Secession And A Place Called Snake Hill

by Marilyn Barnewall

A lot of people in America talk about secession, but few who talk the talk understand the complexities of walking the walk. It’s always good to find another who has led the way.

Secession and sovereignty are very serious steps. What needs to be done – and how – is clearly defined for those who want to do more than just bluster about it. No nation can live comfortably in isolation. Yet, without proper plans, citizens will be forced to live uncomfortably if their state declares Sovereignty. Isolation predicts failure – and chaos.

To those who think all it takes to secede is a decision and a signed piece of paper, you are wrong and you do yourself and your nation no good by over-simplifying the complex.

Before writing me emails about my using the words “live comfortably,” let me quickly say it is not used to connote sitting around, listening to cha-cha music while eating bon-bons. For purposes of this article, I define “comfortably” as a society that provides access to modern medical treatment, healthy food, interstate/international commerce, currency/financial organization, residential availability, and the Rule of Law – a stable society.

Anyone who supports the right to declare sovereignty and secede needs to understand if such a step is taken without proper preparation, failure is likely. One of the first questions to be answered is: What benefits does your state currently receive from the federal government? How will you replace those programs? Surely, you don’t expect a nation from which you secede to continue giving you access to its currency, its banking system, its medical technology, or the hundreds of other things available to Member States.

Has your state planned to take control of banking, currency, and credit? All are needed to achieve sovereignty. There are hundreds of things you will need: car license plates, driving licenses, mail delivery, medical care for the elderly, passports, highways and streets, schools, and the list goes on. Sovereignty is possible but requires preparation.

Perhaps secession hopefuls can learn from a small, faraway place, the Principality of Snake Hill. It is an independent Principality – yet is located on the Continent of Australia, about 45 miles from Sydney. It successfully seceded from the Commonwealth of Australia. A lighthouse showing the way in the dark is always good. In this case, the beam of light comes from the Mudgee Guardian, an Australian newspaper.

Reporter Darren Snyder wrote an interesting piece about Snake Hill last February 3rd. Snyder’s column, titled “A nation in our midst,” says: “Somewhere within the Mudgee region lies another nation with its own flag, coat of arms, parliament, passports, casino and shopping centre.“

Mudgee is neighbor to Snake Hill.

“The Principality of Snake Hill was founded in September 2003 after some then Australian residents decided to secede from the nation on the basis of an ill-fated land and income suit which was going to take away their every last dollar.

“According to Crown Princess Paula, daughter of Head of State Prince Paul and his wife Princess Helena, the nation achieves quite a bit for its size,” Snyder says.

In the article, Princess Paula describes how Snake Hill served as negotiator between two major countries for an oil treaty, explains how Snake Hill conducts trade and is looking to expand, is investigating the exportation of wine, has had dealings with the United Nations and World Trade Organization, and the Principality’s submission of applications to the International Olympic Committee for its soccer team. Her descriptions are purposeful. The Princess is letting people know that Snake Hill is doing the things a nation must do if it wants to be considered Sovereign.

“The Principality has certainly not sold themselves short in their Cabinet, with their United States Ambassador and Trade Commissioner being Lee E. Wanta – a man credited with helping bring down the old Soviet Union in 1990.” So says the Mudgee Guardian.

According to the article (which can be found HERE, the Principality of Snake Hill is “Approximately 900 metres above sea level and 1.6 square kilometers in size, the principality has almost 200 citizens who are formally engaged from around Australia and the world, including a consulate in a suburb of Sydney.”

Snake Hill declared itself Sovereign and became a Principality, notified the proper authorities of its Sovereignty, and complied with all international laws of sovereignty.

Following is an explanation of why Snake Hill felt compelled to secede. This information was sent to every politician and legislator throughout the Commonwealth of Australia, from Victoria to Tasmania, after sovereignty was declared. What happened to Prince Paul’s family in 2003 is happening to Americans in 2010.


“Our family was sued without reason when we were AHEAD with our mortgage and our lender stated we were behind, but also admitted that we were ahead. They even filed an Affidavit admitting we were AHEAD.

“The NSW Supreme Court ignored all of the evidence in that case, and gave two of our properties to the fraudsters.

“As they had gotten two of our properties so easily, they then threatened to steal all of our properties.

“We had already seen that we had NO rights whatsoever under Australian or New South Wales law, and had not received any protection from the NSW Supreme Court, or any government department or agency, and had met so many other victims of property theft through/by Australian Courts so we turned to International Law.

“We sent our declaration of independence to the Governor-General on the 2nd September 2003, who replied on 4th September 2003. We sent copies of those letters, copies of documents from our fraudulent court case with an accompanying letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. Her reply was dated 28th November 2003.

“As a matter of courtesy, we also sent copies of our declaration of independence to the Australian Prime Minister, NSW Governor and NSW Premier on 2nd September 2003.

“NO attempt was made to refute our unilateral secession, as of right.

