationalists their tons of flesh. Islam did not bankrupt and then cast thousands of families into the streets and destroy millions of jobs to increase their suffering and thus their political and financial malleability. Islam did not grievously wound or kill tens or hundreds of thousands of bread-winners through stress-related strokes, heart attacks and suicide or destroy their relationships. Islam did not then demand, and receive, a trillion dollars of tribute, or more, for the financial terrorists who deliberately precipitated this crisis in a time of presumed war against terror. Islam does not continue to profit even today on the suffering of people who had their lives, and the lives of their children, destroyed for the benefit of an evil few.

Islam did none of these things. Islam could not do any of these things.

Film at eleven, and coming soon to a neighborhood near you when more and more capable people in this country have had these banco-nationalist vermin steal everything they own. And then be forced to watch the mindless populace cheering those monsters on in the name of capitalism and free trade while waving the federally reserved flag. It only takes a whisper then. And whispers are all around. Whispers, from the right mouth to the correct ear, are a very powerful thing.

It is this same reactionary energy, which catapulted Marxists to power around the globe in the twentieth century, that will catapult Islamists to power around the globe in the twenty-first.

Stealing from people in the name of law, enslaving generations of children, (physically or fiscally) and hollowing out the souls of mankind for the profit of a wealthy few is a crime against humanity which must one day be adjudged. Marxists adjudged this disparity and established the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and too many other equally repressive regimes to list, on the ruins of wealthy places plundered by past banco-nationalists. That plunder was protected by first the power of the British Empire and then later the American. In either case the uniformed human tools of this oppression thought they were doing the right thing, while wrapping themselves in warm thoughts of home, mother and flag. As did I at one time.

This is the “Great Satan” of which mullahs speak; the unchecked ability of the powerful to steal and destroy lives, foreign and domestic, backed by millions of unthinking Americans willing to send their children into death or poverty, and armed with nuclear weapons.

We wonder why so many people can follow the siren song of Marxism or Islam. Islam is just more effective at recruiting those who have suffered injustice as their message rings more true. And, like the horrifying nano-bot of science fiction, it is self-replicating. For once you understand this one tenet of Islam, the absolute forbiddance of the banking industry, you learn how to whisper that magic phrase which rings true only in the ears of the distressed and victimized.

Which is why, if we stay the current course, Islam will probably win. Because the Great Satan has finally started devouring its own.

This is why I don’t fear Islam.

No, I fear something worse than Islam.

I fear a system which makes an Islamic takeover possible. I fear a system which made a banco-nationalist takeover possible. I fear a system which can be perverted by any group into inordinate power by a few. Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, atheist, it doesn’t matter. Religion doesn’t matter in this equation, either. Hetro, homo, metro or undecided. Monogamy, polygamy or autogamy, feminist or macho, misogynist or misandrist. Bankist or Marxist. Rightist or leftist, liberal or conservative, progressive or regressive. Hell’s Angels or Heaven’s Demons. Pick any “ist” you wish. Any one of them in control of this machine of death and accelerating poverty is a bad thing.

That system is the one first conceived by Hamilton’s masters to ensure that a Shay’s Rebellion would never again protect the rights of the individual against the wealthy. That system is the one propagandized by the Preamble and Bill of Rights to hide the unconstrained power which lurks within Presidential control of state and local militias, checked only by legislative and judicial branches, which are in turn checked by nothing meaningful, as even your vote is smothered by propaganda under the control of New York-based and banker-backed media.

That local or state militia is your only possible salvation. But the Constitution, which you mindlessly worship, hands that power to the President alone, specifically so that you would be powerless to resist the banco-nationalists who wrote it. Sooner or later, after hearing messages of well-meaning tolerance from our currently elected masters, our countrymen will elect Islamic congressmen, Islamic senators, or, incredibly, even an Islamic president. And those guys will appoint and confirm Islamic Supreme Court justices. Afterward, you will have only yourselves to blame for the outcome.

But could any Islamic horde or banco-nationalist lawyers stand against your local or state militias without the power of the national government to protect them, a protection for the powerful which reduces all of us to individuals denied the right to band together for self-defense?

Now imagine fifty, or a hundred, or a hundred and fifty such states and militias, populated by men who, as the Founding Fathers of the Revolution intended, stood against any enemies, foreign or especially domestic, who threatened them. Quite a difference from the system where the cowed masses comply with any affront their national government deems necessary, just as the Founding Lawyers of the Constitution intended. They might as well have been Founding Mullahs, so perfect is the central power against you. And so helpless will you be against the coming infection unless you kill the Constitutional vector first.

Wave your banco-nationalist flags, my friends, and wonder why each victory seems to march us closer to the Islamic doom you fear. Widespread secession is your only hope, but that is the one path from which you flee in your Constitutional faith. Deprived of central control and power, secession leaves banco-nationalism fatally wounded, and along with it the reactionary energy which fed Marxism, and which now feeds Islam.

Yes, there will be consequences to secession. Some states, such as Michigan, will fall to Islam. Similarly, some states will fall to Christianity. Others will be reduced to cesspools of wounded bankers feeding on each other at last. But each of these will be powerless to infect the rest. Some states will fail of their own accord and become pits of despair which the good will flee. A few will prosper and act as beacons to the others. Far better than this vast gray paste of compliance we currently enjoy, don’t you think?

It really is that simple. Our centralized national power, essential to banco-nationalist control of our lives and fortunes in order to secure the blessings of imaginary liberty for themselves and their posterity, not yours, is our biggest weakness in the face of encroaching Islam. To fight one, you must first destroy the other. And then we all win.

Still clinging to that “damned piece of paper”, as one of our favorite Islam-fighting Presidents put it? Then get ready to pledge allegiance to those “Stars and Crescents”.

Tom Baugh is the author of Starving the Monkeys: Fight Back Smarter. He is also a former Marine, patented inventor, entrepreneur, professional irritant and a homeschooling parent.