The TSA and the Pussyfication of America

November 30, 2010

by Joe McCutchen

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been anointed with more power than the “divine right of kings”. Americans are divided in their tepid thoughts regarding another attack on amendments 1, 2, 4, & 10. Those that are in sync with the activities of the TSA are indeed very shallow in their thought processes.

The TSA is filled with low I.Q. minimum wage automatons who will march unquestionably on any edict that has its genesis in Washington, D.C. There is a move afoot to unionize these derelicts that have no problem fondling, viewing and otherwise harassing travelers. When unionization takes place, and it certainly will, these jackboots, in a more forceful manner, will serve as yet another instrument in destroying what’s left of the American constitution and the Bill of Rights.

If any one of you is naïve enough to believe that law enforcement agencies, regardless of stripe are designed to protect American citizens, you are indeed foolish. These agencies are wards of politicians, bureaucrats and other elected and appointed hired guns and will heed only orders from government agencies federal, state, county, & city.

The time is rapidly approaching when numbers of freedom loving Americans are going to wipe off the mantle of political correctness, naiveté, and in all likelihood be propelled into civil unrest. How many, who knows? Violence should be the very last means of fighting for freedom. Secession is the only peaceful means to avoid physical confrontation if our elected and appointed officials continue to blot out civil rights. If secession materializes, in making it a viable option, secessionists should not be drawn into confrontation as was the case by Southerners in general, and South Carolinians specifically, in the war for Southern independence, which provoked the murdering psychopath Lincoln to precipitate a genocidal engagement. After all we are the United STATES (not state) of America and each state is part of a sovereign compact and is in no way obligated to remain in the compact if the citizenry is abused by the federal government ­which they are. The Founders shouted time & again it was the right of the states to secede if the federal burden became onerous.

1. The unconstitutional activities by the TSA in airports across America. Most recently the introduction of body scanners and aggressive pat-downs. The government’s excuse for the personal invasions & the X-rays which have the capacity to cause cancer & genetic mutations is due, so they say, to the fact that an Arab last Christmas, wearing a diaper and a firecracker inside the diaper, has caused this entire ridiculously expensive hullabaloo. One Arab, dictating the tenor of business in a country with 300 million inhabitants is absolutely preposterous. Do the likes of Airport security czar John Pistole and the Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano not understand there are tens of thousands of other potential sabotage targets, i.e. Hoover Dam, sporting & entertainment venues, etc. if there were a real desire to harm us? The federal government is busily indoctrinating the American populace as if we were a nation of dullards. Are we?

2. The United States has a 1,969 mile national border contiguous with Mexico which literally permits millions of illegals to penetrate yearly and produces all manner of crime and the raping of our welfare, education, and health systems, yet the scholarly buffoons in D.C. refuse to implement existing U.S. statutes, i.e. 8 USC. This in itself vividly demonstrates the lie being perpetrated by the federal establishment re the “war on terror”.

3. The unconstitutional & undeclared preemptive wars that the U.S. is engaged in throughout the Middle East against sovereign nations in its pursuit of global hegemony. Is it any wonder that mid-eastern fighters are striking back in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and soon to be, if the traitorous McCain’s, Grahams, et al have their way, Iran.

4. A bankrupt nation engaged in murder. 19 Arabs allegedly attacked the Towers; therefore why did Bush engage in a murdering war against Iraq? The smelly explanations and I am being kind, insult American intelligence.

The multitudes of policing agencies are nothing more than pawns operating at the behest of the corrupt central government and to a lesser degree, state and county.

The crackdown on American travelers is another federal exercise in Conditioning, Regimentation, and Submission.

If our leaders (all) were anything more than self-serving, traitorous, parasitic buffoons, this type of conduct and behavior would never be discussed, much less implemented.

To further illuminate the choking of American’s freedoms, the lame-duck Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to move forward with censoring the internet via the COICA Bill. Listed below are a few of the neoconservative (eternal war for eternal peace/war forever) Republican Senators who applaud the strangulation of American citizens:

Orrin Hatch (UT); Jeff Sessions (AL); Chuck Grassley (IA), Jon Kyl (AZ); Lindsey Graham (SC): John Cornyn (TX); Tom Coburn (OK)

To further strike fear in American’s hearts the Obama administration on Nov. 8, 2010 argued before a federal court that it “should have unreviewable authority to kill Americans, the executive branch has unilaterally determined to pose a threat.” My friends, that is me or you, who on an Obama whim could be executed at any time.

It is interesting to note that former Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff (dual citizen/Israel firster) owns the corporation selling the body scanners. Of further interest, Chertoff’s name translates to “Son of the Devil”. George Schwartz (Soros) (another Israel firster) is a substantial stockholder in Chertoff’s company.

