Tactics to Turn the Tide, Part 1

July 21, 2010

by David A. McElroy

The arrogant enemies of Truth, Justice, and Liberty for us all have established a long track record. Patriots have long gathered solid information and worked to educate us in the freedom movement, often at the risk, even loss, of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. The enemy is obviously in their end game. Time is short, and education is useless without action. We prefer peaceful revolution, but violence threatens. What are we to do?

First, we must not let the enemy control public discourse, define terms and the course of public debate. We must rouse people, as daily public brainwashing deluges us, as the mainstream media is employed to do in scrubbing truth and freedom from public expressions. I quit the news media in 1989 as a small town newspaper editor, because there was no room in the BUSINESS for an honest man. A chain publisher made that clear. Freedom of the press is exercised by those who own presses, or transmitters, or web servers and routers. We must talk frankly to each other in our clear and present danger. We must muster the people, awaken them to the dangers at hand, and let God lead.

It was first a war of words, and the truth is always the first casualty in war. The American society has been misled by socialists twisting words and definitions, shifting our focus to set the limits of discussion and stifle dissenting voices, while “celebrating diversity and tolerance”. We must set the record straight and start using our language, not theirs, more carefully and pointedly. Congress is deaf to our pleas, mainstream media ignores us. Talk with friends and neighbors at church, school, the store, on talk radio. Everywhere! Do not mince words!

One great topic is how senior citizens are being demonized for their Social Security and Medicare, benefits they have been forced to pay for over many years. They are now said to be “a burden on society” and “useless eaters” too expensive to maintain over the few years they may have left. They are “parasites” expecting “entitlements”, and that they “receive more than they put into the programs.” HELLO! Seniors are not the problem, and they should get some interest after about 50 years of payments!

This sham is to throw the attention away from a government which sold these as good retirement programs for seniors, but looted the funds in the old bait and switch. As the District of Criminals has stolen the money repeatedly, and insolvency looms as more of us become old, blame the seniors! Never mind the government was running a ponzi scheme far bigger than anything Bernie Madoff perpetrated.

These programs did not fail: they were ROBBED! If a private company did this, they would be prosecuted. Now, Obamacare is to be imposed and we are forced to pay more money because these older programs “failed”. Seniors will receive rationed healthcare to cut expenses. Of course, dead people don’t collect benefits. That will go a long way to ease federal shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare, won’t it? Instead of increasing mortality rates, we should INDICT and PROSECUTE officials!

In the word games, the enemy of freedom likes to cite things like slavery being allowed in early America, despite the fact “all men are created equal”. The problem was not with the Constitution, but rather the legal definition of “men”. People of African heritage were not defined as men, but chattel, or livestock.

And the flag of Dixie, the Confederate flag, has been denigrated as a symbol of slavery while slavery was imposed under “Old Glory” and practiced in the northern states long after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation ordered the release of slaves in southern states. Did you ever think about that? We don’t need any more constitutional amendments, we must DECLARE INDEPENDENCE from the lawyers and their legal definitions in the District of Criminals. They nullify the general principles America was founded upon pursuing minutia for political and economic gains, dismissing Natural Law, papering it over with complicated and devious writs and pieces.

We should say abortion is infanticide, a “fetus” an unborn human being and not a parasite. Why is it that it is a woman’s “freedom of choice” to kill her baby, but it is the man’s responsibility if she chooses to keep it? If a woman has a right to control her body, why is she is forced to take a vaccine or wear a seatbelt? Question authority–loudly!

Socialists only give us freedom of choice if we choose to degrade, corrupt, and injure ourselves in hedonistic undisciplined, ungodly ways that lack rhyme or reason, pursuing foolishness that will weaken and enslave us. Marxists lead us to conflicts foreign and domestic with blinders like beasts of burden destined for the glue factory. Jesus Christ is prohibited from the national holiday honoring Him, as is every logical choice leading to strong, healthy, independently prosperous people living in peace and harmony.

A sound republic is based on eternal principles of immutable truth, natural law. July 4th, Independence Day, we should remind everyone those fireworks are not just pretty sparkles in the sky. They commemorate the fiery battle that birthed our liberty! Our forefathers didn’t talk the British out of America, they shot ‘em!

