July 31, 2010

Who’s Hiding What and Why

by Fred Reed

Two ways exist of looking at Wikileaks, the site that publicizes secret military documents and videos. The first is held self-interestedly by the Pentagon and by Fox News, the voice of an angry lower-middle class without too much education. These believe that Wikileakers are traitors, haters of America, who give aid and comfort to the enemy and endanger the lives of Our Boys.

Implicit in the Foxian view is a vague idea that the leaks give away important—well, stuff. You know, maybe frequencies of something or other, or locations of ambushes or, well, things. Important things. The Taliban will use this information to kill American soldiers. The notion is vague, as are those who hold it, but emotionally potent.

The other view, held usually by people who have some experience of Washington, is that the Pentagon is worried not about the divulging of tactical secrets, but about public relations. Wikileaks doesn’t endanger soldiers, insists this way of looking at things, but the war itself, and all the juiceful contracts and promotions and so on entailed by wars.

Which is obvious if you look at what the military (the president, remember, is commander-in-chief) actually does. Remember the military’s frantic efforts to suppress the photos of torture at Abu Ghraib, photos of prisoners lying in pools of blood while grinning girl soldiers play with them? These had zero tactical importance. They did however threaten to arouse the Pentagon’s worst enemy.

The American public.

In recent decades the military has almost achieved its wettest dream, the separation of wars from the American population. The fielding of a small volunteer army prevents the riots on campus that helped to end the adventure in Asia long ago. “Embedding” reporters with combat units pretty much prevents coverage that might upset people. The media for whatever reasons are now complicit, declining to air what really happens on the ground. All of this allows ghastly behavior, which is what wars always produce, to go forward with little opposition.

Ah, but leaks, YouTube, holes in the wall of silence—these pose real threats to the flow of contracts.

If you don’t think that contracts—money—have a great deal to do with wars, reflect that all those hundreds of billions of dollars end up in pockets, and those pockets do not belong to soldiers. Makers of body armor, boots, ammunition, helicopters, on and on, are rolling in gravy. All this half-watched loot flows in cataracts at the price of at most sixty dead American kids a month (and lots of brain-damaged droolers, but what the hey). A bargain. Afghans don’t count.

Note that the Pentagon’s orchestrated screaming has not been about technical data that might in fact get GIs killed, but about revelation of the ugly things the US is doing to people. Consider the footage of an American helicopter gunship killing pedestrians in a city street, and apparently having just a swell time doing it. This didn’t reveal military secrets. But it showed the gusnip crew as the butchers they are. Bad juju for the military. PR is all.

The pattern holds. Remember when the White House furiously suppressed video of torture? The Taliban would have garnered no tactically devastating details. But men screaming, choking, crying, bleeding, begging—even the patriotic might gag.

Why are the fun and games at Guantanamo kept secret? Watching a man die under torture does not make it easier for the Taliban to ambush Marines. In no way would it endanger American forces. But it would endanger the war. The golden goose.

Then there was the photo of the hideously wounded and dying GI that was (miraculously) published in the New York Times. SAD Robert Gates (Secretary of Alleged Defense) said that the publication was “irresponsible.” Oh? How so? The Taliban could have gotten no militarily useful pointers from seeing an expanse of red gushing meat (the leg looked to have been nearly severed). But people in Kansas might look and think twice about the war.

The whole profitable circus rides on keeping things abstract. The war isn’t children looking at their entrails in brief puzzlement as they bleed to death. (Just what do you think happens when you bomb a village?) No. It is about Islamo-fascism, the Gates of Vienna, national security, the War on Terror, and it is done with precision weapons that kill only the evil ones.

Remember when Bush II forbade the photographing of coffins coming back into Dover AFB (I think it was)? That lamentable president said the prohibition was to “protect the privacy” of the dead. (The inside of an anonymous coffin isn’t private?) Those photos contained no military information—but they could have made the public think. Bad. Very bad.

The Taliban can keep the war going, which is fine for the military, but they can’t end it. The American public could. No more contracts.

Can you think of a single instance in which the information to be revealed was of military value? The detailed workings of an IED detector? The name of a Talibani secretly working with the US? The date and place of an attack by a team of Special Forces? Or is the suppression always aimed at keeping Americans in the dark?

There is of course a great deal to hide in any war, but particularly in one such as that in Afghanistan. In any guerrilla war, the soldiers quickly come to hate the locals. In Afghanistan, as in Viet Nam, virtually no American speaks the language, the “intelligence” outfits are clueless, the troops don’t really care who they kill, and pilots bomb according to their own or some intel weenie’s guess as to who they see on the ground. Atrocities, intended or not, occur daily. All of this has to be lied about, concealed, papered over. Concealed from the American public, I mean. The Afghans already know about it.

It works. A decade into the war, Fox cheerleads onward, interviewing former CIA thisses and military thats, generating a warm glow of togetherness aimed perhaps more at liberals than at the Islamo-whatevers. The Wickileakers are putting Our Boys in danger as they risk their lives for Freedom and Democracy.

Next to sex, the strongest human instinct seems to be to form groups and hate other groups. I have long suspected that the bulk of humanity has more glands than neurons. It never changes. I need a drink.

©2010 Fred Reed

Churchill Heir Describes Mission to End the USA: An interview with Jonathan Sandys

July 30, 2010


On July 20, Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) reporter Anton Chaitkin interviewed Jonathan Sandys (pronounced “sands”), Winston Churchill’s great-grandson and a representative of the Churchill family. Sandys moved to the United States in 2008 at age 33, married a Texan, and set up the Churchill’s Britain Foundation in Houston in 2009.

Chaitkin phoned Sandys after viewing LPAC-TV’s Monday OTC of Sandys’ speech at a meeting of the Clear Lake (Texas) Tea Party, in which he urged the secession of Texas from the United States.

Sandys told Chaitkin that he has been interested in the breakup of the United States since moving to Texas. He has met several times with Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has suggested that Texas could secede.

Sandys said Perry plans to visit England and install a plaque at the site of the Texas embassy — which the state has maintained in England ever since gaining independence from Mexico in the 1840s.

“You may well see a repeat of 1861,” Sandys said, the launching of the war of secession, the American Civil War. He said Obama’s U.S. government is alienating the allegiance of the states, and indicated that should “38 states” (where he indicates there are secession movements) decide to utilize their Constitutional right to secede, the British will heartily welcome them into a special friendship.

“If Texas leads the way and goes out,” he said, “Britain will establish a new special relationship with Texas. This will be in writing,” as opposed to the special relationship with the USA that was only informal. “In fact, Texas already has its own long established special relationship with Britain,” he assured EIR.

Sandys described the real welcome that Anglophilic Texans have given him, as a representative and spokesman for the Churchills. He said he had frequently seen Pamela Harriman, former daughter-in-law of Winston Churchill who later married Averell Harriman, when she was in England for Churchill family get-togethers.

Jonathan Sandys’ mission in the USA reflects his family’s long history of “America handling.” Winston Churchill, himself the grandson of Wall Street speculator/New York Times owner Leonard Jerome, took over managing Harry Truman after Franklin Roosevelt’s death.

Duncan Sandys, grandfather of Jonathan Sandys, married Winston Churchill’s daughter Diana in 1935. The next year, as a Tory Party member of Parliament, Duncan Sandys spoke in favor of Nazi Germany’s right to take over Central Europe, in line with the trans-Atlantic Astor family’s “Cliveden Set” pro-fascism.

Duncan Sandys served successively as Britain’s Secretary of State for Commonwealth Affairs and Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1960 through the assassination of President John Kennedy, into 1964. He was a trustee with David Astor of the Parliamentary Group for World Government and World Security Trust.

In 1972 Sandys became chairman of the Tiny Roland/Royal Family company, London and Rhodesia Mining Company (“LONRHO”), stalwartly supporting colonial Rhodesia’s white ruler Ian Smith against the efforts of blacks for majority rule.

Jonathan Sandys told the EIR interviewer that he was unfamiliar with British reporter and intelligence figure Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. But Sandys’ eager involvement in internal USA secession politics reflects and continues the operations of Evans-Pritchard when he was stationed here as a London Telegraph correspondent in the 1990s.

