The Time is Now

by David McElroy

(Editor’s Note: The time may be now, but the timing is not yet right. States will not secede until there is no other choice. The present crop of politicians will react rather than act. That right there should disqualify them from participating in the new nation formed by secession.)

I had wanted to encourage you to use citizens’ initiatives to place the issue of secession on the ballots in those states allowing such initiatives. I hoped to suggest a novel way to use the opportunity as I did in launching such an initiative with the Arizona Breakfast Club back in 1999. I sought to bring many facts suppressed in mainstream media to the public by including them in the text of the initiative printed on the ballot for voters to consider. I did not “play to win”, I sought to inform. (Secretary of State Betsy Bayless signed the petition.) I also desire to see our Communist-in-Chief, Barack Obama, soon impeached for treason, as Tom Tancredo is urging. Gov. Brewer in the Arizona Republic now has grounds to sue Obama on multiple counts. It is good to use the tools available.

But it is far too late, I fear. If Obama continues using that old Marxist playbook from the 1930’s, he may find an excuse to declare martial law and suspend upcoming elections. If the elections are anything near honestly reflecting the will of voters, the Democrats are going to lose their majority stranglehold on Capitol Hill. Obama wouldn’t want to lose his red rubber stamp for his socialist agenda. Martial law would be his next logical step in his endgame. As many of you know, much of the communist agenda is already instituted in American government.

What are we waiting for? We seem to be experiencing the destruction of America, our culture, our homes, ourselves, much like those surreal slow-motion perceptions we have just before the big car crash that we remember when we wake up in the hospital. Or the great beyond. We see it coming, but feel helpless to stop it. People keep asking: “When?” When will we know it is time to act against the corruption pervasive in all government offices, corporations, institutions, even our churches and homes? THE TIME IS NOW!

Those of us who have been studying the transformations in America, aptly characterized as a Marxist Cultural Revolution, have reviewed history and compared notes. We know Americans are being beaten down in what might be considered “our turn” in the “Urban Renewal” plan that bulldozes existing nations to build socialist ones in the red architect’s rendering. Who is the architect? How can we stop the demolition while we yet have any grounds to stand upon? We see the staged puppet Obama, and rightly wish to cut his strings and cast him from the bully pulpit in the District of Criminals. But wise patriots know there is much more to do as we’ve noticed always “the new boss is same as the old boss!”…and worse! It is time to secede from the Federal Union of Criminals Unlimited!

Tyranny can be overcome. The Soviet Union collapsed in a day, as did the not-so-holy Roman Empire, and the communist dictatorship of Romania. Long suffering Romanian people finally revolted in 1989 when tyrant Nicolae Ceausescu laid the last straw upon their miserable backs. The masses had long been seething in anger and pain, building to a critical mass of awareness of the enemy. They stormed Ceausescu’s presidential palace, hauled him and his wife out back after an impromptu citizens’ tribunal, and shot them dead. Romanians rejoiced in spontaneous revolutionary relief, a movement not planned.

Now, the red architect: Luciferian Lord Evelyn Rothschild. The evil Rothschild banking empire has been the driving force in western nations for about 250 years. The Rothschild family is estimated to command $500 TRILLION, about half the entire wealth of our planet! They are the people commanding central banks, who financed the crowned heads of Europe. They underwrote the US Civil War and other conflicts, on both sides! (1.) The name Rothschild means a “red shield”, which frames the family crest. The banksters tie us up in “red tape”.

They are Freemasons who worked long to bring about the modern socialist state of Israel in 1948 upon the earlier Balfour agreement. Ben Gurion, in 1948 founding ceremonies, declared Israel was created “to advance the cause of International Socialism.” The object was to capture the riches of the Muslims not practicing western usery. Baron Rothschild “graciously” donated Israel’s Supreme Court building…providing that he had complete control of the design and construction. This entire courthouse incorporates many Masonic features in architecture and symbols. (2.) Masonic texts identify Lucifer as their god, the light of the Illuminati. Beware!

“Centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly” is the 5th Plank of the 1848 Communist Manifesto. A “heavy progressive tax” was also in the plan for debt slavery. Did you know that in signing up for Social Security you were contractually agreeing to be liable for a portion of the national debt, collateral for government – chattel up for lien? (3.) Are we livestock? (5.)

