Texas Secession: A New Nation Without Taxes?

Can you imagine…in your wildest dreams…life without taxes? No income tax, property tax, sales tax, ad valorem tax, corporate tax, no Social Security, no Medicare…and the list goes on and on? What could you do with 100% of the money you earned?

Ladies and gentlemen, there exists in America the real potential to expunge taxation from our vocabulary and our daily experience. Almost no one knows about an accumulation of vast, staggering wealth here in the USA. But it exists…TODAY…right under our noses. And its very existence proves conclusively that the governments under which we suffer are filled with criminals bent on plunder, extortion and murder.

Back on May 2, 2009, I wrote Could Government Actually Own Most Businesses Already? In that article, I had just discovered a watchdog named Walter Burien.

I had just seen a Youtube video by Walter Burien, about the various government Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. There are over 85,000 federal, state and regional government institutions – school districts, townships, cities, counties, water and power districts – and they own 70% of the stock market. Most of the assets and income are off-statement and off-budget. Burien exposes the corruption and deception done by the governments in conjunction with the media.

It’s almost as if the government is keeping two sets of books. They wouldn’t do that, would they?

Short answer: Not only would they do that…the government institutions have been keeping two sets of books for over 60 years. The governmental bodies control something like 16 trillion dollars in investments.

There is enough investment income generated by the government’s investment portfolios to (1) pay off the national debt, and (2) fund ALL tax revenue needed by ALL governmental bodies, from Congress to the local dog catcher.

The State of Texas issues a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report every year. The most recent one can be found at: Texas CAFR2009

Governor Rick Perry signed a 2-year budget (Sept. 1, 2009 to Aug. 31, 2011) on June 19, 2009, with a projected $9 billion Rainy Day Fund. The FY 2010-2011 biennium budget was $182.3 Billion, roughly $91 Billion per year. But a Rainy Day Fund of $9 Billion?

As far back as 1996, the State of Texas CAFR showed that Texas had an asset balance of about $1.8 TRILLION. It’s likely double that or more over the last 14 years, don’t you think?

Remember, friends…one trillion is one thousand billion. It’s a 1 with 12 zeroes behind it.

Do I need to do the math FOR YOU?

And note that this example does not include the counties, cities, other municipalities and other sundry governmental “authorities” that have investment portfolios. Burien estimates that the total Texas number is over $5 TRILLION.

Simply stated, the State of Texas could secede TOMORROW and never take another dollar of tax money from its citizens. Yet it would still have so much money that it would not even put a dent in its investment income to fund ALL necessary state and local functions…infrastructure, education, government, courts, law enforcement…the whole works.

But think beyond Texas. ALL STATES are in the same situation. ALL STATES control VAST amounts of wealth. NO state actually needs to tax its own citizens for operating funds.

So why do they tax us to death…and beyond?


Remember what you learn here the next time you step into the voting booth. You are voting to place people into office to control you and plunder your wealth. Think about your choices here. Choice A is a politician who doesn’t know anything about the CAFR assets. He’s a moron. Choice B knows about the CAFR assets and he’s a criminal. Your choice is between a criminal and a moron.

It will take you some time and effort to get up to speed on this matter. I’m posting two videos that you should view in order. The last one is just over 2 hours long. If you’re fidgety and cannot force your body and mind to concentrate that long (but I’ll bet you go to feature films at the theater), just watch the first 30 minutes. If that doesn’t piss you off, you need to check your pulse.


CAFR1: The Biggest Game in Town

You can learn more about Walter Burien and the Giant Tax Fraud at: TaxRetirement.com

NOW…GET MAD! Call your elected representatives, from the local guys on up to the Governor’s office, and demand to know why you are being taxed when they ALREADY have all the money they need. Then join your state’s efforts for secession. It’s not too late.

Final Questions: Why does the Tea Party Movement not know about THIS?? And what will they do when they find out about it?