The end of an American civil society and not a peep.

Conclusion: Any American citizen who would allow themselves to be vulgarly groped and most especially their children, are indeed THE PERSONIFICATION OF THE PUSSYFICATION OF AMERICA.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. I would remind Boobus Arkanacus that their vote for Senate elect Republican John Boozman helped set the table for Obama’s strong-armed Marxist/Communist takeover of American. Aside from the Boozmans’ Obamaesque excessive international travel at taxpayer expense and his membership in NATO (the global police), he voted twice for the Patriot Acts, voted to neuter Habeas Corpus, Posse Comitatus, voted for the Military Commissions Act, and the treasonous Homegrown Terrorism Act. The above set the stage for the present outrages and the demise of the nation. A Buffoon? Or did he know well what he was doing?

November 23, 2010

Submitted to the Federal Observer for publication by the author.

Money As Debt

November 29, 2010

We have been receiving comments from a woman named Mona. She is asking deep questions about money. She forwarded a link to a very well done video series named “Money As Debt.” I’ve split this 47-minute video up into 5 sections.

Watch this series and learn about money. Even better…have your children watch this series about money. Then discuss the series with them, and make plans how you and your children will avert the coming financial collapse.

Money As Debt Part 1 of 5

Money As Debt Part 2 of 5

Money As Debt Part 3 of 5

Money As Debt Part 4 of 5

Money As Debt Part 5 of 5

Fun with Fred and Lord John

November 28, 2010

Lord John Maynard Keynes is almost singlehandedly responsible for the economics practiced around the world today. You remember…the economics model that inflates currency endlessly and de-couples all currencies from any kind of real money like gold and silver. That economics model that tries to plan everything, which causes the boom and bust cycles that have been so much fun for the last 100 years.

And then there’s Frederick A. von Hayek, the Austrian born economist that championed the Austrian economic system…the one that melds monetary policy to precious metals forever, thereby preventing inflation and killing off the boom and bust cycles once and for all.

Well, here are two videos your your entertainment and education. Enjoy!!

The second video shows you how two major nations are shedding the Dollar.

Lets Invade Mexico

November 27, 2010

by Fred Reed

Almost forever, the record for stupidity was held by Lumbo, a Cambrian trilobyte born to an early family of retarded trilobites. Lumbo also had Down’s Syndrome. It ws an unbeatable combination. Nobody and nothing was as slow as Lumbo. It was thought that he would hold the record for all time, but then came the governor of Texas, Rick Perry. He thinks it might be a good idea to invade Mexico.

Lumbo doesn’t come close.

The governor thinks, barely, that such a martial lunge might help rid Mexico of drugs, or do something about immigration. He thinks it should perhaps be done with the permission of the Mexican government. It is my hope that Washington will not adopt the governor’s idea, but, given America’s penchant for lurching into catastrophic wars, perhaps we should examine the notion for advisability.

The governor’s wise plan begins by embodying the mistake the Pentagon always makes when it sets out to lose a war, which seems to be every time it holds a war. He, and it, begin by having no faint grasp of the people to be invaded, or of people at all.

Soldiers have difficulty with the notion of people, of citizens, of populations, who are mere impediments to the proper management of a swell war. The military longs for mechanized battle in which men in machines destroy other men in other machines, tank against tank, fighter plane against fighter plane, in a spirit of simple-minded adolescent romanticism. You know, battle-scarred tanks growling across the Algerian desert, against a flaming red sunset burning out to night, desert wind blowing scarves of heroic etc. People don’t figure in this dream, which is why the results are so regularly dismal.

Now, some practical considerations, a kind traditionally of little interest to military men:

You don’t just sort of invade Mexico as an abstraction. You have to invade an actual part of it. Which?

Well, you could try the cities thick with narcos: Tijuana, Juarez, Culiacan, Ciudad Victoria, all the gang. Good idea, that. As any intelligent officer will tell you – one was reported in Anhalt-Zerbst in 1654, but this was never confirmed – fighting in cities is not a lot of fun. The narcos have AKs and RPGs. They are expert at urban ambushes. They know the cities. They speak the language. They can fade into the population. Consequently frustrated GIs, quickly coming to view the population as subhuman, will begin killing people at random and…have we seen this before?

As an equally unwise plan, the good governor might advocate sending troops after the narcos in the wild, in the Sierra Madre Occidental, up around Copper Canyon, the Barranca del Cobre. Have you seen the barranca country? I have, on the Chihuahua Pacific railway from Los Mochis to Chihuahua. It is like Afghanistan, but with difficult terrain and tree cover. Roads are few. There are canyons in which you could drop the Grand Canyon and have trouble finding it the next day. Did I mention AKs and RPGs? Trees? Rocks? Things to hide behind?

