Secession: It’s All About Love

August 2, 2010

Strange title, isn’t it? But I’m here to make a case that secession cannot be successful unless it is founded in the bedrock of love.

I always heard it said that the opposite of love was hate. But love and hate are both strong emotions. It would be more correct to say that the opposite of love is apathy. But in truth, the opposite of love is fear.

Love is an ever-evolving mix of creativity, kindness, beauty, expansiveness, abundance and receptivity. So as you contemplate those qualities of love, consider what effect fear has on each…to crush, stifle and separate us from each other.

When fear is dominant:

• Creativity turns to sullenness, as individuals see no benefit to creating.
• Kindness turns to cruelty and indifference, as the individual seeks to protect himself from pain.
• Beauty turns to ugliness…not actually, but the perception of the individual ceases to appreciate the beauty in everything.
• Expansiveness turns to selfishness as individuals only look out for themselves and stop giving of themselves to others.
• Abundance turns to lack and shortage, and charity shrivels away.
• Receptivity turns to isolation as individuals stop hoping for the best outcomes for others.

Preaching the fear and loathing of tyrants won’t carry the day. Sure…it will scare some people into support of secession. Fire and brimstone preachers have used fear of eternal damnation to scare people into the Kingdom for two millenia. But running away from punishment is a far less powerful motivator than running toward a desired benefit. It also doesn’t last as long. No motivator is as powerful as love.

Here is a short list of the “loves” that we can share with our families, friends and neighbors to entice them to the embrace of secession.

Love of people

If you have a love of people in general, you will want the very best for them. The very best cannot be making their decisions for them. The very best cannot be to lay on heavy burdens of taxation. The very best cannot be regulating every form of human activity. The very best cannot be to steal the value of their money through counterfeiting money and creating inflation. The very best for people is to provide them the greatest amount of individual liberty possible…even more than they can handle or understand. You cannot love people and control them at the same time.

Love of a culture

Are you a Texan? You celebrate your independent spirit and grit. You honor those at the Alamo and San Jacinto who gave you your nation. Are you a Hawaiian? You love your islands, your memories of the Hawaiian kingdom and the tropical melting pot that is Hawai’i. Are you a Southerner? The South has a distinct gentility and grace. Are you an Alaskan? You celebrate your rugged individualism. Are you a Vermonter? You celebrate your maple-flavored outdoorsyness.

Love of your particular culture is a great reason to support secession. And there is no reason why a city far removed from you should dictate anything to you about your culture.

Love of territory

The hill country of Texas…the painted desert of Arizona…the Great Lakes…the breathtaking vistas of Yellowstone…Kentucky blue grass…pristine white Gulf Coast beaches from the tip of Texas to the Florida Keys…the vastness of the Plains…the misty woods of the Northwest…the rocky coast of Maine…New York City. The whole damned country is one picture post card after another. You have your favorites. Perhaps it is the place where your childhood memories reside. Perhaps it is your Nirvana discovered later in life. Perhaps it is a place you dream of making your home. But most everyone has a most favorite place. And most everyone believes that the residents of that special territory are much better qualified to govern themselves and take care of their territory than bureaucrats and politicians on the East Coast.

Love of family

This is different from the love of people in general. Do you really want your children to have the heavy burden of taxation and regulation on their shoulders for their entire lifetimes? Should they grow up breathing that toxic air, never knowing the feeling of breathing the sweet oxygen of liberty? If you build wealth, do you want the State to confiscate it or do you want them to inherit it? A new nation could change the destiny of your family.

Love of individual rights

As we say at the DumpDC website…most men do not desire liberty. Most only wish for a just master. None of us living truly know what it feels like to enjoy maximum individual rights. That concept is actually kind of threatening to most people, since they are so used to living like slaves…being told what to do every moment of every day. And maximum liberty requires that people actually practice tolerance of others, especially if they are doing something you don’t like. But maximum liberty is when you neither commit theft, force or fraud on another person or persons. Everything else should be lawful, shouldn’t it?

Love of property rights for all

Once again, if you neither commit force, fraud or theft upon another person’s property, then all persons have maximum property rights. And if natural law supports owning property, then defending one’s property is a right under natural law. That also requires tolerance, since every individual should have the right to use their property as they see fit, so long as using their property does not commit force, theft or fraud on another person’s rights…including quiet enjoyment.

Love of the law

Humanity progressed from Rex Lex (king is law) to Lex Rex (law is king) over thousands of years. Love of law is not a love of laws. See the difference? Tyrants love laws…they take refuge in them. But it is the dearth of laws…the minimum of statutes and regulations…that leave people to live free.

When you love the law, you must balance that love with the rest of the loves outlined in this article. It’s tough to maintain that balance, since mankind tends always toward tyranny. There are lots of people who want to dominate others, and when those people are in ascendancy, law and liberty suffer. That’s why Thomas Jefferson said that “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Love of liberty

The love of liberty takes the form of maximum freedom for individuals, not groups. The best, most advanced form of governance constantly strives to protect the individual rights and property rights of even the most humble individual.

So, when you go about discussing secession, and the reasons that it is the only hope for mankind, stop harping on how horrible the DC criminals are. Every person in America knows that DC is irreparably broken. Try your best to frame every discussion in the terms of love. Offer features of secession and the benefits of those features. For example, a feature of secession is that Federal income taxes cease instantly. The benefit is that there most people would have more money in their bank accounts without a Federal income tax.

Do you get it? Win your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to the concept of secession with the features and benefits of secession. By refusing to argue with them over the negatives, offer lots of positives. Be kind, and patient, and loving toward them.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

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