Tactics to Turn the Tide, Part 3

July 25, 2010

by David A. McElroy

Again July 4th has passed without another American Revolution. What can we do now to give impetus to regain independence within our God-given rights? I will suggest specific tactics to deal with the federal beast today. But, as we consider tactics to turn the tide in the battle for freedom, there are some largely overlooked matters to question. You are invited to participate with your observations and suggestions.

While our Gadsden flags boldly warn “Don’t tread on me!”, we must watch where we are treading. We outnumber the enemy, but the foe is in the catbird seat, a big ugly spider in the information web of wires it has spun to entrap all of us with our buzzwords. It has many eyes, many legs, looking to net us with or without due process, eat us now or later.

So, I must pose these questions as an activist in the freedom movement:

1. Knowing the Beast is capable of hacking into or terminating websites, and agents have even kicked down doors to seize computers, servers and their hosts, are we perhaps being baited in a feint prompting us to move forward discussing nullification and secession efforts on the internet and talk radio? To what end? Names are being taken, count on it.

2. How soon can we awaken a critical mass of our countrymen to their perils? We can’t win everyone, but victory will likely take more today than the active 3% in 1776. Critical mass is crucial to effecting a peaceful revolution. A few rebels can be “disappeared” so easily today, but not millions! Do your neighbors see the parallels with the rise of Nazi Germany’s tyranny in America? Have you discussed the evidence with them?

3. How many know our jury system has been rigged against us? Do they know of the Fully Informed Jury Association with solid information found at fija.org? Do they know jurors can judge the law as well as the facts? That judges’ instructions are often untruthful and obstructing justice? Did they ever hear about the resignation of the Bush-appointed Chairman of Federal Elections Assistance Commission Rev. DeForest Soaries? He had resigned April 30th, 2005, to declare the whole voting system is rigged for fraud! Do your friends still think we can vote ‘em out?

4. How well are you prepared for personal hardships, not only holding up in your home well stocked, but perhaps as a fugitive or the victim of jack-booted “black ops” police? Do you realize the risks posed by laws already enacted and FEMA camps standing ready?

5. While we stand for home rule, the division of power, nullification of excessive federal powers and outright secession of sovereign states, how might this play into the hands of our globalist enemies? The New World Order, with US billionaires like Rockefeller and Gates, has long worked against us to destroy our heritage of freedom and representative government. They want to destroy our strength, divide and conquer us. They use our tax dollars to plan for every contingency. Think about it. Do you know your friends?

6. The NWO has moved foreign troops and military equipment onto our soil to “keep the peace in civil unrest” or train for “cooperation” or “disaster response”. Are they afraid our US military might choose to defend Americans rather than shoot us as ordered? Is this why our armed forces have been run ragged across the seas in bankrupting no-win wars of occupation? Is this why states’ National Guard units were deployed exhaustively in the middle east and finding their equipment neither returned nor replaced at home?

7. How can we prepare to inform the world about our plight and deflect the NWO media spin that will depict patriots as criminals and terrorists? In the media courts of public opinion, as well as the courts of law, the government claims to represent “the people”, and always seeks to impugn and destroy the defendants’ credibility and motives. The government will seek to silence dissent and hide “inconvenient truth“. To minimize foreign interventions, how can we turn the tables and present ourselves as morally righteous patriots seeking justice? How can we prosecute our case successfully, rather than retreat on the defense, and find freedom with a minimum of violence? Win friends?

These are important issues I don’t see being discussed often or in depth, if at all. Yet they should be addressed early on, before the “civil unrest“ of riots and martial law, outright civil war or foreign invasion. While we rest assured our cause is just and our need great in seeking relief from tyranny, there are other powers in the world that would look to profit from infighting among these less united states of America. China and Russia are at the top of the list.

There are lesser powers that would like to get their licks in also. As we embark upon the great and noble, inherently risky, mission of driving the federal vampire from us and declaring our independence as sovereign states, we must take care to attend the dangers posed by foreign as well as domestic enemies. This is why I strongly suggest that while our many states are sovereign and we pursue home rule, it would be best if we can remain united in spirit, if not bureaucracy, as we strive to evict the Beast holed up in the District of Criminals.

I suppose most of you have long realized the risks in using public forums to discuss the issues of nullification, secession, preparing to fend off martial law and survive civil war. But I question why patriotic discourse has gotten this far without violent repercussions. Do you?

I have a couple of tactics for you. Every once in a while I will send an E-mail to another of my E-mail accounts, speaking directly to the federal snoops. I let them know how they are serving evil and undermining truth, justice, and liberty for all in a totalitarian repression deadly to a free society. It is perfectly legal to send yourself an E-mail. But letting the “Man” hear you call him out is like blowing a stakeout when you walk up to that surveillance vehicle and let the cops know you’ve spotted them. Give them a piece of your mind.

Agents have been known to be converted when repeatedly exposed to the truth. You can do this. Be sure to put plenty of those colorful buzzwords in that will cause their computer to pick up on your token of appreciation. If millions of us could do this repeatedly, we just might overload their big bad computers. Instead of trying to stay under their radar, spread so much chaff they’ll be blinded. Think of it as being something like putting aluminum foil in a microwave oven. The snoops will definitely get overheated with the spike in their workload.

Many of you, have been working with the issues raised in questions 2 & 3. But we need to work harder as time grows short and our enemy is about to slam the trap shut!

We must recall the price of liberty, a duty to act with righteous zeal and leave the results to God. Our forefathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to freedom in America. All gave some, and some gave all. Recall that even Christ did not leave this world without knowing sorrow, pain, and a cruel death at the hands of unjust tyranny. Be at peace with God and look to heaven for strength. Men will disappoint you.

Questions 5 & 6 deal with scenarios the communists openly published in the 1930’s for overthrowing America. Check it out. In fact, many of you already know most basic goals of communism have been implemented in the USA for about 50 or 60 years now.

As for question 7, I have some ideas. Make it clear the feds initiated the violence. Did you see the photographic evidence of cops being the black-masked instigators in Canada’s G-20 riots? (Arresting cops and collared instigators all had identical uniform shoes!) We must be ready to present such evidence here in events unfolding. While the internet is still available, we can use it to spread our messages to the world abroad. Send E-mail and forward articles to foreign media and private individuals, humanitarian, educational, or religious organizations. I have started doing this. With text translation services now in vogue, you are not really constrained by language. Let’s make sure the bought and paid press whores are not the only ones reporting. Start now before Obama hits the kill switch on the internet! Act to pre-empt the evil by documenting facts early.

You are probably tired of various well-meaning organizations begging for donations and sending newsletters, saying your dollars are needed to wage that next battle to repel the enemy’s onslaught from Capitol Hill. Those donations for “victory next time” just milk us repeatedly in a struggle to bankrupt and frustrate us while the “Red Menace” takes two steps forward and one step back to waltz us over the edge. You probably know Democrat and Republican parties dance to the tune of the same billionaires. Blackmail and bribery are standard practice for them. When all else fails, assassination and “accidents” happen.

There are no “checks and balances” in our government anymore. It is openly fascist, and we must face it. The police state is not coming. It is here already!

The evil is all around us, even in our midst. The war will have to be waged on many fronts. None of us can do everything needed. A successful plan of battle will never be published anywhere until long after the dust has settled. Each of us must trust our Creator and choose the niche, the foxhole, where we should serve in our local communities. We must be prepared for the gathering storm, know our friends and stand with them united in the bonds of brotherly love. Discuss these things with your family and friends. Truth, justice, and liberty for all are for those in God, we trust!

Copyright 2010 Liberty Defense League