Cracking the Silence About CAFR Assets

Editor’s Note: Folks, I’m telling you that this could be the the biggest story in American history. You cannot afford to be ignorant about CAFR assets. They could free you from taxation FOREVER.

Oregon finally blew the lid of “silence” concerning the hidden assets, which are hidden in the accounts of every state under the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. I accessed the CAFR for my state, county, and school district in 1998. The school system alone had stashed away $27,000,000. All of these accounts are in the Bank of New York, according to a faxed response in my files from my State Treasurer. The accounts are all maintained by your State Treasurer, and you can access the accounts online.

This video is the first time a state legislator has admitted they exist. The SC Investment Pool declared in the State Investment Pool booklet the following statement: “Pursuant to Section 6-6-10 of the State of South Carolina Code of Laws, the State Treasurer established in May 1983, the South Carolina Local Government Investment Pool (the “Pool”), an investment trust fund, in which public monies in excess of current needs which are under the custody of any county treasurer or the government body of any municipality, count, school district, regional council of government or any other political subdivision of the State may be deposited.”

Bottom line: The legislators OVER TAXED us on purpose and took the money, accrued unreported interest, and are not disclosing the activity. They lied . . . every time they are asked about the accounts, they declared “that is a rainy day account.” Oh yeah? It is undisclosed. It is used without reporting. The interest disappears into thin air.

Finally, the legislators are desperate enough to admit the funds exist. Watch the Silence is Golden. It is time to learn how the originally Whistleblower on this activity, Walter Burien, suggests that the money be used . .. to end all taxes … forever.

R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences
Freelance Investigative Reporter

YOU MUST WATCH this 3 minute video – Breaking the “Silence is Golden” rule right from the floor of the Oregon House.

Silence is Golden

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