The Rothschilds have bankrolled socialist revolutions around the world. They financed Karl Marx, and Engels too. These facts are well documented, and I know most reading are well aware of such issues. Read Revelation and the Rothschild connection written by Anne Wilder Chamberlain. (4.) The banksters are ALWAYS behind developments, just like in your hometown. Those few nations the US is calling “pariah” states, like North Korea, Iran, Somalia, and other Muslim states, Cuba, Venezuela, etc, are countries not yet subservient to the Euro/American banking system. Of course, they face economic and diplomatic sanctions and lethal military forces. The Rothschilds, Windsors, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Lazards, et al, will see to that. They make the Mafia look like penny-ante amateurs. Al Capone said “One lawyer with a briefcase can steal more money than twenty men with guns,“ and wanted badly to be a “legitimate businessman”. Many gangsters are now banksters! We can see the Chicago influences at work in the White House! They were movin’ on up to the east side!

“How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?”, posed George Orwell in his book 1984. “By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation…Progress in our world will be progress towards more pain.” Our poverty is part of the plan. Do not expect economic relief from the banksters. They received hundreds of billions in taxpayer bailouts citing a dearth of mortgage payment income that could have been used to relieve mortgage holders with the money still ending up in the banks. Banks received the payments, but mortgage holders, taxpayers all, are still on the hooks, like sides of beef. The bankers collect double! Madoff was a scapegoat, small potatoes compared to those still ruling Wall Street.

For a shocking list of detailed references citing actual laws, treaties, and court cases that outline the reality of our oppression and false education, read This Is The Real Matrix. (5.) It will help you understand why courts are not going to help us find justice.

For a truly scholarly and well documented tome on the bankster’s New World Order plan, detailing The Function of Poverty, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Free Trade Agreements, Open Borders, The Environmental Movement, War as a Means of Planned Waste, Criminalizing Society, and inflicted Disease, see Michael Nield’s 2004 website for a thorough briefing. (6.)

The banking industry is the global network being used by the trillionaires and billionaires of the world to defraud, exploit, control, and even destroy us, the working class people of every nation. As patriarch Meyer Amschel Rothschild declared long ago, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes it laws.” He who has the gold rules!

The Rothschild, Morgan, Windsor, Warburg and Rockefeller banks, in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve in 1913, finally succeeded in controlling America’s money by twisting the few arms on Capitol Hill at that hour to institute the Federal Reserve Bank system. They had been trying to do this ever since Alexander Hamilton’s efforts. The British launched the War of 1812 due to Hamilton’s failure with legislation to preserve the Crown’s banking control. The few US presidents who have fought banks have suffered assassination like Harding, Lincoln or Kennedy, or attempts to kill them, like Jackson. They encountered threats, blackmail, financial and political ruin, and unfavorable reviews in many a “history“ text. (7.)

Do you recall the TV show Alias, starring Jennifer Garner? A big Swiss banking firm was the site of major covert intelligence activities of both the CIA and rogue criminal “black ops” secreted in the bank’s secure basement. Did you know that banks really do function hand-in-glove with intelligence agencies…that thru these agencies banksters direct governments and not the other way around? Why Switzerland is “neutral”?

Patrick Wood, respected author of Trilaterals Over Washington, outlined the hegemony in Global Banking: The Bank For International Settlements. (4.) He revealed shocking and little-known facts about big-league central bankers. Did you know Ben Bernanke has complete diplomatic immunity, the same status as an ambassador who is exempt from being screened or searched in airports? All the big central bankers enjoy this high level of privileged protection under international law. Remember, these “Captains of Industry” are behind the transnational corporations and international or socialist New World Order….a complete tyranny to be imposed globally with a “cashless society”. Christians relate this with the Bible‘s “Mark of the Beast”. The big banks’ buildings are also exempt with the same status as an embassy off limits to law enforcement not specifically invited. Wood’s landmark work is a “must read“. (8.)

Remember also that the banks have highly secure encrypted data transmission facilities routed thru satellites the intelligence agencies find quite handy. The scenario presented in Alias is not far-fetched nor unreal. The Federal Reserve Bank must be taken down, as Ron Paul urges. The 99 year charter for the Federal Reserve Bank expires with the year 2012. Expect the banksters to squeeze us to death in the next two years before pitchforks and torches arrive on their doorsteps!

