Natural Laws

by Tim Case

“It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts…For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it.”

~ Patrick Henry

It was a 3 AM wakeup in late September. The threat of an early frost had necessitated that the last 1000 acres of corn be harvested quickly to avoid the potential loss of what remained of the 2010 harvest.

Cresting the Cascade Mountain range of central Washington, beginning my decent into the Yakima valley, I noticed that it was just minutes before sunrise. The crystal clear dark blue sky promised a warm day, but was also the cause of nights that were getting colder. The truck thermometer read 28 degrees however, that was to be expected at 4000 feet on top of a mountain. I remember wondering if it had gotten cold enough to frost further east. In almost the same instant, I noticed what seemed to be small drops of my engine oil on the door window.

Having driven the road literally thousands of times, over the years, I knew there was a turn-out less then a quarter mile ahead where the truck with its dual trailers could safely be pulled off the road and a search for the cause of the oil droplets could be made.

Exiting the cab I was greeted with the unmistakable smell of engine oil which had unceremoniously left its assigned place in the engine, made obvious by the myriad of miniature puddles of oil forming under the truck. The rogue oil now coated the driver side fender well; the underside of the hood, the driver side running boards, and in a final act of rebellion was flowing off the left fuel tank quickly threatening to combine into a rather larger extended puddle on the side of the road.

Lifting the hood to expose the 475 horsepower, Caterpillar C15 engine, I noticed that my partner, who had stopped a short distance from me, was approaching the driver side door. “Wow, it looks terminal to me.”

“Yeah, something is really wrong,” I answered.

Gerald with his usual dry wit didn’t understate the obvious: “Well, at least that CAT® engine decided to bleed out on a nice day. It won’t be too bad a wait for the shop mechanics. Only two and a half; maybe five hours and you should be on the road again. Sure looks like it’s been raining oil, doesn’t it?”

I wasn’t amused and my expression must have shown my annoyance because Gerald then turned serious. “Let’s see what we got here before we call the shop.”

As we both approached the driver side steering tire Gerald started looking at the oil filter and rear of the engine while I began inspecting the lines and the front of the engine. It was only a matter of seconds when I realized that the whole problem was due to the oil filler cap which was no longer in the filler tube but hanging from its retaining chain.

When that filler cap had left its assigned position the laws of pressure (expansion) had instantly come into play. High pressure always flows to a low pressure. The high pressures that are generated in an engine of this size (or any engine for that matter) are useful as long as the system remains closed.

In my case that meant the release of pressure took one gallon of engine oil with it; all in a matter of a few minutes.

I mention this not because it is anything extraordinary but because it is how prudent people respond countless times a day to a potentially serious crisis. When something doesn’t look, feel, or sound correct we judiciously stop and find out where the problem resides. We do this to avoid loss of production, to evade suffering a financial catastrophe or for countless other reasons.

While many will “play it safe” in their daily lives it is equally obvious that the same attention to detail is lacking and many times nonexistent when it comes to national events and policies. Especially when those policies and events are transforming America into an economically impotent third-world police state, which is far more dangerous then a great many of the daily crises individuals face.

Why the lack of concern or attention to these events is so common among a people has been discussed by many authors. Rarely, however, has the problem been expressed as succinctly as by Wolf DeVoon in his 1999 article “De-Facto Anarchy.”

“Government…,” Mr. DeVoon observes, “does not exist of necessity, but rather by virtue of a tragic, almost comical combination of klutzy, opportunistic terrorism against sitting ducks whom it pretends to shelter, plus our childish phobia of responsibility, praying to be exempted from the hard reality of life on life’s terms.” (Emphasis Mr. DeVoon’s)

For an excellent clarification of the above statement read Gary North’s article “TSA: Thou Shalt Acquiesce.”

For years the warnings have gone out from a plethora of writers and speakers throughout the political spectrum. So for a moment let’s consider the general admonitions that have systematically been ignored by the collective and have now come to nearly full maturity in our verging third-world police state.

In no particular order:

