North Dakota: Halfway To Nationhood?

by Russell D. Longcore

It has recently come to my attention that the State of North Dakota is a prime candidate for secession and nationhood. They could in fact be the only state of the Union that could actually secede any time soon.

This doesn’t mean that the people of North Dakota have been expressing any overt desire to become a nation. The closest thing to I’ve seen is The Republic of Lakota, the Sioux nation that has declared its sovereignty over chunks of North and South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming. And, the North Dakota legislature passed a Tenth Amendment resolution which was signed into law by Governor John Hoeven on April 30, 2009. Critics called it “a secession document.”

North Dakota’s population is just under 700,000 people. It would be much easier to turn the hearts and minds of 700,000 people than the population of a state like Texas, which has over 24 million. North Dakota also shares a common international border with Canada.

But North Dakota has solved one of the major problems facing any state that contemplates secession…its banking system.

I’ve said in the past that any state that is serious about secession will have to first address The Power of The Purse and The Power of the Sword. North Dakota has already solved the Power of the Purse issue by establishing the North Dakota State Bank. Read about state banking HERE.

If Washington balks at state secessions, their first retaliation will be to cut off the flow of cash to the Federal Reserve System member banks in that naughty state. In the event of secession, all the North Dakota State Bank would have to do is (a) establish its money, which is the underlying precious metals or underlying minerals to provide value to their money…then (b) issue their new state currency.

When the collapse occurs in states without a state bank, it will take months for the state to create new money. In the meantime the entire economy of that state will in essence be a black market economy. But don’t let that scare you. In the early DECADES of the colonies and even the early years of the United States after 1776, many world coins were used for trade. The Spanish silver dollar was widely circulated in America and used for daily commerce, right along side the British Pound Sterling. So in a state that doesn’t yet have its own money, the US Dollar may be still usable, but no one will know for how long. And other world currencies may function as money. When hyperinflation destroyed the Zimbabwe economy, and the Zimbabwe central bank issued paper currencies as high as $100 Trillion dollars…the economy regained itself by using other world currencies. Once Euros were used, store shelves became full once again.

And here is where your stored gold and silver will be needed. But we all know that there is not enough gold and silver in existence to satisfy monetary requirements.

Two of the characteristics of precious metals as money are its divisibility and its portability. It can be made into very small weights and sizes to accommodate the smallest transactions. And up until recently, that divisibility has made precious metals the favorite for money. But the upside of living in the digital age is that the divisibility and portability issues of non-precious metals and other minerals used as money can easily be settled. Computers can simply allow for transactions down into the hundredth or thousandth of a percentage of any store of value. For example, if Texas money was based upon the value of oil, computer programs could instantly calculate the amount of oil necessary to facilitate a transaction without ladling out a cup or a gallon of crude oil into the hand of a seller. The transactions would all be done electronically at the speed of light.

Many other states are giving serious consideration to the State Bank concept in an effort to wrest control away from an insane Federal Reserve System and an equally crazy Washington. We here at DumpDC encourage the states to cease all this anguish and simply secede. In one magnificent act, all your problems with Washington vanish. Don’t be misled by what I am saying. No one knows how Washingon will react to an Ordinance of Secession. But taking a page from the history books from 1989 shows me that after an economic meltdown, Washington will likely be just as powerless to prevent secession as the Kremlin was to prevent the breakup of the former Soviet Union.

In closing, I strongly urge all American states to establish a State Bank of their own. But if you’re going to run it just like the member banks of the Federal Reserve System, with fiat currency backed by nothing and fractional reserve banking…both methods of counterfeiting…you’d be better off just to stay with Washington as it drives off the economic cliff. Perhaps you’d like a one-world government better.

Secession is the only hope for Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

8 Responses to North Dakota: Halfway To Nationhood?

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  3. Robert Bows says:

    Russell, thanks for the great article. This is definitely a viable alternative to the current stranglehold of the financiers over U.S. currency and credit. The only disagreement I have with your explanation is the notion that a “medium of exchange” (as Jefferson called currency) need to be pegged to a commodity such as gold or silver. Money can be based on the “full faith and credit” of the body corporate and politic issuing it. Yes, I know the objection of the gold bugs who would trade the Federal Reserve for bullion — which would be controlled and manipulated by the same folks who currently control the system — that fiat money is necessarily inflationary, which is simply a red herring. As long as the money supply is equivalent to the value being created, this is not an issue. Of course, the financiers will attempt to counterfeit the money and speculate in it, but that is a different story.