Self-explanatory, I hope

What the Pentaloons don’t understand, being armed Boy Scouts who believe their own propaganda—“Ooo-rah! Yes sir! Yes sir! Can do, sir!” is that they usually can’t. The chief reason is that people really, really do not like American soldiers invading their countries, wrecking cities and killing their children. The military, which thinks at right angles, cannot wrap its mind around this difficult thought. Thus Americans invariably begin by thinking, “We are right. We are for democracy. We are trying to help these people. Therefore they will love us.”

The second step to disaster is to set up a puppet government, by purchase or intimidation, declare it an ally, and assert that America is helping the legitimate government of a beloved fellow nation. Think Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and note that the Governor Perry says he wants to invade “with Mexico’s permission,” which means puppetizing the government. Of course no government that supports invaders who kill Pablo’s three-year-old and her dog is going to enjoy a whole lot of legitimacy.

The approach doesn’t work, this being regarded as a minor defect by military minds. It’s the glory of the thing, the swoosh and bang and zowwee that count, not practical concerns like winning. But…does it seem salient to you that in all of our hobbyist wars, our locals…our Khmers, our Viets, our Afghans, and so on…fight poorly, while our enemies are passionate and stubborn? Note that after ten years our Afghan soldiers aren’t ready and disappear with their rifles, the Pakis collaborate with the Taliban and hate us, and the Iraqi police are permanently incapable.

Why might this be? Because, when you force part of a country to kill the other part, not too much enthusiasm ensues.

An essential ingredient in our wars is underestimation of the enemy, reflecting a general American contempt for everybody else. Cheese-eating surrender monkeys, that sort of thing. The Viet Cong were rice-propelled paddy maggots who didn’t have a single B-52. Iraq would be a cake walk, the Afghans were louse-ridden towel-headed farmers, and so on.

An infantryman's paradise, or gateway thereunto

Still, it is perhaps worth noting that as the US army lowers recruiting standards to reflect flabby American males, the Mexicans work construction. In the barranca country you find hard and hardy people, Tarahumaras and tough farmers who have trucks now thanks to the marijuana crop. Soft they are not. Mexicans have fought long and bloody wars—the Revolution, the Cristero War, the current drug wars in which 29,000 have died since 2006 in armed conflict (which suggests that there are a whole lot of them and not afraid to fight, doesn’t it?). Sound like Afghans?

Further: Mexicans, all Mexicans, are violently hostile to any invasion, on any terms at all, by the US. They’ve been down that trail before. I mentioned the governor’s idea to my (Mexican) wife. I’ve never seen her face so hard. This is universal. If you want to see a united Mexico, send the GIs.

The Mexicans are not as reliably hostile to the traffic in drugs, or to the traffickers, as Washington would like. The common attitude is that if the gringos don’t want drugs, why do they buy them? Why is it Mexico’s problem? The traffic has brought relative prosperity to places formerly without electricity. In a country not enamored of a corrupt government, the narcos not infrequently are seen as Robin Hoods. Various bands make a living singing narcocorridos, songs glorifying the traffoclers: Los Tigres del Norte, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, La Sombra Norteña.

Here we come to the final error of American military interventions: the belief that everybody wants to be like America, that they want democracy or are capable of it, that we just have to show them how we want them to live and they will gratefully do it. Ah, fond hope. We are going to make Afghanistan into a democracy, an idea as probable as making a frog into a television set. In Afghanistan the military invaded Marjuh and said it was going to impose a “government in a box,” whereupon an Afghan town would be just like a village in Iowa. Oh sure. Any day now. And in Mexico the Mérida Initiative is going to produce honest police and judges, whereupon Mexico will resemble Switzerland.

Oh God…Lumbo is back. Some good advice to the Joint Chiefs: Stay the hell out.

copyright 2010 Fred Reed.

Stop Worrying about Words on Paper

November 26, 2010

by Jeff Matthews

A recurring debate always arises when critics argue with proponents over the language included in various state-level nullification resolutions and bills. They argue over whether certain provisions are lacking, improper, will not be effective, etc. I, too, criticize such language from time to time. It is natural to do so when we think in terms of the “rule of law.”

However, the “rule of law” is only a fiction for some invisible, greater authority upon which our conduct is claimed to be justified. Let me explain it by this question: Are federal usurpations legitimized if legislative nullification efforts are not successful? Clearly, the continued ability to engage in a wrong does not make it right. So, if our rights to redress for our grievances do not end with our state legislatures, where do they end? In what way are our remedies bounded?

