Noodles, Egypt and Secession

February 16, 2011

Over the last two weeks or so, we’ve all been afflicted with nonstop nonsense from the nattering nabobs of the news cycle (thanks Spiro Agnew). Don’t these people ever read anything other than the teleprompter or their speechwriter’s work?

Here are just a few of the glittering gems of the gabfest (don’t stop me…I’m on a roll).

• The Egyptian people want democracy
• President Mubarak resigned
• The Muslim Brotherhood is an impending danger
• Iran is behind it all
• VP Suleiman is now in the caretaker role
• The Obama Administration stood idly by, taking no sides

Reality Check:

• The Egyptian people want liberty, not democracy. But they aren’t going to get either unless the Constitution gets rewritten. And the Egyptian military makes far too much money to relinquish power. So how will the military keep the populace from never-ending demonstrations? How will they make the upcoming “elections” appear to be the will of the people?
• President Mubarak got his hat handed to him by the military and Washington. Notice that you didn’t see Mubarak resign in person?
• The Muslim Brotherhood is a Sunni organization. Iran is run by the Shi’ites. Sunnis want caliphate law. Shi’ites want sharia law. Many Sunnis and Shi’ites hate each other, and many hate Washington. Anyone remember that Saddam’s Iraq (Sunni) fought a 7-year war with Iran (Shi’ites)? Anyone remember that the last Egyptian president, Anwar el-Sadat was assassinated in office? An Army officer named Islambouli was the assassin. There’s a street named for him in Teheran. The MB is only a threat to those who want to continue to stir the Middle East pot.
• As I said, Iran is Shi’ite. Morons in DC and on news shows keep saying that Iran wants to spread Islamic fundamentalism into Egypt. The MB has a grassroots foothold in Egypt with those under age 30 and those folks would rather fight than switch.
• Omar Suleiman was the CIA’s “extraordinary rendition” specialist and Torturer-in-Chief. He was installed as VP with DC’s blessing. Now he’s the guy keeping all the balls in the air while the Egyptian military figures out which General they want to be the next President…naturally with the CIA and the White House’s blessing. So much for popular uprisings.
• Just because the White House looked clueless, don’t kid yourself that they were not eyeball deep in this coup d’etat. Yet another of our fave dictators that DC discards when their usefulness comes into question. I hope this lesson is not lost on the other dictators in DC’s stable of despots.

Now, how about that article title?

Noodles and Egypt

What is the main ingredient in noodles? Answer: wheat. China has 1.2 billion people that eat a lot of noodles. Bread is the staple of nearly every Egyptian meal. That takes a lot of wheat to feed over 80 million people.

Egypt has not been able to grow enough food to feed its own population for decades. Washington “loans” a couple billion to Egypt each year, which they turn around and buy wheat and armaments from us. But there have been massive droughts in Russia, China and Argentina this year, and the worldwide wheat harvest has been drastically diminished. Wheat prices have skyrocketed worldwide, and are still going up because supplies are low. So Egypt must compete with China for very limited inventories of expensive wheat. China has plenty of money to buy what wheat there is. Egypt’s economy is in shambles. If wheat is not available for Egypt, many people will starve to death.

So, no matter what is happening these days in Egypt, noodles in China directly affect the very lives of millions of Egyptians. There is not enough time, nor are there enough resources in Egypt to prevent massive starvation. Even foreign aid won’t work, because US foreign aid will take the form of dollars that are already moving toward hyperinflation.

And Secession?

When secession finally happens, feeding the population of the new nation will be the first challenge. The best way for the new nation to assure that the shelves in the markets will be fully stocked is to protect wealth and personal property. And that means choosing a monetary system based solely on precious metals. Hard money will be a magnet to suppliers, farmers and merchants who are weary of governments inflating currencies and stealing their wealth.

Don’t let noodles in China or any other government-created crisis derail a perfectly good secession. Nothing will ever feel as good as liberty.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2011, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.