The Tipping Point for Secession

Michael Edwards wrote a short piece this week at The Activist Post entitled “Tyranny’s Last Stand: The Tipping Point Is Here.” His piece is about the tyranny of the overlords and petty bureaucrats. He says the ultimate sign of a true tipping point is when critical mass has been reached.

Edwards’ piece sounds good…but it is rah-rah and not a reality-based statement of fact.

But this piece today is about the tipping point for secession. Specifically, we’ll look at my predictions on what will trigger secession in America.

97% of Americans (my opinion alone) have already proven that they will accept any tax…any new law or regulation…any Supreme Court decision…any new bureaucracy without revolt. They will accept Martial Law when it is declared. They will accept armed troops, Humvees, tanks and armed personnel carriers on American streets. They will accept helicopter gunships and fighter jets flying overhead, and Predator drones dropping bombs on suspected “terrorist” enclaves (their neighbor’s house) when Washington thinks that some citizens might fight back. They will accept random searches at checkpoints throughout their neighborhoods. They will accept weapons confiscations. They will accept retirement accounts being nationalized and confiscated by DC with the weak promise of a government retirement check as replacement for their life savings. So I completely disagree with Edwards. There is no level of tyranny that the comatose American people consider so tyrannical that Americans will fight back.

If you doubt this statement, simply look at your life this very day. You have accepted tyranny meekly and mildly. We all have. The notable exceptions are those Americans who are expatriating to other countries in ever-increasing numbers. They are moving their bodies, their families and their assets outside of the borders of the USA against that unavoidable day when the tipping point occurs.

But there also exists that blessed Three Percent.

So, what will be the tipping point that will be the sucker punch delivered to America that will force secession in a few places here in America?

Economic collapse.

If you’ll just notice what’s going on around you, you’ll see that economic collapse is the scenario that is most highly expected. Folks, even the Federal Government expects it. If you go to you will find that even Washington’s creepiest bureaucracy recommends that you prepare for looming disasters. They recommend preparing a “bugout bag”, as well as storing food and water for short term situations. But there are vast expanses of the United States that do not get floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and tornadoes. So what kinds of emergency preparedness would require such detailed disaster planning other than economic collapse?

Here is the way I see economic collapse unfolding. The following is an excerpt from a previous posting of mine:

There are hundreds…perhaps thousands of holders of US Treasury securities. To maintain the semblance of investor confidence, every boldholder would have to sell his holdings with perfect timing. But selling presumes that there is a willing buyer at some price, and that has yet to be proven. Any one of them that makes a mistake could cause the crash of the worldwide bond market, and inevitably the crash of the entire world financial system. So, do you really believe that no one will make the mistake that crashes the system? Remember, much of investor confidence is based upon PERCEPTION, not reality.

Combine this world bond pressure with the desire of most nations to supplant the American Dollar as the world reserve currency with some kind of new reserve. Iran has already created an oil bourse that does not use the dollar as reserve. And nations that use the dollar are keenly aware of the dollar’s continuous shrinkage of value. That is why they don’t want to get caught holding US Treasuries, since the chances are overwhelming that the bonds will soon be worthless. Think about it this way. If you had held Zimbabwe bonds, and their central bank added three or four zeros to all currency…they could repay the bonds with nearly worthless paper currency. You would be legally screwed. Washington will likely do the same thing to bondholders.

The other way the system could crash is a cyber attack of some sort. If this attack was the Internet equivalent of the 9-11 event (notice I did not call this an “attack,” since it was an inside job), the financial system could shut down.

Once somebody makes the mistake that crashes the system, the banks and credit companies would cease to function, or at least, their operations would be curtailed for an indefinite time. The term for this event used to be a “bank holiday.” Few will see the fun in that holiday.

If you watch the news each week, you’ll notice that lots of banks have already closed in America. And the bank examiners and regulators ALWAYS seem to close the banks on Friday. That gives them the weekend to scurry around and fix things if possible.

So, let’s explore the string of events that will likely occur on the day the American financial system fails.

It’s a Friday. You go to work in a normal fashion. At lunchtime, you swipe your credit card at the restaurant and the transaction is rejected. The cashier says that all the credit and debit card transactions are being rejected, and there must be something wrong with the satellite feed. Luckily, you have cash, and you pay your bill. By the time you are leaving, the manager announces to the whole restaurant that they are not accepting any more new customers until their credit card system comes back online. All customers will have to pay cash.

