An Open Letter To Texas Governor Rick Perry

May 10, 2011

by Cary Wise, Membership Director, Texas Nationalist Movement

Dear Governor Perry:

Once again Texas gets slapped in the face by the federal government and the Obama administration. Wow, Governor, it seems everyone in the nation can get federal disaster relief except for Texas. Nothing seems to matter as to the cause, as other States receive disaster relief from damage caused by tornados, floods, fire, snow, rain…you name it! It just seems strange to me that Texas can’t get federal relief for millions of acres that are burning, a border that is lawless and out of control, the halting of drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico and the continuation of an environmental death match with the Environmental Protection Agency, an agency of the federal government responsible only to the President.

Well, Governor Perry, let me and the entire population of Texas clear this up for you…if you are having a problem figuring out what’s going on, that is.

This federal government and especially this administration are moving toward a one world government and a one world economy. Is that hard for you to believe? If so, I suggest you watch the world continue to buy gold by the TONS! I suggest you watch the news and listen to the “Left” now overtly call for a one world government and economy. I and the good people of Texas suggest you ask why ObamaCare has been ruled unconstitutional yet the process moves forward to destroy our State economically! The last thing I would like to suggest, Governor Perry, is for you to re-read Fed Up!…the book YOU wrote! You yourself laid out all the federal government problems in that book as well as the answers! Are you going to execute your plan or was it just a bone thrown to a desperate Texas populace?

The actual real answer, Governor Perry, is that one State stands in the way of Mr. Obama and the Progressive posse’s plans…and that is Texas! With that in mind, Texas will receive zero help from the government. Texas will continually be involved in litigation with federal agencies as they attempt to destroy not only our State, but our culture, our history, our economy, and our Texas independence state of mind!

I propose to you that it seems the only people who do not seem to be aware of this are those on both sides of the isle now residing in our state capitol building!

Governor, quit making Texas drop to its knees and beg the federal government for handouts! You are making Texas and yourself look weak in the eyes of those who place Texas first! We here in Texas can go it alone and we ALL know it!

Governor Perry, it is time to begin discussing DIVORCE from this Union gone awry! It is time to become the leader for TEXAS! It is time to begin to represent the PEOPLE of Texas as you have pledged to support and lead!

We Texans are done with our politicians sitting on their hands with their mouths shut. We are tired of our leadership being “shocked” when again and again Texas gets slapped by this government! Stand up Governor Perry! Our only option left is Independence! (lest we spiral down into the pit that is being prepared for us and the rest of this nation! And if we do, all the politicians in Austin will be held responsible! Make no mistake about that!)

Governor, there are millions of us out here that have studied, planned and prepared for an Independent Texas. I ask you, as do my fellow Texas citizens, to engage with us in all urgency and begin immediately the discussion of the defense and future of Texas. You, as the chief executive of the sovereign state of Texas, MUST lead the counter-attack against federal tyranny and keep Texas sovereign and free! Believe me, Governor, if you do not act and lead, the people of Texas will. Your leadership and the rallying of the citizens around you is the way to go, so that a peaceful process from federal slave to free and sovereign state can be assured.

I, and millions of Texans, pray that you are listening and that you take the point as a true “Son of Texas”!

Respectfully submitted,

Cary Wise
Membership Director
Texas Nationalist Movement