Your Secession Reading List

I’m going to keep this quite simple. I could send you off to my Archives, which holds a treasure trove of great stuff. I could send you off to other websites…the ones that regularly link to DumpDC. But you need a bedrock understanding of the most controversial document of our time…The US Constitution.

Look at the vast differences of thought across the continuum of political theory. At the far left are the totalitarians, who don’t even notice a Constitution. On the far right are the anarchists like me. But in America, everyone on the entire spectrum seems to argue about the Constitution.

In my opinion, most of the arguing going on regarding the Constitution is comparable to the old Hans Christian Andersen fable of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” In the story, two swindlers come to town and convince all that they are legendary weavers, and have created the rarest fabric ever made. They created nothing, but tell the tale that the colors and patterns were most beautiful, but the fabric also had the quality of being invisible to all men who were either stupid or unfit for office. The Emporer hears of this and must have garments made of this new fabric. All the Emporer’s “subjects” discuss among themselves how fine the Emperor’s clothes are, none wishing to disclose that they cannot see the patterns and color, which risked being considered stupid or unfit. So, from the Emporer to the beggar, all eyes pretended to see, all lips praised the fabric and the weavers.

All except one child. He said, “But He has nothing on at all.” And even in the face of this statement of truth, all others continued on in their self-deception.

So it is with the US Constitution. Few can see its fatal flaws, and so millions continue arguing over its words, phrases and clauses while refusing to acknowledge that the Constitution is a document of no authority.

Naturally, you should own a copy of the Constitution. If you’d like a free copy of a pocket-sized book that hold the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, The CATO Institute will sell you one for $4.95. It’s very handy in this size.

In my opinion, there are two foundational bedrock books that have been written about the Constitution. These two books are the best books ever written about the Constitution. Both are simple and easy to read.

The first is a book written by Lysander Spooner in 1867 entitled “No Treason.” Once you read this 57-page book, you will never view the US Constitution the same again. This book can be read free at:

The other landmark work on the Constitution is “Hologram of Liberty,” by Kenneth W. Royce. This book goes deep into HOW the Constitution was written and how it empowers a strong central government.

“Hologram Of Liberty”

Once you have read these two books, you will know the TRUTH about the Constitution. Then it will be harder for you to be drawn into the superfluous arguments happening today in the Tea Parties and the Tenth Amendment Center about a return to the “Founder’s intent.” Their arguments are the equivalent to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I hold the impossible dream that if enough people come to this knowledge, there might be enough people smart enough to actually pull off a state secession.

Secession is the hope for humanity. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

10 Responses to Your Secession Reading List

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  2. An interesting question, “Who will the looters loot when looters are all that are left to loot.”

    It isn’t quite that simple, unless you are supposing individuals will be squeezed dry, shot in the back of the head, and their bodies tossed out on the Mojave to dessicate, not that I would rule out some instances of that.

    A better question is “WHAT will the looters loot when fiat money has all the value of Reichsmarks during the Weimar Republic or Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabewe dollars?”

    We have seen recently that houses are not a good store of value, and I anticipate a similar crash in commercial real estate and the bond market which purports to hold the value of fiat money.

    Is wealth a thousand MacMansions, all requiring guarding, maintenance, insurance, and taxes? I really don’t think so. Is wealth a thousand Cadillacs or BMWs which will consume taxes, insurance, and rent-a-cop time to protect? I don’t think so.

    Is real wealth a mountain of gold if nothing is being produced to buy with it? Not for practical purposes, but it would be very nice to have…if you could protect it.

    Here is my definition of the new luxury: sustainable supplies of food and energy that you can protect.

    I didn’t say it was easy, I said it was the coming luxury.
    Like current and past measures of great wealth very few will attain it and fewer still will sustain it.

    The challenge some of us can prepare against is a time of “civil unrest” subsequent to the breakdown of food and energy distribution networks. That means storing food, seed, equipment, and fuel now, and either buying and stocking a bit of land somewhere as far out as possible or forming a consortium with those who already have livestock and tractors.

