The Brainwashed as Cannon Fodder

by Bob Wallace

“Those who control language, control the perception of reality.”

The United States was…were…originally referred to as “are,” as in, “The United States are a good place to live.” Each state was free and independent. The federal government was a small, fetid backwater in the swamps of D.C.

Sometime after the War Between the States, it became, “The United States is a good place to live,” meaning the federal government was paramount, and the states were no longer free and independent.

Were the Founding Fathers alive today, they would be appalled. Were the average citizens of the late 1700s alive, they too would be appalled. The federal government is about 50 times bigger than they ever imagined it should be. They never imagined an enormous military, crashing around the world, or a Federal Reserve Bank (which is not federal, has no reserves, and is not a bank), or a President who could start decades-long wars without a declaration of war.

Ask yourself this: what good has the federal government ever done? Very little. When you compare the bad it has done to the good it’s not even close. Especially when you take into account the number of people killed by the feds.

The “federal government,” in a sense, does not exist. It’s a group of people—a very small group, merely a handful, who have captured it and use it to serve their own interests. The media and the public schools have taught people that the federal government represents the interests of the entire nation. It doesn’t.

In other words, a mere handful of people have conned millions of people that they, that small handful, are the nation. And mass man, brainwashed sheeple that they are, have marched off to war, become cannon-fodder, and died by the hundreds of thousands. Not for their families, not for their friends, not for their nation….but for a handful of people who have grabbed control of the federal apparatus.

As the twig is bent, so the tree grows. That saying applies to children, who become adults.

Vifredo Pareto, who should be taught in kindergarten, claimed the mass of men are Sheep. The rulers are either Lions, who use force, or Foxes, who use fraud. In a nutshell, nearly everyone is one of the Sheep, eaten (literally) by Lions and Foxes. And most of the time, the Sheep stick their heads into the mouths of the Lions and Foxes! Unbelievable.

Here’s what we’re taught: Things should be top-down, federal government on top, down to the individual at bottom. The Lions and Foxes are the ones who count: the Sheep are expendable.

The way it should be: things should be bottom-up, individuals and families first, then neighborhoods, counties, states, nation. The federal government, the Lions and Foxes, should be absolutely last, never to be trusted. They should know they can easily be hung by their heels, like Mussolini.

The federal government has now become a behemoth, a Blob, a Black Thing that interferes in the intimate life of everyone.

You can no longer trust the public schools or the mainstream media. How many times have any of them told people their very worst enemy is the federal government?

Here’s what else we are taught: we are good and our “enemies” are evil. Here is good, on our side; there is evil, over there, with our enemies.

The reality: good and evil are a continuum. When we see things as good and evil, we will always see ourselves as good, and those who are not-us as evil. That allows us to scapegoat them, to project all our problems on them, allows us to maintain the fiction of our innocence and goodness, and therefore to dehumanize and murder those Others, thereby getting rid of our problems—even though it never happens that way. What happens instead is war, destruction, catastrophe.

David Frum and Richard Perle wrote a propaganda book, “An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror.” In that book, the United States is good; those who disagree with it are evil. That is how simple-minded the authors are.

Both writers see things as top-down, federal government first, as representing the entire nation. They also see good and evil as separate categories, instead of the continuum it is.

Of course, neither of these cowards has any intention of fighting. That’s for the brainwashed sheeple. Their job is to tell people what they are supposed to die for—not family, not friends…but for the handful of people who have captured the federal government. And Frum and Perle, and others like them, see themselves as part of the federal government. To them, your job is to die for their beliefs.

The astonishing thing is the number of people who think they are defending their country when instead they are fighting for the federal government. And I repeat, the federal government consists of a handful of people. Those hundreds of thousands of people are fighting and dying for a handful of people, whose interests are the exact opposite of the citizens.

This is how I see things:

Things should be bottom-up, not top-down.

Good and evil are a continuum.

The federal government does not exist and is instead a handful of people whose interests are opposed to the citizens.

When people become aware of what is being done to them, it cannot be done to them anymore. It’s easy to manipulate people who are unconscious.

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Copyright 2010 The Libertarian

4 Responses to The Brainwashed as Cannon Fodder

  1. […] article by Bob Wallace on … The United States was…were…originally referred to as “are,” as in, “The United […]

  2. David Snyder says:

    Very good article,& very true.A great example of the Federal Government being a destructive force is the schools you mention.Of course they teach that about the Federal Government,they’ve been co-opted & Destroyed by the Federal Government.My hometown is an excellent example.Once there were two outstanding school districts,now there’s one basket case,thanks to a pair of Federal Judges.

  3. […] Bob Wallace writes at DumpDC about the historical relationship (that has been reversed) between the people and the Federal Government: The United States was…were…originally referred to as “are,” as in, “The United States are a good place to live.” Each state was free and independent. The federal government was a small, fetid backwater in the swamps of D.C. […]

  4. The United Independent States of America (UISA)

    Independence is an important American value. It was first expressed in a “Declaration of Independence” to England, July 4, 1776. The revolutionary war was fought for independence. Independence ranks highly with Americans, along with equality, democracy, and freedom.

    Why then, shouldn’t one of the fifty states, if passed democratically in its legislature, be able to declare its independence of other states in the union or the federal government? Why doesn’t congress allow a “petition of independence”, issue by issue, from state governments? Why doesn’t congress allow state independence on issues, with clearly agreed restrictions, amendments, and limitations? Why can’t congress pass “allowance of independence” resolutions, issue by issue, state by state?

    An example: Arizona wants to govern its own boarders in respect to illegal immigration and boarder passage from Mexico. Why shouldn’t Arizona’s legislature be allowed to “petition independence” on boarder issues from the federal government? In a “petition of independence” Arizona outlines jurisdictional independent areas of Arizona immigration policy, seeking approval from the federal congress. Why not extend state “petition of independence” rights to other issue areas like education, healthcare, economic, or trade independence?

    Why shouldn’t states be allowed any independent activity, outside traditional federal boundaries of governance, if approved by the federal congress with agreed upon amendments or restrictions.

    The federal government can play an important role encouraging independent activity by state governments. The result is a stronger United Independent States of America.

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