An Open Letter To the People Of Texas

By Daniel Miller, President
Texas Nationalist Movement

A few weeks back, I expressed my frustration to you about those who just could not see the light. I equated what you were going through to Battered Women’s Syndrome. Even though it was, I believe, a perfect analogy, some believed it to be somewhat harsh.

Well, folks, these are times for being harsh.

I would like to draw your attention to a country that has been the butt of many jokes over the past several years – France. Recently, the government suggested that it might be necessary to raise the retirement age. The people of France, after paying in to a system for most of their adult lives, took to the streets in protest virtually shutting that country down. This continued for days and weeks until the government relented.

Whether you agree or disagree with the French or the policies of the French government, there is one thing that you cannot argue. They showed the government who was in charge in France.

All of this was over a single policy. Just one. Not a sweeping change of governmental structure or ideology. It was one policy. One policy drove them to the streets. One policy drove them to shut their country down. One policy drove them together. One policy led them away from their jobs for days to march. One policy led them away from their homes for days to march. One policy led them away from their entertainment for days to march. One policy led them to take drastic action.

Which brings us back to Texas and my question to you. What is it going to take?

Let me just lay out the current situation for you.

The Border

Our border with Mexico, managed by the United States, has failed. Not due to a single policy but to a systematic plan by the Federal Government to force it to fail.

Here in Texas they have failed to secure the border with Mexico.
• They have denied the Governor’s request for the necessary National Guard troops to secure the border.
• They have offered incentives for people to cross illegally.
• They have turned a blind eye to the violence which is spilling over the border.
• They have set up a program where they bus captured illegal aliens from all of the Southwestern states and release them in Presidio, Texas.
• When Texas has assumed the burden, they have failed to pay their fair share.
When Arizona took matters into their own hands:
• The FedGov sued them challenging their sovereignty and declaring their attempts to solve the problem as “racist”.
• The FedGov offered indirect support of a nationwide boycott of Arizona and its businesses.
• The FedGov denounced them to the United Nations and turned their fate over to the likes of Iran, Libya, Syria and Venezuela.
• The FedGov harassed their law enforcement officials through bogus Department of Justice investigations which continue to this day.

The Economy

The Federal Government and its incessant manipulation, interference and social engineering have destroyed the economy.

• They accumulated a national debt that is statistically impossible to pay off and have obligated us to over $200 TRILLION in debt over the next few decades placing us, our children and future generations into financial bondage.
• They have violated the trust of the people by taking from our paychecks to fund a Social Security pension system from which they have stolen driving it into bankruptcy.
• They have presided over the collapse of the mortgage industry and have set the stage for the collapse of the bond market, hyperinflation and credit defaults to foreign nations which will, in effect, place the foreign governments as our owners.
• When the big banks invested your money in risky schemes to fatten their wallets and those schemes collapsed, the Federal Government came to their rescue. When that chaos put many of you out of work, they turned a blind eye and deaf ear to your plight and paved the way for multi-million dollar bonuses for those who decimated the economy.
• They have created such a destructive financial climate that there is now a three year waiting list for FDIC audits on banks that have failed meaning that there is not enough money to cover the FDIC insurance on your deposits.
• They have attacked energy distribution in Texas using the EPA as a tool to virtually shut down the refineries in Texas costing jobs.
• They have attacked energy production in Texas by issuing a crippling moratorium on drilling in the Gulf and then lifting the ban while establishing an unreasonable permitting process for those wishing to drill in the Gulf.
• Further, they have attacked on-shore production in the Barnett Shale. All of this costs Texans jobs and works to destroy our economy.
• They have passed National Healthcare placing an unsustainable tax burden on the Texan people and Texas businesses using a mechanism that is an unconstitutional use of the “interstate commerce clause” again forcing businesses to lay off Texans and reduce or eliminate health benefits.
• In addition to all of this, on January 1st, 2011, they will impose the largest tax increase in history placing the stake in the heart of the economy.

The Government

The Constitution provides for a very limited Federal Government. Any activities or powers outside of those limits are reserved to the states and to the people. The Federal Government has exceeded its mandate in the Constitution in its size and actions and has shown that it is inept at the most basic functions of a national government.

