A Plus B Equals Your Worst Nightmare

by Tom Baugh

Warning: This is probably the most disturbing article I have written. If you have been upset by simple statements from me such as “the upcoming election (whichever) won’t matter” or “The Constitution is about power, not freedom”, then this one won’t help your stress level much. If this describes you, turn back now.

Think you know about radiological dirty bombs? You know, the usual: easily-detected, a suicide mission for the operator, etc. All of these are comforting things that we are told to believe (usually by some perky blonde after talking about what star is in jail for what). Think again. I’ve sat on the idea in this article for over two years now since stumbling across hints of it while researching Starving the Monkeys. Recently I’ve come across confirmations from multiple sources that, yes, the idea is relatively widespread. It is a well-kept secret, but only from you. Rest uneasy, the bad guys already know about this idea.

As the twenty-eight foot rental truck emerged from the east side of the Holland Tunnel, the driver flipped the switch flopping around on the seat behind him. This signal traveled along the pair of twisted wires leading to a small, neat hole drilled from the cab through to the spacious cargo area behind him. But, instead of an explosion, this signal triggered the operation of a handful of electric motors and a heater in the apparatus behind him. Tied to the electrical power system of the truck’s engine, this equipment hardly caused any effect on the vehicle’s power as it climbed the grade from under the Hudson River toward Manhattan. By the time the driver reached Canal Street, the weapon had already started its slow operation.

So far, not bad, right? A simple truck bomb with some kind of delay thingy? Hardly. Now, what you are about to read is possible, but requires the resources of a small nation, or very large company. Fortunately, simply publishing this makes the latter less likely. The former is up to us, and how willing we are to let the bad actors among us continue to wage economic war around the world. On a practical level, this may read like a recipe, but several details have been changed to protect your innocence. No one who doesn’t already know how to do this isn’t going to put one of these together in a storage unit somewhere after reading this article, not even if they follow some of the rabbit trails I mention.

Had anyone bothered to inspect the vehicle, they would have found most of the cargo area occupied by pairs of large, inverted, conical bins arranged throughout the length of the truck. These bins, appropriately enough, struck their designer as resembling miniature missile silos. One bin of each pair contained a liquid substance, the other a granular solid. Piping above the liquid bins had delivered a freshly prepared load of the active ingredient (we’ll call it “A”) from a garage specially equipped for the manufacture and purification of this substance out in New Jersey less than an hour before. Soon, the area immediately around that foreclosed garage would be declared uninhabitable, but no one would notice this in the media frenzy which would soon embroil the island fortress from which economic terrorism is waged on the world’s economies.

I’m not going to tell you what substance A is. Think of this as my contribution to non-proliferation. Unfortunately, most of the actual bad guys (not the ones we are fighting) already know how to do this. And there isn’t just one simple choice for substance A. No, there’s lots of options. And there’s gobs (technical term) of raw material, or feedstock for this stuff, just lying around. You can even see big piles of the feedstock from space in certain states.

The second substance (we’ll call it “B”), a dirty-tan granular material the appearance and consistency of cheap brown sugar, was indefinitely inert, and so required no special handling or precautions. This material had been prepared first, and had sat in a grain silo in Eastern Pennsylvania for two years waiting for its mate.

I’m not going to tell you what this one is, either, but again, the actual bad guys already know. I’ve also changed a few technical details to further cloud things. But, it wouldn’t take a motivated someone of the right background more than a couple of months of intense study to figure out the details. Science is like that: a powerful weapon in the hands of those who know. This is why Johnny lags children from all the other countries in the world in math and science. Our own crop of domestic bad guys fear a smart Johnny more than they fear made-up bad guys abroad.

And no, for those readers of “Starving the Monkeys”, these substances aren’t one of those black holes of knowledge I mention about halfway through that book. Those are even more, uh, interesting than what we’re talking about here.

