How Did I Get This Old?

Your humble Editor turned 57 today. Curious thing, this aging. I look at my friends and acquaintances that are my age, and all I see are old people. I still look out at the world with eyes that feel about 25. Is this how you go through life, always feeling inside much younger than the chronological age of your temporary meat house?

I’ll always remember this last year, though, as one of the most important years of my life. Over this past year, I have had a spiritual transformation not unlike a rebirth. I’ve come to a place that my spiritual life is no longer based upon a set of beliefs found in old books, old traditions and “truths” without proof. My understanding of the Creator God is now founded in KNOWING his character and attributes. For me, this new Way has closed the door to one small room and opened the door to a much larger room. I feel like I’ve only just begun knowing God, and I am thrilled that I will have the rest of my life to discover Him and become more and more like Him. All conscious beings have the ability to strive toward higher levels of energy and lower levels of entropy. To be like God is to live in His higher energy.

Over the last seven days, I have the feeling that I am about to experience another deeper level of consciousness and awareness of God’s energy. Haven’t you ever had a sense of anticipation about some thing that you couldn’t really quantify…but you still felt it authentically? That’s where I am.

In the recent past, my outlook about people was that I could get along fine without them. Consequently, I have few friends and thousands of acquaintences. But my spiritual journey is creating within me a desire to know people intimately and help them dream…and then help them achieve their dreams. I’m finding meaning for my life through service to others.

The most important goal I have today is to love authentically. No games, no pretense, no bluff and bluster. I want to be as transparent as possible. I want to listen carefully to what people are telling me, and to ask clarifying questions so that I know that I’m really HEARING them. I want to give people a willing ear and an open heart. Yes, that means that I will be vulnerable sometimes. But walls keep people out while you are locked behind them. I’d rather risk and feel emotions authentically than spend all my time protecting myself and keeping people at arm’s length.

If you want great friendships, you must first BE a great friend. If you want to be loved, you must pour love out on others first. Seek first to understand, rather than to be understood.

In my car, on the inside of the windshield, top left corner, is a Post-It note with these words: “Live in the Solution.” What’s it mean? If you have a problem in your life, it most likely is there because of something YOU did in the past. If you don’t like the way your life is right now, you are responsible because your present life is the sum of all your past decisions. So how do you change your present circumstances? You must identify the solution to your circumstances and your problems. Then stop dwelling on those problems. If you live in the problems, they won’t change. Spend your time “Living in the Solution”…that’s where you’ll find the success you seek.

I’m glad that you dear Readers continue to come to DumpDC for our brand of information. I hope you can sense the love for mankind that I try to infuse into my articles. I sense you have, since some of you have been effusive with your praise. My desire is that more and more people will realize that secession is based in love for all mankind, not simply an optional political choice among those striving for power. The nation that is most successful in protecting individual liberty and property rights for its citizens will be the measuring stick of Loving Governance against which all other forms of governance will be judged.

The Bible says, “For God so loved the World, He GAVE…” Let us love our fellow man by giving ourselves the purest example of Mankind loving itself…Secession.

It’s the only hope for liberty on the North American continent.

Kumbaya, my lord…kumbaya. Let’s all hold hands now…

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

PS: Here is my birthday gift to you…a free book. FoggBook


10 Responses to How Did I Get This Old?

  1. Dear Russell:

    Happy birthday, and the answer is that I have never felt older than 28 except when I catch an unexpected glimpse of myself reflecting in a store front and exclaim, “Oh, what a dreadful old frump. Oh, my, that’s ME!” (See, it even upsets my grammar.)

    In the gentlest possible way, very special people seldom have more than a few friends, even when we have thousands of acquaintances. One reason is that we use the word “friend” very carefully. Remember a quote from Jane Austen about what constitutes “good company?” The young lady answers what she thinks is good company, and the gentleman replies, “Oh, no, that is the very BEST company.”

