The Final Word On The Birther Issue

May 1, 2011

By Russell D. Longcore

OK, American citizens. Let’s all take a deep breath. Uncle Russ is going to strap it on you strong.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last three years, here is the issue: The Constitution states that one of the qualifications for a President is that he/she must be born in the United States. It has been questionable whether Barack Obama was indeed born inside the USA. Mr. Obama has not heretofore released his birth certificate for public view. People who continue to question Obama’s place of birth are called “birthers.” An alleged Certificate of Live Birth has been released for public view in the last few days.

Here are my once and final thoughts about this tempest in a teapot:

1. Dunderheads like Donald Trump, and all the other “birthers” neatly play into the hands of Washington and the lapdog media, creating the appearance of a minor crisis that diverts the sullen gazed eyes of the American public from real issues, like economic collapse and the largest debt ever owed in the history of man.

2. The presidential election is an auction of America in advance. The two sides play for all the marbles in a blood sport. It matters little, since both sides represent two wings on the same bird of prey. But neither side is willing to concede anything to the other…or so it appears.

3. Who among you thinks John McCain willingly conceded the 2008 election? Each side of this contest is willing and capable of deep investigations to uncover juicy background info that would destroy the other candidate. If this birther issue really had legs, McCain’s team would have allowed Obama to campaign hard right up to a week or so before the election. Then they would have broken this story with incontrovertible evidence. That would have left the Democrats with a candidate who was only days away from election day, only to be disqualified from taking office. It would have been the perfect tactical move. McCain’s team did not do this. That leads me to believe that this is a non-issue.

4. Let’s theorize for a moment that President Obama was not born inside the USA. There are expert document forgers that could easily prepare a Certificate of Live Birth that could not be detected as a fraudulent document. Hell, if counterfeiters with color printers can print $100 bills that you can’t detect, those with unlimited funds and unlimited power can certainly forge a birth certificate.

**UPDATE**: Here are TWO videos that prove that the document is a forgery.

Karl Denninger’s Video:

5. Here is a very interesting piece of video proving once and for all that Mr. Obama is not qualified to be President of the USA.

6. And finally…This president, and every other president back to Lincoln, has taken an Oath of Office in which he vows to protect and defend the Constitution. And not one of them in the last 150 years has done what they vow. Each succeeding president has presided over ever-increasing power grabs and escalating unconstitutional spending. And the American people have allowed this to happen while their eyes were wide open.

Who gives a shit about where Barack Obama was born? You really don’t and neither do I. Because you don’t care one whit about any other part of the Constitution that he violates every day. Why should his birthplace matter more than Obama’s new Health Care law? Or the trillions of dollars he borrowed in the last two years? Or any of the unconstitutional new laws Congress has enacted and Obama has signed?

The American populace has allowed about 545 people in DC to overthrow the Constitutional government of the United States and replace it with a fascist police state. Everybody talks about the Constitution, but nobody is doing anything to enforce it on our hired help in DC. That is supposed to be the job and calling of the 50 states. But the states have been bought and paid for by Washington’s money, so they also go along to get along.

“We’re going to use the Tenth Amendment on Washington,” I hear some say. But Nullification is for Sissies. It will not work. Not one state in America would be able to push back against Washington if Washington decided to ignore a nullification action by any state. All DC would have to do is tie compliance to payment of Federal funds back to the states. For instance, if the State of Florida does not comply with XXX law, then no Highway Funds or Welfare payments or any number of Federal monetary distributions would be forthcoming to that nullifying state. How long do you think any state would last before they hit their knees?

No, my friends. Obama’s birthplace is so insignificant that it’s laughable. DC is a rogue government, not subject to any law, and the only restrictions on its power are the ones it places upon itself, or the ones imposed upon it by other nations.

Washington DC is not repairable. The United States Federal Government is going to commit suicide very soon. Millions of people around the world will suffer and die because of the criminality of Washington.

But I don’t recommend that we change one thing about DC. I simply recommend that we bid them a quick “Goodbye.” All of the fetid rotting necrosis of Washington evaporates instantly when a state secedes. Remember, there is no perceivable benefit for any state of the Union to remain in the Union.

Birthers…try to grow a pair of testicles and fight the REAL fight.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.