Once the switch had been engaged, several events happened simultaneously. First, valves opened allowing metered amounts of the liquid to splash onto an augured quantity of the solid leaving its bins like so much chicken feed. This wet mixture passed through an additional auger section where it was mixed thoroughly, and then entered a screw press similar to that used for making wood fuel pellets. Instead of pellets, though, a thick wet spaghetti emerged from the dies then passed over a screened roller which blew hot air over it. Mostly dry now, the brittle extrusion rattled apart, with clumps of the now intimately mixed materials falling through a specially prepared chute, along with the waste hot air stream, just behind the rear axle of the vehicle. No one watching the truck pass by would even notice the tan material falling from the cargo area. The few who might would simply dismiss it as dried mud falling from the axle and wheel wells.

Not all bad things go boom or have the sniffles. Yep, keep seizing those bottles of water before people get on airplanes. And stealing almost full cans of toiletries from passengers.

Once mixed, the material did nothing at all. At least not to the naked eye.

Much like the weapons of economic mass terror launched by financial wizards in New York and elsewhere. Simple plundering profit at first, until the devastating effects are felt by the innocent months and years later.

But at the atomic level, something very interesting was happening. The material began to come alive. First, at totally random intervals, the nuclei of substance A began to emit high-energy alpha particles. Alpha particles are merely helium nuclei stripped of their electrons. This simple material is harmless, except at the energies the substance began to vomit them. At those energies, these lighter-than-air particles are deadly if ingested. This is what killed Alexander Litvinenko in 2006, high-energy alpha particles streaming from the well-known Polonium-210 poison he had ingested. Polonium-210 is also well-known as an initiator material in primitive atomic bomb designs, a radioactive power source for space vehicles, and a subject of study for weapons labs worldwide, including the Weizmann Institute in Israel, where a couple of oopsies killed a half-dozen or so scientists by accident a few decades back before they learned how to handle this deadly poison.

This isn’t to imply that Mossad assassinated Livinenko with Polonium-210, or that they have in the past assassinated even our own government officials who opposed Israel. If they wanted to do that, simple guns and bullets suffice. Along with a willing media to help propagandize the outcome. Based where, I wonder?

But this liquid, consisting of a solution of substance A compounded in a simple, yet uncommon, salt, doesn’t contain Polonium-210. That isotope would be far too expensive, too detectable, and much too fast-acting for the dried mud which had by now been scattered along the southern half of Broadway as the truck neared the raging bull. No, this material released the deadly yet secretive alphas much more slowly than Polonium-210, and is unfathomably cheaper (and abundant worldwide). But these alphas alone aren’t a problem unless swallowed or inhaled. No, despite their high energies, they can’t even escape an aluminum can, or a small air gap. The driver of the vehicle is perfectly safe, as is the equipment inside the cargo area. No suicide missions here.

Alphas, unlike x-rayish gammas, also can’t be detected from outside the truck, or at a distance in the open, in other words. And did I mention there were big piles of the feedstock for this stuff in lots of places? Besides that, you can buy Polonium-210, or a convenient substitute, if you know where to look and aren’t easily alarmed. But again, the actual bad guys already know this. And probably laughed at the private little joke in what I just said.

An alpha-emitter, even one as deadly as Polonium-210, has to be ingested or in intimate contact with some other material before that target material could be affected. Intimately mixed with the granules by first wetting and then being augured through a die, that is exactly what happened. Now our alphas come slamming into the nuclei of substance B, spalling neutrons off of them like splinters from a sheet of plywood hit with a twelve-gauge shotgun. There isn’t a one-to-one conversion, of course, since almost all of the alphas miss their targets; our shotgun marksman is blindfolded and standing in the mostly empty space at the subatomic level. Plus, the target nuclei wear electron Kevlar which turns glancing blows into complete misses. Never fear, though, the few hits that do barrel straight in are enough. Shortly after the machinery began to operate, neutrons begin pouring out of the dried mud by the millions, but even this is still undetectable at street level, for even a tiny BB still contains trillions upon trillions of iron nuclei.

A good-sized plutonium bomb wipes out a city by burning through less than a kilogram of its own mass. Its neutron yield is stupendously higher, but there’s a lot more nuclei in the tons of material we’re talking about here. Imagine a really big plutonium bomb on the slow cycle.

