Why Islam Must Be Expelled From The West

by Fjordman

Fjordman speaks the unspeakable

(Editor’s Note: I threw this Molotov cocktail into the room to gauge the reaction from readers. I haven’t determined yet if I agree or disagree with Fjordman. But does Islam pose a serious threat to any state that secedes and becomes a sovereign nation? Let us know your comments.)

On the 11th of December 2010, the first-ever suicide bombing in Scandinavia occurred when Taimour Abdulwahab, an Iraqi-born Muslim and Swedish citizen with a wife and children in Luton, Britain, was carrying explosives and mistakenly set off an explosion near a busy Christmas shopping street in Stockholm just before he could murder dozens of people.

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, who is a passionate promoter of having Turkey as a full member of the European Union and Islam as an established part of European culture, stated that “We were extremely lucky… I mean minutes and just a couple of hundred metres from where it would have been very catastrophic.” Sweden’s intelligence agency and a news agency received an email with audio files in which a man called on “all hidden mujahedeen [Islamic holy warriors] in Europe, and especially in Sweden, it is now the time to fight back.” He criticized Sweden for its military presence in Afghanistan and its acceptance of the artist Lars Vilks, who had made some cartoons mocking Muhammad. The message warned that “now your children, daughters and sisters die like our brothers’ and sisters’ children die.”

We’ve been told for years that suicide bombers who blow themselves up in civilian areas in Israel are “freedom fighters struggling against Israeli occupation.” Does that mean that this Muslim blew himself up to protest against the Swedish occupation of Stockholm?

Sweden has no colonial history, at least not outside of northern Europe. It is a self-appointed champion of Third World countries and has virtually surrendered its third-largest city to immigrant mobs and substantial chunks of other cities, too. Swedish authorities are using the most extreme methods imaginable to suppress any dissent among the native people, who are being ethnically cleansed from their own land. The authorities always side with immigrants against the natives in the case of conflict. Muslims in Sweden can harass the natives as much as they want to and have access to all kinds of welfare goodies and a much higher standard of living than they would have in their own countries. In short, they have no imaginable, rational reason to complain, yet they still blow themselves up.

In Sweden, all the traditional excuses employed by Multiculturalists and Leftists throughout the Western world, fail. This leaves just one possible explanation, the only one never mentioned in Western mainstream media: That Muslims and their culture are fundamentally incompatible with our values and societies.

Hassan Moussa, who has worked as an imam at the largest mosque in the city of Stockholm, has earlier been accused of spreading double messages. What he said in his harsh speeches in Arabic didn’t match the text as translated in Swedish. A journalist warned that “Sweden’s mosques are slowly but surely being taken over” by the Muslim Brotherhood. Following the 2010 suicide bombing, Moussa’s recommendations for how to prevent similar events in the future involved giving more power to imams and having a “zero tolerance for Islamophobia.”

Prohibiting all forms of criticism or mockery of Islam and its Prophet is an essential part of sharia, Islamic religious law. According to Islamic historical sources, individuals such as the poetess Asma bint Marwan were killed by the followers of Muhammad for having done nothing other than mocking Islam. This then became a part of the Sunna, the personal example of Muhammad and his companions, which is the most authoritative source of Islamic law next to the Koran itself. It was for the same reason that Theo van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam in 2004. Yes, mainstream, traditional Islam today stipulates that those who mock Islam deserve to be murdered. No other major religion on this planet dictates anything similar.

It sounds nearly unbelievable to the average person that one of the largest religions on Earth, which is “respected” by the United Nations and political leaders worldwide, can be that bad, but this is unfortunately true. Not only is this the case, but the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the largest voting bloc at the UN, is teaming up with other dictatorships and African nations as we speak to ban “Islamophobia” across the world, also in the West.

Islam is more totalitarian than the most totalitarian ideologies that have ever existed in the Western world. Even Der Führer or Comrade Stalin never expected or demanded that every single man should copy all of their personal habits and their silly little mustaches, for which we should be eternally grateful. Islam, on the other hand, stipulates that all men everywhere and for all times should copy Muhammad’s personal habits and example in minute detail.