The most limiting aspect of the movement to reclaim state, local and individual sovereignty is that so many proponents are looking to the “rule of law.” The right words – the right concepts in the right place – seem to dictate so many thoughts on the “proper” strategy. Looking back at America’s procurement of its independence from Britain, where did all of our words take us? Britain did not read our declarations, our pleas, and our demands and conclude, “Well, my dear boy, we do believe that makes perfect sense. You shall have your independence. Cheerio!”

Words mean nothing. Popular sentiment means everything. Do not worry about the “why,” the “how,” and such, when it comes to scriveners’ attempts to accomplish our ultimate objectives. These are just acts of scriveners.

The Constitution says nothing about nullification. Nullification is simply implied out of the fact that there must be some remedy somewhere when the federal government usurps its powers. Most certainly, the Constitution does not prescribe a procedure for nullification. Madison and Jefferson simply made up the procedure they attempted to implement.

Where does it say that in responding to federal usurpation, we may only resort to measures which confine us to not treading on the sovereignty of the federal government? The Constitution is written with an assumption that our respective governments will operate within their confines. It says nothing about the rules of the game when the compact has been breached. It should be clear that in this paradigm, it is a “no-man’s land” where anything can go.

More particularly to this last point is a concept within contract law. Contract law principles are useful to those who view the relationships created by the Constitution as contractual or as a compact. Suppose Paul Plaintiff enters into a contract with Don Defendant to mow Don’s lawn for fifty dollars. Paul shows up with his equipment and is ready to begin when Don says, “I am not going to pay you.” Must Paul still comply with the contract and mow Don’s lawn?

The contract is breached. Once breached, the aggrieved party is no longer required to perform under it. Thus, our efforts to reclaim state, local and individual sovereignty are not restricted in any way. The Constitution does not limit the means by which we may redress our grievances. Therefore, bear this in mind when evaluating legislative measures proposed by local representatives.

Sure, they might be improved in ways that make them better reflect the people’s sentiments, but these words are not what count. What counts is whatever it is that happens when enough people have had enough of the overreaching, corruption and incompetence which emanates from Washington.

Jeff Matthews is a practicing attorney in Houston. He graduated from the University of Texas, School of Law in 1993 and was licensed that year.

Copyright © 2010 by Tenth Amendment Center

Before You Eat Your Thanksgiving Feast

November 25, 2010

The National Inflation Association has created a riveting little video about how things will likely play out some day soon. I have written scenarios in articles, but NIA’s scenario is done in video and audio. And, best (or worst) of all….it is very likely to happen….ANY DAY NOW!

Don’t enjoy this, but watch it and send it to everyone in your email address book. Who knows? This stuff could easily occur before next Turkey Day.

We Must Peaceably Dismantle The United States

November 24, 2010

by Rob Williams

courtesy of

Here’s a question I hear asked more and more by friends and neighbors in the Green Mountains of Vermont: How might we in Vermont create a more sustainable world for ourselves, and for our children, and for our children’s children, in a 21st century Age of Limits?

Let me answer by starting with first principles: I believe the United States is no longer a functioning republic, but a dysfunctional empire.

An “empire,” you ask? What is this — “Star Wars?”

Indeed, the United States is an “empire” comprised of more than 700 military bases networked together in more than 130 countries around the world, an “empire” that spends more on annual “defense” — $1 trillion (not including special war-spending earmarks) — than the next dozen countries combined, according to Chalmers Johnson’s book “The Sorrows of Empire.”

The “United States of Empire” makes possible an unsustainable and inequitable global paradigm: 8 percent of the global population — us, the people of the United States — are consuming 25 percent of the world’s resources.

And we, all of us on planet Earth, are living at a historical moment when the twin sisters of peak oil and climate change are ushering in a 21st century world of energy scarcity that will look quite different than the 20th century world of energy abundance.

I believe that for us to survive and thrive in a new century, we must peaceably dismantle the United States of Empire, and create a new political and economic paradigm.

The UNtied States.

Vermont is perhaps uniquely suited, out of all 50 states in the empire, to spearhead such a decentralist project. This is 21st century Vermont’s radical, sustainable imperative: to peaceably secede from the United States and re-invent ourselves as a more resilient and independent republic.

Why Vermont? First consider Vermont’s political origins and culture.

Vermont is the only state to exist prior to the creation of the United States as its own independent republic, from 1777-1791.

The state of Vermont, moreover, was front and center throughout 19th century New England’s secession conversations related to militarism, war and expansion. Vermont was the first state to outlaw slavery within its borders, and Vermonters still speak out against tyranny of all kinds — nuclear war, genetically modified seeds, the unlawful conscription of National Guard troops by the U.S. government for foreign invasions — every March during our annual Town Meeting Day.