    • dumpdc says:

      Mr Bows- I almost deleted your comments because I feel they are misleading and untrue in some respects. I must respectfully disagree strongly about currency and its backing. If it is not basically a deposit receipt, it is counterfeit. Fiat currency is ALWAYS inflationary, and you insult this audience by asserting anything else. “Full faith and credit” allows someone, at some point, to defraud. And defraud they will. Hell, even when gold was the money over history, the criminals at the top clipped coins or poured them with alloys or some other way to defraud. Sorry, Mr. Bows, but the government cannot be trusted to control money. Russ

      • Robert Bows says:

        Who are you suggesting should control money, the private banks controlled by a few financiers? These are the folks that currently control our money and our government and these are the folks that would end up controlling it if it were pegged to gold or oil. On the other hand, Japan, New Zealand, and Algeria (just a small sampling of publicly owned banks) have done a much better job controlling their currency–and they are all governments that are not controlled by the money cartel. A government controlled currency can be reviewed at a variety of levels, as long as it is run by real bankers, not politicians.

      • dumpdc says:

        Should not money be like any other commodity, controlled by the free market? If gold and silver coinage was money, it would be the weight and purity of the metal that would be plainly shown on the coin. Then the free market should set its value. Sure that’s a little more complicated, but I’ll trade a little complication for surety of value of my money any day. Any other controls on the value is nothing more than price controls set by a government, and governments lie, cheat, defraud and steal. And with computer technology so pervasive, transactions which calculate current value would be simple. Russ

  4. Jim Prentice says:

    One of the major problems we have in America is the general lack of knowledge of America, the United States and who or what they are.

    Each State is a Nation and always has been from before the Articles of Confederation.

    “The terms “state” and “nation” are used in the laws of nations, as well as in common parlance, as importing the same thing;….” The Cherokee Nation v. The State of Georgia, 30 U.S. 1; 8 LEd 25. (1831)

    National Government: Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edit. At Page 1176.
    “The government of a whole nation as distinguished from that of a local or territorial division of the nation, and also as distinguished from that of a league or confederation.”
    “A national government is a government of a people of a single state or nation, united as a community by what is termed a “social compact,” and possessing complete and perfect supremacy over persons and things, so far as they can be made the lawful objects of civil government. A federal government is distinguished from a national government, by its being the government of a community of independent and sovereign states, united by compact.” Piqua Branch Bank v. Knoup, 6 Ohio St. 393.

    “Congress possesses no power to legislate except such as is affirmatively conferred upon it through the Constitution, or is fairly to be inferred therefrom,”
    “An act which may be constitutional upon its face, or as applied to certain conditions, may yet be found to be unconstitutional when sought to be applied in a particular case.”
    The works of dredging in Chelsea Creek, in Boston harbor as shown on the record, is not part of the “public works of the United States” within the meaning of the statute in question.”
    “It is unnecessary to lay special stress on the title to the soil in which the channels were dug, but it may be noticed that it was not in the United States. The language of the act is “public works of the United States.” As the works are things upon which the labor is expended, the most natural meaning of “of the United States” is “belonging to the United States.” Ellis v. United States, 206 U.S. 246; 27 S.Ct. 600 (1907)

    Chelsea Creek is in Boston harbor, which is in the State of Massachusetts. The federal Supreme Court stated that Massachusetts is NOT IN the United States. And for good reason. This statement was based on law.

    Also the federal Supreme Court stated, “the most natural meaning of “of the United States” is “belonging to the United States.”

    The United States OF America means that the “United States” belongs to America. It is the property of America.

    “America” is the Fifty Several Nation / States.

  5. Adam de witt says:

    I wonder of the government of the new Commonwealth of Dakota can get recognition from a land such as China. This would really cheese DC off big time! If this happens, then the new Commonwealth (Commonwealth is the true word for Republic, the latter being French) would get better world attention, and may be include recognition from Russia.

    Lastly, look to the rock from whence you were hewn. The Dakotlanders are mostly of Sakson stock. Sakson is a generic tribal name of many European tribes and the word stems from an ancient Persian words given to our far forebears, those words being, Sakka Suni. Sakka Suni means; Isaac Sons. They reason why they gave us that name is because we were the offspring of the Biblical patriarch, Isaac and his son Jacob. commonly called the lost Tribes of Israel…and I did not use the word jew or jewish. Jewishness has nothing to do with being and Israelite. Jewishness is to be a member of the religion of the Pharisees which teaches not from the Bible or the OT, but from it’s own books called the Talmud.

    Thus as Sakson Israelites, seek to make the law of the Commonwealth of Dakota, God’s Laws and then I can say for you this day…God be with you.

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