Nikki Haley Pushes Back Against The Feds

by Tom at Third Palmetto Republic

A couple of days ago Nikki Haley, the governor elect of South Carolina, was in Washington, D.C. attending a luncheon where the president of the United States was speaking to the newly elected governors of several states. This event didn’t garner many headlines as it is basically a “pity” meeting where the all powerful president hosts the powerless governors, basically to give us the illusion of a federal government that gives a damn about the formerly sovereign governments of the several states.

This event would have been non-news if all had gone as planned, but apparently Haley wasn’t satisfied with the dog and pony show so she decided to press Mr. Obama on a couple of key issues. First, she questioned him about the healthcare legislation:

“Haley says she told Obama that South Carolina could not afford the health care mandate, and that it would cripple small businesses.

“I respectfully asked him to consider repealing the bill,” she said, to which he clearly stated he would not. “I pushed him further and said if that’s the case, because of states’ rights, would you at least consider South Carolina opting out of the program?”

Obama told her he would consider letting South Carolina opt out, she said, if the state could find its own solution that included a state exchange, preventing companies from bumping people for preexisting conditions and allowing insurance pooling.

“I think it’s something we go back to South Carolina and start crunching,” she said. “This is not about expecting what’s given. This is about saying we’re going to fight this every step of the way and use every option possible.”

There are several things that we should examine here: first, this is good news, and it is a good sign. This shows that Nikki Haley shares Mark Sanford’s “South Carolina first” attitude.

Second, while we should applaud Haley for asserting states’ rights, we must also point out that she does not fully understand the concept: we have a right to govern ourselves. If we are governed by Washington, D.C., then we are serfs and not free people. When you have a right to something, you don’t ask permission, you simply assert your right. Haley would have been better served to say something like this: “… because of states’ rights, South Carolina will be opting out of this legislation.”

Finally, Obama’s response gives us some insight into the mindset of a dictator, of an imperial master who rules over his slaves. He said he would consider letting South Carolina opt out, if the state could create it’s “own” solution, so long as that solution was based on the same premise as his solution. In other words, if we totally disagree with his premise and we think free enterprise and voluntary exchange are the proper solution, then he won’t “let” us opt out. This is what we’re up against, and it perfectly illustrates the illegitimacy of the federal government, and the reason we need Independence.

The next issue that Haley brought up with Obama was the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository:

Haley said she also asked the president if he would honor the federal government’s commitment on developing a nuclear waste repository. When he said he would not revisit opening Nevada’s Yucca Mountain, “I said, ‘Then give us our money back.’”

The site 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas was proposed to house more than 4,000 metric tons of high-level nuclear waste from South Carolina’s Savannah River Site. The state and Washington have sued over Obama’s attempt to kill plans for the storage site after decades of study.

“SRS has done a good job, but that was a temporary solution. It was never meant to be a permanent solution,” Haley said she told him. “The federal government has reneged on its promise, and the people of South Carolina want their money back.”

South Carolina’s power plants and its customers have contributed more than $1 billion over nearly 30 years to a permanent repository.

She says Obama pledged that he would have Energy secretary Steven Chu call her promptly.

Now this is a smaller issue, but I think Nikki actually took a better approach on this one. Here she asserted the people of South Carolina’s sovereignty, as she demanded our money back from a federal program that had (as per usual) failed to live up to its end of the bargain. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t mention the wording of Obama’s response, though it does say that Obama promised to have Steven Chu call Haley about the issue. I sure would have liked to have seen his face though.

The important thing here is that Haley demanded our money back, and rightfully so. The people of this state funded a program to house nuclear waste and that program has been essentially cancelled. If any nation did the same thing to the United States federal government, they’d probably be accused of harboring WMD and an invasion would follow. In demanding our money back, Haley basically said that we have a right to be respected as a state and that our contracts should be honored. Now she just needs to demand our independence by pushing the General Assembly nullify any and all federal legislation that controls the lives of the individuals in our state, and assert that we retain the right of secession should the federal government not respect our rights.

I don’t think that Nikki Haley was thinking about that when she confronted the president. I don’t think that she’s a staunch supporter of political independence for South Carolina. However, she hasn’t even started serving her first term as governor yet, and she’s already picked up the torch of fighting back against the federal government from Mark Sanford. Hopefully we, the people of South Carolina, can influence her to join our cause.

© 2010 Third Palmetto Republic

(Editor’s Note: While Nikki Haley is a superior choice to the idiot pussy-chaser Mark Sanford, she still has a long way to go to be a true stateswoman. On the issue of the Healthcare legislation, the best response would have been to tell Mr. Obama to expect a formal letter on his desk on her inaugural day informing him of South Carolina’s refusal to be subject to the Act. On the issue of nuclear waste, she could have informed him that South Carolina would simply withhold $1 billion…plus interest…from any tax money that SC would normally send to Washington.

Nikki Haley is a modern-day Carpetbagger. Even though she hails from Bamberg, SC, she is taking her place as a Governor who does Washington’s bidding. South Carolina deserves better.)

5 Responses to Nikki Haley Pushes Back Against The Feds

  1. Tom Utley says:

    I always appreciate your links to our articles, but I do wonder where your attitude about Haley comes from?

    Let me temper this by saying that I’m not outright disagreeing with you, I just haven’t ever seen that sentiment directed at her.

    My opinion of her is that she is a Mark Sanford disciple (who was very good on fiscal issues, despite his infidelities, which I don’t really give a damn about.) She seems like a Republican with libertarian leanings, albeit only slightly. She’s definitely not an old guard GOP’er in the Lindsay Graham mode.

    She’s giving us positive signs that she might just fight against the federal government. We must hold her feet to the fire, and she definitely has a long way to go, but I am encouraged by her start.

    • dumpdc says:

      My attitude comes from reading about her cowtowing to Obama and asking his permission to disagree. I hope she is more principled and will fight DC. But remember…she won the Republican nomination and the election. How principled can she be when she is playing in the same playground with criminals? If your mom sends you out into a muddy back yard wearing white gloves, are the gloves going to get muddy or is the back yard going to get white and glovey?

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