War: Another Great Reason For Secession

by Russell Longcore

Anybody old enough…or anybody actually read 20th Century American History…to remember what America was like during WWI and WWII?

Both these wars were declared by Congress, as the US Constitution requires. It is certainly arguable whether the USA needed to participate in either war. But for today, remember what Americans did during those two wars. Americans sacrificed. There were ration cards, bond drives, scrap metal collections. People conserved everything they could for the war effort. Americans actually intended to win those wars.

Now cast a glance at every war since WWII ended. Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. And now Libya. What do Americans do now? They blithely go about their business at home. No home-grown war effort. No conservation and scrap collection. No ration cards. Since 1945, war has been a government-subsidized business venture, primarily about oil.

Curiously, Americans still believe that sending their sons and daughters to fight, die and become maimed in Washington’s wars is somehow “serving our country and keeping us free.” The level of deception about America’s military is mind-boggling, and can be directly traced back to the churches of America.

Iraq. Afghanistan. Pakistan. And now Libya. Washington pours out money like water into the desert, and the desert of war soaks it up with nothing to show for it.

Americans must stop and observe the FACTS. Fact is, war is just another business that maintains manufacturing jobs in America…one of the few remaining sectors of manufacturing that has not left America’s borders. It is the source of bottomless corruption, government waste and campaign contributions.

Washington will NEVER stop fomenting war until it runs out of money. So, do you want to live in a place that practices peace? It will never again happen here in the USA. If you want a nation that does not attack others, send its military outside its borders and waste billions of dollars in useless armaments and new weapons, where will you go?

You will stop supporting America and work for secession in the state where you want to live.

The following video link is by Gerald Celente of Trends Research. Gerald is pretty pissed here, and rightly so. As he says….“GROW UP, AMERICA!!”

Secession is the only hope for Mankind.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

6 Responses to War: Another Great Reason For Secession

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  2. Dave Mundy says:

    Russell, you and I share so many views … but this ain’t one of them.
    It’s “arguable” whether we needed to participate in the two world wars??? I’m sure Japan and the Nazis would have welcomed that debate, and most certainly Mexico would have been glad to hear that we wouldn’t react when it joined the Central Powers to invade the American Southwest.
    To be sure, the U.S. government is out of control these days. We’re fighting a war with “sensitivity,” when the real goal should be to WIN it, and who gives a damn about whether the cretins with a Stone Age worldview like whether our women wear headscarves or not.
    The non-interventionists like to maintain this rainbows-and-unicorns view that if we just go away, they’ll leave us alone. Guess what guys — nearly HALF the illegal aliens being apprehended coming across our unprotected southern border these days are NOT Hispanic. The enemy is already here, waiting for the chance to strike.

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Dave-

      WWI: A family feud war between cousins. By the time the US entered, the European nations were beat up and tired and just about to declare a cease fire and standoff. Nothing that was happening in Europe threatened the sovereignty or territory of the United States.

      WWII: FDR provoked Japan to attack, then acted like it was a surprise. Japan was consolidating its empire in the Orient, and not a threat to America. The European war was not a threat to America, just its witless friends in Britain. Sure Hitler was nuts, but we’ve dealt with nutty kings before. There is no evidence that Germany had any interest in provoking America in any way…extant of our sending munitions to its enemies. Had we stayed out of WWII, Germany would have won the war and the world would have continued to turn. We all make Hitler out to be such a monster, but Stalin in Russia was far worse…and Stalin was FDR’s hero. If America could “work with” Russia, and eventually the USSR, we could have dealt a German Europe.

      Who ever said that America wouldn’t react to a Southern enemy and/or invader? That’s the whole idea behind DEFENSE. When someone attacks you, you defend yourself. But you don’t move your military thousands of miles into hostile territory and call it DEFENSE. Look at Switzerland over the last 700 years. Have they invaded anybody and called it defense? No, they arm to the teeth and protect their borders and mind their own business. Hell, they share a common border with Germany, but didn’t think it was necessary to join the war effort. And, Hitler considered invading Switzerland, but decided that the cost in lives would be too great. Would to God that Washington believed the same thing.

      • Russell,

        I couldn’t agree more. All one need do is study and get past the propaganda to understand that we have been in all these wars for all these years, really for nothing. And you can take it further to the Spanish-American War. It was fought to take colonial territory from Spain. Making the US an instant colonial power.

        I can’t think of a time in my 60 years on this planet that the US has not been at war somewhere in the world. That would be boots-on-the-ground soldiers getting shot at. And we never, ever, leave.

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