• They have abused their power to regulate interstate commerce by defining everything that we do as “interstate commerce” and claiming jurisdiction.
• A sitting President has incited racial hatred by telling Hispanics that white people are their enemy. He, and his supporters, have fanned the flames of hatred by declaring that those who disagree with his policies are racists.
• They have denied the right of the people to seek redress of their grievances by ignoring their pleas for a return to the Constitution even when millions gathered at the seat of government.
• They have exhibited the height of arrogance when faced with a populace begging to be heard by calling them extremists, insulting them and equating the use of their voice with violence.
• They have conspired to turn concerned citizens into terrorists by classifying legitimate, peaceful political protest as domestic terrorism.
• The Executive Branch has systematically, over time, accumulated more power rendering the Legislative and Judicial branches of the government irrelevant.
• They have conspired and have succeeded in denying the rights of the people and transferring the sovereignty of the states to the Federal Government and have, subsequently, transferred that sovereignty to foreign powers who have no regard for our rights and institutions.
• They have sent our young men and women to fight in foreign wars without a constitutionally required declaration of war essentially abusing the desire of the best of our citizens to serve at the cost of their lives all the while draining our national coffers and destroying the Constitution.
• They have engaged the political machine to give us false choices in our supposedly free elections. We have been reduced to making a choice for the lesser of two evils and have been denied the right to vote according to our conscience.
• When we have sent elected representatives to Washington that will stand firm on Constitutional principles, they have been relegated to the sidelines, ostracized or co-opted by the same political machine.
• They have passed thousands of unconstitutional laws, instituted thousands of unconstitutional programs and set up hundreds of unconstitutional agencies creating a monster bureaucracy with hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats who harass, threaten and intimidate daily.
• They have used money that we paid in the form of special taxes to bribe and extort compliance out of state and local governments.
• They have interpreted the 14th Amendment to give it a meaning far removed from its intent, conferring birthright citizenship on the children of illegal immigrants, creating an incentive for illegal immigration, establishing a permanent economic underclass, diluting the labor pool making vested citizens uncompetitive in the workforce and adding more support to the existing government and its unconstitutional course.
• They have intruded into our personal lives in the name of security while denying us appropriate proportional representation in Congress and have denied the right of the states to be represented by allowing the direct election of Senators.
• They have utilized the mass media, concentrated in New England and California, to issue forth streams of propaganda and impose their values and desires on Texas. While there is debate over the direction of the government, the concentration of the message always falsely presents that the solution lies in the Federal Government.

What’s It Going To Take?

These are just SOME of the abuses. It’s more than one. It’s more than was cited in the Declaration of Independence. It’s way more than what sent the people of France into the streets. What will it take for you?

I look back on the recent protests or rallies that I’ve attended. There have been, at most, a thousand people congregated for, at most, four hours. While holding signs encouraging one another to “stand up” against the Federal Government, most are being held by people sitting in lawn chairs. But at least those people showed up. I have endured one excuse after another why people can’t get involved in this fight to save Texas.

• “I don’t have $18.”
• “I have to work.”
• “That’s the same day as the Texas-OU game.”
• “I have to mow the grass.”
• “It’s too far to drive.”
• “I have a cold.”
• “Driving that far makes my back sore.”
• “I can’t afford to take that time off of work.”

The excuses don’t cut it anymore. You know what I know about this situation. The United States, as you have known it, is over. The Federal Government has seen to it. Texas must leave the Union to save the principles that we care about. If other states do it as well, then good for them. We cannot change the United States. We cannot preserve the principles and stay in the Union.

So what is it going to take?

The Founders of Texas declared independence from Mexico for far less and sacrificed way more. The Founders of the United States declared independence for far less and sacrificed way more. The people of France took to the streets for far less and sacrificed way more.

It is time for you to make a decision. Either you want to live like this or you want something better. Either you or perfectly fine with where the Federal Government is taking you or you want to be rid of it. Either you want to live in bondage or you want to be free and independent. There is no “option c”. There is no compromise option. There is no middle ground. There is only slavery or freedom.

If you fail to choose, you have chosen. We either create history or it’s created for us.

Years from now, you will have the opportunity to explain this period in our history to the generations yet to come. When they ask you what you did when Texas became a Republic again, are you going to tell them that you couldn’t take off of work? Are you going to tell them that you missed out because the Cowboys game was on? Are you going to tell them that a pizza or a case of beer was more important?

If you ignore this call to join with the Texas Nationalist Movement, then never complain about the Federal Government again. Never complain about Obama, Pelosi, Reid or any of their successors. Never complain about taxes, inflation, unemployment or immigration. When the banks run out of money, don’t complain. When your job goes to an illegal alien, don’t complain. When your money becomes worthless, don’t complain. When the price of food goes sky high, don’t complain.

And whatever you do, never insult the French. They at least did something that you were unwilling to do for far less.

However, if you are ready to join with me and other Texans who are ready to give everything and sacrifice all to live for a cause, then I welcome you and embrace you as my countrymen.

Daniel Miller
Texas Nationalist Movement
Join the TNM Today!

Texas Nationalist Movement
3104 Nederland Avenue
Nederland, TX 77627


2 Responses to An Open Letter To the People Of Texas

  1. […] article by Daniel Miller on … The excuses don’t cut it anymore. You know what I know about this situation. The United […]

  2. Very nicely put, Mr. Miller, but the Feds are only the outer defense perimeter. Then we must take on our overlords in Austin, other cities, and at the county level. For a slogan almost everyone will recognize–even those such as I who never saw the original–may I suggest “We don’ need no stinkin’ permits?!”

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