Using scandals against President Bill Clinton, Evans-Pritchard agitated for anti-government action by networks connected to private militia movements he himself promoted and helped organize. (Evans-Pritchard’s “militia” agent Jon Roland is currently the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Attorney General of Texas.)

The Time is Now

July 29, 2010

by David McElroy

(Editor’s Note: The time may be now, but the timing is not yet right. States will not secede until there is no other choice. The present crop of politicians will react rather than act. That right there should disqualify them from participating in the new nation formed by secession.)

I had wanted to encourage you to use citizens’ initiatives to place the issue of secession on the ballots in those states allowing such initiatives. I hoped to suggest a novel way to use the opportunity as I did in launching such an initiative with the Arizona Breakfast Club back in 1999. I sought to bring many facts suppressed in mainstream media to the public by including them in the text of the initiative printed on the ballot for voters to consider. I did not “play to win”, I sought to inform. (Secretary of State Betsy Bayless signed the petition.) I also desire to see our Communist-in-Chief, Barack Obama, soon impeached for treason, as Tom Tancredo is urging. Gov. Brewer in the Arizona Republic now has grounds to sue Obama on multiple counts. It is good to use the tools available.

But it is far too late, I fear. If Obama continues using that old Marxist playbook from the 1930’s, he may find an excuse to declare martial law and suspend upcoming elections. If the elections are anything near honestly reflecting the will of voters, the Democrats are going to lose their majority stranglehold on Capitol Hill. Obama wouldn’t want to lose his red rubber stamp for his socialist agenda. Martial law would be his next logical step in his endgame. As many of you know, much of the communist agenda is already instituted in American government.

What are we waiting for? We seem to be experiencing the destruction of America, our culture, our homes, ourselves, much like those surreal slow-motion perceptions we have just before the big car crash that we remember when we wake up in the hospital. Or the great beyond. We see it coming, but feel helpless to stop it. People keep asking: “When?” When will we know it is time to act against the corruption pervasive in all government offices, corporations, institutions, even our churches and homes? THE TIME IS NOW!

Those of us who have been studying the transformations in America, aptly characterized as a Marxist Cultural Revolution, have reviewed history and compared notes. We know Americans are being beaten down in what might be considered “our turn” in the “Urban Renewal” plan that bulldozes existing nations to build socialist ones in the red architect’s rendering. Who is the architect? How can we stop the demolition while we yet have any grounds to stand upon? We see the staged puppet Obama, and rightly wish to cut his strings and cast him from the bully pulpit in the District of Criminals. But wise patriots know there is much more to do as we’ve noticed always “the new boss is same as the old boss!”…and worse! It is time to secede from the Federal Union of Criminals Unlimited!

Tyranny can be overcome. The Soviet Union collapsed in a day, as did the not-so-holy Roman Empire, and the communist dictatorship of Romania. Long suffering Romanian people finally revolted in 1989 when tyrant Nicolae Ceausescu laid the last straw upon their miserable backs. The masses had long been seething in anger and pain, building to a critical mass of awareness of the enemy. They stormed Ceausescu’s presidential palace, hauled him and his wife out back after an impromptu citizens’ tribunal, and shot them dead. Romanians rejoiced in spontaneous revolutionary relief, a movement not planned.

Now, the red architect: Luciferian Lord Evelyn Rothschild. The evil Rothschild banking empire has been the driving force in western nations for about 250 years. The Rothschild family is estimated to command $500 TRILLION, about half the entire wealth of our planet! They are the people commanding central banks, who financed the crowned heads of Europe. They underwrote the US Civil War and other conflicts, on both sides! (1.) The name Rothschild means a “red shield”, which frames the family crest. The banksters tie us up in “red tape”.

They are Freemasons who worked long to bring about the modern socialist state of Israel in 1948 upon the earlier Balfour agreement. Ben Gurion, in 1948 founding ceremonies, declared Israel was created “to advance the cause of International Socialism.” The object was to capture the riches of the Muslims not practicing western usery. Baron Rothschild “graciously” donated Israel’s Supreme Court building…providing that he had complete control of the design and construction. This entire courthouse incorporates many Masonic features in architecture and symbols. (2.) Masonic texts identify Lucifer as their god, the light of the Illuminati. Beware!

“Centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly” is the 5th Plank of the 1848 Communist Manifesto. A “heavy progressive tax” was also in the plan for debt slavery. Did you know that in signing up for Social Security you were contractually agreeing to be liable for a portion of the national debt, collateral for government – chattel up for lien? (3.) Are we livestock? (5.)

The Rothschilds have bankrolled socialist revolutions around the world. They financed Karl Marx, and Engels too. These facts are well documented, and I know most reading are well aware of such issues. Read Revelation and the Rothschild connection written by Anne Wilder Chamberlain. (4.) The banksters are ALWAYS behind developments, just like in your hometown. Those few nations the US is calling “pariah” states, like North Korea, Iran, Somalia, and other Muslim states, Cuba, Venezuela, etc, are countries not yet subservient to the Euro/American banking system. Of course, they face economic and diplomatic sanctions and lethal military forces. The Rothschilds, Windsors, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Lazards, et al, will see to that. They make the Mafia look like penny-ante amateurs. Al Capone said “One lawyer with a briefcase can steal more money than twenty men with guns,“ and wanted badly to be a “legitimate businessman”. Many gangsters are now banksters! We can see the Chicago influences at work in the White House! They were movin’ on up to the east side!

“How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?”, posed George Orwell in his book 1984. “By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation…Progress in our world will be progress towards more pain.” Our poverty is part of the plan. Do not expect economic relief from the banksters. They received hundreds of billions in taxpayer bailouts citing a dearth of mortgage payment income that could have been used to relieve mortgage holders with the money still ending up in the banks. Banks received the payments, but mortgage holders, taxpayers all, are still on the hooks, like sides of beef. The bankers collect double! Madoff was a scapegoat, small potatoes compared to those still ruling Wall Street.

For a shocking list of detailed references citing actual laws, treaties, and court cases that outline the reality of our oppression and false education, read This Is The Real Matrix. (5.) It will help you understand why courts are not going to help us find justice.

For a truly scholarly and well documented tome on the bankster’s New World Order plan, detailing The Function of Poverty, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Free Trade Agreements, Open Borders, The Environmental Movement, War as a Means of Planned Waste, Criminalizing Society, and inflicted Disease, see Michael Nield’s 2004 website for a thorough briefing. (6.)

The banking industry is the global network being used by the trillionaires and billionaires of the world to defraud, exploit, control, and even destroy us, the working class people of every nation. As patriarch Meyer Amschel Rothschild declared long ago, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes it laws.” He who has the gold rules!

The Rothschild, Morgan, Windsor, Warburg and Rockefeller banks, in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve in 1913, finally succeeded in controlling America’s money by twisting the few arms on Capitol Hill at that hour to institute the Federal Reserve Bank system. They had been trying to do this ever since Alexander Hamilton’s efforts. The British launched the War of 1812 due to Hamilton’s failure with legislation to preserve the Crown’s banking control. The few US presidents who have fought banks have suffered assassination like Harding, Lincoln or Kennedy, or attempts to kill them, like Jackson. They encountered threats, blackmail, financial and political ruin, and unfavorable reviews in many a “history“ text. (7.)

Do you recall the TV show Alias, starring Jennifer Garner? A big Swiss banking firm was the site of major covert intelligence activities of both the CIA and rogue criminal “black ops” secreted in the bank’s secure basement. Did you know that banks really do function hand-in-glove with intelligence agencies…that thru these agencies banksters direct governments and not the other way around? Why Switzerland is “neutral”?

Patrick Wood, respected author of Trilaterals Over Washington, outlined the hegemony in Global Banking: The Bank For International Settlements. (4.) He revealed shocking and little-known facts about big-league central bankers. Did you know Ben Bernanke has complete diplomatic immunity, the same status as an ambassador who is exempt from being screened or searched in airports? All the big central bankers enjoy this high level of privileged protection under international law. Remember, these “Captains of Industry” are behind the transnational corporations and international or socialist New World Order….a complete tyranny to be imposed globally with a “cashless society”. Christians relate this with the Bible‘s “Mark of the Beast”. The big banks’ buildings are also exempt with the same status as an embassy off limits to law enforcement not specifically invited. Wood’s landmark work is a “must read“. (8.)

