Churchill Heir Describes Mission to End the USA: An interview with Jonathan Sandys

July 30, 2010


On July 20, Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) reporter Anton Chaitkin interviewed Jonathan Sandys (pronounced “sands”), Winston Churchill’s great-grandson and a representative of the Churchill family. Sandys moved to the United States in 2008 at age 33, married a Texan, and set up the Churchill’s Britain Foundation in Houston in 2009.

Chaitkin phoned Sandys after viewing LPAC-TV’s Monday OTC of Sandys’ speech at a meeting of the Clear Lake (Texas) Tea Party, in which he urged the secession of Texas from the United States.

Sandys told Chaitkin that he has been interested in the breakup of the United States since moving to Texas. He has met several times with Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has suggested that Texas could secede.

Sandys said Perry plans to visit England and install a plaque at the site of the Texas embassy — which the state has maintained in England ever since gaining independence from Mexico in the 1840s.

“You may well see a repeat of 1861,” Sandys said, the launching of the war of secession, the American Civil War. He said Obama’s U.S. government is alienating the allegiance of the states, and indicated that should “38 states” (where he indicates there are secession movements) decide to utilize their Constitutional right to secede, the British will heartily welcome them into a special friendship.

“If Texas leads the way and goes out,” he said, “Britain will establish a new special relationship with Texas. This will be in writing,” as opposed to the special relationship with the USA that was only informal. “In fact, Texas already has its own long established special relationship with Britain,” he assured EIR.

Sandys described the real welcome that Anglophilic Texans have given him, as a representative and spokesman for the Churchills. He said he had frequently seen Pamela Harriman, former daughter-in-law of Winston Churchill who later married Averell Harriman, when she was in England for Churchill family get-togethers.

Jonathan Sandys’ mission in the USA reflects his family’s long history of “America handling.” Winston Churchill, himself the grandson of Wall Street speculator/New York Times owner Leonard Jerome, took over managing Harry Truman after Franklin Roosevelt’s death.

Duncan Sandys, grandfather of Jonathan Sandys, married Winston Churchill’s daughter Diana in 1935. The next year, as a Tory Party member of Parliament, Duncan Sandys spoke in favor of Nazi Germany’s right to take over Central Europe, in line with the trans-Atlantic Astor family’s “Cliveden Set” pro-fascism.

Duncan Sandys served successively as Britain’s Secretary of State for Commonwealth Affairs and Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1960 through the assassination of President John Kennedy, into 1964. He was a trustee with David Astor of the Parliamentary Group for World Government and World Security Trust.

In 1972 Sandys became chairman of the Tiny Roland/Royal Family company, London and Rhodesia Mining Company (“LONRHO”), stalwartly supporting colonial Rhodesia’s white ruler Ian Smith against the efforts of blacks for majority rule.

Jonathan Sandys told the EIR interviewer that he was unfamiliar with British reporter and intelligence figure Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. But Sandys’ eager involvement in internal USA secession politics reflects and continues the operations of Evans-Pritchard when he was stationed here as a London Telegraph correspondent in the 1990s.

Using scandals against President Bill Clinton, Evans-Pritchard agitated for anti-government action by networks connected to private militia movements he himself promoted and helped organize. (Evans-Pritchard’s “militia” agent Jon Roland is currently the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Attorney General of Texas.)