Today, outsiders find it easy to pigeonhole tiny Vermont. The national corporate commercial “news” media think they have Vermont pegged as the bluest of Blue States, chock-full of Obama-loving, latte-drinking, Prius-driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust-fund babies.

It is true that we have more than our fair share of Prius-drivers on Vermont roads, and that 70 percent of the Vermont electorate voted for Obama in the 2008 presidential election (if electronic voting machines, which even tiny and independent-minded Vermont possesses in some of our towns, are to be believed).

It is also true that Vermont political trends are not so easily understood. To wit: We were the first state to bless civil unions for gay couples, and, as a state of hunters and farmers, we have the most permissive gun-carry laws of any state in the country.

Rather than Red versus Blue, “radical” is my term of choice.

Culturally, historically and politically, Vermont, with its commitment to “live and let live tolerance,” its promotion of individual rights, when balanced with its attention to the common good (“Freedom and Unity” is our state’s motto) is a natural starting place for considering any state’s nonviolent secession.

The word “radical” is defined as “getting to the root cause of a thing.” And this thing called the United States is simply too big, too centralized, too corrupt, too inefficient and too impossible to govern anymore.

Vermont can help re-invent the United States as the UNtied States: decentralized, re-localized, with a small-is-beautiful paradigm as our guiding focus.

Free Vermont! Long live the UNtied States.

Rob Williams is a musician, farmer, historian, consultant, journalist and professor who teaches media and communications courses at Burlington’s Champlain College and serves as editor and publisher of Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence, a statewide independent multimedia newspaper ( When he is not running, swimming, skiing or boarding in the Mad River Valley, he co-manages Vermont Yak Company (, a farm business raising grass-fed yaks for meat and agri-tourism, and performs “pholkgospel grassicana” music with Vermont’s Phineas Gage Project, a “pherocious phour-part” acoustic power band.

Contact Rob Williams via his web site.

Lessons Learned On A Weekend Trip

November 23, 2010

Over the weekend, I had occasion to fly round trip from Atlanta to Wichita, Kansas on business. Here are some of the random things I observed on the trip.

First – Despite the existence of and my writings, I flew on a commercial aircraft. So, I know my name is not currently on the No-Fly List maintained by the Department of Homeland Security. Yippee!

Next – Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta is the world’s busiest airport. They have perfected the movement of people and airplanes. Even flying on a Friday outbound from Atlanta, the security screening procedures moved very quickly. In the few minutes I was in the checkpoint area, I did not see anyone forced to walk through the radiation scanning machines. The security checkpoint procedures, while an annoyance, only added about five minutes to my walk from the front door to the trains that spirit passengers to their concourse.

But if you think that the TSA is doing passenger screening in America for national security reasons, you are crazy. This entire Homeland Security/TSA effort is about controlling the American populace and showing them who is boss. Common sense has been abandoned in favor of political correctness. Passenger “profiling”…is verboten. Yet Israelis do profiling at their airports, and they have not had an incident since 1968.

Here is an excerpt from an article at Renful Premier Technologies, a London-based company specializing in airport security training.

• If the operator is unsure about the contents of a bag, pausing the machine to apply image enhancement and/or selecting to hold it, adds seconds or minutes to processing just one passenger out of many hundreds queuing to be checked in. And what if a passenger, intent on martyrdom, is carrying half the weapon on their body? Surely, the only method currently available to prevent that passenger from boarding would be to apply profiling. When Israeli screeners use Profiling to flag a passenger for further scrutiny, a ‘smart call’ is made. This is a well established and consistently applied procedure. A judgment is made on a passenger, based on a variety of factors including: intelligence that may already be known, the passengers body language, ticket details, answers to initial brief questions and other signs which make that passenger stand out. Do the ‘other factors’ include their race, gender, age and ethnic appearance? Yes. Are these screeners trained to apply judgments that are politically sensitive? Absolutely. From the results can one claim this method is necessary? Definitely. Profiling can be used to tighten security for the greater volume of passengers whilst not drastically increasing the cost to airlines and airports. This can only be achieved by focusing resources where they will be of most use; on the select few passengers that may pose a risk.

While I was in the checkpoint area at the Wichita airport Sunday morning prior to my flight back to Atlanta, the TSA personnel detained a frail, 90-year-old woman in a wheelchair. They moved her to a curtained area in the corridor where they performed a full body search of the woman and her wheelchair. How did I know her age? She was traveling with her daughter, who told me her age while she waited for her mother outside the curtains.

