This Is Texas Independence Week

(Editor’s Note: We started yesterday with an announcement about the “Line In The Sand” Rally on Saturday, March 5th. That’s this coming Saturday. So let’s dedicate this period from today to March 10th to Texas Independence, culminating with the Saturday the 5th rally on the south steps of the capital in Austin.

Today, you’ll read an article by the Director of Membership for the Texas Nationalist Movement. We ran this article on September 20, 2009.)

Why I Joined The Texas Nationalist Movement, And My Thoughts On How I Can Make A Difference.

By Cary L. Wise

On the 19th of September, 2009, I made one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made as an adult. After long hours of research, and careful thought about me and my family, I joined the TEXAS NATIONALIST MOVEMENT, for the establishment of an independent REPUBLIC OF TEXAS. A new nation among the world’s nations, free of the government of the United States, and all that has come to mean. A new nation free to once again establish and follow a constitution written by the people, and for the people, that will assure the freedoms and rights as established in the original constitution of the U.S. A new nation that will be free of over two hundred years of judicial activism that has bastardized that constitution to where now no one in government pays attention to it, or in some cases even bothers, or attempts to follow it.

I have chosen to join and lead because I will not live just taking whatever Washington DC chooses is the best way for me. I will not just stand by and be denied the rights of a citizen to share and prosper as an individual because of an over burden of taxes, a denial by my country to the riches of its natural resources, because of fringe environmentalists, and the greed by some to prosper by the denial of those God given rights.

I choose not to take it anymore when it comes to politicians who can see the masses, and the masses disagree, but the masses are ignored. I’m done being silent of career politicians, whose number one priority is their own pocket book. I’m done with welfare and equal opportunity mandates that have ruined what the US was all about when it was born. I’m done with not being able to speak the truth, and if you do, you are labeled a racist, or a bigot. What happened to being able to disagree and speak what one knows to be the truth? Political correctness, that’s what happened. It has destroyed the ability of people to debate, converse, decide, and make common sense decisions based on the welfare of all involved.

Yes, I believe the US has grossly gone astray from what the founding fathers had in mind. I also believe it has gotten this way over the last 70 to 80 years, while the public was not watching, and when they began watching, the political correction of our time was too much pressure for people to bare, so we have just been quiet, and took it! I believe that the politicians in Washington are so corrupt, that they are rendered useless. My proof is when “czars” are appointed by Obama, that are functioning completely outside the constraints of Congress, and not one Congress person yells foul, unconstitutional, stop! Not one! Where is the outcry that Congress is being usurped every day, on TV, and no one says a word? Why is it we now see trillions of dollars being given away to curb a crisis that for all purposes, was started by the government?! These are not the people I choose to represent me!

So why was the decision so tough for me? I am 59 years old. All my life I have been all about the red, white and blue. I served in the Air Force for 4 years during Viet Nam. I was a flight crew member in Viet Nam. Although I hail from Texas, I spent 15 years in Michigan, serving as a state trooper in the Michigan State Police, one of the finest police organizations in the US. I have always been about law and order, and discipline, and self improvement, and taking care of yourself. I have been in business for 28 years teaching people how to be successful and how to win by always DOING WHAT IS RIGHT! I was, and have always been a patriot to my country and what it has stood for.

I have come to the sad conclusion that those ideals no longer exist as I knew them in the US. I can no longer support a government that blatantly steps on the rights, the dreams, the ambition, and the blood so many of us have spilled to maintain what we once knew was the best country in the whole world. I have traveled the world; I knew that to be true! I don’t see that anymore as corruption has spoiled that vision.

So I make my decision with a heart full of passion and belief, that the Republic of Texas can once again make that vision return. I know that Texas, and people from Texas are indeed unique. If you have ever traveled the world, or gone anywhere where you were the only Texan present, you know this to be true. We have grown up with a huge sense of state and historical pride. We have a history of straight talking and if you don’t like it here, you are damn sure welcome to leave as fast as you got here! We understand and love our tradition, our brave history, our heroes, our willingness to take a stand, and even die for it if we know it to be right! I have traveled the United States extensively. Many other people do not understand this, and they never will. They were raised differently in their home states…we are unique. That is the bond that has held Texas and Texans together forever. I understand it, and so do many here within our wonderful state.

To the Texas Nationalist Movement: I have also read all the documents, the articles, the opinions, the good and the bad, the legality of such a movement, and I am convinced that done the proper way, which is legally and through established legislative procedures, this can be accomplished. I am adamant that I do not want to fight the civil war again. I don’t want conflict with the U.S. federal government. I don’t want Texans turning on other Texans. I want the same set of circumstances that our founding fathers found themselves in. Do not stand for a tyrannical government abusing your rights! Declare your desire for independence and follow the proper procedures to do so. It is NOT against any law for the people of Texas to hold a referendum and choose independence! It violates no one’s constitution, the U.S. or Texas. If we can return our beloved Texas to one of the leading independent countries in the world, instead of being run into the ground now and for generations to come, we owe it to ourselves and our children and grand children to be the next “FOUNDING FATHERS AND MOTHERS” of a new shining light on the hill. It can be done, and it should be done!

This concept of education, and learning, and speaking of the real issues, is what will make the movement happen. I fully understand that many people are “red, white, and blue.” They do not get involved because that’s hard! They do not protest because that’s uncomfortable! They don’t want to rock anyone’s boat because their own life is still kind of OK yet.

Here is what people MUST UNDERSTAND! For 70 to 80 years, the progressives have been chipping away at the US. Now, they are in power. Look what has happened in the last 9 months alone. Connect the dots, folks. Bailouts, czars, national health care, GM, bank bailouts, headlines of a page full of new taxes, the race card being played from the WHITE HOUSE! Texans, if nothing else, things are getting even worse than they were, and they’re going faster. Whatever Obama gets from his long list of things that are happening now, will NEVER BE REVERSED! Fellow Texans, it can only, and will only get worse. Unless you are ready to give more and more of your pay away, ready to NOT be allowed some of the financial, religious, political and social freedoms we used to enjoy, you must start thinking in a reality mode.

Sticking one’s head in the sand won’t get it anymore. We must be REALISTS!! If we are not, we will wake up real soon, and wonder what the hell happened! That’s when the frustration and anger will boil over, and there might be violence. There is no need for that! Start now, plan now, prepare now, for a peaceful and legal transition into a new Republic that has term limits on politicians, laws that are clear, concise, and upheld, a foreign policy with animosity to no one, a trade policy that is good for Texas, and immigration and education policies that can again turn Texas to a world leader.

These are the reasons why I joined, and why I believe in the dream of achieving great things. It takes great people, and a great venue to achieve great things. WE HAVE BOTH!

Cary L.Wise
Hondo, Texas

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