* A continuing effort on the part of the central government to deny people the right of private ownership of firearms by direct and nefarious means.
* A state-controlled media which supports and amplifies the central government’s fear and distrust of its citizenry while championing the government’s programs of unwarranted surveillance and acts of state sponsored terrorism. This is coupled with the attempted suppression of any dissenting media.
* The illegal shifting of power from elected legislative bodies to unelected judges allowing the national government to negate any law it doesn’t approve of.
* A two-tiered legal system whereby privileges are extended to select groups and those of elite standing, exempting them from general regulations, or laws.
* Treaties which seek to remove the power of elected officials to rule locally while subjecting the population to “laws” originating from international bodies.
* The national government’s use of established bureaucracies (Federal and State) to deny business licenses, to harass, close down or financially destroy those who seek to supply goods and services that are considered outside accepted government policy or contrary to the wishes of large competing industries. An example of this is the war which state and federal agencies are waging against whole milk, natural foods, illegal drugs and alternative medicine.
* Spreading criminal activity among local and federal LEA departments. “The law,” notes Paul Craig Roberts, “has ceased to be a shield to protect the rights of the innocent and has instead become a weapon in the hands of the state.”
* An ongoing destruction of America’s industrial base, a perpetual housing crisis and government-sanctioned fraud by the banking system.
* Unwarranted raids of legal businesses and into peoples homes under the pretence of the war on terrorism and protecting the public’s welfare. This includes the direct physical assault of citizens, with the accompanying humiliation, during a “pat-down” under the pretense of keeping the nation secure. A corollary being the random demanding that legal citizens produce proper documentation. The guise for such action was recently expressed by TSA’s union director of membership and organization, Sharon Pinnock. “Our concern is that the public not confuse the people implementing the policies with the people who developed the policies.” (We are just following orders?) Hmmmm!
* The national government’s declared “right” to murder US citizens on the slimmest of excuses. In the article sited, Paul Craig Roberts points out that “(t)he argument by the Justice Department (is) that the executive branch has unreviewable authority to kill Americans, whom the executive branch has unilaterally, without presenting evidence, determined to pose a threat…”
* The enduring militarization of state and local police forces. Former President Clinton justifies this breach in the civility of common law with his speech of April 16, 2010 entitled “The tragedy of Oklahoma City 15 years later and the lessons for today.”
* Training of military units to be used on American soil against American citizens ostensibly in response to social unrest, but in reality to defend those deemed essential to continuance of the “government.” (Are death squads in our near future?)
* The unwillingness or inability to control national borders. Phil Williams writing for the Strategic Studies Institute; United States Army War College in publication 867; page 27, dated June 2008 correctly observers: “The inability of states to control their borders and the global flows – of people, money, weapons, drugs, etc. – that cross these borders into their national territories is both a manifestation of the decline of the state and a major contributor to the strengthening and acceleration of this tendency.” (Emphasis mine)
* A national decaying infrastructure which includes the suburbia of major cities becoming the new slums.
* A very real potential for a food crises that will have a direct violent effect on American’s lives.
* A national debt and monetary crises that threatens to destroy the economic machine of both the US and the world.

Many will look at this list then nod in the affirmative that yes, indeed, these are the causes of our misery. Sadly that is where they will stop with their inquiry never realizing that these events are symptoms of a far greater social disease.

Consider that the list above is the natural result of social actions and public apathy, which are identifiable in an historical context. Consider also that that history is readily identifiable as government programs which seek to satisfy the following public desires, chief among which are:

* I have a right to a good-paying job.
* I have a right to own a business and sell my products free from “unfair” competition.
* I have the right to own a home
* I have a right to medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health.
* I have a right to a good education.
* I have a right to be economically protected in old age, during a sickness, after an accident, and when unemployed.
* I have the right to be protected from all harm.

If this partial list of newly enumerated “rights” seems vaguely familiar it was taken from FDR’s, 1944, purposed “Second Bill of Rights.” It is no coincidence that FDR’s ideas of American’s “rights” have their roots in the socialist “positive rights” which the Europeans have enshrined in their social compacts and are the root of Europe’s economic problem today.

These so-called “positive rights” are the very antithesis to self-reliance, independence, and individual success. When implemented in a social program, “positive rights” demand, by government edict, that the productive in a society supply the needs of others.

This is analogous to running an engine with a displaced oil filler cap; sooner or later there won’t be enough engine oil to lubricate the system. At that point you are faced with massive engine failure. This is the condition America and a good part of western civilization finds itself in today.

The social unrest which is occurring and will soon morph into horrific, if not murderous, chaos among nations is not theory, it is natural and predictable, based on irrefutable economic laws and history. Economic laws which are grounded in reality just as natural law assures us high pressure will always flow to low pressure.

Patrick Henry was correct: “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts…” Western civilization faces the bestiality of its actions today.

It will be a painfully hard lesson to learn; it very well could cost millions of lives, but if history repeats itself mankind will again turn away from their foolish lust of being coddled and pampered; once again embracing the principles of success through self-reliance which comes with freedom.

If not, the quagmire of self destruction in which societies have placed themselves will run its course until nothing of the former civilization is left, but a rotting shell of its former self. This is another natural law which will not be denied.

Tim Case is a 30-year student of the ancient histories who agrees with the first-century stoic Epictetus on this one point: “Only the educated are free.”

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