Remember also that the banks have highly secure encrypted data transmission facilities routed thru satellites the intelligence agencies find quite handy. The scenario presented in Alias is not far-fetched nor unreal. The Federal Reserve Bank must be taken down, as Ron Paul urges. The 99 year charter for the Federal Reserve Bank expires with the year 2012. Expect the banksters to squeeze us to death in the next two years before pitchforks and torches arrive on their doorsteps!

The Federal reserve Bank is privately owned by about 300 stockholders, sometimes called the “Committee of 300”. The Queen of England holds a major stake. It is neither federal nor having reserves. It just invents “money” with ledger entries and lends the “money” to the US Treasury to print at about 1.5 cents per bill regardless of denomination. And then charges interest we are expected to pay. It is like musical chairs. When the music stops and the bills come due, somebody loses their chair. The bankers don’t care who loses, as long as more keep losing, just like a farmer might grab any handy chicken for his dinner table. The bankers operate government as their corporate franchise, and Uncle Sam cares for us the way Colonel Sanders cares for chickens! Hide your nest eggs! Keep your head, run for your life!

Our enemy uses carrots and sticks to drive us like beasts of burden. Stop responding to them. Cut your losses and run! We must secede to succeed and stop the usury and wage slavery of a fractional banking system designed to separate us from real wealth like a casino parts a gambling fool and his money. Stop betting against “the house” and stop playing a rigged game that only increases our debt to “the mob“ and prolongs our suffering! The fascist, or corporate, state only caters to corporate interests, and we the people are just grist for the bloody mill. Stop feeding the Beast!

We must “go off grid”, begin bartering for more goods and services, cultivate gardens and stock our cupboards. Creating local currencies is good. Churches should step up to the plate with “safety nets” for their people. The collapse is coming because America is scheduled for demolition by the elite “Committee of 300” who are engineering the death of freedom. It will be the most traumatic catastrophe ever experienced in America. While communist China is receiving investments and lauded as the model state for the New World Order!

Stocking gold and silver to retain the value of real money is great. But if you don’t also invest in brass and lead you may find you can’t keep your precious metals! Remember FDR simply made possessing gold a crime and agents were sent to banks and homes to seize it.

The feds do not care how we feel or what we think. There is plenty of evidence elections are rigged, especially with electronic machines. Government officials do not even pretend to be honest, representative, or accountable anymore. The only thing government cares about is our continuing to obey, work, pay, and surrender quietly. We must exercise the power of civil disobedience, declare general strikes, refuse to pay, and take to the streets in mass protests they cannot ignore. We desire a peaceful revolution to restore freedom to these united states and must turn the tide with tactics to expose the evil spewing from the District of Criminals. We must be bold. The cost of acting now is always less than the cost of acting later, as many in Nazi Germany learned. We must now roll up our sleeves and take our lumps before we have no chance at all. The children will thank us for it.

The US government is a predator…and we are the prey! Revolution must come. The center can not hold, corruption always fails. We must secede to succeed. Return to the Spirit of ‘76! Live free or die!

Recommended References:

(1.) The Rothschilds & The Civil War, an excerpt from Descent Into Slavery, written by Des Griffin – found at

(2.) Sinister Sites – Israel Supreme Court by Vigilant with photos. See

(3.) Federal Reserve -The Enemy of America at by G. Edward Griffin, Anthony Wayne, Greg Hobbs, James F. Montgomery, etc.

(4.) Revelation and the Rothshild connection by Anne Wilder Chamberlain published in April 2009 edition of The Idaho Observer – (I dispute the post-millenial theology here, but good references on Rothschild)

(5.) This Is The Real Matrix at replete with citations of legal matters documenting how The Whole Thing Is A Pack Of Lies we have been taught.

(6.) The Economy, chapter 7 of Police State Planning by Michael Nield, 2004 – website

(7.) Link: for history of US presidents who fought central banking schemes.

(8.) Global Banking: The Bank For International Settlements by Patrick Wood and archived at News With Views.

David McElroy is a semi-retired soldier for Christ fighting for Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All. He has served as journalist covering local and state government, a newspaper editor and broadcast newsman. He has served as a chaplain to nursing homes and hospitals, and enlisted in the “Black Regiment” rallied by Pastor Chuck Baldwin. McElroy resides in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Copyright 2010 Liberty Defense League

Dear Rush Limbaugh:

July 28, 2010

I began to listen to you back in 1991…back when I was a rock-ribbed Christian Conservative Republican. Back then, my work schedule allowed me to listen to you every day, most days all three hours of your program. I could not get enough. You said all the things that I wanted to say…all of the things no one else dared to utter.

Then, in 1992, I moved to Cobb County, Georgia, into Newt Gingrich’s Congressional District. I joined the Cobb County Republican Party, the strongest Republican county party of Georgia. To me and to the other members, you were like a rock star. Then the Gingrich “Contract With America” swept Newt and others into leadership in 1994. Those were heady days in the 6th Congressional District of Georgia.

But I quickly became disillusioned by that close proximity to power. It became quite clear that the new Republican majority was only interested in consolidating power and controlling the Federal checkbook. During this time, I was reading Hayek, Spooner, Thomas Paine, Blackstone, The Federalist Papers, de Tocqueville, Bastiat…even Sun Tzu’s Art of War. I read everything I could find about history and the Constitution. The more I read, the more I could see the Republicans moving away from the Constitution.

So, I left the Republican Party and found the Libertarians. They seemed to have answers for all the deepest questions. But soon I discovered that they, too, were only seeking money and power. They simply wanted to supplant the Republicans and get their hands on the Federal checkbook. Plus, as Libertarians were more dedicated to liberty, they were also not prone to either compromise or cooperation. So organizing Libertarians is like herding cats.

I’ve kept reading and studying, and have moved into what could be known as Anarcho-Capitalism. I even took a break from listening to you for a few years, since my perception of you was that you became a caricature of yourself. I was also no longer interested in hearing the Republicans defended when the Party had clearly abandoned classical liberalism…the foundation for Conservatism.

For over a year now, I have been writing a blog entitled I have been following the growing secessionist movement in the United States.

And lately, I’ve been listening again. During the week of July 19th, you dedicated an entire program to the American Spectator article by Angelo M. Codevilla entitled ”America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution.”

Your comments on that day, and all the days since…show me that the Codevilla article was a kind of epiphany for you. You seem to have moved philosophically from support for the Ruling Class to the Country Class. And you agree that both Republicans and Democrats comprise that Ruling Class, and the Country Class is on the outside looking in. The Country Class and the Ruling Class hate each other, and will never able to come together.

I understand how excruciating it can be come to the realization that deeply-held beliefs must be cast aside. I am still making that journey, and I perceive that you are making that journey also.

You seem to be facing the realization that the American Federal Government, run by the Ruling Class, can never be fixed. Then you expressed the opinion that the Republicans are as threatened by the Tea Parties as the Democrats, since it is outsiders versus insiders.

But at this point, you still seem to think that the solution lies in electoral victories. You still preach that voters should fire the bums in Washington and replace them with more principled men and women who will keep their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution.

Mr. Limbaugh, the Constitution created the US Federal Government. The Federal Government is being operated exactly as the Framers intended it to operate. The US Constitution was designed to be ambiguous, to protect the Federal government from the citizens, and to perpetuate the Federal government into the future.

Further, the US Constitution has no legal standing. It is neither contract nor treaty. Though it may wish to be a perpetual pact, it cannot legally be handed from one dying generation to another without a legal document signed by all parties. I don’t know about you, Sir, but no one has ever asked me to execute a legal document in which I accept subjugation to the US Federal Government.

You are a very intelligent man, blessed with a keen mind and a rapier wit. You MUST be alarmed by the apparent and obviously irreparable state of the United States. You comment on the hopelessness of ever paying off the Federal debt load. You note the actions of foreign nations as they struggle with their own fiat currencies, and carefully try to sell off US Treasury debt while it still has nominal value. You comment that the Middle East wars are interminable and unwinnable.

Fixing Washington is a hopeless, quixotic quest, destined for abject failure.