    One reason your life has changed is the quality of the authors and readers you are exposed to publishing DumpDC. The Leftist Elite are very partial to describing themselves as “the best and brightest,” but I have found those among my readers and fellow authors–and my dear, dear Charles, of course. In my entire life I never thought I would value, like, and learn from so many others! I have suggested before that you go to and read the articles my friends write and our very lively exchanges. You should see my smile…our private correspondence is even more special to me, but what is there for anyone to read will show you what extraordinary people they are, and I will be very surprised if you do not like them and what we discuss, generally politics and economics. Jump on in, because we always welcome newcomers.

    One thing that is extraordinary is that I chose all of them out of reader responses, sometimes from just two or three sentences. One of them had written for years and been rejected by the only editor he had approached–the incredible Tony De Maio–and one other started being published about the same time I did. I could SEE the talent in them, the goodness, the kindness, the intelligence, and the broad knowledge and I encouraged them until the began writing. One favorite is a grad student who writes as “James the Wanderer,” and I got the most exuberant note after his first piece went up: “They like me! They like what I said!” Yes, dear, we did. We range in age from there up to nearly eighty, but age doesn’t matter when people of intelligence, principles, and knowledge get together. It doesn’t matter whether that erudition is a pack of college degrees supplemented by a lust to learn or all entirely self-acquired.

    As for the feeling that God is moving in your life, sit back, relax, and enjoy it. There is no point in asking to be led by the Spirit if you do not respond to the little nudges you get, whether that is to answer a reader kindly or take a different route home. Miracles still happen, and the Lord puts together the most incredible Rube Goldberg machines to get our paths to cross those of others. Many times we never know why and can only be nice to everyone and do the easy, obvious kindness. Occasionally someone will look as though lightning had struck and demand, “Say that again!”

    My secret dream is to be able to snap my fingers and LIGHT that barbecue grill, confounding the prophets of Baal, but I can feel the Lord saying indulgently, “You just keep being nice to people and easing their burdens for just a moment because you’ve got a talent for it.” And I protest, “But, Lord, that’s so EASY. It’s just…me…being me…” Oh. Right. I see your point. Nobody said it had to be hard.

    You know what’s funny and happy-making, though, Russ? Everywhere Charles and I go, and especially where we return, people’s faces light up. We went to our tiny bank in Kroger’s today, and the manager rushed out beaming and all four clerks started smiling and waving. The same thing in restaurants, book stores, Harbor Freight, and Sam’s. Why? Because we’re always friendly and complimentary and our relationship is so close and loving that it just makes people GLAD to be around us. They don’t see many people who clearly dote on each other and are never upset. I tell them truthfully that the best is yet to come and it took Charles and me over 60 years to become perfect for each other!

    Joyous laughter! How fortunate we didn’t meet until we were 67 and 70!

    Vidal Sassoon: “When you look good, I look good.” Let’s all play good fairies at the birthday party, and that is my gift to all of you, the knowledge that nothing else will make as big a difference in your life as admiring your mate and showing it. Shh, shh, don’t ever complain, either. If your mate isn’t perfect, compliment what you can. People tend to live up to our expectations. Don’t ever say that first angry word to anyone you love. Preferably not to anyone, because that keeps you from solving problems.

    Finally, look around you, and reach out. How many of you reading the great articles Russ writes and publishes take a few minutes to leave a comment? It is lonely when nobody does, and I get lots of inspiration from my readers. We may write for the fun of it–I certainly do–but we’re TALKING to you, too, so say something back occasionally, huh?

    Big Happy Birthday hug,


  2. Happy Birthday Russell, keep starving the monkeys and ending the looterfest!

    Starving The Monkeys and Ending The Looterfest,
    John and Dagny Galt
    Atlas Shrugged, Owners Manual For The Universe!(tm)


  3. C. Session says:

    Happy birthday Russell. You have most definitely made an impact on my life. I wish you success on your spiritual journey. Blessings to you and your wife and your children.

  4. jn says:


    I read what you say often, agree with most of it. Texas is home, and maybe this state can lead matters past the silliness that the Fed has become. And again, maybe not.

