Texas Nationalist Movement Finds No Leadership In Austin

March 19, 2011

or, Austin Fiddles While Texas Burns*

By Russell D. Longcore

I have written much about my friends at The Texas Nationalist Movement. The TNM is the gold standard in secessionist movements. They are the best organized and most effective secessionist organization of the 50 states. But this report will show you how even the best take their lumps in an America where few give a damn about individual liberty and property rights. Here is an update on their efforts during the current Texas legislative session.

The Texas legislature gavels to order on the first Tuesday of January of odd-numbered years and ends 140 days later. This year, they began on January 11th, and will end the session on Monday, May 30th. The last day that a new bill could be filed for consideration was March 11, 2011.

For the last two years, the TNM leadership has been diligently lobbying legislators in Austin to have one or more legislators sponsor a bill which would facilitate a statewide non-binding referendum regarding Texas independence and secession. The TNM wanted the referendum to be an up-or-down, yes-or-no question put before the voters of Texas, asking if the voters want Texas to leave the Union and become its own nation.

TNM leadership has met individual legislators face-to-face and made their arguments. Apparently, this simple request was a bridge too far for even one member of the 150-member House, or one member of the 31-member Senate of the 82nd Texas Legislature. Despite the tireless efforts of TNM President Daniel Miller and Membership Director Cary Wise, not one member of the legislature agreed to simply sponsor the bill. Remember, we are not talking about passing a bill or a joint resolution. We are only talking about introducing the bill into the House or Senate for consideration. The mere introduction of the bill into the 2011 Legislature would have been a huge victory for the TNM.

Meanwhile, the members of the Legislature DID have the courage to introduce AND consider:

– A bill allowing minor children, whose parents are going through divorce proceedings, to have visitation rights for the pets of the family.

– A bill to authorize slot machine gambling in Texas.

– A bill to eliminate smoking in public places.

– A bill to create an anti-bullying hotline.

– A bill to make using a cell phone while driving a punishable offense.

– A bill to authorize the issuance of a “Choose Life” license plate in Texas.

I could go on listing “stupid legislator tricks.” The legislators actually sponsored over 4,000 bills in this session. And certainly some of the bills are important. But what is more important than the very survival of the state of Texas?

I understand that a statewide referendum would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to administer. But Daniel Miller had the proposed bill written to coincide with and piggyback on the Constitutional amendment vote that occurs in Texas in November 2011. So the referendum would have cost Texas nothing. At this point, the only information available to legislators about the sentiments of Texans is a few polls that show Texans are in favor of independence across party lines.

For now, the Texas legislature is arranging deck chairs on the Texas Titanic. They have no interest in steering clear of the Federal icebergs dead ahead that will surely sink the ship of state. The legislature is serenely happy playing politics-as-usual and listening to the pretty music along the way.

On Saturday, March 5th, the TNM held a rally for independence on the steps of the Capitol in Austin. The “Line In The Sand” rally coincided with the 175th anniversary of the siege of the Alamo, at which William Travis drew a line in the sand and asked his men to commit…even to their death. The TNM widely promoted this rally to its membership. However, on the day of the rally, only a handful of the faithful were in attendance. From a membership list that numbers in the hundreds of thousands, less than 200 showed up.

What did that tell the Legislators? Even though the rally got favorable national attention through the Associated Press and the Huffington Post, the legislators (if any actually gave a shit) did not see a Tea Party-style rally of thousands. It did not see an emerging trend. It did not see a new parade that legislators could jump in front of. It saw a number of people that could easily be fit inside a Texas bar or restaurant. And that does not constitute a constituency they should fear.

So, March 11th, the final day for introduction of bills, passed the TNM by for this legislative session. Time for the TNM to regroup, refocus and re-dedicate to the cause of Texas independence.

Daniel Miller, President of the TNM, has chosen to turn lemons into lemonade. Miller made a prime-time live speech on Wednesday night on the TNM website. In his speech, he stated that the legislature’s rejection of Texas independence will only serve as the rallying cry going forward. Just as at San Jacinto in 1836, where the words “Remember the Alamo” galvanized Sam Houston’s army to defeat General Santa Anna’s army and pave the way for The Republic of Texas…so too will this temporary defeat steel the determination of the Texas Nationalist Movement to continue the struggle to make Texas free once again, to “again lift its head and stand among the nations.” (Sam Houston)

Miller also announced that House Rep. Brandon Creighton of Conroe introduced House Concurrent Resolution 50 (HCR50) this session. The bill has four joint authors, and 76 co-authors to date. This is a Tenth Amendment resolution with almost 50% of the legislators signing onto this resolution.

The resolution could have some teeth. In the third paragraph from the end, it serves as a “Notice and Demand” for the Federal Government to “Cease and Desist issuing mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers.”

It’s one thing to send a letter to the bully whose been stealing your lunch money telling him to stop. It’s another actually face him when he tries again. The test of the resolve of the legislators will come the first time that Washington lawmakers call Texas’ bluff. Is it a bluff or is Texas serious? Who will blink first? Who will back down? Will Texas stand and fight?

Miller stated that the TNM supports HCR50 as a halting yet encouraging step toward Texas Independence. And at this point, without an economic disaster forcing the Texas lawmakers into a corner, I am also encouraged.

I predict that before the next legislative session comes around on the second Tuesday of 2013, Texas Governor Rick Perry will have already called an emergency session of the legislature. This emergency session will be in response to the collapse of the US Dollar as world reserve currency, and Washington’s powerlessness to maintain a government.

On that day, the Texas Nationalist Movement will have won a San Jacinto-style victory. Then…the real work begins.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Will Texas be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

* OK…the whole story of Roman Emperor Nero playing his musical instrument while the city of Rome was on fire is a convenient myth. But it serves me well to use it, so I did. Sue me.

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