Fed’s Quantitative Easing to Starve Middle Class Americans

November 7, 2010

Courtesy The National Inflation Association

The Federal Reserve today announced that they will be implementing $600 billion in additional quantitative easing by the end of June 2011. The Federal Reserve will maintain its current policy of reinvesting principal payments from its security holdings and will expand its balance sheet by an additional $75 billion per month. The total announced balance sheet expansion was $100 billion higher than the public consensus of $500 billion. The Federal Reserve will continue to hold interest rates at record low levels of 0% to 0.25%, where they have been for nearly two years.

Quantitative easing is nothing more than the Federal Reserve printing money and creating inflation. This quantitative easing steals from the purchasing power of the incomes and savings of all Americans. While Americans are distracted by the mainstream media with daily debates by the Democrats and Republicans about taxes, U.S. taxes have almost no where near the effect on the lives of middle class Americans as does the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and quantitative easing. Instead of millions of Americans attending “tea party” events in Washington with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, they should be marching outside of the Federal Reserve building in New York chanting “End the Fed”.

As highlighted in NIA’s new documentary ‘End of Liberty’, which just surpassed 170,000 views in three days, prices of nearly all agricultural commodities have been spiraling out of control in recent months just in anticipation of today’s quantitative easing announcement. In the past 60 days alone, cotton prices are up 54%, corn prices are up 29%, soybean prices are up 22%, orange juice prices are up 17%, and sugar prices are up 51%. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones has only gained 9%.

The Federal Reserve is doing everything in its power to push stock market prices up so that the government can take credit for an “economic recovery”, but as NIA has been warning for years, inflation gravitates most towards the goods that Americans need most in order to live and survive. There is nothing that Americans need more than food. The agricultural commodity price increases of the past two months will begin to make their way into all supermarkets nationwide during the next few months. Americans who have been struggling just to make their mortgage payments, will now be forced to stop paying their mortgage in order to buy food. Instead of hoping to get the latest Apple gadget for Christmas this holiday season, American children better be grateful if their parents are able just to put food on the table.

After the financial crisis of late-2008/early-2009 when the Federal Reserve implemented its first round of quantitative easing, the Dow Jones rallied by 74% from its low of 6,469.95 in March of 2009 to a high of 11,257.93 in April of 2010. By the Dow Jones rallying, the U.S. government was able to take credit for creating an “economic recovery”, despite the fact that unemployment remained near multi-decade highs. NIA released a documentary on May 13th called ‘Meltup’, in which we said, “The truth is, our economy is not recovering, prices are rising only due to inflation.” NIA proclaimed in ‘Meltup’, “If stocks were to see a nominal decline one last time, we will likely see Bernanke shoot up his largest ever dose of quantitative easing.”

On July 19th, with the Dow Jones having declined by 11% from its April high down to 10,073.68, everybody in the mainstream media was talking about the threat of deflation. NIA released an article on July 19th entitled, “Double-Dip Recession Does Not Mean Deflation” in which we said, “NIA believes the Federal Reserve is quietly getting ready to implement ‘The Mother of All Quantitative Easing’.” NIA went on to say, “NIA fears that come this October, Bernanke is likely to shoot up his largest ever dose of quantitative easing.”

Today, NIA’s prediction for the most part came true. The Federal Reserve announced massive quantitative easing ($600 billion) and our timing was almost perfect (we missed October by a few days). This isn’t quite what we consider to be the “The Mother of All Quantitative Easing”, but don’t worry, the Fed will announce additional quantitative easing soon if the slightest hint of deflation reappears.

Current U.S. price inflation based on the consumer price index (CPI) is 1.5% and the Federal Reserve wants to see this number increase to 2%. The truth is, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) uses geometric weighting and hedonics to artificially manipulate this number lower than the real rate of inflation in order to keep American’s social security payment increases as low as possible so that politicians in Washington have more of your money to spend. Based on the way the U.S. government previously calculated price inflation before the BLS’s latest tactics to manipulate the CPI as low as possible, NIA believes current year-over-year price inflation is at least 5%.

No human being alive, especially Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, is smart enough to perfectly manage the rate of price inflation by printing money. By expanding the balance sheet by $600 billion, NIA believes the real price inflation rate will rise above 10% in early 2011. Once Americans realize just how rapidly their dollars are being debased and losing their purchasing power, it could cause a rush out of the U.S. dollar and trigger hyperinflation as early as year 2012.

America no longer has a free market economy. For everybody on Wall Street to be so fixated on the words that come out of Bernanke’s mouth, it shows that the economic system we have is extremely fragile and vulnerable to collapse at any time. With prices of assets soaring in recent months just in anticipation of Bernanke’s quantitative easing announcement, it shows that the world’s financial system is already flooded with trillions of dollars in excess liquidity. Unless the U.S. government immediately implements dramatic spending cuts across the board, NIA believes the world is going to lose confidence in the U.S. dollar and it will be impossible for the U.S. to survive past the year 2015 without the U.S. dollar becoming worthless.

The fact that the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives last night is completely meaningless. If the U.S. government is to implement the spending cuts necessary in order to prevent hyperinflation, Americans will be faced with a second Great Depression, which NIA believes is a necessity and much better than the alternative. However, the Republicans will not risk being held responsible for the next Great Depression, because it will ensure Obama gets reelected in 2012. Therefore, NIA predicts that nothing is going to change with the Republicans taking over the House.

The only good news that came so far this week is that Rand Paul was elected to the U.S. Senate. NIA predicted in our top 10 predictions for 2010 that Rand Paul would win both the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in the State of Kentucky and the U.S. Senate seat and we are very proud that Rand Paul was victorious. NIA considers Rand Paul to be the true leader of the Tea Party movement because he fully understands the hyperinflation that awaits as a result of the Federal Reserve’s actions.

NIA hopes to see Rand Paul filibuster any attempts by the U.S. Senate to raise the ceiling on our national debt. There is no reason to have a national debt ceiling if every time we reach it, Congress raises it. NIA prays that Rand Paul proposes a Balanced Budget Amendment in 2011, because this should be our government’s top priority if it wants to restore confidence in the U.S. dollar and prevent a complete societal collapse.

NIA would like to apologize for the minor technical problems in the last two minutes of NIA’s new 1 hour and 14 minute documentary ‘End of Liberty’, during the time in which NIA’s President Gerard Adams was speaking. This small audio problem was caused by YouTube and out of our control. To make up for this, NIA’s President will be featured in an exclusive NIA video later this month explaining in detail the hyperinflationary crisis that is ahead and how NIA members can prosper while the rest of America goes broke. As you know, NIA’s President made a 378% return on his investment in silver call options that he suggested to you in February. He believes there will be many more opportunities similar to this for NIA members to become wealthy in the years ahead as the rest of America goes broke.

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