“Our declaration of independence stated that our nation consists of three parts, which were the three remaining properties they threatened to steal. They were known as 11 Melaleuca Close, Castle Hill, 149 – 153 Aaron`s Pass Road, Mudgee and 372 Wiseman`s Ferry Road, Gunderman.

“This was mentioned in Court soon after our secession.

“We notified the Secretary-General of the United Nations of the formation of our new independent sovereign nation. His reply was dated 17th August 2004.

“Since then our country has had substantial cordial ministerial correspondence with Australian and foreign government ministers, as well as with Royals and Non-Governmental Organisations, as per the Estrada Doctrine.

“Our nation has territory, population, government and has established communication and trade with other nations, as per the Montevideo Convention.

“Many of our prominent citizens are also property theft victims who were defrauded of property by judgments made against the evidence and against the law in Australian Courts. Our combined thefts amount to tens of millions of dollars, if not more. These illegal acts by Australian authorities forced us to form our National Liberation Movement and to secede.

“We were never compensated for the theft of our properties, or the theft of our rental income, or for the other costs incurred by the illegal litigation. None of our fellow Snake Hillians have been compensated for their thefts either, which is clearly against international law and is especially contrary to the report to the United Nations prepared by Professor van Boven.

“Australian Courts should not entertain any claims against any of us, or against our territory as per the Foreign States Immunities Act 1985 and International Law.

“(Please note, further attacks are NOT the same as compensation or restitution.)

“Our nation is well known in diplomatic, legal, academic and governmental circles, internationally.

“Like any other independent sovereign nation, we have our own Constitution, legal system, laws, central bank, currency, vehicle registration plates, drivers licences, passports, diplomats, sporting teams, anthem, flag, coat of arms, postage stamps, post office, etc etc

“Members of the General Assembly of the United Nations are aware of all of these facts.

“We are currently enjoying our seventh year of independence.

“Our status has been advertised through signs on each portion of our territory, with our main website which was established 7th September 2003, as well as through several newspaper advertisements, magazine articles, books, radio, and television programs. We feature in a documentary which is currently being made for the world market, and the preliminary filming has been finalised.

“In case you doubt or are unaware of the facts of the illegal litigation that led to our secession, you can find the relevant documents on one of our websites which is linked to our main site.

“Please see attached list of correspondence verified by Justice of the Peace.

“Yours sincerely

“The Principality of Snake Hill

“(Country Codes: QS, QSH and 923)



How much do American supporters of state sovereignty know about the Estrada Doctrine, the Montevideo Convention, or the Foreign States Immunities Act 1985 and International Law? Have they read the Report to the United Nations prepared by Professor van Boven?

All worthwhile things require preparation. It’s hard to get to a destination without a map. This is not a good time to get lost.

The Convention states there must be a permanent population, a defined territory, government and capacity to enter into relations with other states.

“We have pretty much read every International Law textbook ever published,” Princess Paula said.

The Princess also added the choices her family had at the end of the property and income suit.

“The suit case ended with us having two choices, becoming destitute and appealing to the same system we were dudded by or seceding from Australia and keeping what we had,” she said.

The Princess said the principality did not paying Mid-Western Regional Council rates and said when she had contacted the Council there had been confusion because it was the first time they had dealt with a seceded principality.

At time of printing, the Council had not returned the Mudgee Guardian’s calls.

For further information, check the Principality of Snake Hill website: Snake Hill Website

Marilyn Barnewall is a career banker who received her graduate degree in Banking from the University of Colorado Graduate School of Business in 1978. She has authored seven non-fiction books about banking. She has been quoted in Time, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and other national publications.

Copyright 2010 Liberty Defense League

4 Responses to Secession And A Place Called Snake Hill

  1. […] article by Marilyn Barnewall on A lot of people in America talk about secession, but few who talk the talk understand the […]

  2. I am totally enchanted by the tale of self-styled Crown Princess Paula, and wish her well.

    Marilyn, dear, wherein you err is in supposing that I want ANYTHING the Statists have to offer, including fiat currency, “welfare,” socialized medicine, “green” politics, roads, licenses, water districts, the FDA, “free” schools, or disastrous foreign policy.

    If I work out how to emulate Paula, I won’t really care if I am denied trade relations, although I would prefer to trade freely across my borders, the only way they would be open other than to a doctor, a dentist, a veterinarian, and settlers who share my principles. My currency would be silver and commodities we produce, and if we had to go back to candle light and plowing with horses we would even if the registered thoroughbreds and quarterhorses felt this beneath their dignity.

    Sovereignty isn’t about what we want “free” or “at the expense of others,” it is about making our own decisions and not being raped repeatedly for the benefit of non-achievers. It is about not being threatened by those who can shoot us with impunity,about having the simple God-given right to defend ourselves from predators of all sorts. Some of us are willing to accept that dying is the price of living free, although we would much prefer that all parties be reasonable.

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