Saving The United States From Collapse

May 13, 2011

Can This Nation Be Saved?

By Russell D. Longcore

The answer to the question is ‘NO.’

There is no possible way that the Washington politicians will solve the financial disaster coming from Congress. All the unrelenting bullsh*t coming from Congress about fixing the financial crisis is making me very happy. That’s because their malfeasance will bring about secession sooner. The DC boys and girls are all trying to look like they’re fixing it, but they are just kicking the can down the road. There has not been ONE proposal floated that is serious about saving America.

Remember what Congress did to seal a deal on the 2011 budget…less than $40 Billion in spending cuts, and most of them were not immediate, and most were only cuts in proposed increased spending? This on a budget that is $1.3 TRILLION in the red. It was only back in the Clinton years that the entire budget was less than $1 trillion. Now the red ink is more than the whole budget used to be.

The present Congress, and any laws they pass, cannot bind any future Congress to do anything. So, all of these negotiations being wrangled between Dems and Repubs are entirely meaningless, and are only window dressing to make voters think that Washington intends to police itself.

The rest of the nations of the world are watching the USA to see what Washington is going to do to fix the mess it has made. And they will do what we do.

Cuts in Federal spending must be made immediately if the United States is to be pulled back from certain economic collapse. Here’s a short list of my recommendations:

• Suspend the Federal Income Tax for one year.
• Cease all foreign aid of any kind immediately. No more payments to anyone for anything.
• Cancel all mutual defense treaties immediately, including NATO.
• Cancel our membership in the United Nations, and evict it from American soil.
• Close all military bases outside the USA immediately.
• Downsize the US military by at least 50%.
• Cancel all military weapons contracts.
• Mothball at least 50% of our Navy and Air Force fleets.
• End all foreign wars immediately.
• Enact a 50% budget cut for all Federal departments immediately.
• Sell Federal land, buildings, etc immediately.
• Sell the US Post Office immediately.
• No increase in the Federal debt ceiling. Allow the US Federal government to default on its bond interest payments if necessary.

There are more that need doing, but these would be enough to get us started.

You see, if Washington did these things voluntarily, it would show America and the world that our politicians were gravely serious about pulling our nation back from the brink. But realistically, no Washington politician has the stomach for this…not even Congressman Ron Paul. Consequently, all these bullet points listed above will happen AFTER the American economy collapses and the dollar is rejected worldwide as the reserve currency.

So, it’s like the old Fram Oil Filter TV commercials…”Pay me now or pay me later.”

But any American state that secedes won’t have to go through the devastation that the rest of America will experience. All of the DC problems vanish in a puff of smoke when a state secedes. No more war, no more debt, no more regulation, no more tyranny.

One of Jack Nicholson’s most famous movie quotes is “You can’t handle the truth!” I wonder if there is any state that can handle secession. Certainly there is no state where the sitting politicians can handle secession. The ruling class, even at the state level, cannot bring themselves to break with Washington voluntarily.

Think back to the pre-Revolution days of the mid-18th century. Secession, and the new 13 nations of the North American continent, did not come from the state houses. They came from citizens who got fed up with royal tyranny and a King who would not protect the individual rights of English citizens who populated the colonies. Where’s the difference today? I submit there is little difference.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

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