Secession…WITHOUT TAXATION…is the Hope for Mankind.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

13 Responses to Texas Secession: A New Nation Without Taxes?

  1. Some additional links:



    Just remember that funny money and phantom digits in computers are an illusion…the hologram of carrots before the whips becomes necessary.

    Granted, most foreign and domestic liabilities may be under colour of law but they are just as fake and just as much of a fraud.

    As always, thanks for having inquiring minds!

    Who will the looters loot when looters are all that are left to loot?

    Starving The Monkeys and Ending The Looterfest,
    John and Dagny Galt
    Atlas Shrugged, Owners Manual For The Universe!(tm)


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  5. The 1-2-3 “Basics” to fill in the comprehension void

    1. Those “rainy day funds” are a titled misdirection. In comparison with other funds held they are but the change jar you keep for your pocket change.

    2. For those that say the dollar is just paper and has no worth is like saying there is no water in the ocean. A currency is but a barter tool to acquire hard assets. Corporations, land, etc. Well, those dollars were used by government one bit at a time over decades too obtain “ownership” of those hard assets.

    So if the currency changed to another or even if blue rocks were designated as the bartering tool, the bartering tool is not important, what is important is “Who” walked off with all the marbles at the end of the barter.

    3. If I said: “You give me $100 a day and I will return $90 a day to you, does that seem like a fair deal to you? You would jump right on that deal correct? I don’t think so..

    Well, government has been doing the same thing with you since 1945 and than taking that extra $10 each year and investing it (acquiring ownership of it all on bit at a time) The private sector has been competing with government and loosing every time.

    Now to add insult to injury: “The illusion of Government Debt” Well, they needed a place to put that extra massive investment wealth building each year, so: Government promoted /justified debt at the front door and then funds it with their own investment assets through the back door- http://CAFR1.com/DEBT.html

    Years ago when I confronted the manager of the Missouri Finance Authority on that issue, his only reply was:”Look at what a good job we are doing managing the public’s funds, we got them a quarter (1/4) percentage point lower than the could have gotten from the private sector.”

    That was true but was the real motive in part taking over ownership of one aspect of it all through investment?

    Keep in mind there are several areas of investment: Domestic and international; equities (stocks, bonds, cash loans); and real-estate (apartments, condo complexes; office buildings; etc.)

    Government in collective totals has been locking in their ownership thereof each year now for over seventy years one bit at a time. Just remember there are only so many nickels in a dollar and government in its collective mass large and small has been locking in their 5% each year now for how many years?

    Per this issue: “Silence is Golden” and the silence with all things being considered is getting lethally deafening.

