General Stanley McChrystal: What Did HE Expect? What Did YOU Expect?

July 1, 2010

Seems to be a lot of fuss about the General’s headshed (that means “debriefing”) in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine. I read the article. Did you…or did you just hear a lot of talking heads tell you how horrified they were about it?

First, a few observations are in order.

Let’s start with McChrystal’s resume. West Point graduate 1976. In 1978, he took Special Forces Officer training. Since then, he’s been continuously getting more and more training in Special Ops and Intelligence. In 1990 he deployed to Saudi Arabia as a Special Ops officer during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He commanded the 75th Ranger Regiment from 1997 to 1999, then did a stint as military fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations…you know…the globalist one-world government types.

He got his Brigadier General star on January 1, 2001. He commanded the Joint Special Operations Command for five years from ’03 to ’08. While there, he got his second star as Lieutenant General.

Special Ops guys are the elite of the elite. They do all the so-called “black ops” like assassination, sabotage, extortion, spying on allied countries or one’s own citizens, kidnapping, torture, trafficking in contraband items, false flag bombing, etc. Deniability is the lingua franca of the Special Ops community. Unconventional warfare is their stock in trade. They are the razor’s edge on the tip of the spear.

So, you must understand that McChrystal and his operators see themselves as a breed apart, even apart from the rest of the military. You can see the dedication to discipline and a Spartan lifestyle in his well-reported habit of only eating one meal a day, running 7-8 miles per day, and only sleeping about 4 hours per night.

In light of this kind of mindset, can you imagine that McChrystal might perceive EVERYONE outside the Black Ops community with a sense of condescension? They are Supermen, and function outside the law. Regular rules do not apply to them.

In the military, there are a few Warrior Generals. Most of the remaining flag officers are ticket-punchers…administrative generals who have never seen any combat. They have done their jobs and kept moving up the ladder. McChrystal would have no use whatsoever for administrative generals.

Then look at civilian politicians, and think how much contempt Black Ops warriors would hold toward them. They likely see them as conniving, compromising, cowardly criminals…which is exactly the correct view.

When McChrystal became a General in 2001, his Commander-In-Chief was George W. Bush, who had actually learned to fly fighter jets in the Texas National Guard. Here was someone he could at least tolerate, if not respect. At least this guy liked the military and got the US into a shooting war with LOTS of Special Ops work.

Then, along comes Barack Obama as President and CIC. The guy has never run ANYTHING in his whole life…a Chicago lawyer and a less-than-one-term US Senator…and now he’s president?

I cannot imagine any scenario in which McChrystal would feel and exhibit anything but contempt for Obama, his rookie staff and his smarmy Vice President. What could Obama possibly tell McChrystal about Black Ops and military matters?

What did the General expect by giving access to a reporter from a counterculture magazine? Did he not expect an anti-military bias? What possible upside could there have been for him? I suspect that McChrystal wanted the story out there so his perceptions about the Obama Administration were disseminated without him speaking them. After all, most of the article is quotes from his aides, not directly from the General. Perhaps he wanted to be relieved of command in Afghanistan.

And what did YOU expect from the General…especially after listening to the talking heads in the mainstream media? You might have thought the General ripe for court-martial, and he might have qualified. But the General RAN the Black Ops in the war theaters. He knows the secrets the government doesn’t want known. He may or may not get another command, but he won’t get spanked. He’ll likely just retire with a General’s generous pension. Then he can become a military consultant and REALLY make the big money.

I’ve written this article to sort of think the story through with my keyboard. It has helped me to understand how this modern warrior might think. Whether you agree with me…or whether you and I agree with him is irrelevant.

Just remember that the story broke while Obama was ass-deep in the Gulf Spill disaster, and getting criticized from both sides for ineptitude. A story like this is carefully crafted for maximum effect. Don’t kid yourself that the White House hadn’t seen this article before it was released to the public. Calling McChrystal to the White House was jolly good theater. Not firing him showed Obama’s spine deficiencies.

Gee…what will happen next?

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