Mr. Limbaugh, there is only one hope for mankind. There exists only one solution to the breathtaking tyranny being visited upon America by its own Federal Government.

That hope…that solution…is Secession.

I see you, Sean Hannity, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Neal Boortz, Mark Levin and most other talk radio hosts all valiantly trying to rally Americans to be properly horrified by the events happening all around us each day. (Mike Church seems to stand alone screaming for secession.) But that’s where it seems to end. We are bombarded by you folks with the myriad symptoms of the deadly disease, but the best cure for the disease is never tendered to us. It’s almost as if the name of this cure cannot be spoken…kind of like the name of Voldemort in the Harry Potter books or Sauron in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

There is a cure that is readily available. Secession is the cure for statism and Federalism.

Why is secession the new third rail of politics? Why is there such a noticeable silence about secession?

The new cure-of-the-day is the concept of Nullification. Books are being written about nullification by Harvard-educated scholars like Thomas Woods. Organizations like the Tenth Amendment Center and Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty get all excited about nullification as if it is the new cure for cancer on the body politic. But Nullification begins with the premise that there is a substantive benefit to maintaining the Union. Then it naively posits that Washington will not resist nullification, rather would simply obey the wishes of the States.

Some are on a quest for a Constitutional Convention, believing that if We The People could just rewrite the Constitution, the Ruling Class would cease to rule.

Mr. Limbaugh, I do not see you in those new camps. But I still see you in the camp that believes that electoral victories will be sufficient to rein in Washington’s unchecked power. The Republicans and Democrats are the right and left wings of a dreadful bird of prey named Tyranny. Trading out old feathers in the wings of the Ruling Class for new feathers still maintains the Ruling Class. The bird still flies and still preys on the American people.

Secession seeks no overthrow of the United States, desires no further amendment, begs no permission. It is the embodiment of the natural law of freedom of association.

Secession instantly ends the tyranny coming from Washington to the seceding state. They are no longer subject to paying Washington’s bills, servicing its debt, obeying its draconian laws and regulations and bowing their knees to DC.

I suspect that the reason that talk radio and talk TV will not whisper the name of secession is that your employers consider secession “a bridge too far.” The main stream media still wishes to be blessed by the Ruling Class, and secession is a direct threat to the Ruling Class. Further, those in Washington who grant you access to power might rescind that access if you were to even begin discussing secession as a viable alternative to Federalism and the status quo. They might even consider you to be a threat to America, and label you a domestic terrorist. Then, advertisers from Corporate America might withhold advertising dollars, especially the advertisers who also suck at the Federal teat.

Perhaps that is the real reason. If the main stream media even began discussing secession, they could be placing ad revenue at risk. To actually promote secession as the only hope for liberty on the North American continent could be too risky.

I can think of no other reasons why secession is not discussed in an open and honest fashion. Secession is a big, revolutionary idea. Why not look at it from all sides? If secession has flaws, trot them out for all to see. If secession is not possible, prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But don’t cower in fear at its mere mention.

I hold hope in my heart that you will be a man of principle who is honest within his own heart, Mr. Limbaugh. You hold sway over a gigantic American audience, and I’m sure you are keenly aware of the responsibility that comes with that.

A good friend of mine once expressed to me his frustration with American politics and the events that bombarded him daily from the air waves. I will say to you what I told him:

Stop thinking nationally. Think locally. Act locally.

In 1964, Ronald Reagan said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.” Mr. Reagan was wrong. The USA is not the last stand.

Secession is the last stand on earth for individual liberty. Who will be first?

Russell D. Longcore

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Secession and Ockham’s Razor

July 27, 2010

Ockham’s Razor is the principle that “entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity” (entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem). The popular restatement of this principle is that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

William of Ockham was a 14th-century English logician that came up with this principle. The term razor refers to the act of shaving away unnecessary theories to get to the simplest explanation.

So today we’re going to look at secession and compare it to the other solutions presented by various modern thinkers and writers.

The Articles of Confederation

We should begin this discussion with thirteen new sovereign North American nations in 1781. They decided that they wanted to be a confederacy of thirteen sovereign nations. The Articles of Confederation (AOC) were ratified that year, but had been sent to the various new nations for review as early as 1777. That tells us that the colonies, due to the words of the Declaration of Independence, considered themselves free and independent States, and were fighting the British prior to ratification of the AOC. The war did not end until 1783.

The Articles of Confederation acknowledged and guarded the sovereignty of each new nation, and created the United States of America as an errand boy…sort of a property management company, designed to do the bidding of the principals. The USA was funded by the several State legislatures. The AOC formed a Congress of only one house, the unicameral legislature. The USA only existed as a Committee of the States when the Congress was not in session. And, alteration of the AOC had to be approved “in Congress assembled” and ratified by ALL thirteen States.

The AOC was pretty simple and required no Bill of Rights. After ratification in 1781, the United States was ineffective until 1787. The weakness of the AOC was intended to protect the sovereignty of the States. Consequently there were lots of disputes between States…primarily about commerce between the States…that the United States was unable to settle. Then Shay’s Rebellion occurred in Massachusetts (Massachusetts politicians deserved it), and many made calls for a stronger government. Thomas Jefferson refused to be alarmed by the rebellion, and uttered the famous quote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

So, for a confederation of thirteen sovereign States who wanted to be a bigger nation, the Articles of Confederation were the simplest solution. But malevolent men brushed it aside for a new government with nearly unlimited powers.

The US Constitution

The Philadelphia Convention of 1787 was organized and held under the premise of amending the AOC to settle the ongoing trade disputes between the States. But the more radical leaders like Alexander Hamilton pledged to entirely rewrite the AOC into a new Constitution for a nation with overarching power, setting the stage to subsume the States under a strong central government. (For a detailed history of the Constitutional Convention, read “Hologram of Liberty,” by Kenneth W. Royce.)

Perhaps you didn’t know that, of the 55 delegates to the Philadelphia Convention, only eight had signed the Declaration of Independence. Men like Sam Adams, Thomas Paine and Christopher Gadsden were not even chosen. Patrick Henry refused to sign the Constitution, saying, ”I smelt a rat.”

As Lysander Spooner wrote in his epic “No Treason,” “The Constitution has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.”

The US Constitution was a quiet coup d’etat. It established the foundation for an uncontrollable and unaccountable central government. The seeds sown in 1789 are now a maturing crop of crushing taxation, relentless regulation and unchecked tyranny. The US Constitution was designed to be ambiguous, to protect the Federal government from the citizens, and to perpetuate the Federal government into the future. Everything that is touched by the Constitution, and the Federal Government created by it, is part and parcel of its ability to enslave. One cannot be separated from the other. Reform is impossible. The Federal Government that has grown like a cancer on the American population is now so complicated…so ubiquitous…that it cannot be controlled. Ironically, even the Federal Government cannot now control its own growth. And like a cancer, soon the Federal government and its Constitution will consume its host…we Americans…and it will die.

So Ockhams’ Razor cannot be used to shave away the unworkable and unmanageable bureaucracies of the Constitution and its whelp, Washington, DC…any more then a close shave separates one from the pigment of one’s skin. The Constitution created the Federal Government. They have both played their roles exactly as intended by the Framers. The corruption and tyranny is genetically designed into the Constitution.


Nullification begins with two preconceptions: (1) that there is a compelling reason and some unknown, unstated benefit for states to remain in the Union; and (2) that states and “we the People” retain power not delegated to the US. But the Tenth Amendment phrase, “nor prohibited by it to the States,” usually goes unmentioned. In order for states to nullify Federal law, states must have the ability to enforce their own will. By ratifying a Constitution authorizing the Federal government to collect taxes directly from the people, and power to control the state militias, and by giving the Federal government the power to coin money, the states willingly sold themselves into slavery to the United States.

It is common for slaves to groan under the weight of the oppression of their masters. But slaves who have no money of their own and no weapons to defend themselves can only balefully sing “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen”…while they continue to obey the Master.

Applying Ockham’s Razor to nullification shows the simplest explanation: Nullification is only possible if the slavemaster allows it. (Remember the Federal REAL ID Act?) Any time that the slavemaster resists nullification and moves to punish the slave for resistance, it will lay the lash to the back of the slave without mercy.