    Walter – CAFR1

  6. Goddamn Atheist says:

    I don’t know where you live but I seriously doubt you actually live in Texas.
    I do.
    I’m a native Texan and my family has been here since before the Civil War.
    First, Rick Perry is the Governor of Texas. But, what you don’t know is that when ranked along with all the governors of the United States, he is ranked 49th in power. That means he’s right next to the bottom.
    All of the “power” lies in the hands of the Lt. Governor of Texas. It has been that way since the end of Reconstruction which ended in 1877. At that time Texas wrote a new state constitution. It made sure that the Governor had very very little power.
    Why? Because of Reconstruction. Got that? And it’s been that way ever since.
    Also, the Texas Constitution makes it very very clear that each year the state budget will BE BALANCED.
    It is written in STONE.
    So how does the State of Texas handle it when the budget doesn’t balance?
    They shift that burden to the counties.
    Yes, the counties of Texas shoulder that burden.
    And they’ve been doing it for years.
    Oh, by the way, the political party that wrote the “new” Texas Constitution was the Democrat Party. And just FYI the Republicans haven’t attempted to change it.
    The Rainy Day funds get tapped all the time. Nothing new there.
    So let’s look at the “Pie in the Sky” ideas of “NO TAXES.”
    Okay. Fine. So just how are we going to pay for all this stuff?
    Medicare? Get rid of it? Just you try it. Go ahead. I dare you. In fact, I double dare you.
    First off, AARP will bury you.
    Second. When people find out just how much a personal health insurance policy will cost that at say, oh, age 64, they’ll take to the streets.
    When they do, they’ll demand a really really far reaching National Health Care program. Not this “milk toast” one that was passed. Oh, and don’t for a minute thing the insurance industry and it’s lobbyists will win. Nope. No way.
    When Grandpa and Grandma get hit in the pocket book with a very strong dose of reality, they are going to literally take to the streets.
    Having at one time sold insurance and specialized in the Seniors market most people are clueless to the actual cost of a personal health care policy. And everyone whose worked in the field have all had the person call up looking to get their own personal policy because they don’t like what their employers coverage is doing.
    And when they get the quote on just how much it will cost them monthly, then the employer provided policy isn’t all that bad.
    Of course, if Group health and life were not 100% tax deductible, companies wouldn’t offer it.
    And oh, by the way, that 100% tax write off is actually BACK DOOR SOCIALISM. Yes, BACK DOOR SOCIALISM. Being a 100% tax deductible means the government is actually SUPPORTING YOUR HEALTH CARE.
    You can say what you want, but it’s true.
    And let’s not forget Social Security. Yup. See how far you get if you try and shut that puppy down. Ask how long it takes on the average for someone to recoup all of what they have paid into that program. Might surprise you.
    But then maybe seeing Grandpa and Grandma handing out buggies at the entrance to Wal-Mart because they have to work because they didn’t save enough for retirement just might get your attention.
    Of course, so many are under the impression that Social Security is their “pension.” It’s not. It was created as a SAFETY NET in case the banks crashed, savings were lost and we entered into another Great Depression.
    Now Texas is one of three states that does not have a State Income Tax. But they tax you in other ways. The state Sales Tax. Property Tax. Gas Tax. Phone Taxes and so on. Let’s also not forget hotel and motel taxes and rental car taxes. Then there is also city sales taxes and maybe even county sales taxes.
    Property Tax in Texas is how we fund the public school system. Also each country is responsible for it’s own county and city hospitals. Thing is, others states that are much smaller then Texas get more Federal funds for these hospitals.
    “Why?” you ask? Simple. In the smaller states the monies raised are pooled by state. Texas does not do that. If Texas did, Texas would receive more Federal dollars to help it’s sick and needy. So as a result, small counties that border large counties like Harris and Dallas Counties, send their sick to them to be taken care of. So, the residents of the big ones are paying for the treatment of those from out of county.
    And oh, if you scream TORT REFORM well we had it here a few years back. Now, the most a victim of Medical Malpractice can receive is $250,000. Total.
    But wait! There’s more!
    From that $250,000 the victim has to pay their attorney fees.
    Oh, it does get better.
    The Insurance Companies get to recover what they spent on the victims treatment.
    Guess what kiddies? The “victim”, you know the person who was hurt, disabled, or died, they get the crumbs left over.
    And oh, remember, those insurance company costs? Those are tax deductible too. So if they get their money after the first of the year? Yummy yum yum….money for nothing.
    Now this misguided notion of succeeding from the Union. It didn’t work out well the last time, and it won’t work out well the next time.
    Let’s look at what would happen. First, all the US military bases would close. There goes billions. Not to mention all the jobless people who are civilians.
    Second. What happens to those from Texas in the US military? And let’s not forget those who were sent to Texas by the military who claim Texas residency to as to not pay any state income taxes. What happens to them?
    Third: Federally supported programs. Like the Interstate Highway System. The ports along the Texas coast. Oh, and let’s not forget the US Government subsidized agricultural programs. And Crop insurance.
    Just FYI we suffer from droughts down here.
    And oh, let’s not forget Social Security payments and Medicare coverage. Do I need to mention Medicaid? Or Federally funded school programs? How about the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) who maintains the radar and air traffic control of the sky in the US?
    How about Small Business Administration (SBA) insured loans? Or, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)? Just a few of the hundreds of Federally Funded Programs out there that would just go away if we in Texas left the Union.
    And let’s not forget government regulation. Do you honestly think Texas or any other state could all of the sudden create, organize and operate all these agencies for free?
    Sorry campers, people like getting paid. If you don’t believe me, go look at what happened in Iraq when Mr. Bush and Company decided to “liberate” the country. It just fell into mayhem.
    One of the reasons the “Surge” worked was the creation of the Sons of Iraq. When they realized is that under Saddam everyone had a job. Sure there might be three times the number of people needed to work in a plant. And most sat around all day drinking tea. But they had a paycheck. They could buy food. They could pay rent.
    And when Mr. Bush and Company “liberated” them, it was all gone.
    So to help stop the “insurgency” the US Military put the “Militia’s” on the US payroll. We paid the militia’s to guard their own areas. They had a paycheck. They had something to do. They could buy food. The Iraq Government took over paying them a couple of years ago. All better now.
    Think there’s enough money in Texas to do all that? Then look at what has been spent in Iraq so far.
    Nice dose of reality there isn’t it.