As I said previously, common sense has been abandoned entirely. When TSA employees accost wheelchair-bound old women and young children, it’s not really about passenger safety. They cannot truly believe that people like these described constitute a potential threat to the aircraft in which they will be flying. This is entirely about the appearance of concern, and the absolute intention to control the American populace.

Next – When I was in the Wichita airport Sunday, preparing to fly home, I picked up a copy of Popular Mechanics. The front page headline story for the December 2010 issue is “China’s Secret War Plan.”

I guess China’s “secret” is not a secret anymore, is it? Leave it to Popular Mechanics to disclose Beijing’s intentions. Who would know better than PM Magazine?

This article is a fanciful scenario set in 2015, and involves China moving to retake Taiwan. The author, Eric Sofge, is certainly a pro-US writer. He writes that the invasion of Taiwan would begin with a missile barrage from the Chinese mainland onto the island of Taiwan. Then, China would rain missiles down on the US Kadena airbase at Okinawa from mainland locations and from Kilo-class Chinese subs. Then, the USA would respond by dispatching the Carrier Group led by the USS Nimitz to intervene. Then, China would attempt to sink the carrier with antiship ballistic missiles. And, in the end, China would win.

What the author does not discuss is how utterly unnecessary this war game is. China owns Washington. China is the number one holder of American Treasury securities on the planet. In the Oriental tradition, they allow Washington to bluff and bluster in a lame attempt to save face. But both Beijing and Washington know who is in charge, and it’s Beijing that holds all the advantages.

When…not if…China decides to repatriate Taiwan, it only need announce it in a press release. If Washington threatened any military response to honor its treaty obligations to Taiwan, China could dump a small percentage of its Treasury bonds on the worldwide bond market. This one move might not collapse the world bond market, but it would collapse Washington. China would likely tell Washington that any further military response would result in further sell-offs of Treasury debt. At some point, the world bond market would cease buying any US Treasuries for any price, and the game would be over. The entire world bond market would collapse, and soon thereafter, the US Dollar would be rejected worldwide as the world reserve currency.

Washington would have to notify the Taipei government that America would not be coming to their aid.

From this writer’s perspective, there is no real need for China to assert its sovereignty over Taiwan in the foreseeable future. Taiwan is self-sufficient and prosperous. And why would China want to initiate a military confrontation with America over Taiwan at this point? Leaving well-enough alone is the best strategy for Taiwan until after the collapse of the American dollar and the collapse of the American government. And that will likely happen before 2015.

The old Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times” has never been as true as in our present time. Dear readers, don’t be chumps. Get out into the world and move around. Learn first-hand what is going on around you. Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Vermonters Vote Overwhelmingly for the Empire

November 22, 2010

by Thomas H. Naylor

The myth that Vermont is somehow different from the rest of the United States was thoroughly shattered on November 2nd, when Vermont voters overwhelmingly embraced the American Empire in the campaign for governor. Democratic Senator Peter Shumlin edged out Republican Lt. Governor Brian Dubie with each garnering nearly fifty percent of the vote.

The tightly contested race was extremely negative and was billed by the media as a classic conflict between the neocon right and the neoliberal left. Although Dubie, unlike Shumlin, is pro-life and not very enthusiastic about gay marriage, both candidates made it abundantly clear that they were unconditionally committed to the American Empire.

Dubie and Shumlin each offered Vermont voters their own boiler plate jobs plan, health care plan, energy plan, and education plan predicated on the assumption that it’s business as usual in America. All one needs to do is roll with the flow and everything will be okay. But everything is not okay. America is going to hell in a hand basket, and neither Dubie nor Shumlin get it – nor do the voters of Vermont. Basically, the 2010 election in Vermont was much ado about nothing.

Brian Dubie and his brother Michael are probably the two most enthusiastic Vermont supporters of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Brian is a colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and his brother Major General Michael Dubie is Adjutant General of the Vermont National Guard. Both support the idea of replacing the Vermont Air National Guard’s aging fleet of F-16 fighter jets with F-35s which cost $115 million each. Major General Dubie would like to see the Burlington International Airport converted into a base for unmanned drone aircraft.

Although Peter Shumlin’s ties to the Empire are a little more subtle than those of the Dubie brothers, his commitment is beyond reproach. The tell tale sign of his loyalty to the Empire was revealed by the frequency with which he said in his campaign, “Vermont has the best Congressional delegation in America.” Surely, he had to be kidding!

Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy, and Peter Welch pretend to be political liberals, but they are, in fact, mindless pawns of the military-industrial-Congressional complex marching to the beat of Wall Street, Corporate America, and the right-wing Likud government of Israel. For starters, they support: (1) all funding for the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, (2) the deployment of Vermont National Guard troops abroad, (3) military aid for the apartheid state of Israel, (4) the replacement of the Vermont Air National Guard’s F-16 fighter jets with F-35s, and (5) the highly racist war on terror. Senator Sanders is actively promoting a Vermont-based satellite station to be designed and built by the U.S. government-owned Sandia National Laboratories. Sandia designs, builds, and tests weapons of mass destruction. One can only speculate as to the real purpose of such a satellite station? Just what Vermont needs.

