Secession: The Cure For Electile Dysfunction

November 5, 2010

by Daniel Miller, Texas Nationalist Movement

The mid-term elections have come and gone. Can I get big Texas “hell yeah!”? We will now be free of campaign ads, endless podium pounding by the potentials on how they will be the ones to stand against (fill in the blank) and the countless promises to return to core values. As Texas Nationalists, though, we have been given a gift – the final straw.

The situation now is not much different than it was before election day. Although there is a new crop of representatives in Washington, DC, a few who have committed to returning the Federal Government to its Constitutional limits, the odds are stacked against them. They are faced with an Executive Branch that has no regard for the Constitution much less a return to its limits, a Senate still composed mainly of those who agree with the Executive Branch both in method and direction, a well-entrenched party pecking order that is already publicly working to corral them even as they speak out against their “extremism”, a judiciary that is willing to rubber stamp Federal abuse and endorse it as “constitutional” and decades of unconstitutional Federal programs and agencies that will not go quietly. While the map seems overwhelmingly red, the Tea Parties, Constitutionalists and Liberty groups just got “Scott Browned”.

This is all in the context of the continuing economic meltdown. The Federal Reserve just announced that it was, in essence, monetizing the debt by its printing of $600 billion new pieces of paper bearing the likeness of dead Presidents for the purpose of buying government bonds. Welcome to the beginning of extreme inflation. This is in addition to the new bailouts, stimulus packages, industry takeovers and increased interest rates that are already on the table. All of this is touted as “necessary” to keep us out of a depression. And it will be this that will put the new crops principles to the test. Will they do what they promised or will they compromise in the name of staving off an “economic emergency”?

The “lame duck” session of the Congress followed by the “Compromise Congress”, fueled by the growing economic disaster, will turn to the states that are still functional to draw resources to maintain the standard of living and the government entitlements of the rest. Much like a human body that is dying, the organs are shutting down and the body is placing more demands on those organs still functioning, eventually burning them out and dragging them into death.

Enter Rick Perry and the very red State Legislature. The Texas Republicans all campaigned on stopping the encroachment of the Federal Government into the lives of Texans, rolling back decades of Federal erosion of Texas sovereignty and protecting Texas from further attacks on our sovereignty. And they will get their chance. As the Federal Government experiences compromise, gridlock and additional debt and growth, they will eye Texas as a “cash cow” and will fight to assert their dominance over our affairs. They will be forced to either admit that all of that defiance against Washington was “pillow talk” or they will have to follow through with it. And that defiance must eventually manifest itself in one course of action – secession.

It is the only option available. Look at it honestly. What happens when you “throw the bums out” and nothing changes? What happens when you throw them out and it gets worse? What happens if they make only minimal progress in rolling back Federal power only to be swallowed by a tidal wave of additional encroachment?

From a Texas Nationalist perspective, look again at why we want out independence. Not for the sake of repetition, overkill or “beating a dead horse”. Look at it as the task list for Congress to keep us in the Union or as the reason that our Legislature must give us a secession referendum.


I have said all of this before. However, it is important to keep these at the forefront of any honest discussion about the success or failure of the United States Congress. If they fail to do these things, then they have failed and we must secede. A good “College try” won’t cut it. They must remedy these grievances in total or let us go. But as Texas Nationalists we know that they can’t and won’t. The system won’t allow it to be so.

This election, as I stated earlier, has provided us with the last straw. The people of Texas are watching all of these Federal politicians and when they fail, which they will, those who decided to give them “one last shot” will be ready to separate. They will be looking for a release and all of that pressure will turn to the Texas Legislature and the Governor. They will be held to account for all of their promises, speeches and rhetoric. If they don’t stand behind their own words and take this challenge to the Federal Government, then they will be held accountable. If they do stand their ground and take this fight to the Federal Government, then they will be bogged down in the Federal Courts which will shut them down. This will leave the final option on the table – Texas secession.

Remember these three things:

1) The United States cannot be fixed.

2) The Federal Government will only take away more freedom and leave in its place more debt and more bureaucracy.

3) The only solution is Texas independence.

The Texas Nationalist Movement will grow over these next several months. Our ranks will explode with new members for whom the last straw is broken. We will swell with those for whom the last straw was broken a long time ago. People will join with us who are ready for more freedom, less government, a strong Republic and Texas independence. All of us will carry this banner for everyone else who will benefit. We will wave it in the faces of the Legislator who have been elected with a mandate to carry us out of Egypt. And we will win.

Daniel Miller is President of the Texas Nationalist Movement.

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