Glenn Beck’s DC Rally and Secession

September 6, 2010

In the sales world there is a truism: “You’ve got to prove there is a problem before you offer your solution.”

In the world of the preacher there is a slogan: “You’ve got to get ‘em lost before you show ‘em how to get saved.”

Glenn Beck has never heard these truisms. Otherwise, he would not have said and done the things he did at his Washington rally. Beck is great at identifying problems, knows the truest solutions, but dares not speak of them.

I’ve written about Beck in the past. I even wrote him an open letter HERE. And I must say, Glenn Beck is all about consistency. But the consistency of his message is the consistency of smoke, not rock solid truth.

I’m not saying Beck is lying about anything. The title “Restoring Honor” for the rally was sufficiently vague that everyone can make up their own definition of what that means. But let me make a couple of comparisons from your daily life to illustrate my point.

• Your church’s minister delivers a sermon that brings you to a place of heavy guilt and outright contrition. You feel your heart is going to burst. Suddenly, he says “Peace be with you,” and the sermon’s over.
• You watch a motion picture, perfectly constructed with a stimulating plot, intrigue, car chases, suspense, a climax and a music track that brings you to the edge of your seat. Suddenly, the DVD ends and says go to the next DVD. But you look in the box, and there’s no second DVD there.
• You and your lover begin the throes of passion. And right before the logical conclusion of your heavy breathing occurs, she says “Not tonight.” The pain that most men will experience after such a disappointment is commonly called “blue ball.” A male will feel like he was kicked in the crotch.

What is common to each of these examples? Commitment with no answers…excitement with no resolution…passion with no release.

That perfectly sums up Beck’s radio show, his TV show and his DC rally. Huge buildup…no resolution. Beck does a masterful job carefully outlining all the outrageous tyranny happening across the fruited plain, and billowing out of Mordor on the Potomac, Washington DC. But problems are all you’ll get from him.

Glenn Beck’s rally could have been a watershed event for liberty. But it probably did more to damage the cause of liberty in America than any rally heretofore. Beck got the crowd, and all Americans who watched the rally remotely, to acknowledge all the problems. But Beck offers no solutions. So, once the attendees and viewers have heard the Libera Me, Domine movement of Becks 8-28 Requiem, they are left with hand-wringing desperation but no direction…other than to pray more.

A case of national “blue ball,” courtesy of Glenn Beck.

The solutions will not be found on the radio and TV programs of any talk show hosts except Mike Church and Andrew Napolitano. The solutions will not be found in Tea Parties. The solutions will not be found in party politics. The solutions will not be found at the Tenth Amendment Center. The solutions will not be found in Article V rallies, which promote a Constitutional Convention. The solutions will not be found in Tom Woods’ book Nullification. Nullification is for Sissies.

The only solution to restore honor in America is state secession.

Glenn Beck is an establishment shill. You know this from the mere fact that he has a 60-minute Monday-through-Friday 5:00 show on FoxNews. He is a cheerleader for Abraham Lincoln, the father of American tyranny. He is an unapologetic enthusiast for the US military and all they do, both at home and abroad. And Glenn Beck is a neoconservative, trying to convince viewers and listeners that he is the watchman on the wall. And as long as this is the limit of his message, he and FoxNews will get along fine.

Beck, and the entire Conservative and Tea Party movement, still rely on the societal memory of the definition of the word “conservative” for political cover. In daily parlance, it means “disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change:” also, “cautiously moderate.” Americans like to think of themselves as those who live cautiously moderate lives, and people with a wish to restore traditional institutions.

Tea Party conservatives are nothing of the sort. Today’s Conservatives are big government devotees whose only desire is to accrete political power and control the Federal checkbook. Beck and his ilk want you to perceive them as leaders who wish to return to traditional values. As I always say…actions speak louder than words.

When your rally’s keynote speaker is neocon Sarah Palin, who can take your rally to “Restore American Values” seriously? Palin just got done endorsing John McCain, and helping him win another Senate term. That act does nothing to advance individual liberty and property rights. But it does protect the status quo.

Do not ever expect to hear Glenn Beck espouse secessionist principles from his own lips. In my opinion, Judge Andrew Napolitano’s terrific Freedom Watch show is a FoxNews test show to see what its market is. On the day that Beck produces a show that promotes state secession, I will begin to consider that he MIGHT BE a man who embraces the truest solution to America’s desperate problems. That solution is Secession.

My friend Dennis just had a liver transplant in August. He tells me that he knew he was very sick, but now that he has a new liver, even during the recuperative process he has more energy than he has had in 20 years. But he got sick slowly, and a transplant saved his life. Nothing else would have worked. The diseased organ had to be removed from the body to save his life.

I hope you see a lesson there.

Most of us that beat the drum for secession are shouting into a hurricane, trying to be heard above the sound of the storm. We keep asking America the question…””What’s it going to take to wake you up and beat back tyranny?”

Tyranny is not enough to move most modern Americans to ultimate outrage and positive action. They were born into tyranny and slavery, and their lungs have been filled with it since birth. How do you know the air is polluted if you’ve never breathed pure oxygen? Everyone you know breathes the same air. And how would you develop a desire for pure oxygen if you were not told it exists?

What is it going to take? Complete economic collapse. Sure…Americans should act before the collapse, but 95% of Americans will not. Americans will BEGIN to ask the right questions when the banks close, the ATMs stop working, the grocery shelves are empty and the food riots begin. Missing meals will focus the mind.

Police officers and military personnel know something from crowd control training. Scared crowds are panicky and dangerous. Most folks will not look to their state capitol for aid and comfort. Most will look to DC for orders. They will be glad for the martial law that they are forced to live under. At least it will seem like order.

Readers, you know this in your heart. This is not to say that we should stop sounding the alarm. Quite the contrary. But, just like a kid watching the TV doesn’t hear Mom calling him to dinner until she hollers, Americans won’t hear secessionists until the crisis happens. And even then, most won’t default to liberty. They will default to serfdom, since that is how they already live. Most men do not desire liberty: most only wish for a just master (Sallust).

Just like in the pre-revolution colonies, it will be the slim minority that pushes secession and independence. But it will take hold in a couple of states. The Texas Nationalist Movement is the current leader. Perhaps Vermont.

Keep generating the oxygen of liberty. Some will catch a breath and want more.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.