You go back to work. When you get there, you punch up CNN on your computer and find that the problem is not just that restaurant’s uplink. News reports state that the worldwide bond market crashed during the morning, sending the rest of the financial markets into a freefall. The New York Stock Exchange called a halt to trading and closed at 11:30 am. Credit transactions all over the US are not working. Businesses are closing early, or only accepting cash transactions. You and your co-workers leave work early to go to your banks to make a withdrawal of cash to tide you over the weekend. But hundreds of thousands of other people have run to their banks to get cash, too. And because the banks are only required by law to keep about 15% of their assets on hand in cash, they quickly run out of money. Many banks have closed their doors for the day. When you arrive at your branch bank, it’s already closed. The sign on the door says the branch will be open again Monday morning. The ATMs do not function…anywhere.

You look in your wallet and there is six dollars there. Payday was today and now you cannot cash your paycheck. You were going to fill your tank on the way home, but now you can’t. You wonder how you’ll get to work Monday with no gas.

On your way home you drive past gas station after gas station. Many have already closed. Many have erected hastily-scrawled signs that say “CASH ONLY, NO CHECKS.” The lines of cars are blocks long and gas prices have already tripled.

When you get home, your spouse has had much the same experience. She went to the market on the way home from her job and the market manager had also posted “CASH ONLY” signs on the front door. People were buying up everything they could afford. The milk and bread shelves were already bare. Thankfully, your wife’s car has a full tank of gas.

You look in the pantry. A quick look tells you that the family will be able to get through the weekend just fine, although the meals might be a little weird. But by Tuesday, you’ll be running out of essentials.

Throughout the weekend, regularly scheduled news shows become 24/7 special reports about the banking and credit interruptions nationwide. Videotape from all over America shows the closed banks, shops and gas stations. 18-wheelers are parked and shut down all over the roads and in truck stops since the truckers can’t fill their fuel tanks using credit. And, some of their loads of refrigerated or frozen goods will spoil if the reefer unit runs out of fuel.

The Saturday news shows report that the Federal Reserve has been taken over by the World Bank. The President has signed an Executive Order authorizing the takeover. But since taking over the failed Federal Reserve, they have now replaced all dollar-denominated money with a new world currency just invented called the “Bric”. This new currency is supported by Brazil, Russia, India and China…the BRIC nations plus Germany. The World Bank also devalued the dollar’s convertibility by a factor of 4. That means when you convert your dollars to Brics, you will only receive 25% of the face value of your dollars. So, your $100 bill will only convert to 25 Brics. The President proclaims a limited window of 60 days in which citizens will be allowed to convert all dollar currency into Brics. Than after that, ALL Federal Reserve notes will be entirely worthless. The President states that this is the only solution to prevent chaos. The President also knows that the hundreds of billions in Federal Reserve notes around the world will have to be turned in, which will include all the illegal and black market money stashed the world over.

Sunday afternoon your boss calls. Your suppliers cannot get product to your business since the truckers cannot move cargo. He tells you to just not come in Monday but to call him for instructions about Tuesday.

Monday brings no good news. More and more people, desperate for cash and panicked by the news broadcasts, have crowded in a riotous mood at banks all over America, but they’re turned away. News film shows inner city markets, gas stations and businesses that have been looted over the weekend. And the looting will now begin to spread out into the suburbs. Small bands of armed looters openly storm into businesses and take what they want. News stories show business owners sitting outside their front doors with rifles or shotguns in their arms. Crime mushrooms in only a 72-hour period. The police are completely overwhelmed.

Over the weekend, you and your family have combed the house for spare change. Between your change jar, coins in the couch and in drawers, you’ve come up with about twenty dollars. All the rest of your money is in your uncashed paycheck and in your bank account…unavailable. You have a no gold or silver coins. You have a couple ounces of gold jewelry that could be sold for cash. But what kind of cash? Should you hold onto the jewelry or sell it? Perhaps you should trade it for gold or silver coins.

On Sunday evening all TV and radio networks simulcast a Presidential address. In a terse statement, the President declares martial law in effect immediately. From now on, you will see troops on the streets, and all police officers will be dressed in SWAT team military gear, carrying AR-15 rifles.

On Monday, you call your boss and ask if he can take back your paycheck and pay you in cash. He cannot, since the business account is frozen just like everyone else’s accounts. He also tells you not to come in at all until the credit and banks work again. By the way, you’re not getting paid for your time off.

On Tuesday, you go to your local supermarket. When you arrive, you find armed guards at the entrances who search you for weapons before you enter. Upon entry, you find that many of the shelves are empty. You’re able to buy some canned goods, but that’s about it…and you only had $26 bucks anyway. Prices went up by 1000% over the weekend. A $1.00 can of pork and beans is now $10.