The Constitutional Convention

Many today call for a “ConCon.” They optimistically propose that if we can only rewrite the Constitution, “We The People” can bring the Federal Government under control once again. Those hopeful folks must not have read the old Constitution and the method whereby it can occur. The deck is stacked in favor of “the house.” In Article V, it states that two-thirds of the state legislatures (34 states) must apply for a ConCon, or that both houses of Congress must approve of the ConCon by a two-thirds majority. A ConCon opens the Constitution to any amendment or to be entirely rewritten. Then, whatever is produced by the ConCon must be ratified by three-fourths of the State legislatures (38 states).

Why would two-thirds of the ruling class in Congress voluntarily open themselves to being fired? They already have all the power. There is no benefit to Congress to participate in a ConCon. And to think that 34 states would agree to a ConCon, and then that 38 states would ratify a new Constitution, is naivete writ large. So, Ockham’s Razor, applied to the ConCon, leads us to the conclusion that the states are too inured to the US Constitution to change it.

Election Victories and the Two-Party System

Most Americans still believe in elections. Most Americans still believe in the two-party system; roughly 40% are Republicans, 40% are Democrats. They faithfully trot to the polls whenever they are told to. But there is no quorum…no minimum number at which an election is made null and void. So if only three votes are counted, someone will win. Ockhams’ Razor applied to elections tells us that elections are intrinsic to the Constitution and the Federal Government’s system. To continue voting is to perpetuate the system, but cannot abolish or amend it.

Secession and Sovereignty

Any entity subject to the US Constitution must play by its rules. That includes the US Federal Government and the serf states. Ockham’s Razor will indicate that any effort to reform the United States cannot succeed, since remaining a part of the system requires slavish obedience to it. Voting in Federal elections only mollifies the voter and makes him believe his vote matters. Nullification cannot be successful since the States cannot enforce it.

The only solution…the simplest solution…is Secession. Secession makes nullification, Constitutional Conventions and Federal election victories irrelevant. It removes a State from the dictates and tyranny of the Constitution and the United States Federal Government. It seeks no overthrow, desires no further amendment, begs no permission. It is the embodiment of the natural law of freedom of association.

The only solution to the darkness of tyranny is the sunlight of secession.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Tactics to Turn the Tide, Part 3

July 25, 2010

by David A. McElroy

Again July 4th has passed without another American Revolution. What can we do now to give impetus to regain independence within our God-given rights? I will suggest specific tactics to deal with the federal beast today. But, as we consider tactics to turn the tide in the battle for freedom, there are some largely overlooked matters to question. You are invited to participate with your observations and suggestions.

While our Gadsden flags boldly warn “Don’t tread on me!”, we must watch where we are treading. We outnumber the enemy, but the foe is in the catbird seat, a big ugly spider in the information web of wires it has spun to entrap all of us with our buzzwords. It has many eyes, many legs, looking to net us with or without due process, eat us now or later.

So, I must pose these questions as an activist in the freedom movement:

1. Knowing the Beast is capable of hacking into or terminating websites, and agents have even kicked down doors to seize computers, servers and their hosts, are we perhaps being baited in a feint prompting us to move forward discussing nullification and secession efforts on the internet and talk radio? To what end? Names are being taken, count on it.

2. How soon can we awaken a critical mass of our countrymen to their perils? We can’t win everyone, but victory will likely take more today than the active 3% in 1776. Critical mass is crucial to effecting a peaceful revolution. A few rebels can be “disappeared” so easily today, but not millions! Do your neighbors see the parallels with the rise of Nazi Germany’s tyranny in America? Have you discussed the evidence with them?

3. How many know our jury system has been rigged against us? Do they know of the Fully Informed Jury Association with solid information found at Do they know jurors can judge the law as well as the facts? That judges’ instructions are often untruthful and obstructing justice? Did they ever hear about the resignation of the Bush-appointed Chairman of Federal Elections Assistance Commission Rev. DeForest Soaries? He had resigned April 30th, 2005, to declare the whole voting system is rigged for fraud! Do your friends still think we can vote ‘em out?

4. How well are you prepared for personal hardships, not only holding up in your home well stocked, but perhaps as a fugitive or the victim of jack-booted “black ops” police? Do you realize the risks posed by laws already enacted and FEMA camps standing ready?

5. While we stand for home rule, the division of power, nullification of excessive federal powers and outright secession of sovereign states, how might this play into the hands of our globalist enemies? The New World Order, with US billionaires like Rockefeller and Gates, has long worked against us to destroy our heritage of freedom and representative government. They want to destroy our strength, divide and conquer us. They use our tax dollars to plan for every contingency. Think about it. Do you know your friends?

6. The NWO has moved foreign troops and military equipment onto our soil to “keep the peace in civil unrest” or train for “cooperation” or “disaster response”. Are they afraid our US military might choose to defend Americans rather than shoot us as ordered? Is this why our armed forces have been run ragged across the seas in bankrupting no-win wars of occupation? Is this why states’ National Guard units were deployed exhaustively in the middle east and finding their equipment neither returned nor replaced at home?

7. How can we prepare to inform the world about our plight and deflect the NWO media spin that will depict patriots as criminals and terrorists? In the media courts of public opinion, as well as the courts of law, the government claims to represent “the people”, and always seeks to impugn and destroy the defendants’ credibility and motives. The government will seek to silence dissent and hide “inconvenient truth“. To minimize foreign interventions, how can we turn the tables and present ourselves as morally righteous patriots seeking justice? How can we prosecute our case successfully, rather than retreat on the defense, and find freedom with a minimum of violence? Win friends?

These are important issues I don’t see being discussed often or in depth, if at all. Yet they should be addressed early on, before the “civil unrest“ of riots and martial law, outright civil war or foreign invasion. While we rest assured our cause is just and our need great in seeking relief from tyranny, there are other powers in the world that would look to profit from infighting among these less united states of America. China and Russia are at the top of the list.

There are lesser powers that would like to get their licks in also. As we embark upon the great and noble, inherently risky, mission of driving the federal vampire from us and declaring our independence as sovereign states, we must take care to attend the dangers posed by foreign as well as domestic enemies. This is why I strongly suggest that while our many states are sovereign and we pursue home rule, it would be best if we can remain united in spirit, if not bureaucracy, as we strive to evict the Beast holed up in the District of Criminals.

I suppose most of you have long realized the risks in using public forums to discuss the issues of nullification, secession, preparing to fend off martial law and survive civil war. But I question why patriotic discourse has gotten this far without violent repercussions. Do you?

I have a couple of tactics for you. Every once in a while I will send an E-mail to another of my E-mail accounts, speaking directly to the federal snoops. I let them know how they are serving evil and undermining truth, justice, and liberty for all in a totalitarian repression deadly to a free society. It is perfectly legal to send yourself an E-mail. But letting the “Man” hear you call him out is like blowing a stakeout when you walk up to that surveillance vehicle and let the cops know you’ve spotted them. Give them a piece of your mind.

Agents have been known to be converted when repeatedly exposed to the truth. You can do this. Be sure to put plenty of those colorful buzzwords in that will cause their computer to pick up on your token of appreciation. If millions of us could do this repeatedly, we just might overload their big bad computers. Instead of trying to stay under their radar, spread so much chaff they’ll be blinded. Think of it as being something like putting aluminum foil in a microwave oven. The snoops will definitely get overheated with the spike in their workload.

Many of you, have been working with the issues raised in questions 2 & 3. But we need to work harder as time grows short and our enemy is about to slam the trap shut!

We must recall the price of liberty, a duty to act with righteous zeal and leave the results to God. Our forefathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to freedom in America. All gave some, and some gave all. Recall that even Christ did not leave this world without knowing sorrow, pain, and a cruel death at the hands of unjust tyranny. Be at peace with God and look to heaven for strength. Men will disappoint you.

Questions 5 & 6 deal with scenarios the communists openly published in the 1930’s for overthrowing America. Check it out. In fact, many of you already know most basic goals of communism have been implemented in the USA for about 50 or 60 years now.