Give them time, though, because proper selection of substance A allowed the driver of the truck to complete his circuit through every street on Manhattan Island south of Central Park with plenty of time to escape before real damage began. Plenty of time, meaning weeks, or months. A few days or weeks after the attack the symptoms were detectable, if anyone knew what to look for. By then, the apparatus had been removed from the truck, the cargo area pressure-washed to remove any spilled traces, and then returned to the dealer. No tell-tale axles here. No, by the time anyone realized an attack had happened, the perps had simply vanished, along with any leads that might have been gathered. A trick of math allowed investigators to track the mud back approximately to the attack date, but even that was off by a couple of days. An alert traffic pattern analysis might have revealed a truck that covered each street on southern Manhattan Island, but that could apply to hundreds, or thousands, of delivery trucks among the uncountable numbers that visit there each day. Besides, this attack could have been carried out by twenty trucks just as easily as one. No, this attack was as silent and as mysterious as a whisper in the wind.

Planes crashing into buildings, or truck bombs pretending to blow up federal buildings look great on TV, but sometimes the best ways to kill lots of people is like an investment gone bad, silent but deadly. What I’m describing here is nothing compared to the mass starvation that will ultimately kill up to a billion people once New York and pals are done raping the world’s economies while recruiting billions more to the ways of Marxism and radical Islam in desperate response. Rush Limbaugh and gang like to talk about unintended consequences of liberal policies, while ignoring those of their paymasters.

Each of these granules of mud, discharging their supply of neutrons over time like a time-release medication, became detectable only after enough atoms of substance A had decayed to allow the gammas of its daughter- and granddaughter-products to uniquely identify the mother substance. A few weeks after the attack one street-level gamma radiation sensor triggered, then hours later a few more, until by the end of the second day of triggering the entire southern half of the island was ablaze with warning signals. As if this wasn’t bad enough, had the designers of the mud weapon bothered, they could have easily salted substance B with substance C. This third material, when exposed to the neutrons streaming out of the dried mud, converts into another isotope which can be used to irradiate food, removing all traces of living organisms. Or for that matter, remove all trace of living organisms such as people when exposed directly.

Oh, there’s lots of options. Kind-of like designer death. Or think of it as a portfolio of highly-leveraged subprime bonds for your organs. Pick one. It doesn’t matter which.

No, the designers left that little detail alone, opting for more juicy targets for their neutrons, like the legs of the millions of people who walk those streets each day, which also happen to contain critical moderating substances needed to slow those neutrons down into the more deadly so-called thermal variety. Neutron by thermal neutron, day after day, trillions of nuclei of all sorts are converted into dangerous irradiators such as substance C. Why bother to reduce the dose that the truck can carry when all of those people carry sufficient quantities of good-enough in the minerals in their bones? Beyond people being converted into their own walking death chambers, the minerals in the streets, walls and windows also became activated by this constant wash of thermal neutrons. By the time the activity had increased enough to trigger all those alarms, the damage was increasing at rates too fast to stop. And who was going to go into those streets to clean all this up? Hardly anyone cared to volunteer. Not that they could get past the mad rush of those millions who, too late, decided to leave, clogging the bridges and tunnels in their escape.

And of course, that would be the whole point of any dirty bomb, which is to cause mass panic and stampede the masses into killing themselves and each other. The actual radiological damage would be very small, although it would be undeniably deadly to many. Plus, unlike a “normal” atomic bomb or dirty bomb, the thermal neutron radiation can convert exposed people into walking dirty bombs themselves. These people, we can call them “fallouts”, will be able to sicken others exposed to them, but without the ability to further convert those others (unlike zombies). Would you take one in? I didn’t think so.

But what about countermeasures? Surely there must be something that can detect these substances. Hardly. One approach would be the backscatter scanners coming soon to an airport or government building (or highway, in its mobile form) near you. Ironically, these purportedly protect you from dirty bombs by irradiating you today (and tomorrow, and the next day, and so on). But then again, these are defeated, or confused, by simply packing the sides, bottom and top of the cargo area with cases of innocuous “low-Z” substances. Like sugar. Or flour. Or drugs, assuming the right payoffs have been made. Again, all the actual bad guys already know these things.