    If you really want a question to ponder, here’s one: “Who would take me and my family in if we brought our own ample basic food supplies, a motor home to live in, willingness to help with the work, and useful skills?” That is harder than it sounds in a country where over 86% of the population resides in urban or suburban areas. Most people no longer have Gramma who live on a farm in Indiana or Uncle Henry who ranches in Wyoming.

    An excellent old rule is that it takes ten years to become an adequate farmer, and ranching isn’t much easier. I’ve tried training city slickers to do ranch work, and invariably they think their way of doing a task will work just as well as mine, when it won’t. They don’t grasp that if you find a gate closed it is shut for a reason, so don’t leave it open. If you do, we’ll have to hope we can chase the calves down off the road before they are stolen or hit by cars. They don’t see that any harm was done when they needed a hose and took the one off an automatic waterer, leaving stock with nothing to drink and drowning several chickens who fell in, desperate for water. In this day and age that is merely in intolerable way to treat animals under our care, but comes TEOTWAWKI those chickens represent an egg each every 26 hours until they are too old to lay any more, at which time they become chicken and dumplings for dinner. What do you think the big deal about “a chicken in every pot” and a roast on Sunday was about?

    What our consumer society is on the verge of discovering is that there is a finite supply of many things and costs and regulations preclude producing more of others. Greater demand abroad for grains and meat will lead to scarcity and higher prices here. Crime is rising, and most of us are careless about locking our freezers, or trust the garage lock which can be popped in under ten seconds by anyone who knows where to pry with a crow bar. I learned about the freezer the hard way when I lost a side and a hindquarter of prime beef, and the thief left the lid open and what wasn’t taken spoiled. A gang of thieves could go through your nice suburban neighborhood very quickly, cleaning out your supplies of food, valuables, and firearms. Police in Houston caught one recently that had come down from Chicago. Average time in a house? 3:30 minutes.

    Right now we’re attempting to deal with the big looters, government, Agra, Farma, Pharma, and so forth, along with gangs and drug cartels. Give some thought to a time when very few people have any scruples.


    • Re: Who will the looters loot when looters are all that are left to loot.

      The statement is short, simple, to the point, and easy to remember or hum or sing or shout.

      The statement serves its intended purpose quite well actually. Reactions to it come from BOTH the looters and the producers. The looters and the producers BOTH need a hard slap in the face to wake them up from their zombie-trance.

      Your most recent postings are just a few examples of course. It gets better when the responses and reactions are from producers on the frontlines. The looters are rightly horrified to discover that their victims are waking up and refusing to continue as host to the parasites. When their doctor rightly demands full payment in tangible goods as opposed to the discounted payments from the insurance companies or the discounted or non-payment by the bankrupted GUNvernment entities. When the water stops flowing or becomes questionable. When the electricity stops and there are no lights, no elevators, no traffic signals, no television, no cellphones, no refrigerators, no freezers, etc. When all the places they formerly acquired their nourishment from are charred, looted, and empty.

      So…yes, indeed…slap, Slap, SLAP.

      Who will the looters loot when looters are all that are left to loot.

      What will the looters loot when all that is left to loot is the bodies of the looters themselves.

      Got plenty of BBQ sauce looters?
      Enjoy eating your last supper before you ARE supper!
      When all the young cows are gone, where will the veal come from…hmmmm.
      Things that make the looters and the producers go hmmm.

      A few links for your pleasure:

      slap, Slap, SLAP!


      So…yes, Linda…Thank you for responding so wonderfully!

      John and Dagny Galt

      Who, What, Where, When, How…will the looters loot when looters are all that are left to loot!

      Rhetorical and to ALL…are you a looter or a producer?

      Sooner or later you will be proven the one…or the other.


  3. I think this deserves a separate emphatic warning. DO give some thoughts to skills you could acquire that would make you worth feeding if the worst happens. It can be something relatively easy and inexpensive, such as acquiring the experience and supplies you would need to turn a farmer’s spare milk into many kinds of cheese all of you could enjoy, or mastering the art of making sausage and buying plenty of casing and spices and hand-cranked grinders and stuffers. The electricity may well go out, you know. Track down a treadle sewing machine and learn to make basic repairs. Take a course in shoe repair and acquire tools, heels, soles, and thread.