    I am pleased that you are finding some personal peace in matters existential and spiritual. That is always a plus.

    However, bad theology is like bad politics . . . still bad.

    Quoting half of John 3:16 as verification of secession, is to abuse Holy Scripture and greatly diminish your point. The verse has nothing to do with a “gift of secession.” It has to do with the eternal salvation of souls—a far more important concern than the temporal affairs of life on earth. Since Jesus went on in the next verse, 3:17, to reinforce his point to Nicodemus (especially after the early verses explaining the work of the Holy Spirit and the efficacy of Baptism), and explain verse 16 in specific terms, then to use verse 16 in any way, shape or form supporting any political position whatsoever on any point in the political spectrum, is to lack an argument (at least on the basis of Scripture).

    Jesus never advocated “secession” . . . He advocated freedom in this world and the next. He eschewed all political systems, since His Kingdom was not of this world. The warnings in Deuteronomy and Revelation about changing the meaning of the Scripture are likewise clear.

    John 3:16 is ευαγγέλιο—The Gospel of Christ. It is in no way a political manifesto. There are plenty of sections and verses of Scripture that deal with this side of eternity, but John 3:16 is not one of them.

    Point of clarification.

    All the best and HB . . . 57 hooked me this year, too.

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear JN-
      Thank you for taking the time to write, and thanks for the kind words.

      If you’ll note, I never mentioned Jesus in this article. I drew attention to the act of giving done by God. And I emphasized that secession…and the liberty for which it stands…is the greatest gift that we humans can give each other. So, please put away your Jesus pistols, and try to refrain from warning me of the doom I must certainly be tempting in your eyes. I did not change the meaning, and I would naturally have to believe the veracity of Deuteronomy and The Revelation to be affected by its words. Bad theology can go both ways.

      Here’s one I wrote back in December ’09. This one will REALLY rot your socks. He is There And He IS Silent

      Live long and prosper.

  5. jb says:


    It’s “jb” . . . I don’t know why the auto did not get it right . . .

    To your counterpoint—I do not have “Jesus” pistols, just a 10 year education in theology, systematics, and Koine Greek. Nor am I in any way warning (you) me of any doom. My point is what Scripture’s point is–none of it (as St. Peter says) is of any “private” interpretation. We all get it wrong from time to time—hence the need for repentance (metanoeo)(change), and understanding matters correctly.

    Point if context—John 3:16 is a quote of Jesus. Whether or not you mentioned him by name, He is the “speaker.”

    “Meaning” can “mean” anything outside context, but John Chapter 3 has nothing to do with politics or this life whatsoever. That is precisely the point Jesus makes to Nicodemus in the 3rd chapter of John. Nicodemus comes with questions regarding this life and this world, using the Old Testament and conditions of the world at that moment in Israel. Jesus upends his thinking altogether, and tells him he has it all wrong. John 3 is about eternity . . . period. To draw any additional/corrallary conclusions is to add to the text (or take away, in the case of politics), hence the references to Deuteronomy and Revelation.

    To amend any verse in that chapter to mean something less (political or whatever) than what Christ meant regarding eternity and salvation, is to change the meaning of Scripture. Believe me, I am very much in your corner on most matters; however, the Word of the Lord must always be in understood in its (and His) context, and NOT ours.

    As C.S. Lewis often pointed out on several occasions, we simply are not given that option. The Word means what the Lord means it to mean, and never what we mean it to mean.

    Again, ATB, jb

    • dumpdc says:

      OK JB-

      God loved and He gave. Ergo, love is giving. I encouraged others to give. Period. Jesus is not a part of this. This discussion is over. Read the December article I posted if you want to see my theology.

      We must agree to disagree and wish each other well.

      Regards, Russ

  6. John and Dagny Galt says:



    Awesomeness Indeed!

    John and Dagny Galt


  7. John and Dagny Galt says:

    Filed under: More Bizarro-World Religischizms


    John and Dagny Galt


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