Islam is a creed which says that men should urinate like Muhammad and that Muslims should wage a war against all other men on the planet until they, too, urinate like their Prophet. This is a provocative way of putting things, yes, but theologically speaking it is not incorrect. While Muhammad was not divine he was, as some Muslims say, the “living Koran.” John L. Esposito in Islam: The Straight Path, one of the most pro-Islamic books in existence, states:

“Muslims look to Muhammad’s example for guidance in all aspects of life: how to treat friends as well as enemies, what to eat and drink, how to make love and war. Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the growth of Prophetic traditions….His impact on Muslim life cannot be overestimated, since he served as both religious and political head of Medina: prophet of God, ruler, military commander, chief judge, lawgiver. As a result, the practice of the Prophet, his Sunna or example, became the norm for community life. Muslims observed and remembered stories about what the Prophet said and did. These reports or traditions (hadith) were preserved and passed on in oral and written form. The corpus of hadith literature reveals the comprehensive scope of Muhammad’s example; he is the ideal religiopolitical leader as well as the exemplary husband and father. Thus when many Muslims pray five times each day or make the pilgrimage to Mecca, they seek to pray as the Prophet prayed, without adding or subtracting from the way Muhammad is reported to have worshipped. Traditions of the Prophet provide guidance for personal hygiene, dress, eating, marriage, treatment of wives, diplomacy, and warfare.”

According to sharia, non-Muslim dhimmis can on certain conditions be allowed to retain their lives under Islamic rule, provided that they remain totally submissive to Muslims at all times. Any perceived “insult,” however slight, could immediately trigger violent reactions. In practice, a mere rumor that anybody has done something which displeases Muslims can cause retaliations and murders. This is how Christians in Pakistan or elsewhere live on a daily basis, constantly fearful of Jihadist attacks, and this is how many Muslims want us to live as well. Meanwhile, our authorities, intellectuals and mass media continue to import people who are plotting to murder us while we have our genetalia screened and checked at our airports.

If a single non-Muslim says anything critical about Islam, his entire community can in principle be punished for this. Basically, this means that if one cartoonist in Germany, the USA or Denmark makes a cartoon mocking Muhammad, this could potentially trigger Jihadist terrorist attacks against his entire country for “waging a war against Islam,” because his “tribe” is held collectively responsible for his actions. This was exactly the Islamic logic behind Taimour Abdulwahab’s terror attack in Stockholm. There is no such thing as an individual in this culture; the tribe is everything. Muslims, being good hypocrites, are always the first following an Islamic terrorist attack to state that all Muslims should not be punished for the actions of a few, yet this is precisely what their own laws prescribe for non-Muslims.

Before the general elections in 2006 the Swedish Muslim League, the largest Islamic organization in the country, published a long list where they not merely requested, but essentially demanded, separate family laws for Muslims; that public schools should employ imams to teach homogeneous classes of Muslims children in the language of their original homeland. (The Swedish city of Malmö already has pre-school classes where all teaching is conducted in Arabic. This is “good for integration.”); a “mosque in every municipality,” built through interest-free loans made available by local municipalities to demonstrate “Islam’s right to exist in Sweden” and to “heighten the status of and respect for” Muslims; separation between boys and girls in gymnastics and swimming education; and laws instating Islamic holidays as public holidays for Muslims. Swedes should also ensure that all Muslims get two hours off from work during the congregational Friday prayer every week and an Islamic burial ground available in every municipality in which there are Muslims. Last, but not least, they demanded that the authorities and the already heavily censored, pro-Multicultural mass media should take even stronger steps to combat “Islamophobia” in the general public.

These demands were rejected back then, but they will be repeated, not just in Sweden but throughout the Western world. As long as we have sizeable Muslim communities here this is inevitable. Muslims are not here to live in peace as equals; they are here to colonize, subjugate, harass and dominate us. Their holy book, the Koran, demands nothing less.

But if all of this is true, how can we coexist peacefully with Muslims in our countries? The short answer is that we cannot. No matter how much you appease them, it will never be enough. As a matter of fact, since they come from a culture which respects only brute force they will despise you as weak and become more aggressive if you try to reason with them.

Their religion also states that Muslims are the “best of peoples” – the true master race – and that they are destined by Allah to rule all mankind. They are filled with illusions of grandeur and superiority, yet the harsh reality is that their societies are lagging behind those of others. This constitutes an inversion of the natural order which can only have been caused by demonic actions and must be reversed at all costs. As long as they remain in our countries, they will work to subvert and destroy us. It is quite literally a religious duty for them to do so.