By Thursday, The World Bank has replaced Brics for dollars for some banks’ cash reserves. You notice that Bric currency is already available, so logic tells you that plans for this new currency have been underway for some time. But with the new currency, it will be weeks until the World Bank will be able to get new Bric currency out to smaller banks. So, the World Bank institutes the Bric Debit Card. You convert all your cash to Brics, trade dollars in at 4 for 1, and they load your new Bric Card with Brics. No change, no coins, no paper money.

Some banks have re-opened for only a couple hours per day, and have restricted service to drive-up service only. Most people park their cars to save fuel and line up on foot to use the drive-up service. The employees that do show up for work are locked safely inside the branch away from the angry mobs. Women, who comprise most of the branch bank work force, are too scared of mob violence at the bank. Some refuse to work and some simply quit.

But many banks cannot reopen again, since the larger financial fallout has made them bankrupt.

By Friday, news programs show story upon story of armed thugs breaking into homes, looking for food, cash, valuables…and guns. Other stories feature homeowners who fought off robbers and looters with their own weapons, and showed film of the thugs lying dead on the front lawn. Cops are nowhere to be found, responding to calls more serious than simple robberies.

Only one week has passed in America, and things are only going to get worse. How are you going to feed your family? How are you going to keep the utilities on if you cannot work, earn money, get paid in cash and pay the utility companies? How will you pay if you need medication at your pharmacy, or need medical treatment? How are you going to keep your cell phone working? How are you going to feed your pets?

All of your neighbors are in the same mess you’re in. But now, you’re meeting together to see about ways to band together for safety, protection, and sustenance.

Now, you will see prices of all goods and services skyrocket. Inflation of 200%…300%…1000% are common. Soon, those annual rates of inflation might become weekly rates.

A black market of goods and services springs up quickly. But the Federal Reserve or World Bank Bric currency is not accepted in this black market. Only gold and silver coins are accepted as money. For those who possess gold and silver coins, most goods that are unavailable to paper money users are readily available.

What’s happening to the poor…the sick…the elderly? Actually, the elderly may do better than you do, since the elderly are known for keeping more cash at home than most families. But this reputation will also make them prime targets of criminals who will rob them of their cash and valuables. However, even those with US dollars stuffed under the mattress deal with the devaluation and refusal of many merchants to accept dollars. For those who cannot fend for themselves, hunger and death are a very real possibility.

And folks, we are less than two weeks into the economic crash.

If the economic crash lasted a month, or two or three months, America would see a complete breakdown of society, with massive death tolls due to starvation and crime. There are going to be millions of men and women whose jobs will simply vanish, never to return. Millions of businesses will close, as consumers deem them to be unimportant to survival. What will these people do to earn an income? What skills do they have?

Now Is When States Will Secede

Eventually, states are going to have to decide if they are going to allow themselves to be run by Washington and the World Bank, or if they believe they can do better. One of the only ways to lessen the cultural chaos that has been portrayed here is for an American state to secede from the Union and establish a gold/silver monetary system. Even secession after the economic collapse will not protect anyone from the short-term fallout of being unprepared to survive a disaster. But secession with a gold/silver monetary system is the ONLY possible method of cutting short the disastrous effects of the inevitable economic collapse. No one believes that Washington will ever again accept Constitutional restrictions and a gold standard for money. So, absent any help from DC, state secession is the only possible solution for governance and the only way out of economic collapse.

In my opinion, secession will only become a viable solution for governance when the American financial system melts down and collapses. Acceptance of secession as a viable solution will not be triggered by:

• Political courage
• Desire to avoid a disaster
• Desire for liberty
• Desire to throw off tyranny
• Love of one’s fellow man
• Christian beliefs
• Education

But it is the collapse of the dollar that will precipitate everything else. As I say repeatedly, missing meals tends to focus the mind.

In conclusion, let me say that I am not trying to convert the sycophants of tyrants into liberty lovers, although that might happen in isolated incidents. I am writing to give crucial information to any citizen who is disturbed about America, and to encourage rebellion and sedition by the rest of the Americans who already know they are DC slaves. Secessionists do not wish harm to befall our masters. We do not foment the overthrow of the USA. We simply want to separate from them to be free.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.


2 Responses to The Tipping Point for Secession

  1. Very nice. Those were the conclusions I reached over 5 years ago. It is conceivable that we will eke out with nothing worse than the Greater Depression, but not likely because of too many who already have violent propensities and deliberate government actions. The real question is whether TEOTWAWKI is more likely than dictatorship.

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