Non-Violent Secession Is Possible…But Is It Probable?

June 20, 2010

Michael Cushman of the Third Palmetto Republic wrote an article entitled Non-Violent Secession is Possible a couple days ago. He leads the article with this quote from “Democracy: The God That Failed.”

[I]n order to strip government of its powers and repair it to the status of a voluntary membership organization (as before 1861), it is not necessary to take it over, to engage in violent battle against it, or even to lay hands on one’s rulers. In fact, to do so would only reaffirm the principle of compulsion and aggressive violence underlying the current system and inevitably lead to the replacement of one government or tyrant with another. To the contrary, it is only necessary that one decide to withdraw from the compulsory union and reassume one’s right to self protection. Indeed, it is essential that one proceed in no other way than by peaceful secession and noncooperation.
…The decision to secede involves that one regard the central government as illegitimate, and that one accordingly treat it and its agents as an outlaw agency and “foreign” occupying forces. That is, if compelled by them, one complies, out of prudence and for no other reason than self-preservation, but one does nothing to support or facilitate their operations. One tries to keep as much of one’s property and surrender as little tax money as possible. One considers all federal law, legislation and regulation null and void and ignores it whenever possible. One does not work or volunteer for the central government, whether its executive, legislative or judicial branch, and one does not associate with anyone who does (and in particular not with those high up in the hierarchy of caretakers). One does not participate in central government politics and contributes nothing to the operation of the federal political machinery. One does not contribute to any national political party or political campaign, nor to any organization, agency, foundation, institute, or think-tank cooperating with or funded by any branch of the federal Leviathan or anyone living or working in or near Washington, DC.
…Not everyone must follow one’s example, of course. Indeed, it is not even necessary that a majority of the entire population do so. It is necessary, however, that at least a majority of the population of many separate localities do so, and to reach this critical level of mass withdrawal it is essential to complement one’s defensive measures with an offensive strategy: to invest in an ideological campaign of delegitimizing the idea and institution of democratic government among the public.
-Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe from “Democracy – The God that Failed” pages 91-92

Dr. Hoppe’s words are missed by many. There are too many panties in wads in the Secession movement about how to secede.


Stop worrying about the Federal Courts, and what the other states do, and what Washington will say about the act of secession. Stop fretting about Federal threats. Stop trying to change ANYTHING that is happening in Washington.


A big part of me wonders whether Washington will allow any state to secede peacefully.

It seems to me that the only way DC will let a state go without a fight is if that state has revitalized its state militia. If any state has the military wherewithal to resist Washington’s schemes and tactics, they have a chance to leave peacefully.

You all know how this works in the real world. People that are armed are much less likely to be the victims of violence. Look around the USA. The places that have the most restrictions on gun ownership also have the highest incidences of crime. Any first grader who has run into a bully knows that bullies only bow to superior force. Tyrants know this too. That’s why they took over the state militias so long ago. They turned free men into serfs by disbanding the one thing that can resist Federal tyranny…armed force at the State level.

Even when the US economy collapses, and hyperinflation turns America into a Third-World country, DC will probably still try to project the image that it is in control. That’s why a Federally-ordered martial law is so likely in the USA.

So, take some time and go to the archive and read “The Power of the Purse” and “The Power of the Sword.”

I keep asking the same question, friends…

How much is too much? How much are you going to accept before you finally say “enough is enough?”

Secession is the hope for mankind. Who will be first?

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