As for question 7, I have some ideas. Make it clear the feds initiated the violence. Did you see the photographic evidence of cops being the black-masked instigators in Canada’s G-20 riots? (Arresting cops and collared instigators all had identical uniform shoes!) We must be ready to present such evidence here in events unfolding. While the internet is still available, we can use it to spread our messages to the world abroad. Send E-mail and forward articles to foreign media and private individuals, humanitarian, educational, or religious organizations. I have started doing this. With text translation services now in vogue, you are not really constrained by language. Let’s make sure the bought and paid press whores are not the only ones reporting. Start now before Obama hits the kill switch on the internet! Act to pre-empt the evil by documenting facts early.

You are probably tired of various well-meaning organizations begging for donations and sending newsletters, saying your dollars are needed to wage that next battle to repel the enemy’s onslaught from Capitol Hill. Those donations for “victory next time” just milk us repeatedly in a struggle to bankrupt and frustrate us while the “Red Menace” takes two steps forward and one step back to waltz us over the edge. You probably know Democrat and Republican parties dance to the tune of the same billionaires. Blackmail and bribery are standard practice for them. When all else fails, assassination and “accidents” happen.

There are no “checks and balances” in our government anymore. It is openly fascist, and we must face it. The police state is not coming. It is here already!

The evil is all around us, even in our midst. The war will have to be waged on many fronts. None of us can do everything needed. A successful plan of battle will never be published anywhere until long after the dust has settled. Each of us must trust our Creator and choose the niche, the foxhole, where we should serve in our local communities. We must be prepared for the gathering storm, know our friends and stand with them united in the bonds of brotherly love. Discuss these things with your family and friends. Truth, justice, and liberty for all are for those in God, we trust!

Copyright 2010 Liberty Defense League

Kosovo Secession Decision Reinforces Legality of Secession

July 24, 2010

Courtesy Texas Nationalist Movement

(Editor’s Note: While this ruling helps in the “Cover Your Ass” Department, no legal argument needs to be made. The US Constitution has no force of law in this matter. Even if you think that it does, then the Tenth Amendment is your saving grace. A state that asserts its sovereignty and secedes from the United States ceases to be subject to Federal law, and a new nation shouldn’t concern itself with the machinations of the International Court of World Justice in The Hague. The men who led the 1776 secession in America offered their reasons for secession to “a candid world” in the Declaration of Independence, and only sought the protection of Divine Providence.)

Thursday’s ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague on whether the 2008 secession from Serbia by Kosovo violated international law takes a bite out of statists’ arguments against secession by Texas, Texas Nationalist Movement president Daniel Miller said.

“The recent opinion of the ICJ regarding the independence of Kosovo has tremendous meaning for Texas, Miller said Thursday. “While we decry the erosion of sovereignty to international bodies, the fact is that the United States government has systematically taken away the sovereignty of Texas and passed it along to international institutions which, by and large, do not represent the values of Texans.”

The world court ruled that Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia did not violate international law. As read by ICJ President Hisashi Owada, international law contains “no prohibition on declarations of independence.”

Because the U.S. government, under both Republican and Democratic administrations, has supported both the secession of Kosovo and rulings by the World Court, Miller said, it could not morally continue to insist that secession from the United States is “illegal” and would not be justified in using military force to prevent Texas secession.

“The United States and other European nations have acknowledged the right of unilateral secession of any state, thereby making any violent opposition to a seceding state unsustainable and unjustified,” Miller said.

He added that the court’s ruling merely reaffirms what TNM and other movements have maintained for years.

“As the ICJ has ruled that unilateral secession is not a violation of international law, the next lawful authority is the US Constitution. As the US Constitution is silent on the matter, the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights is supreme which states: ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.’ This places the lawfulness of a unilateral secession of Texas in the hands of Texans,” he said.

“The current Constitution of Texas, Article 1, Section 1 of the Texas Bill of Rights states: ‘…the maintenance of our free institutions and the perpetuity of the Union depend upon the preservation of the right of local self-government.’ It goes on further to say in Article 1, Section 2: ‘The faith of the people of Texas stands pledged to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only, they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient.’

“The bottom line is that the unilateral secession of Texas is lawful on a State, Federal and International level,” Miller said.

Miller said it was important, however, to recognize the stark differences between the Kosovo independence movement – a movement primarily ethnic in nature – and the Texas independence movement, which cuts across ethnicities and is instead political, cultural and economic. In fact, given the U.S. government’s failure to perform its constitutional duties in preventing foreign invasion, it becomes imperative for Texas to secede in order to prevent secession along ethnic lines.

“This is a cautionary tale for Texans. The independence of Kosovo occurred as an ethnic secession,” Miller said. “The ICJ ruling indicates that at any time, a majority of the people can rise up and declare their independence.

“While the Texas Nationalist Movement is encouraged by this ruling, we also recognize the fact that groups who adhere to the political goal of Reconquista are emboldened by it as well,” he added. “This ruling, when coupled with the decline of the American Union, bolsters our position that the independence of Texas is an inevitability. With the United States Federal Government actively engaged in denying Texas the right to protect our own borders, we are locked in a race with the Reconquista movement to secure the independence of Texas.”

Miller said the TNM is committed to continuing to work through elected officials to establish an independent republic where the unique culture, political and economic institutions of Texas are preserved.

“Texans must gain their independence now,” he said. “It is moral, lawful and imperative if we ever hope to protect our freedom, our system of government and our national interests.”

Psychopathy Legitimized

July 23, 2010

Feminist Marine Gets His Kicks Killing Male Chauvinists

by Fred Reed

(Editors Note: This is our first posting for the great Fred Reed. Fred has the keenest insight on everything, and a writing style that will make you laugh out loud while he makes you think. But his column gives me much encouragement for the success of the various state militias if they ever have to defend their new nation against American troops. Simply stated…if the Taliban can kick the American military’s ass for years on end, militias can win if they have to.

Fred’s column doesn’t take into account that today’s soldiers and sailors learn hate for the country they are invading, while American troops sent to a place like Texas would be resistant to making war on their own people. I know…I know…Northern troops happily killed Confederate troops. But that was then, this is now. You think the suicide rate in the military is high now? Think how it would rise if Johnny Marine from Amarillo was ordered to fire on Texans from his own home town.)

On, I find a loutish American general, James Mattis, martial feminist, talking about the fun he has killing Afghans. Yes, fun, wheeee-oooo! and ooo-rah! too. He says, “You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil,” adding “guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyways. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.” What must he do with prisoners?

Gen. Mattis-Lowlife

A joyous killer, possibly orgasmic. Note mandatory flagly background, pickle suit, and stupid colorful gewgaws so he looks like a goddamn stamp collection. Stern gaze is necessary to become a general. From defending the Constitution to the pleasure of watching Afghans die: The military has come a long way.

I’ll guess he fell just shy of graduating from third grade. He sure ain’t much of a general, no ways, I reckon. Just the fellow I want representing me in the world.

Does General Dworkin-Mattis speak of manhood? Odd, since his military is being badly outfought by the unmanly Afghans that are fun to kill. By the Pentagon’s figures the US military outnumbers the resistance several to one. The US has complete control of the air, enjoying F16s, helicopter gun-ships, transport choppers, and Predator drones, as well as armor, body armor, night-vision gear, heavy weaponry, medevac, hospitals, good food, and PXs. The Afghans have only AKs, RPGs, C4, and balls. Yet they are winning, or at least holding their own. How glorious.

Man for man, weapon for weapon, the Taliban are clearly superior. They take far heavier casualties, but keep on fighting. Their politics are not mine, but they are formidable on the ground. If I were General Dworkin, I’d change my name and go into hiding. Maybe he could wear a veil.

Perhaps the US should recognize that it has a second-rate military at phenomenal cost—an enormous, largely useless national codpiece. It is embarrassing. The Pentagon’s preferred enemies are lightly armed, poorly equipped peasants, which makes for a long war and thus hundreds of billions of dollars in juicy contracts for military industries. Yet the greatest military in history (ask it) gets run out of Southeast Asia, blown up and run out of Lebanon, shot down and run out of Somalia, with Afghanistan a disaster in progress and Iraq claimed as an American victory rather than Shiite.Do the aircraft carriers intimidate North Korea? No. Iran? No. China? No. For this, a trillion dollars a year?

