The Impotent Church And Romans 13

By Chuck Baldwin

(Editor’s note: The importance of this article cannot be overstated. The churches of America…and the people that attend them…represent everything that is ill about America. Jesus called his people “sheep” for a reason, and the reason is that sheep are easily led and stupid.)

There are over 300,000 evangelical Christian churches in America.
That equates to tens of millions of professing Christians and hundreds
of thousands of Christian ministers. Think of the church sanctuaries,
educational facilities, schools, camps, radio broadcasts, television
programs, colleges, seminaries, preschools, youth retreats, etc., that
grace America. In some communities there is a church building on just
about every corner. In spite of this massive exposure to the modern
Church, however, the nation has been left virtually unaffected,
uninfluenced, and unimpressed.

In fact, one could make the argument that while America’s churches
have experienced unprecedented growth in membership and wealth during the last half-century, the country as a whole has simultaneously
nose-dived into corruption, deception, socialism, and even an
increasing federal despotism. How can this be? Where is the influence
for God, for good, and for liberty from these hundreds of thousands of
churches and multiplied millions of professing Christians–not to
mention billions of dollars raised and spent by these religious

For all intents and purposes, the modern American Church is
pathetically impotent! Not only has the American Church failed to
influence the nation to any significant degree, it has proven itself
to be ineffective in influencing its own membership!

Professing Christians today can be some of the most hateful,
spiteful, mean-spirited, slanderous, and vindictive people on the
planet. And I could give personal testimony as to just how
treacherous, disloyal, and cowardly these people can be. I can truly
understand why so many unsaved people never darken the door of a
church. After all I have seen and experienced inside the Church, I
don’t blame them.

How did this happen? It wasn’t always like this. In Colonial
America, churches were, without a doubt, the most influential,
powerful institution in the country. The Great Awakenings of the 18th
and 19th centuries were certainly among the most significant events in
early American history–literally changing the course of the nation
for decades. But not only has there been no “awakening” in the
20th (and now 21st) century, the Church seems to be totally
ineffectual–and content to be so.

Think of the power and influence of the prophets of old. Shoot! I can
even remember hearing powerful hell-fire-damnation preaching when I
was a youngster. I’m old enough to remember the brush arbor
meetings, the citywide revival crusades (when real revival broke out),
and the “saw dust trails.” Yes, I even remember attending revival
meetings in the very last Billy Sunday Tabernacle in Winona Lake,

Those days are gone!

Today’s churches are much about political correctness, preachers
stroking their congregations with sugar and honey, building financial
empires, prosperity theology, entertainment, social networking, and
fun and recreation. Some of the best politicians that money can buy
are not in State capitols; they are in church pulpits!

Again, how did this happen? Quickly, I believe there are two main
culprits: 1) the 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt corporation status
taken by most churches, and 2) the erroneous
Obey-The-Government-No-Matter-What interpretation of Romans chapter 13. These two monsters have all but destroyed real Holy
Spirit-controlled, fearless, history-changing revolution-Christianity
and turned it into this milquetoast religion we see today.

I will deal with the 501(c)(3) problem at another time. For now, I
want to focus on the Romans 13 problem. I just completed a four-part
video message series on “The True Meaning of Romans 13.” We put
all four video messages on ONE DVD. We did this so people could obtain
all four messages conveniently and inexpensively.

In this four-part video series, I delve deeply into the entire Word
of God to clarify the scriptural teaching of submission to civil
government. Scores and scores of Biblical references are examined. As
no Scripture is of any “private interpretation,” it is necessary
to research the entire Bible to properly interpret any passage,
including Romans 13. And that’s exactly what we did.

This four-part video message series might just be the most relevant
and important series I have ever delivered. Rather than trying to use
this series as a “fundraiser,” we put all four messages on ONE DVD
so people could afford to obtain multiple copies. I truly believe the
proper interpretation of Romans 13 could bring a revival of freedom
and liberty to these United States of America. I believe the proper
interpretation of Romans 13 could result in a spiritual revolution,
akin to what was experienced in Colonial America.

To order my four-part video message series, “The True Meaning Of
Romans 13,” on ONE DVD, go to:

The True Meaning of Romans 13

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, as we try to keep pace with

If the preachers of America would begin trumpeting the true meaning
of Romans 13 and exposing the evilness of the 501(c)(3) non-profit
corporation status, I truly believe America’s churches could once
again become the dynamic force for good and for God that they once
were. I pray this video message series will somewhat help accomplish
the first half of this revival formula.

Just imagine what could happen in this country if 300,000 churches
truly taught the Biblical, Natural Law principles of liberty and
submission, and would disentangle themselves from the enslaving
tentacles of the IRS! Imagine what could happen if only 30,000
churches would do it! If God would deliver Israel with Gideon’s 300,
I wonder how many churches it would take for God to deliver America?

(c) Chuck Baldwin

Chuck Baldwin is a syndicated columnist, radio broadcaster, author, and
pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded. He was the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. He and his wife, Connie, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

3 Responses to The Impotent Church And Romans 13

  1. sth_txs says:

    This is why I despise the Christian fundamentalists as much as I do the liberals. Both are statist in their own ways and not very liberty minded on a variety of issues.

    Where are the Christians on sound money? Even the Muslims have more sense about it than they do.

    And yes, they take that ‘obey’ stuff way too far even in the face of an injustice.

    I’m agnostic, but like reading Chuck Baldwin. And don’t forget Laurence Vance at

    • dumpdc says:

      Hey Sth Txs-

      Thanks for making comments at DumpDC. Thought I’d touch on agnosticism for a moment.

      Agnostic means “not knowable,” coined by Thomas Huxley. I wonder if you are an agnostic, or simply not willing to buy the claims of religion. My biggest problem with religion is that all of its claims are unfounded, not provable nor replicatable. You simply are required to believe a bunch of crap that make no sense to a logical mind.

      My opinion is that there is much about the character of God that is knowable, but you will not find that knowledge between the covers of the Bible. I have made a journey from fundamentalist Christian to a more Eastern spirituality of late, and I find that now the world makes more sense to me.

      If you’ve not had a chance to read much of Dr. Wayne Dyer, I’d highly recommend it.

      Also, there is a trilogy of metaphysics books called “My Big TOE” (theory of everything), by Thomas Campbell. Completely altered my understanding of physics, metaphysics and the Unified Theory that Einstein labored to craft in his lifetime.

      Best wishes to you on your journey,
      Russell D. Longcore

  2. sth_txs says:

    I have never been real excited about listening to Sunday morning preaching, no matter who is presenting. I’ve attended weddings and funerals of Catholics, Baptist, and Hindu over the years.

    I do find it notable that I hear no ‘end days and support Israel at any cost’ stuff from the Greek Orthodox or other Christian sects in the US. This seems to come more from Christian evangelicals, and the scary thing is they vote on this issue. I’ve discussions with these people, and they are as scary as liberals in some ways.

    I best part of Christianity is charitable giving, helping out others, community. Today’s world owes much to those Protestant revolutionaries from a couple of centuries ago.

    I’ve done some reading over the years: The Holographic Universe, Seat of the Soul, and other such material and I’m interested in religious topics.

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