Israel and Secession

Does the Nation of Israel Have a Right To Exist?

The nation of Israel seems to be in the news on a nearly daily basis. And if Israel itself is not garnering headlines, supporters of Israel take up the slack.

By writing this article, I am not taking any position on Israel’s actions. I am not taking a position on Israel’s politics. No position from me on Israel’s interaction with its neighbors. What I want to get you to consider is whether Israel…or ANY nation has the right to exist as a sovereign nation.

The biggest reason Israel exists today is religion. Israel is convinced that God likes them best, and that they are his Chosen People. Israel is convinced that God gave them the Promised Land as a permanent gift. Christendom believes in the Old Testament and in the Number One Jew of the New Testament…Jeshua ben Joseph…better known by his Greek name, Jesus. Consequently, Western Civilization is solidly committed to taking care of the Chosen People. They believe the Scriptural promise, allegedly spoken by God to Abram, “I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you” (Genesis 12:3). What that means is that the Western nations and all of Christendom are being nice to Israel so God will be nice to them. Somewhat a sucker’s bet, isn’t it?

The modern State of Israel had its beginnings in the Treaty of Versailles after WWI. The Ottoman Turks were on the losing side, and the Ottoman Empire was parceled out to create The British Mandate of Palestine (held for years to create a Jewish homeland) and Trans-Jordan. Then in 1948, the modern State of Israel was declared in the Mandate territory. Jews from all over the world have been relocating to Israel ever since.

A close friend recently asked me this question: Do Jews have a right to live? Of course they do, but not necessarily at the east end of the Mediterranean. Millions of Jews live everywhere else but Israel. But then we could go down a rabbit trail about the lost tribes of Israel, and where they are. Isn’t Israel THEIR “Promised Land,” also? Then the rabbit trail would go even more askew when we might consider that most of the “Jews” in Israel today are not Semites, but actually are Turkish Khazars who adopted Judaism after the 6th Century BC when Nebuchadnezzar conquered Israel and carried the Israelites north.

The huge question is: Does Israel…or any country…have a RIGHT to exist? Do rights have anything to do with any nation’s existence? If they do, where would those rights be found? If nations are sovereign entities, is there a higher power that bestows rights upon groups of people that form nations? What if you don’t buy the story of Jahweh handing Abram the deed to the Land of Israel?

As Wikipedia says, “The connection between rights and struggle cannot be overstated. Rights are not as much granted or endowed as they are fought for and claimed, and the essence of struggles past and ancient are encoded in the spirit of current concepts of rights and their modern formulations.”

I assert that no nation has a right to exist, but nationhood should be the choice of the people in the geographic area where any nation exists. That’s the whole foundational credo of secession and independence of any people…survival of the fittest.

The post-1948 history of Israel chronicles how badly Washington DC has f**ked up the Middle East. Washington, in its typical schizophrenia, seems to support Israel with gobs of money while it also lends support to Israel’s most avowed enemies. You know the ones…the nations who DON’T buy the God/Abram story of Jewish manifest destiny. DC plays Arabs and Persians and Jews against each other all the time. That’s why our tools of war are found on both sides. That is also why we watch as the Israeli government plays America like rich rubes just come to the carnival. Israel isn’t forcing us to pay them. The money is a DC bribe to influence Israel to do as Washington wishes. Then, Israel bribes Washington politicians with the money WE GAVE THEM to do as Israel wishes. And nobody trusts anybody. But who would be insane enough to trust Washington?

DC introduced nuclear weapons into the region by supplying Israel with nukes. Now, DC wants to deny atomic technology of any kind to Arab (Muslim) and Persian nations. Even if Washington wanted to re-balance power in the region, they can’t just ask Israel to send the nukes back for a cheerful full refund, including shipping. Things will play out in the Middle East, likely with a high death toll on both sides of any conflict.

I’ve heard people say that we should root for the underdog, and then tell me that Israel is that underdog. Rooting for the underdog is OK if the barrel of your gun is not in my ribs, requiring me to pay for it. George Washington said “trade with all, treaties with none”…or something close to that.

I’m looking at the Middle East…and most everything else…through the secession-colored glasses I always wear. So I say this: every group of people with enough political, economic and military might should have the right to exist as a nation. But that “right” should not exist if someone else is paying for it. When nationhood is paid for by someone other than the people forming the new nation, it’s the equivalent of government price supports or wage controls…which distort the market and make it impossible to determine how much freedom really costs. It is the struggle and victory that makes freedom and nationhood a human right.

So, if Israel (formed by Great Britain for the Jews), and Estonia and Kazakhstan (seceded from the USSR), and the Marshall Islands (got its sovereignty from DC in 1986) can all be sovereign nations…why can’t Texas…or Vermont…or Hawai’i?

Washington is going to continue thrashing about this world like a dying Balrog, and will try to take everybody with it into the abyss…right up to the point that it becomes Zimbabwe, and Washington melts down. Things got horrible in Zimbabwe, and they’re just a little country. The world economies are going to suffer when Washington melts down because the world uses the dollar as reserve currency.

Eventually, the American economic house of cards will fall. Somewhere on the planet, some nation who holds too many worthless US Treasuries is going to miscalculate its selloff, and the worldwide bond market will melt down. The dollar’s remaining value will evaporate. The BRIC nations will declare a new world reserve currency or invent one of their own. Oil bourses will stop accepting the Dollar altogether.

And then it’s going to get ugly.

It’s only a matter of time until Israel is forced to go it alone. Throughout history, nations have come and gone. Entire populations have migrated to other environs or been exterminated. Just because it’s 2010 doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. If Stalin was successful slaughtering over 20 million in his own nation…and that was only 60 years ago…why couldn’t something like that happen again? The Arab nations may very well drive Israel into the sea once Washington is no longer there as Israel’s club in the closet.

Don’t you wonder how many years Israel would have survived as a sovereign nation if Washington had not been showering Tel Aviv with money for the last fifty-plus years? Just look around the world at all the governments, dictators and despots that have come and gone, depending upon whether or not that government was either in the favor of…or out of favor of Washington. Here’s a short list of governments overthrown by Washington in the last 100 years:

Hawaii, Cuba, the Philippines, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Chile, Haiti, Iran, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq…and now perhaps Pakistan.

Nothing that Washington has done in the last 150 years has been right, or sensible, or even decent. That’s why I cannot envision any scenario in which Washington can do anything but continue f**king things up. What I am saying is that it is too late to fix the Middle East situation. A FUBAR situation for sure.*

Don’t focus on the trees, focus on the forest. Take the long view of history and consider the logical outcomes of what Washington DC hath wrought. The determining factor will be just how soon DC will implode. Now that DC has caused chaos worldwide, we can only wait for the inevitable outcome. The end of Washington DC will be the birth of secession.

Secession is the hope for humanity. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

*F–ked Up Beyond All Repair.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.


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  3. Randall Kerley says:

    Great article Russell you pretty much hammered all the corners down!!!

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