The reasons for the mediocrity are clear enough. First, the Pentagon has become a contracting agency for buying gorgeous and elaborate arms of little relevance to the wars the US fights. (If the Martians attack, we’ll be ready.)

Second, the US is no longer a nation of hardy country boys who grow up shooting and loading hay bales into pick-ups for spare change. (For the uninitiated, hay bales are heavy.) I often see headlines such as “More than two-thirds of Texas schoolchildren flunked the state’s physical fitness test this year…” If Texas has gone all soft and rubbery, you can forget about Massachusetts. The American pool of hardy, manipulable kids without too much schoolin’ isn’t what it was. The lack of troops of course pushes the Pentagon toward more pricey gadgetry and greater imbalance.

Now, it is regarded as treasonous to question that Our Boys are the best trained, best armed, toughest troops in the world, and I’ll probably get punched out in bars for pointing out the awful truth. Let’s imagine an experiment. We take Killing-is-Fun General Mattis-Abzug, and a thousand GIs, and a thousand Taliban, and let them fight it out in any patch of wretched barren mountains of your choosing. On equal terms. What you think? Same weapons..

Good idea, General? You eat what they eat, wear what they wear, They have no medical care, and neither do you. If they get lung-shot and die the hard way, you do too. It will come down to guts and motivation.

Motivation: It counts, general. I believe it was Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest who said of some of his troops, “Them cane-brake boys jest plain likes to fight.” I guess there must be just a whole lot of cane in Afghanistan. The Taliban will go to any length to cut your freaking throat because you have been killing their wives and children ,fathers and brothers, and you will fight for…for…well. Uh. Big oil, AIPAC, Ann Coulter. Or a promotion for General Mathis-Abzug. Anybody want to put odds on the outcome?

Or what if they had the air power, the gun ships…?

And General, killing them might be a tad less fun when you couldn’t do it from the safety of a gunship. Just a thought, General.

A digression here. Bear with me. It’s just that General Mattis-Steinem makes killing sound like so much fun. And I guess it is, for some. You’ve seen the YouTube video of GIs machine-gunning people walking around a city street from a helicopter gunship. A hoot. But—can I offer a second opinion?

I went off to Viet Nam because I was young and dumb and adventurous and they told me that I was fighting for Apple Pie, and Mom, and White Christian Motherhood (which I spent my high-school days dreading, but never mind). Actually I was just another sucker from the small-town South. The Pentagon depends, utterly, on small-town suckers. They are brave, trainable, not real thoughtful.

Funny how things look if you think about them. Patriots talk about the tragic deaths of young Americans in Afghanistan. Well, ok. Other things being equal, young guys getting shot to death in a pointless war is not a swell idea. I’m against it. In fact, the more you see of it, and I’ve seen a lot, the worse an idea it seems. Of course, a logician might point out that if you didn’t send them to Afghanistan, they wouldn’t die there—would they?

The dead are not the only casualties. Go to a Veterans Hospital, and watch the left-overs come in. You might be surprised how much fun they didn’t think it was. Or what they think of General Mattis-Firmstare. You might be very surprised.

But tell me: why is a GI’s life, mine or anyone else’s, worth more than the life of an Afghan child of three? Especially if you pretend to be a Christian, tell me. (I love this part. Military Christians are wonderfully funny frauds.)

A pretty good rule of thumb is that the attacking army is in the wrong, which would have made a Vietnamese kid’s life worth more than mine. I’ll buy that, though I’m happy it didn’t work out that way. But the attacking countries always believe that Their Boys are sacred.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl, they figured a Japanese pilot’s life was worth more than that of an American sailor. The Germans thought the same, mutatis mutandis, when the Wehrmacht went into Poland, as of course do Americans when they invade country after country. But why is the aggressor’s life sacred, prithee? If I leap out of a dark alley and attack your daughter with a butcher knife, is my life worth more than hers?

But it is just so much fun to kill Afghans. Excuse me, I need to puke.

Read Fred’s stuff at:

Copyright 2010 Fred Reed.

Tactics to Turn the Tide, Part 2

July 22, 2010

by David A. McElroy

(Editor’s Note: Despite this article being posted here after Independence Day, the message is worth your consideration.)

July 4th is fast upon us. Millions of Americans across these fifty united states will be lining the streets for parades, gathering to watch fireworks in celebrating Independence Day. There will be patriotic music, barbecues and baseball, and of course, the Star Spangled Banner. Will you help them remember why? This occasion for patriotic activities is the perfect opportunity to spread the message of liberty to the people in community directly. Help them recall the principles, the price, of freedom.

Wake them from their media-induced trance. Face them and make them aware of the socialist tyranny, and encourage them to lift their voices for freedom! The latest Rasmussen Report found 48% of American adults “see government today as a threat to individual rights,” in a survey polling 1,000 people June 18/19 2010. Also, it found “52% say it is more important for the government to protect individual rights than to promote economic growth,” and 58% “want less power and money for government.” Only “ 21% believe that government today has the consent of the governed.” Do you feel the stimulus? On July 4th, I have frequently distributed my own personal patriotic messages with flyers and banners to the crowds assembling to get good spots before the parade or fireworks.

They have time waiting for the show, and the time is ripe for patriotic discourse. Help them remember that when they pledge allegiance to “Old Glory”, the “republic for which it stands” no longer exists. The U.S. Constitution was suspended by FDR in 1932 and has enabled every president since to rule arbitrarily under the War Powers Act in a portfolio of executive power. That includes the Trading With The Enemy Act. Legally, in it, we the public have been deemed “enemies of the state”.

Roosevelt said “Some of my best friends are communists”, and his memorial in the District of Criminals is the largest and most lavish. Obama looks now to complete the Marxist Cultural Revolution in America. Will you just see July 4th as merely entertainment, or a great opportunity to rally countrymen to restore freedom in America? Make plans now for flyers and pamphlets to give away. DVD and CD messages are good also. Construct your own picket signs and banners. Prepare a meaningful costume, a tri-corner hat or Gadsden Flag. Be colorful, loud and proud.

But also be respectful of people, be cheerful and avoid arguments. Promote your cause verbally and in print, in music and symbols. Get out there! Meet and greet! This is the time to get face time with WE THE PEOPLE and bypass the media gatekeepers that usually ignore us or tilt against the cause of freedom. Plan to contact hundreds, even thousands, of people on Independence Day and act independently! Don’t ask permission, be bold.

Just do as your conscience leads you as opportunities present themselves in your local area. Of course, it may cost you some bucks to print up hundreds of flyers, but there is a price for freedom. Remember it is always cheaper to pay now, as paying later is always more costly. The enemy has his ducks in a row, the best Congress money can buy. Dark forces are in position to “legally” destroy us in their end game, with legislation much like that implemented by Hitler and Stalin.

Most of you reading have followed the issues for years. Don’t just be educated and entertained, alert your family, friends and neighbors. Independence Day is the day to read The Declaration of Independence loudly in the streets, just as Thomas Jefferson wrote it. It is the basis, the foundation, of America’s birth. It documents secession’s rightful need, our tradition of rebellion against tyranny in defense of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in secure and prosperous homes.

Remind everyone in earshot on the many streets and fairgrounds of America that those fireworks commemorate the fiery battle for freedom. They were incendiary weapons and calls to action in the Revolutionary War led by the Spirit of ‘76. George Washington, with rebel volunteers, the Green Mountain Boys, Paul Revere and the Minute Men, did not legislate or debate freedom….they fought for it. They didn’t talk the agents of oppression out of their towns, and they didn’t win their case in the king’s court. They shot the king’s men and drove the Redcoats to the sea!

The Liberty Bell is inscribed with “…Proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof…“, a verse from the Holy Bible found in Leviticus 25:10. The Lord instructed this should be done every fifty years to free people from servitude and erase debts. The Liberty Bell has been forbidden to ring for many years. It is up to you to proclaim liberty. Be loud and proud July 4th. Let Freedom Ring!

Copyright 2010 Liberty Defense League

Tactics to Turn the Tide, Part 1

July 21, 2010

by David A. McElroy

The arrogant enemies of Truth, Justice, and Liberty for us all have established a long track record. Patriots have long gathered solid information and worked to educate us in the freedom movement, often at the risk, even loss, of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. The enemy is obviously in their end game. Time is short, and education is useless without action. We prefer peaceful revolution, but violence threatens. What are we to do?

