Islam: And Now Something Completely Different

May 23, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

In 1989, the Soviet Union melted like the Wicked Witch of the West when Dorothy threw water on her. Her republics all seceded and became sovereign nations once again. This threw Washington into a tizzy. There were olive drab panties in wads all over the Pentagon. Washington’s new task was to identify another enemy and do it fast. Otherwise, why would America need all these cool Star Wars weapons systems? What was the use of having a NATO when their enemy had disappeared? How could Washington keep the citizenry scared of a common hobgoblin? And how would Washington keep the population staring lovingly toward DC as its ultimate Savior?

Somewhere along the line, some bright Ivy Leaguer bureaucratic troll must have suggested that Islam would make a keen new enemy. Nearly as old as Christianity and just about as modern as first century Rome, Islam was the perfect foil for American exceptionalism. Islam was quirky, difficult to understand, and seemed to have a perpetual chip on its shoulder. They had a special book to follow…The “Quran”…kind of like the Bible…that they also believed was the very word of Allah (God). The Quran has some very radical, non-Western Civilization notions and teachings in it that are perfect for an enemy’s playbook.

Plus, these Muslims (adherents to Islam) very conveniently happened to occupy a part of the world under which exists an ocean of crude oil.

Islam is the perfect religion for a part of the world populated by tribes. I wrote about tribes HERE.

Washington had started its meddling in the Middle Eastern tribes decades before the fall of the USSR, however. DC cemented a deal with the House of Saud way back in 1945 and has been helping prop up the Saudi Arabian royal family ever since. In the nations all along the north of Africa eastward to Pakistan, Washington has been overthrowing rulers and dictators and installing DC’s own patsies now for 70 years. But during that time, Islam in all its permutations has been growing steadily. Wahhabism, Sunni, Shia and Sufi all follow the Prophet…peace be upon him.

Islamic clerics have long referred to the United States as “The Great Satan.” However, they have been perfectly willing to make pact after pact with the Devil.

It is arguable that Islam is a threat to Western Civilization. But Western Civilization has been a threat to Islam over the decades. The West has tried to democratize Islam, which can never work. When that didn’t work, the West overthrew recalcitrant tribal leaders and “crowned” new ones that would do the West’s bidding. Muslims were not amused, and not fooled by their puppet leaders. So, in most cases, the puppet presidents had to resort to terrible repression and brutality toward its own people simply to stay in power.

Meanwhile, the West exploited the oil reserves of the Islamic nations. Bedouins and tribes became fabulously wealthy from oil revenues, but at the price of having to be in bed with the Western tyrants. Not exactly a marriage made in heaven.

The lapdog media of the 21st century lump all of Islam together into a homogenous group. But tribes are not that way. Saudis, Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, Yemenis, Egyptians and Libyans (and others) are Arabs. But Iranians are Persians. Kurds are Kurds. Turks are Turks. Pashtun is the biggest tribe, numbering over 40 million in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They embrace Islam, but that is where the similarity ends.

Contrary to media reports, Islam can indeed get along with Christianity. Lebanon used to have a vibrant Christian community, as did Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. Egypt has the Coptic Church, established just after Jesus walked the land.

So, Washington and the West have:

• Made deals with Islamic nations
• Betrayed deals with Islamic nations
• Overthrown Arab governments
• Overthrown Persian, Kurd and Turk governments
• Installed puppet dictators
• Supported repressive regimes
• Invaded the Middle East with military troops
• Started wars between Middle East nations (like Iraq and Iran, or Israel and Egypt)
• Killed millions of civilians
• Built military bases on Islamic soil
• Propped up and protected the government of Israel

And this last week, our dorky President suggested that the Israeli/Palestinian crisis be solved by establishing Israel’s borders where they were after the 1967 war. This is guaranteed to throw gasoline on this Arab/Israeli fire. This situation will get completely out of control. Thanks, Barry.

Now, Islamic nations distrust and hate each other. All of Islam seems to hate Israel. And Islam and Israel hate Washington and the West.

Here’s the question of the day: How has all that worked for Washington and the West sofar?

And Now Something Completely Different

In the remaining few words of this article, I’m going to recommend that we try a new way of dealing with Islam.

Let’s Mind Our Own Goddamned Business.

How about if we do the following?

• End all military activity in the Middle East immediately.
• Remove ALL Western military presence from the Middle East.
• End ALL foreign financial aid to ANY AND ALL nations.
• Abrogate ANY AND ALL treaties with Middle East nations.
• Remove ALL intelligence operators from the Middle East.
• Just leave them alone and not meddle in their affairs. Allow the several nations of the Middle East to work out their own destinies without American intrusion. Everything in the Middle East is not a matter of American national security.
• Try to become a trusted trading partner, driving hard bargains and keeping our word.
• Remove all restrictions on domestic oil and gas exploration. If we’re producing our own oil, we’ll need less Middle East crude, which will drop prices worldwide.
• Have our president apologize to the entire Islamic world for the chaos, death and destruction America has caused over the decades.
• Do what Jesus Christ told His followers to do – “Love your enemies and practice being humble.”

America holds itself up to the world as a beacon of Christianity. But Washington acts in ways 100% opposite to Biblical teachings. I think we can all agree that Washington’s way of interacting with the people of the Middle East has failed miserably over the past 70 years. So how about if we try to be nice for a change?

Perhaps all the falderol about Islam taking over the world would not come to pass if we made consistent efforts over time to mind our own business and act in ways that were consistent with our stated beliefs. Nobody likes or trusts a hypocrite. But if the hypocrite stops his hypocrisy and really changes, he could be trusted once again.

This recommendation, which makes a 180 degree turn in foreign policy, might not work. But the DC foreign policy of the past 70 years has been a miserable failure which has cost millions of innocent lives and trillions of dollars. I am suggesting that we stop doing stuff and pretty much DO NOTHING for a while. Allow other grownups to run their own lives without being meddled with or being murdered. Perhaps the adherents of Islam would in turn lay down their AK47s and put away their IEDs and leave us alone.

And finally, if any state secedes and becomes a new nation, should not this article be the Owner’s Manual for foreign policy for the new nation?

Isn’t it worth a try, Dear Readers? YOU got a better idea?

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.