Your Secession Reading List

August 28, 2010

I’m going to keep this quite simple. I could send you off to my Archives, which holds a treasure trove of great stuff. I could send you off to other websites…the ones that regularly link to DumpDC. But you need a bedrock understanding of the most controversial document of our time…The US Constitution.

Look at the vast differences of thought across the continuum of political theory. At the far left are the totalitarians, who don’t even notice a Constitution. On the far right are the anarchists like me. But in America, everyone on the entire spectrum seems to argue about the Constitution.

In my opinion, most of the arguing going on regarding the Constitution is comparable to the old Hans Christian Andersen fable of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” In the story, two swindlers come to town and convince all that they are legendary weavers, and have created the rarest fabric ever made. They created nothing, but tell the tale that the colors and patterns were most beautiful, but the fabric also had the quality of being invisible to all men who were either stupid or unfit for office. The Emporer hears of this and must have garments made of this new fabric. All the Emporer’s “subjects” discuss among themselves how fine the Emperor’s clothes are, none wishing to disclose that they cannot see the patterns and color, which risked being considered stupid or unfit. So, from the Emporer to the beggar, all eyes pretended to see, all lips praised the fabric and the weavers.

All except one child. He said, “But He has nothing on at all.” And even in the face of this statement of truth, all others continued on in their self-deception.

So it is with the US Constitution. Few can see its fatal flaws, and so millions continue arguing over its words, phrases and clauses while refusing to acknowledge that the Constitution is a document of no authority.

Naturally, you should own a copy of the Constitution. If you’d like a free copy of a pocket-sized book that hold the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, The CATO Institute will sell you one for $4.95. It’s very handy in this size.

In my opinion, there are two foundational bedrock books that have been written about the Constitution. These two books are the best books ever written about the Constitution. Both are simple and easy to read.

The first is a book written by Lysander Spooner in 1867 entitled “No Treason.” Once you read this 57-page book, you will never view the US Constitution the same again. This book can be read free at:

The other landmark work on the Constitution is “Hologram of Liberty,” by Kenneth W. Royce. This book goes deep into HOW the Constitution was written and how it empowers a strong central government.

“Hologram Of Liberty”

Once you have read these two books, you will know the TRUTH about the Constitution. Then it will be harder for you to be drawn into the superfluous arguments happening today in the Tea Parties and the Tenth Amendment Center about a return to the “Founder’s intent.” Their arguments are the equivalent to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I hold the impossible dream that if enough people come to this knowledge, there might be enough people smart enough to actually pull off a state secession.

Secession is the hope for humanity. Who will be first?

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