First, we must not let the enemy control public discourse, define terms and the course of public debate. We must rouse people, as daily public brainwashing deluges us, as the mainstream media is employed to do in scrubbing truth and freedom from public expressions. I quit the news media in 1989 as a small town newspaper editor, because there was no room in the BUSINESS for an honest man. A chain publisher made that clear. Freedom of the press is exercised by those who own presses, or transmitters, or web servers and routers. We must talk frankly to each other in our clear and present danger. We must muster the people, awaken them to the dangers at hand, and let God lead.

It was first a war of words, and the truth is always the first casualty in war. The American society has been misled by socialists twisting words and definitions, shifting our focus to set the limits of discussion and stifle dissenting voices, while “celebrating diversity and tolerance”. We must set the record straight and start using our language, not theirs, more carefully and pointedly. Congress is deaf to our pleas, mainstream media ignores us. Talk with friends and neighbors at church, school, the store, on talk radio. Everywhere! Do not mince words!

One great topic is how senior citizens are being demonized for their Social Security and Medicare, benefits they have been forced to pay for over many years. They are now said to be “a burden on society” and “useless eaters” too expensive to maintain over the few years they may have left. They are “parasites” expecting “entitlements”, and that they “receive more than they put into the programs.” HELLO! Seniors are not the problem, and they should get some interest after about 50 years of payments!

This sham is to throw the attention away from a government which sold these as good retirement programs for seniors, but looted the funds in the old bait and switch. As the District of Criminals has stolen the money repeatedly, and insolvency looms as more of us become old, blame the seniors! Never mind the government was running a ponzi scheme far bigger than anything Bernie Madoff perpetrated.

These programs did not fail: they were ROBBED! If a private company did this, they would be prosecuted. Now, Obamacare is to be imposed and we are forced to pay more money because these older programs “failed”. Seniors will receive rationed healthcare to cut expenses. Of course, dead people don’t collect benefits. That will go a long way to ease federal shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare, won’t it? Instead of increasing mortality rates, we should INDICT and PROSECUTE officials!

In the word games, the enemy of freedom likes to cite things like slavery being allowed in early America, despite the fact “all men are created equal”. The problem was not with the Constitution, but rather the legal definition of “men”. People of African heritage were not defined as men, but chattel, or livestock.

And the flag of Dixie, the Confederate flag, has been denigrated as a symbol of slavery while slavery was imposed under “Old Glory” and practiced in the northern states long after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation ordered the release of slaves in southern states. Did you ever think about that? We don’t need any more constitutional amendments, we must DECLARE INDEPENDENCE from the lawyers and their legal definitions in the District of Criminals. They nullify the general principles America was founded upon pursuing minutia for political and economic gains, dismissing Natural Law, papering it over with complicated and devious writs and pieces.

We should say abortion is infanticide, a “fetus” an unborn human being and not a parasite. Why is it that it is a woman’s “freedom of choice” to kill her baby, but it is the man’s responsibility if she chooses to keep it? If a woman has a right to control her body, why is she is forced to take a vaccine or wear a seatbelt? Question authority–loudly!

Socialists only give us freedom of choice if we choose to degrade, corrupt, and injure ourselves in hedonistic undisciplined, ungodly ways that lack rhyme or reason, pursuing foolishness that will weaken and enslave us. Marxists lead us to conflicts foreign and domestic with blinders like beasts of burden destined for the glue factory. Jesus Christ is prohibited from the national holiday honoring Him, as is every logical choice leading to strong, healthy, independently prosperous people living in peace and harmony.

A sound republic is based on eternal principles of immutable truth, natural law. July 4th, Independence Day, we should remind everyone those fireworks are not just pretty sparkles in the sky. They commemorate the fiery battle that birthed our liberty! Our forefathers didn’t talk the British out of America, they shot ‘em!

The Hegelian Dialectic does not work when people are content and wise to the ways of Machiavellians. We must arouse the people to the truth of the trap. Politics is the art of compromise, and the politicians work diligently to compromise us all. Let’s just dismiss them. They create problems, derive their power in polarizing groups to play them off like pawns in chess games where they profit selling over-priced concessions to screaming crowds. If a few players or spectators get injured or killed, they care not. Our food stamps and TV are the modern equivalent of Roman “Bread and Circuses”. Like Rome, we have a preening psychopathic dictator and plutocratic senators in the box seats at the coliseum. Are you being served?–to lions?

Truth was declared to not be an obligation of news media in the whistleblower lawsuit of Jane Akre vs Fox News, ruled upon Feb. 14, 2003. The Florida Appeals Court agreed with Fox News, who asserted that it is not against the law to distort or falsify the news in the United States. (Surprised?) So we must convey truth independently for our own good.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” Christ is quoted saying in John 8:32. If truth leads to freedom, falsehoods imprison us. Governments all divide and conquer by scattering, or compartmentalizing, information, or specific facts, small truths, to obfuscate the big picture and eternal Truth with a BIG LIE constructed of many small deceits, while distracting us with smoke and mirrors. But this is not a fun house.

Historian William Lecky summed this up noting “Truth is scattered far and wide in small portions among mankind, mingled in every system with the dross of error, grasped perfectly by no one, and only in some degree discovered by the careful comparison and collation of opposing systems.” Thomas Jefferson stated “It is error alone that needs the support of government,” (which sets up opposing systems). “ Truth can stand by itself.“ II Timothy 2:15, advises us to “study to shew thyself approved unto God, a work-man that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Read widely, compare notes.

All real things have more than one facet, like a coin. We must know darkness to appreciate light, like two halves of a coded message. We must not feed from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but the root! It is not by choosing the branches right or left seeking twigs to find fruit, but by following the other way to the sustaining root. Christ said “I am the true vine”, in John 15:1. Apart from His truth, we who branched off choosing either this or that cannot find peace or life deciding the lesser of two evils, the carrots and sticks Satan uses to tempt or frighten us. Read John 15. In the vineyard, pruned branches are burned after harvest, but the root stock is secure in the land.

Government agents often say “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” Yet government hides everything, and must fear a great deal in a guilty conscience. The feds classify everything “secret” for “national security” and reserve the “right”, the “duty” to lie, cheat, steal, and kill… while we are compelled by law to reveal every detail of our lives with no privacy respected, to be truthful in every statement and waive all our God-given natural rights, allow ourselves to be deceived, defrauded, robbed, and killed. Their one sided presentations are like paper tigers. Let’s tear them up!

Mainstream media has lost credibility with the public and is almost totally owned and controlled by a handful of corporate interests with a fascist agenda. Have you ever noticed that defendants in high profile court cases are never allowed to tell their story to the public? Did you notice neither Timothy McVeigh nor Bernie Madoff gave any public testimony? Could it be their silence was protecting Big Brother? Did you know numerous court rulings are kept secret and not published in law books to protect government from being successfully tried on various issues? Newspapers are losing subscribers and TV networks are losing ratings. TV “news” has become infotainment, while the internet, with free access for everybody online, is driving the big boys nuts!

The common public, true patriots, eye witnesses, and those in the know, openly communicate with many diverse viewpoints and real timely news items fat cats prefer suppressed. The open public debate and free exchange of information is largely responsible for the gains made by patriots in the last 20 years, thanks to the World Wide Web. Free speech lubricates our human progress. Yes, there is dross mingled with truth, but we have choices–for now. Blog your concerns!

Obama will be given a “kill switch” for the internet. Senators Rockefeller and Lieberman are stumping for it, and I would be surprised if the usurper did not use it. So let’s consider the battle of words before he exercises “full spectrum dominance” as the Pentagon put it.

They probably won’t kill internet activity all at once, because it also carries a great deal of commerce and the government propaganda. Look for further curbs in “reform”, screens placed across the portals by corporate gate keepers. More fear. “Hate crimes“. If you find the internet not online someday, expect truckloads of excrement to be flying from many spinning blades because the hammer and sickle will be acting in a theatre near you. Look for wolves in uniform prancing across your property. So, keep your powder dry!

Copyright 2010 Liberty Defense League