Gold and Silver Correction Happening NOW

It’s always a pleasure to feature the work of the National Inflation Association…I mean a pleasure to feature such high quality analysis. The message of their work is scary and dire. But they are spot on every time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you should be converting every spare dollar you have into gold and silver right now. This is not in any way an investment recommendation. It is a recommendation to convert US Dollars into a “wealth preservation” or “store of value” modality. My recommendation is to build up your inventory of silver. Buy it any way you possibly can. Sell off stuff you don’t need. Have a yard sale. Convert all your “junk” to cash and buy silver. I also recommend that when you are making your purchases, you make cash purchases with no paper trail. For example, if you are buying silver online, there is a record with the merchant of your name, address and what you bought. Governments like this, and will use that info if there is ever a confiscation of gold and silver.

Here is the latest video presentation from NIA. Watch it more than once.

One Response to Gold and Silver Correction Happening NOW

  1. A favorite site of mine, and note that NIA never tries to sell us newsletters or asks for donations. Current news is they’re getting ready to bring up the GRA.

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