The “Stink of Secession?”

July 20, 2010

Attacking Calhoun, The South, Nullification & Secession

courtesy SLM News

This awful rant of an article from the Huffington Post is full of stereotypes about evil White racist Southerners and their politics. It attacks secession, of course, as well as nullification and the South in general. The author, Richard Greener, seems to love the winner-take-all outcome of pure democracy because he refers to the minority as the “losers” and basically says they should have no rights (while Calhoun argued that in a Union of sovereign members the way to avoid conflict was through a concurrent majority or nullification). In other words and in Greener’s world, forty-nine percent of the population and the States should have no power to stop whatever tyrannical and unconstitutional act the Federal Government and the President wish to cram down our throats. Greener assaults John C Calhoun on numerous grounds, referring to him as “A Son of the South, slaveholder, racist, wealthy plantation owner” (which makes me wonder if that’s the way he describes Washington and Jefferson as well). One would would think from the tone of the article that Calhoun was Satan himself, or at least a powerful demon bent on human destruction.

Reading this horrible article you get the feeling that the “Progressive” statist-Left is scared. You can tell from the way they don’t try to debate the issues at hand but rather just call people names and insult concepts and people they know very little about in the first place. It would seem that this particular author is afraid of the concept of secession and breaking up his precious Obama-led Union. In the comments below the rant the zombies congratulate him on a wonderful article despite the fact that all he’s done is insult those he is opposed to. Personally, as distasteful as reading this long rant against the South is, I’m encouraged by it. Secession may still be a ways off, but it’s close enough to induce hateful attacks from the Left. We’ve definitely got these folks worried… and that at least brings a smile to my face.

(Your Faithful Editor’s Comments:

Poor Mr. Greener! He is desperate to be considered one of the ruling class. I can tell this by simply observing that he has not been able to offer even one original thought. The history written by the North has planted its flag in his gray matter, never to be challenged by an errant thought to the contrary. I’m chagrined to inform Mr. Greener that the “stink of secession” he thinks he smells is actually the rank odor of Washington as it continues to rot from within. Time will tell whose olifactory organ is more accurate.)