So why don’t you hear this from most Western political leaders or mass media? Because they are lying to you, plain and simple. The truth is that there is no such thing as a moderate Islam; that nobody has yet managed to come up with a credible theoretical way to reform Islam; and that there are no practical indications of any softening or modernization of Islam actually taking place. Since the adherents of this creed in its present form are waging a war of annihilation against us and the civilization we have created, this leaves only one possible conclusion if we wish to retain our culture and freedom: Physical separation. Islam and those who practice it must be totally and permanently removed from all Western nations.

Potential objections can be raised to this solution. One is that it might provoke Muslims and trigger a world war. To this I will say that our mere existence as free and self-ruled peoples constitutes a provocation to them. Besides, we are already in a world war. Technically speaking, it started 1400 years ago, the mother of all wars. Against European civilization it has witnessed two main phases, the first one with the Arabs in early medieval times, and the second one with the Turks in early modern times. This is the third Islamic Jihad, and it has penetrated deeper into Europe than ever before because we don’t fight back. If the other guy walks up to you and starts punching you in the face then you are already in a fight, whether you want this or not. If you do not defend yourself properly then you have already lost.

Another objection is that expelling Muslims from the West would not end the war. They would merely continue from their original home countries, aided by missiles and modern technology. This could well be true. The separationist strategy does not imply that removing Islam from the West alone is all that will ever be required, only that this is the bare minimum that is acceptable. If Muslims remain aggressive, we retain the option of further actions, including directly targeting their holy cities of Mecca and Medina using conventional or non-conventional weapons. Having large numbers of Muslims in our societies is anyway very costly, and the aggressive fifth column in our midst will severely limit our freedom of action.

Finally, one could claim that the overall problem with the modern West is the general mass immigration and Multiculturalism promoted by our treasonous elites and that Islam merely constitutes a secondary infection. This is also partly true. No, just because Muslim immigration is especially bad does not mean that all other forms of immigration are unproblematic. Nevertheless, Muslims top the list over hostile aliens who do not belong in European or European-derived nations. The Islamic threat is real and needs to be dealt with.

The Serbian-American writer Serge Trifkovic, author of the book Defeating Jihad, has stated that the ongoing failure by their entrusted leaders to demographically protect European and European-derived nations constitutes the greatest betrayal in history. I am tempted to agree with him. In the end, the traitors and fifth columnists we have in our media and academia must be removed from power and replaced with people who are loyal to us and our nations.

Courtesy www.Europenews.dk


13 Responses to Why Islam Must Be Expelled From The West

  1. Not so fast…

    Government would love to be given that power. I don’t ever want to see a government have the power to expel a religious group. Next thing you know, you’re next.

    Prosecute criminals. That’s why there are laws. If government would do its job in the first place instead of always seeking to grow, we’d all be better off.

    I am no islamic sympathizer. I am, however, against giving ANY government the power to dictate or forbid a religion. Islam is, at its core, a threat to the west. I am not debating that. Oppressive government is more of a threat.


    Arctic Patriot

  2. Jim Bob says:

    Muslims would not be a problem in Western lands if that other tribe of wandering semites had not aggitated to destroy our immigration controls and let them in. So who is more dangerous? Do Muslims control the media of the West and use it to pervert our children and corrupt our politicians? Do Muslims print counterfeit money and destroy our economy through the Federal Reserve Bank? Do Muslims instigate endless wars and agitate to diminish our Constitutional liberties? Do Muslims try to disarm us so we can’t resist tyranny? I could go on but why bother? Muslims are just a symptom of the true disease. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them in the West nor any other non Europeans. But people need to take the blinders off first. A campaign against Muslims would just mask the true problem. Why not get to the root of the problem and stop hacking at the branches?