It is unclear whether Peter Shumlin and other Vermonters are oblivious to the fact that their Congressional delegation consists of three world class war mongers, or whether they simply don’t care?

Not only did all three members of Vermont’s Congressional delegation endorse Shumlin, but Vice President Joe Biden was brought in the day before the election to speak on his behalf at UVM.

So preoccupied were most Vermont voters with the pseudo ideological contest between Dubie and Shumlin that their only concern was preventing the other side from winning. They failed to see that the election was a complete sham. However, the entire farcical process left little wiggle room for an independent candidate for governor such as Dennis Steele, who happened to be running as an open secessionist.

Completely unaware that the United States was born out of secession, most Vermonters still equate secession with the Civil War, slavery, military defeat, racism, and violence. They seem to be completely ignorant of the fact that in 1989 five of six Eastern European countries rid themselves of their Communist regimes nonviolently, and that two years later the Soviet Union imploded. These were all forms of secession.

In spite of the paucity of votes attracted by candidate Steele, his campaign seems to have been perceived as a major threat to someone. During the four weeks before the election, Steele and the entire Vermont independence movement were the object of a vicious, CIA-style, cybersmear campaign. Three websites and a well-organized network of anti-secessionists bombarded cyberspace with charges of racism, homophobia, and anti-semitism. The exact nature of the relationship between the smear network and the hostile websites was unclear. What was clear was that the entire effort was extremely well organized and well financed. All of this to attack a gubernatorial candidate who had raised a whopping $4,000.

A week or so before the election Steele received a telephone call from a Shumlin supporter hinting at a job possibility in the Shumlin administration, if he were to withdraw from the race. Two other independent candidates for governor did endorse Shumlin.

In 2003 when we launched the Second Vermont Republic, secession was nowhere to be found on the national radar screen. Seven years later there is talk of secession everywhere. Today one finds countless articles, books, and websites actively promoting secession from the Empire. Yet where were all of these armchair secessionists when Vermont needed them most? Sitting in front of their laptops blogging endlessly about what one day might be, but not without their financial help.

The big winner in Vermont on election day was the American Empire. But the Empire is going down with or without Vermont. How much longer will it take before thoughtful Vermonters realize that the United States has lost its moral authority, is unsustainable, ungovernable, and, therefore, unfixable.

Vive le Vermont Libre

Thomas H. Naylor is founder of the Second Vermont Republic.

Arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic Continues Unabated

November 21, 2010

The American ship of state is inexorably steaming toward the iceberg of economic collapse. And while the ship of fools moves forward, America arranges the deck chairs on its version of the Titanic. News broadcasters are giddy with excitement while discussing the election outcomes. This gives them untold numbers of news stories as the balance of power in DC shifts yet again.

Americans are, for the most part…infants and toddlers that chase after the newest shiny object that arrests their fleeting attention. Asking most Americans to concentrate on bedrock issues like taxation, regulation and tyranny is asking far too much of them. Most Americans are stupid (a mental outlook that affirms the crude and vulgar, while eschewing the noble and virtuous) and credulous (a readiness or willingness to believe, especially on slight or uncertain evidence).

The stupidity and credulity of Americans make them easily led and swayed by news stories so ridiculous that they should be an embarrassment. Stupidity’s best recent examples are any stories related to Lindsey Lohan, Dancing with the Stars, or American Idol. Credulity’s finest example of all time is what occurred on September 11, 2011.

Permit me to make some observations about new stories that have floated to the surface of the national toilet bowl that is the media.

1. “Quantitative Easing.” Bernanke of the Federal Reserve likely came up with this meaningless phrase, intended only to deceive. What is actually happening is counterfeiting on the grandest scale in the history of the world. The Federal Reserve is becoming the buyer of last resort of US Treasury debt instruments. Benny and his bunch are printing $600 billion in new paper money and spewing it out into the world. Those nations around the world who (a) own American debt, or (b) are tied to the dollar are pissed. Which means pretty much every other nation of the planet is getting screwed by Washington, as well as American citizens.

What will happen when the nations of the world finally refuse to buy more US bonds? Two choices emerge for DC: (a) print up more paper currency to monetize the debt through the Fed. (b) bankruptcy. Which do you think will happen…realistically?

