Apostates of Liberty

February 21, 2011

by Alvie D. Zane
Cliffs of Insanity

(Editor’s Note: It isn’t just Rush. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Neil Boortz, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol…the list goes on and on. These people are the lamprey eels on the liberal sharks, feeding on their blood but not killing them. If any one of them began beating the drum for secession, it could turn the tide BEFORE the economic collapse. But these folks are like movie critics, and no statue has ever been erected to a critic. The only national voice that I respect is Mike Church, who actually supports secession.)

The blowup in Wisconsin is merely the beginning of the same kind of Greece fires we saw last year.

According to unions consisting of civil servants, the solution is to every problem is to raise taxes on the rest of us. Wow, if only I could do that at my job. A bunch of us get together to bang our silverware on the high chair and demand of our employer that they give in to every ridiculous demand. It’s Starving The Monkeys 101. Nothing more.

Democrats flee the state capitol when it’s time to vote-knowing that they don’t have the votes to stop it, but that they must at least be present for the vote to be legal.

I’m partial to Denninger’s solution.

The Governor is entitled to fire them all. And he should do so.

Right now.


I caught a blurb of Rush while at lunch. He was raising a fuss that the leadership of the left sits on their hands while their thugnuts using vicious and violent rhetoric.

As if…. Sigh. I used to listen to Rush, but now, I may only be able to tolerate a minute or two. He refuses to get it.

This behavior from the thugnuts is precisely what the left wants. It’s what their leaders instruct and program them to do and they dutifully obey. Why would they call for civility now? That’s part of the Rules for Radicals. Why would they call for Wisconsin unions to stop comparing Gov. Walker to Mubarak? Or Hitler? It’s precisely what they want. Besides if a state like Wisconsin can roll back something this big, then what could more conservative states do? (Note: Coming soon to a state capitol near you.)

Having made a living for 2 decades off the behavior of the left, you’d think Rush would not be surprised or outraged at the leaders of the left sitting on their hands.

Rush and many like him have the ability to steer the discussion, to set the agenda, to go on offense. And they largely refuse. Instead, we get flash stories about what Justin Bieber thinks about America. Or a Journolist who gets treated badly by a mob. Or birth certificate, ad infinitum. (And ad nauseum!) But never enough to actually encourage people to….DO anything.

Rush could be the George Soros of the right if he wanted to-funding the restoration of liberty at every turn. People who have been in this fight a lot longer than me have been saying it for decades and yet Rush and others like him seem pathologically incapable or unwilling to make the leap of imagination. It’s not that there can be no common ground (future tense). The reality is that there is no common ground (present tense, right now, period, full stop). Then again, having made millions for 2 decades off the behavior of the left, why should Rush be in a hurry to see it come to a close? Why should any of the “conservative” media like Drudge, Joe Farah, Bill O’Reilly, or National Review be in a hurry to achieve victory that would mean an end to their power, position, and maybe their prosperity?

Perhaps that’s why they all sat on their hands for Restore The Constitution last year.

Perhaps that’s why they’re all sitting on their hands for Project Gunwalker now.

“Follow the money”, right Rush?

On the one hand, it’s easy to kick collectivists as enemies of liberty. I’m not so sure the greater threat to liberty isn’t posed by Rush and those like him. It’s interesting that on the one hand, he and others like him have prospered from the outrage at collectivist tactics and strategy, yet that seldom translates into real results. It’s like perpetually keeping the tea kettle at 211 degrees. The pot rumbles a little, a low, wet, gurgly, annoying whistle starts to happen. But never any boiling. Tea Party indeed! It seems like someone claiming to be a leader who was actually interested in victory might have actually…you know, reached 212 and put that steam to work rather than backing off every time the pot made a little noise.

Our founders wrote in the Declaration of Independence,

“…we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

The attitude typified in the conservative media-and among many “conservative” politicians could best be embodied by this adaptation:

“We pledge to sacrifice our honor for the rest of our lives for your sacred fortunes.”

To bend a verse of scripture slightly, it is as if they have a form of Liberty, but are denying the power thereof. I therefore crown them as Apostates of Liberty.

I have a simple message for them all:

Join the forces of liberty today, or join them tomorrow.

Some will join today and help the fight. Others though are waiting to join until later-perhaps hoping that if we’re wrong. If history is any guide though, then these late-comers to liberty could simply have their own corpses thrown on top of those they refused to help. What an irony, by not succeeding in not being the first killed for freedom, they would still be, “on top of the heap” so to speak.

If you fail to join us as free men to stand up today, then you may join our corpses tomorrow at the bottom of an unmarked pit.

And in the spirit of the Fair Warning to The Collectivists, let me offer a fair warning to the Apostates of Liberty. You may continue to commit idolatry against Liberty, worshipping money as your god while it lasts. But when it all hits the fan, the man who in good times begged for your help while you plugged your ears may not lift a finger to help you when times are bad.

When we get right down to it, the only difference between the Apostates of Liberty and the Collectivists is that the Collectivists have taken off the mask. At least we can know them by their deeds.

© Copyright 2011, Alvie D. Zane