The Hegelian Dialectic does not work when people are content and wise to the ways of Machiavellians. We must arouse the people to the truth of the trap. Politics is the art of compromise, and the politicians work diligently to compromise us all. Let’s just dismiss them. They create problems, derive their power in polarizing groups to play them off like pawns in chess games where they profit selling over-priced concessions to screaming crowds. If a few players or spectators get injured or killed, they care not. Our food stamps and TV are the modern equivalent of Roman “Bread and Circuses”. Like Rome, we have a preening psychopathic dictator and plutocratic senators in the box seats at the coliseum. Are you being served?–to lions?

Truth was declared to not be an obligation of news media in the whistleblower lawsuit of Jane Akre vs Fox News, ruled upon Feb. 14, 2003. The Florida Appeals Court agreed with Fox News, who asserted that it is not against the law to distort or falsify the news in the United States. (Surprised?) So we must convey truth independently for our own good.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” Christ is quoted saying in John 8:32. If truth leads to freedom, falsehoods imprison us. Governments all divide and conquer by scattering, or compartmentalizing, information, or specific facts, small truths, to obfuscate the big picture and eternal Truth with a BIG LIE constructed of many small deceits, while distracting us with smoke and mirrors. But this is not a fun house.

Historian William Lecky summed this up noting “Truth is scattered far and wide in small portions among mankind, mingled in every system with the dross of error, grasped perfectly by no one, and only in some degree discovered by the careful comparison and collation of opposing systems.” Thomas Jefferson stated “It is error alone that needs the support of government,” (which sets up opposing systems). “ Truth can stand by itself.“ II Timothy 2:15, advises us to “study to shew thyself approved unto God, a work-man that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Read widely, compare notes.

All real things have more than one facet, like a coin. We must know darkness to appreciate light, like two halves of a coded message. We must not feed from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but the root! It is not by choosing the branches right or left seeking twigs to find fruit, but by following the other way to the sustaining root. Christ said “I am the true vine”, in John 15:1. Apart from His truth, we who branched off choosing either this or that cannot find peace or life deciding the lesser of two evils, the carrots and sticks Satan uses to tempt or frighten us. Read John 15. In the vineyard, pruned branches are burned after harvest, but the root stock is secure in the land.

Government agents often say “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” Yet government hides everything, and must fear a great deal in a guilty conscience. The feds classify everything “secret” for “national security” and reserve the “right”, the “duty” to lie, cheat, steal, and kill… while we are compelled by law to reveal every detail of our lives with no privacy respected, to be truthful in every statement and waive all our God-given natural rights, allow ourselves to be deceived, defrauded, robbed, and killed. Their one sided presentations are like paper tigers. Let’s tear them up!

Mainstream media has lost credibility with the public and is almost totally owned and controlled by a handful of corporate interests with a fascist agenda. Have you ever noticed that defendants in high profile court cases are never allowed to tell their story to the public? Did you notice neither Timothy McVeigh nor Bernie Madoff gave any public testimony? Could it be their silence was protecting Big Brother? Did you know numerous court rulings are kept secret and not published in law books to protect government from being successfully tried on various issues? Newspapers are losing subscribers and TV networks are losing ratings. TV “news” has become infotainment, while the internet, with free access for everybody online, is driving the big boys nuts!

The common public, true patriots, eye witnesses, and those in the know, openly communicate with many diverse viewpoints and real timely news items fat cats prefer suppressed. The open public debate and free exchange of information is largely responsible for the gains made by patriots in the last 20 years, thanks to the World Wide Web. Free speech lubricates our human progress. Yes, there is dross mingled with truth, but we have choices–for now. Blog your concerns!

Obama will be given a “kill switch” for the internet. Senators Rockefeller and Lieberman are stumping for it, and I would be surprised if the usurper did not use it. So let’s consider the battle of words before he exercises “full spectrum dominance” as the Pentagon put it.

They probably won’t kill internet activity all at once, because it also carries a great deal of commerce and the government propaganda. Look for further curbs in “reform”, screens placed across the portals by corporate gate keepers. More fear. “Hate crimes“. If you find the internet not online someday, expect truckloads of excrement to be flying from many spinning blades because the hammer and sickle will be acting in a theatre near you. Look for wolves in uniform prancing across your property. So, keep your powder dry!

Copyright 2010 Liberty Defense League