2. China announces manufacture of commercial airliners. China sees the market domination of Boeing and Airbus, and won’t be held hostage by either to serve their rapidly growing air travel market. So Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) is building the C919 passenger jet, scheduled to enter the market in 2015.

Aeronautics is one of the last major manufacturing sectors left for American exports. Now that export sector is being directly threatened by Chinese competition. But China is making these moves to serve its own internal needs. Airbus did a study showing that air traffic doubled in China in the last decade, and will double again in the next decade. They predicted that China will need another 80 airports, bringing their total to 240. And it’s estimated that they will need 5,000 planes to handle just domestic traffic. And don’t think that the Chinese planes will be lower quality. They will certainly rival or exceed present competitor’s products. Aren’t American computers already being produced in China? So, expect massive layoffs in the aeronautics industries in America as China proves it doesn’t need American or European planes.

3. And speaking of commercial air travel…America is up in arms over the aggressive body search tactics currently done by the Transportation Safety Administration’s airport “security” thugs. Some are calling these searches criminal sexual assault and sexual battery. But your alternative to these body searches is to go through the X-ray body scanners. No one knows the long-term health risks associated with the new scanners, and you can be sure that the Federal Government will take no responsibility if the scanners are found to be hazardous.

Remember what air travel was like prior to 9-11? You showed up at the airport and checked your luggage at the front desk…if you had luggage. Then you went to the gate where you boarded the plane. There were no scanners…no TSA enforcers…no metal detectors and wands.

Now remember back about two years. You showed up at the airport at least two hours before the flight so you could take off your shoes, remove all metallic objects from your person, walk through a metal detector, get wanded if you set off the metal detector, and then go to your gate. This procedure, while invasive and completely unnecessary, worked just fine right up until someone invented the body scanning machines and sold them to Homeland Security. Did some major breach of security occur in the USA that called for this level of invasion? NO!! But curiously, now that hundreds of these radiation body scanners are in use, searches bordering on sexual assault are the necessary alternative to allowing TSA to look at your body under your clothing.

You should also be aware that in the entire history of Homeland Security and the TSA, the TSA has never ONCE prevented a terrorist act through the airport screening process. Sure, they prevent literally tons of private property…like shampoo bottles and nail clippers from being carried on aircraft. But that is simply the confiscation of items that the TSA has banned from domestic flights. Meanwhile, every search…every scan…violates your 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure.

There is a substantive difference between a “pat-down” search and the TSA searches. Police officers I’ve spoken to tell me that they do “pat-down” searches as a matter of course. But the searches presently being done by the TSA are known by police as a “custody search.” And a custody search cannot be done by police unless (1) they have probable cause, and (2) you’re already under arrest, and (3) you’re going to jail. The TSA has no probable cause except the presumption of guilt for all travelers…and that doesn’t pass the test.

Americans nationwide are incensed by the tyranny shown by the TSA and Homeland Security. And they should be. But how about some perspective here? Most people don’t fly even once a year. But every person is affected 24/7 by the taxation and regulation oozing across the American landscape. Where is the outrage? Where is the proportionate response to having 50% of your income stolen from you at the point of a gun?

4. President Obama’s hand-picked National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is in disarray. The leaders floated some ideas on how to deal with Federal spending. But even the members of the committee cannot agree on spending cuts. There is no possible way that Congress will EVER cut the Federal government’s budgets in a way that each of us individuals or families have to make cuts when money’s short. So, the “bus of state” is hurtling toward the cliffs overlooking “Debt Canyon” with no brakes, so to speak. And, on its way to the edge of the cliff, it has to pass over train tracks, and there is an inflation train speeding toward the crossing. If the train doesn’t hit and destroy the bus, the bus will run off the cliff and be destroyed at the bottom of the canyon.

There is no third option available to the United States of America.

But, let me offer an idea for your consideration. That idea is repudiating our national debt.

Much of the national debt is America owing America. For example, the Social Security “fund” has no money in it. It only contains other debt instruments like Treasury securities. So if our national left pocket owes money to our national right pocket, how about we call it even and just write off ALL the debt? I’m not suggesting that private holders and other nations that hold American debt should get shafted. I’m just talking about our own bookkeeping here in DC.

But in a real sense, the other nations of the world will eventually get the American shaft. Inflation will consume the dollar soon like burning leaves in autumn. The dollar cannot continue as the world reserve currency, and a new reserve currency is on the horizon. I posit that it will be the Chinese Yuan.

If we cannot fix our own national government, it will surely and eventually be destroyed…either from without or from within.

This article today is written to give you a little more evidence that state secession is the only hope for liberty on the North American continent. At some future point, the American economy will collapse. Out of that catastrophe, a few states will muster the courage to secede and try to rebuild a new civilization.

Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.