Secession and the Competition for Maximum Liberty

July 13, 2010

Today I want to give you a glimpse into a North American continent upon which many of the present US states secede from the Union and become sovereign nations.

In order for secession to be viable, the economy must collapse and the dollar must be rejected worldwide as reserve currency. Unfortunately, those events are just over our horizons, and even the mainstream media sees it coming.

I predict that only a handful of states will actually secede. Please God…prove me wrong. But I’m talking about the first wave of secession after the collapse of the American economy following the hyperinflation and collapse of the US Dollar. When Washington DC can no longer deliver what it promised, some states will declare their independence and leave the Union.

I predict these as first seceders:

1) Texas
2) Vermont
3) Arizona
4) Alaska
5) Hawai’i

I do not believe that ANY state is presently prepared to secede, nor do I believe or see any evidence that ANY state is making preparations for its own liberty. The Texas Nationalist Movement is a group of citizens valiantly promoting Texas independence, but the politicians in Austin are not. The Second Vermont Republic is running candidates in the next election, but much more needs doing. Arizona is getting hammered by the Obama Administration over immigration, and I wonder what they will do when (not if) some Federal Court rules against Arizona. Alaska has a vibrant secessionist movement, and the Palins used to be members. And Hawai’i has never forgotten that their royal family was overthrown by Washington, and they would like their nation back. Being 5,000 miles from DC doesn’t hurt their chances, either.

I believe that the rest of the states will meekly await their orders from the DC criminals. Martial law will likely be imposed upon them by Washington. It will last quite a while. That might be the final straw for some states, and more might secede. And please don’t think that it matters if a Democrat or Republican occupies the White House. No matter who is there, martial law is nearly a certainty.

But what will be happening in the seceding states?

We all hope that the United States Federal Government mimics the Soviet Union some more…and allows seceding states to part peaceably and without military confrontation. But, like the Balrog fire demon in “The Lord of the Rings,” the Feds will likely try to drag the seceding states down to perdition with it. See “Militias” below.

In the earliest days of the new nations, there will be only the state constitutions to use as a governing document. Whether that is better than nothing remains to be seen. A Constitutional Convention will be the best solution to create a new national government.

One of the most stark realities in the early days will be that people will be surprised and delighted to be able to live their lives without all of the overbearing government interference they are used to. People will not be paying US Federal Income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes. But Federal benefits will also evaporate.

Form of Governance

In the Archive, you can find articles about new forms of governance. I contend that a corporate form of governance is the best new idea for a new nation. Think about the competition between the seceded states, US States and other countries. The new nations will be influenced by the free market to create governments that protect individual liberty and property rights. The freest states will naturally attract the most business and the most liberty-minded individuals that want to relocate there.

Legal System

The new nations will jettison ALL U.S. laws, court decisions, precedents and statutes and start over with a clean slate. Fortunately, the states already had a court system and criminal statutes to use going forward. But throwing off the burden of the US legal system will be like breathing pure oxygen for new nations.

I recommend that ALL judgeships be elected positions…no lifetime appointments.


As we’ve discussed in A New Nation Without Taxes, no taxation needs to be enacted in a new nation because of the mind-boggling assets controlled by government. The new nation will start out with billions of dollars of assets on day one. Can you imagine a nation that does not tax its citizens? It can happen…it should happen.


Every US Federal regulation will cease functioning the moment that the state publishes a Declaration of Independence and an Ordinance of Secession. But think about the pressure there will be in every new nation to minimize regulation and maximize liberty. If any nation/state becomes too onerous with their regulation or taxes, their citizens and businesses can move to another state with greater liberties. Those from the US… or from any nation…wishing to relocate to a free North American state will be able to compare states for liberty and opportunity.


In most cases, the seceding states will share common borders with American states which are now in a foreign country. Some share a border with another foreign country, like Canada or Mexico. So border security will be an early issue. Militias can handle it.


Businesses won’t be the tax collector for Washington any more. Businesses will not suffer under Federal minimum wage laws, OSHA or the jillion regulations that stifle innovation. There will be no incentive for manufacturers to move their operations offshore. In fact, in the new nation with hard money and without burdensome taxation and tariffs, there will be a huge incentive for manufacturers to flock to that new nation. The free market will thrive and commerce will actually increase.

Monetary System

As we’ve written in the past, the first thing a new nation will have to do is to create a monetary system for their new nation. The bi-metallist gold and silver coin money system is the ONLY monetary system on the planet that 1) controls government spending, and 2) eliminates inflation. Any other system devised by man will eventually allow a government to inflate the money and steal from its citizens.

In the early days after secession, there will likely be some market disruption. You should expect the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve to shut off the money supply to banks in the seceded state. That means that the money supply of US dollars will be capped at that moment. There won’t be any more dollars from DC. So, it behooves the citizens and the new nation to establish their own money immediately so commerce may continue. But don’t worry…commerce will continue without a new government. Think about it. The US Dollar is only worth what a buyer and seller agree that its worth right now…that will likely not change except for the worse. In the new nation, no seller will be required to accept Federal Reserve notes as payment for debts. So, dollars could become entirely worthless overnight, but probably won’t. The gold and silver monetary system will spring forth out of necessity all on its own…without the blessing of the new nation. Smart businesses will facilitate gold and silver transactions. Egold and Esilver accounts will flourish. And prices will plunge as the US inflation is wrung out of the new national economy.


Militias…even hurriedly-formed militias…can be successful against US military through superior numbers and 4th Generation Warfare tactics. Add in the influence of the Oath Keepers, and the hard-wired reticence that any soldier will have to wage war on his own people…and you have some of the recipe for thwarting US forces on any new nation’s soil.

No new nation needs a standing army. If it has a shoreline, it might need a small naval contingent. But every new nation will need a “well-regulated militia.” Militias exist to defend a nation against invasion or tyranny from without. Militias don’t invade other countries. Militias can also be used to secure borders. Militias are comprised of every able-bodied adult over a certain age, such as age 18. The Swiss have had militias for over 700 years and been very successful defending their country.

In 1964, Ronald Reagan said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.” Mr. Reagan was wrong. The USA is not the last stand.

Secession is the last stand on earth.

In closing, watch this video by Texas Congressman Ron Paul about secession. Doctor Paul should be the default candidate for the first President of a New Texas.

Secession is the Hope for Mankind. Who will be first?

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