  3. Nathan McMurray says:

    We have seen in the past what isolation does to conflicting nations. History has shown again and again from Germany, to the USSR, to even North Vietnam, and even Egypt and Turkey; that the only established method to secure peace is Free Enterprise. The longer we bomb Islamic countries and allow ourselves to be a “them” they can unite against we will never end the violence. Look at how they treat their own citizens; they are a terrified and superstitious people brain-washed by their religion into believing the worst about that which they don’t understand.
    Compare them to Christian Europe around 800 CE, it was only through the establishment of trade – which led to a reintroducing of Greek and Roman science – between the ghastly crusades that brought them out of the Dark Ages and led to the successful secularization of Christianity. Islam needs a similar awakening, and the exchange of superior culture and increased quality of life that comes with free trade is the answer.
    China has the right idea; they have stayed out of pointless wars and instead have opened up very profitable trade relations with several Islamic countries. I surmise they were able to do this because there is no inherent religious bias to sour things
    A new nation, birthed in rational secularism, would do well to emulate China in that regard and not fight Islam but trade freely while letting citizen Muslims know that there is an absolute separation of church and state. I would wager that since this nation would not have any troops in the Middle East, nor any alliances with nations that have troops in the Middle East, they should not face any retaliation from Muslim jihadists.

  4. dzul says:



    or else you want to know the address of MUHAMMAD THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH

    ===here I gave it to you his ADDRESS ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    He is in 7 HEAVENS SOLACE ABOVE skies
    ~~~~wanna see him

    ~~~~~~~GO TO HELL

    • dumpdc says:

      There is no Dana…only Dzul. Oh, Dzullie, you nut (apologies to Dr. Peter Venkman of Ghostbusters) – apparently ol’ dzul doesn’t like the article about Islam. Russ

    • No, don’t believe that I will.

      But…how can I see him if I kill myself and go to hell, as you say?

      Dzul, are you saying that your prophet is in hell? Isn’t that blasphemy? I guess that would make sense, being a homicidal pedophile and all.

      I wish you people would quit with the whole “death to the west” crap.

      It’s really annoying and not really very scary. You’re going to have to do a lot better than blowing up your own women and children to expel us.

      I understand if you don’t post this. I’m just really sick of the whole “death to the west” mantra. And the “you are death sooner or later” part was annoying, too. Death threats? Come on…

  5. Aaron says:

    Islam poses no more than than does Christianity, Judaism, etc. Every religion has its nutcases that will kill in the name of God.

    Government-enforced anything is a bad idea. Society and private contracts can handle 99% of our “legal” needs without government intervention. I would suspect the other 1% could be too, but this isn’t a debate about anarchism vs. libertarianism. When it comes down to it, I’ll take either at this point.

    If the peoples of Europe wanted to be separate from peoples from other areas, that is their right. Since they obviously aren’t interested or have been brainwashed to believe that’s not in their interest (more the case, I think), then that is not Islam or any other religion’s fault – it’s the fault of the people of Europe.

    Here in the U.S. we have a similar, but quieter problem along the same vein. If something happens, such as say someone breaking into my home and my shooting them with no other witnesses present, two things might happen. If it’s me and another white guy, it’s a burglary gone bad and I was defending my home. If it’s me and a black, hispanic, or even (possibly) Jewish guy, I’ll be called a racist gun-toter who gunned down someone as soon as I got the chance – probably with an “assault rifle” or “hot load” to boot. Same goes for any other confrontation – I’m automatically the bad guy if I’m white and the other guy isn’t. We’ve been conditioned to have this response.

    Personally, I have no problem with separatism. I don’t agree with it, but I don’t begrudge others the choice to or not to associate with anyone based on any reason they might have.

    • Nathan McMurray says:

      Actually, you are more correct than you realize. A fairly recent study shows that “liberals” are willing to sacrifice a white person to save a hundred non-whites, however, they will not sacrifice a non-white to save a hundred white people (D.A. Pizarro & Uhlmann, 2008). Anyone at all intrigued about the force of religion in our country’s political discourse owes it to themselves to read The End of Faith, and Letter to a Christian Nation both by Sam Harris.

  6. Snaggle-Tooth Jones says:

    The presence of the Umma in the West is every bit as much a threat to liberty as oppressive government. This is not an either/or proposition. Wake up, libertarians.

  7. Snaggle Tooth-

    I have to insist that you are wrong on the statement you made that islam is as big of a threat as is oppressive government. Run the numbers, as far back as you please. Governments are exponentially more dangerous, and are part of the reason why islam poses the threat it does.


  8. David Snyder says:

    All concerned with Islamic extremists need to check Brigitte Gabriel’s website,www.actforamerica.org.

  9. jass7m says:

    Hey, you have a great blog here! I’m definitely going to bookmark you!

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