Hmmm. For that matter, someone wishing to sell a nifty scanner technology, or cleanup robot, might do this just in the interest of demand creation. Huh. Instant bad guy, just add potentially lucrative government contracts.

As I said before, this mud weapon, unlike the aptly-named Manhattan Project, doesn’t take the resources of a superpower, but is well within the reach of a reasonably wealthy individual or company. Which makes it super-easy for even a modestly (or newly) poor nation. Such as one that had its currency manipulated by the same people who trapped you in your upside-down mortgaged home. Payback can be a biatch.

Ignorance isn’t the answer either (my regular readers know that I am firmly convinced that nuclear energy is the only way out, or back up, for civilization at this point). The only real defense to this mud weapon, though, is to stop the unholy trinity of the Wall Street banking interests, their revolving-door pals at the Federal Reserve, and their bootlicks in DC from waging economic warfare (and warfare warfare) around the world. Eventually someone who has had their currency destabilized and their economy drained by this evil force (masquerading as capitalism in your name) will have had enough, and won’t have kept their children deliberately ignorant of science and math as we delight in doing to our own.

But how can we stop this evil trinity of economic mayhem? Only by dismantling the levers of central government power guaranteed by the Constitution, a power which protects them (secession, anyone?) from you. Oops, that central power ensures that you won’t. Or can’t. So keep your head in the sand and imagine that the upcoming election (2010 as this was written, but take your pick) will make a difference, when so many before haven’t. Ultimately, your vote, or your rifle, don’t make one bit of difference. Never have, never will, because the rules are designed to keep you weak and them strong. Get ready for the rocket sled ride to the bottom of civilization as more and more economic wheels fall off. From there, we can rebuild without making this mistake again. Arguing over who should have their hands on the levers of centralized power totally ignores the point that those levers shouldn’t exist (to be eventually abused) in the first place.

But few of the people around the world who must live with the day-to-day fallout of the unholy financial trinity care about trifling details such as our elections. They only see the results. No matter who gets their hands on those levers of power, bad things tend to happen. And have for decades.

On the other hand, one of our “friends” might do this to us, maybe so we’ll fight on their behalf. Who knows? We certainly have a history of fighting over less.

I told you at the start of this article that this would be disturbing. I also obscured or changed important details to satisfy demands for self-censorship in this land of the free and Constitutional rights (LOL). Nonetheless, all the important bad guys know about this stuff already, as do thousands of experts in our own government, industry and academia. Many of those, if questioned about this article, will be dismissive and say something to the effect of “sure, it sounds scary, but knowing what I know about the science, I’m not concerned.” Almost like it was from a script. Watch their eyes while they are saying this, you can see the fear inside.

The only reason that you didn’t already know about this is that you are kept intentionally ignorant. Slaves can’t be trusted with any more knowledge than is absolutely necessary to be productive. You did know that from history, didn’t you? I’m guessing you didn’t, unless you were homeschooled.

But, if this mud weapon is common knowledge among the really bad guys worldwide, why hasn’t this happened yet? Perhaps they haven’t gotten sufficiently weary of the financial raping yet. I just hope that, when enough has become enough, the actual bad guys realize that there is a big difference (is there?) between the financial wizards in New York (and their lackeys in DC and the Fed), and the rest of us.

Tom Baugh is the author of Starving the Monkeys, Fight Back Smarter. He is also a former Marine, patented inventor, entrepreneur and professional irritant.

Posted: October 27th, 2010 by Militant Libertarian


2 Responses to A Plus B Equals Your Worst Nightmare

  1. G Freeman Shepherd says:

    Reading this post and then this, “And so, the most successful barbarian kings soon realized that it was essential to cut the bond between a man and God. This division would leave the man with no authority to which to turn but to the king himself …”
    (http://www.starvingthemonkeys.com/Excerpts.html), I was compelled to purchase the book, “Starving the Monkeys, Fight Back Smarter”.

  2. Nathan McMurray says:

    I love Tom Baugh, thank you for linking this article, I gobble up just about anything that he has written.

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