    It is too late to become a doctor, a dentist, or a vet, so come up with a need that only you could fill. Basic candle-making supplies…a big box full of kitchen knives that don’t cost much now but will be very valuable in a post-industrial society…learn bee-keeping, perhaps?

    For a hundred years or more city folks have been dumping their unwanted animals on us, and many of them starve, die from predators, or are shot because they have turned feral. What makes anyone think that we are going to be any more excited about adopting streams of useless eaters? Every stray I took in would halve the amount of time I could survive or someone who IS valuable in terms of producing food or doing other essential work can be fed. There is no place for grasshoppers on an ant farm.

    There will almost certainly come a time when such matters are no longer academic, when only the strong, the ruthless, the prepared, and the useful survive, and right now is a good time to decide which of those you intend to be.

  4. This is thought-provoking as well:

    Goes right along with the progression and maturing of one’s philosophy, outlook, advocacy, and action.

    John and Dagny Galt


  5. John and Dagny Galt says:

    What’s up with the post editing Russell?

    We can always direct traffic somewhere else if you’d prefer.

    John and Dagny Galt


    • dumpdc says:

      Tom- Editors get to edit…that’s what we do. Where did you get the idea that your comments are immune from editing? Also, I noticed that all the posts feature your book. I’ll be happy to work out some advertising fee if you wish. And, you may certainly direct traffic to other blogs if you like.


  6. Ah, a two-fer! Tom, I regard myself as a producer, although I am primarily brains, experience, and pay checks at my age. I am definitely an expert on the staggering costs of setting up a small free hold! We raise Irish Black Dexter cattle, fantastic little cows about four feet at the withers (shoulders.) We chose them because they are placid, hardy, and eat brush as well as graze. They can be milked and are excellent mothers. By next year we should have about 50, which is all I want to take care of. We have eight or ten registered dairy goats which produce lots of milk good for excellent cheese as well as drinking, a magnificent buck who stands 7′ tall when he rears up, and spare bucklings are delicious. Chickens all over the place, wild hogs we trapped, and a large truck garden will be planted next spring. There are six fine horses and a glossy black doctors buggy if we really get to the point where there is no hydrocarbon-based fuel left and I havn’t coaxed the guys into constructing an external combustion engine. In short, I do my best to live what I preach. Am I ever going to make a profit? ROFL. Not in this over-regulated world, I’m not. My intention was not to make a profit but to prepare against a time when grocers’ shelves are empty. I don’t even bother to deduct expenses on the order of a Baltic nation’s because then I won’t ever have to argue with the IRS over whether or not what I do is a hobby.

    Russ, didn’t you tell me that a lot of your readers are in Texas? How about an advertising rate to offer a select few the right to purchase my magnificent pastured beef, and I’ll deliver to the butcher nearest them, free within 100 miles? Life is far too short to get a butcher’s license and hire a full-time on-site USDA inspector, so I can’t offer individual cuts or even meat by the half unless mythical customers want to go halves and work that out themselves. Depending upon age the critters would dress out between 450 and 600 pounds, and another advantage of the Dexters is that they are characterized by very short legs, which means there is far less waste. They have had NO feed adulterated with hormones, and live on lush grass, horse quality hay during hard times, and a daily snack of 22% protein range cubes, along with mineral blocks. No, we don’t name or pet those destined for the dinner table, but they are happy just as they are. I’ve got a couple of two-year-olds ready to go, half a dozen yearlings I could reserve until the customer was ready (the steers could just eat for another 18 months without getting tough or would be good now), and a good choice of little bull calves for 2011-2013. Adelle Davis, America’s foremost nutritionist, held that unneutered calves provided superior meat. Anybody who wanted to could come pick one out. I can provide an e-mail address for anyone over on the Louisiana border, where a friend does the same thing but sells by the half and quarter, packaged.

    And Russ…if you aren’t too far from me, let me know if you want to come hunt deer in season or hogs any time. We’re up to over two dozen deer that need thinning and the hogs are an enormous pest, but small ones are superb eating.


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