The Federal reserve Bank is privately owned by about 300 stockholders, sometimes called the “Committee of 300”. The Queen of England holds a major stake. It is neither federal nor having reserves. It just invents “money” with ledger entries and lends the “money” to the US Treasury to print at about 1.5 cents per bill regardless of denomination. And then charges interest we are expected to pay. It is like musical chairs. When the music stops and the bills come due, somebody loses their chair. The bankers don’t care who loses, as long as more keep losing, just like a farmer might grab any handy chicken for his dinner table. The bankers operate government as their corporate franchise, and Uncle Sam cares for us the way Colonel Sanders cares for chickens! Hide your nest eggs! Keep your head, run for your life!

Our enemy uses carrots and sticks to drive us like beasts of burden. Stop responding to them. Cut your losses and run! We must secede to succeed and stop the usury and wage slavery of a fractional banking system designed to separate us from real wealth like a casino parts a gambling fool and his money. Stop betting against “the house” and stop playing a rigged game that only increases our debt to “the mob“ and prolongs our suffering! The fascist, or corporate, state only caters to corporate interests, and we the people are just grist for the bloody mill. Stop feeding the Beast!

We must “go off grid”, begin bartering for more goods and services, cultivate gardens and stock our cupboards. Creating local currencies is good. Churches should step up to the plate with “safety nets” for their people. The collapse is coming because America is scheduled for demolition by the elite “Committee of 300” who are engineering the death of freedom. It will be the most traumatic catastrophe ever experienced in America. While communist China is receiving investments and lauded as the model state for the New World Order!

Stocking gold and silver to retain the value of real money is great. But if you don’t also invest in brass and lead you may find you can’t keep your precious metals! Remember FDR simply made possessing gold a crime and agents were sent to banks and homes to seize it.

The feds do not care how we feel or what we think. There is plenty of evidence elections are rigged, especially with electronic machines. Government officials do not even pretend to be honest, representative, or accountable anymore. The only thing government cares about is our continuing to obey, work, pay, and surrender quietly. We must exercise the power of civil disobedience, declare general strikes, refuse to pay, and take to the streets in mass protests they cannot ignore. We desire a peaceful revolution to restore freedom to these united states and must turn the tide with tactics to expose the evil spewing from the District of Criminals. We must be bold. The cost of acting now is always less than the cost of acting later, as many in Nazi Germany learned. We must now roll up our sleeves and take our lumps before we have no chance at all. The children will thank us for it.

The US government is a predator…and we are the prey! Revolution must come. The center can not hold, corruption always fails. We must secede to succeed. Return to the Spirit of ‘76! Live free or die!

Recommended References:

(1.) The Rothschilds & The Civil War, an excerpt from Descent Into Slavery, written by Des Griffin – found at

(2.) Sinister Sites – Israel Supreme Court by Vigilant with photos. See

(3.) Federal Reserve -The Enemy of America at by G. Edward Griffin, Anthony Wayne, Greg Hobbs, James F. Montgomery, etc.

(4.) Revelation and the Rothshild connection by Anne Wilder Chamberlain published in April 2009 edition of The Idaho Observer – (I dispute the post-millenial theology here, but good references on Rothschild)

(5.) This Is The Real Matrix at replete with citations of legal matters documenting how The Whole Thing Is A Pack Of Lies we have been taught.

(6.) The Economy, chapter 7 of Police State Planning by Michael Nield, 2004 – website

(7.) Link: for history of US presidents who fought central banking schemes.

(8.) Global Banking: The Bank For International Settlements by Patrick Wood and archived at News With Views.

David McElroy is a semi-retired soldier for Christ fighting for Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All. He has served as journalist covering local and state government, a newspaper editor and broadcast newsman. He has served as a chaplain to nursing homes and hospitals, and enlisted in the “Black Regiment” rallied by Pastor Chuck Baldwin. McElroy resides in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Copyright 2010 Liberty Defense League

4 Responses to The Time is Now

  1. Justin says:

    1.) The people want handouts, not freedom.
    2.) The people want politicians to give them things, not to leave them alone.
    3.) No politician today would support secession, as it would mean no more sucking at the Federal mammary glad to buy the people’s votes.
    4.) The American people want this disaster of a government. Obama still enjoys quite a bit of support, according to Gallup. November won’t change things. 2012 won’t either. As a matter of fact, I will bet Obama is not removed from office in 2012.

    What would the Sons of Liberty do?


    Starve the Monkeys. That’s the answer.

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  3. OMG, How could I ever survive without your blog posts? Bye, Gulaschkanone rhein-main

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