Thwarting Tyranny With Bullets

If you’re a regular reader here at DumpDC, you see that we spend a significant amount of time talking about monetary policy as it relates to secession. We also point you toward making purchases of gold and silver, with our emphasis on silver…since it’s cheaper and more readily available to the masses.

We always say that we are not investment counselors, and we’re not. We always say that your reason for buying gold and silver should not be as an investment from which you expect appreciation and profit, but that your reason for buying precious metals should be restricted to wealth preservation only…money as a store of value.

But in a melted economy, there will be a lot of different things that can be used for barter. Today, we want to get you thinking about ammunition in a number of ways. I thought for one moment that I should not write this article for fear that it would give the criminal political class ideas. But truly…I doubt if any of them are visiting this website. And my ideas are not new.

Ammunition is the obvious reason that firearms exist. Firearms make bullets travel fast. Sure, you could insert a bullet into your target manually, but targets usually resist that. Ammunition is a tool, just like the gun is a tool. It performs a specific task.

Those in our nation that wish to restrict our natural right to keep and bear arms have passed laws of every tyrannical stripe in the attempt to get guns out of the hands of the citizenry. But curiously, they have not moved en masse to restrict ammo purchases and ammo ownership.

At the present time…at least in most of the country…no permit nor paperwork is required by ammo dealers to buy or sell ammo. You can walk into most stores…even Walmart…and buy ammunition like you buy a gallon of milk. Pay your money and walk out. That may change, and that’s the reason you should be stocking up on ammo NOW.

And what is a firearm without ammunition? It’s wall art, or a nice collection of finely crafted machinery. A rifle could be a club, but a baseball bat works better.

So, until Washington decides to make a move against ammunition, begin now buying ammunition. Ammo will never be worthless, unlike paper currency. On the contrary…if TSHTF, ammo will have ever-increasing value. Ammo also comes in small portable quantities, just like coins do. And because of the dizzying variety of firearm cartridges, ammo will have trade values down as small as a few cents per round. Imagine being able to buy a pack of Hubba Bubba Watermelon chewing gum for a few .22 LR cartridges!

Buy ammunition this way:

1. Buy small quantities regularly. In the investment world, this is sometimes called “dollar cost averaging.” Prices will fluctuate, but by making regular small purchases, you will probably lower your overall cost. Naturally, always buy stuff on sale…if there is such a thing as ammo on sale.
2. A life rule in the 21st Century is that you should NEVER take a credit card into a gun store or buy anything firearm-related with plastic. Always pay with cash, never with plastic of any kind that leaves a paper trail.
3. Buy more ammo in the calibers of the firearms you own. You can never have too much.
4. Then buy a wide variety of popular handgun, shotgun and rifle ammunition. For handguns, buy .22 long rifle, 9 mm and .45 caliber rounds. For shotguns, buy 12 gauge buckshot, slugs and birdshot loads. For rifles, buy .22 LR, .223, 30.06, .308 and 7.62 x 39 mm cartridges. These are the most popular cartridges, but you really cannot go wrong buying lots of other cartridge sizes.
5. Store it safely at home or another location of your choice. Think about storing at multiple locations. Even think about caching some or burying some in watertight containers. Just don’t forget where you buried it.
6. Ammunition has a very long shelf life, so spoilage is not a critical consideration. Just keep it dry and out of the sun and it should last for years.

Someday, when we’ve reached TEOTWAWKI, and some states have seceded, there will be a period of time in between the USA and the viability of the new seceded nation. You are going to need spendable money and other items of value that can be traded and bartered for goods and services. Ammunition will always be a highly valued commodity, and will likely save your ass in more ways than just leaving the business end of a gun barrel quickly. It could be used to feed your family and help y’all survive until civilization returns.

Secession is the hope for humanity. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

3 Responses to Thwarting Tyranny With Bullets

  1. Shotgun ammo is on sale at the end of dove season, but nothing else is, much, unless a big firm is closing something out. Cheaper than Dirt is excellent if you can visit one in person. How much ammo is enough? I don’t know. I haven’t bought it yet. California DOES require ID to buy ammo now. Boxed ammo should be turned over at least once a year. I won’t say “never mind saving your a**” because that is all important, but always save your brass, too. Even if you don’t reload, others do. Besides, serious shots always police up their brass, even .22. A long-held Statist dream that may surface during the Lame Duck congress is mandatory reformulation of gunpowder so that it DOES have a shelf life. Yes, that can be done.

    Bear in mind that bigger calibers, such as .45 and 7.62, are very pricy. If you don’t have guns in that caliber I’d stick to .22 for trade. Beats me what happened to double-ought buck; it has been almost impossible to find for nearly two years.

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