    • dumpdc says:

      Dear Mr. Athiest:
      When the economic collapse happens…not if…all your examples will not matter. DC won’t be able to pay for everything they do today. That is the strategic moment for secession. We agree that states won’t secede until they are forced to go it alone. Even then, only a handful will do it. The rest will cower in fear.

      • Russell,

        Thanks for allowing Mr. Athiest to post on your wonderful blog. He merely adds sound proof of the depths and extent of the Mobocracy Looter Hordes and their Bureaucrat, Jackboot, and Mercenary Minions.

        Hand them all a pink slip and let them compete in a truly free market without all the massive GUNvernment subversion of the marketplace!

        Starving The Monkeys and Ending The Looterfest,
        John and Dagny Galt
        Starving The Monkeys, Owners Manual For The Universe!(tm)


    • Dean Striker says:

      You missed the entire point, Goddamn Aetheist. fta “Can you imagine…in your wildest dreams…life without taxes? No income tax, property tax, sales tax, ad valorem tax, corporate tax, no Social Security, no Medicare…and the list goes on and on? What could you do with 100% of the money you earned?”

      Your entire rant listed things we can CHOOSE to do with 100% of our own money, OR NOT.

      We just recently moved from Texas to Arizona, which thanks to Gov Jan Brewer and our legislature are setting out to DO something about illegals. Tonight we well be attending a candidate forum which Sheriff Joe Arapaio will attend. We will be leading the secession movement in Arizona. We already know how to replace Medicare, and watch us sue USA for refund of our SS funds.

      You will no longer be able use your USA government of Force to steal one more nickel from our people. What will you do without 100% of your income?

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  8. Jeannon Kralj says:

    I was led to this site and posting from watching Corporation Nation videos on YouTube, parts 8 and 9 specifically.

    I think it is a wonderful goal to Texas to secede. To me, it is not unrealistic for Texas to secede, but I do think it is unrealistic for many other states. Texas is large with a wide range of natural resources. We can supply our own needs to a large extent.

    I think our Texas state and local governmental entities (corporations) are deceiving us and stealing from us, but I do not conceptualize it in the way Mr. Burien does.

    For sthe 2009 State of Texas CAFR, in looking at total assets, you will not see any investments in the top Fortune 500 companies.

    “The State” does include he state retirement fund agencies (TRS, ERS, etc) but those are separate legal entities (“quasi” state agencies) and they put out their own investment reports and that is where you will find investments in some Fortune 500 companies, but those are not called CAFRs and those are extremenly difficult to get a copy of. The TRS, for example, does post on their website some very comprehensive looking accounting reports and they do appear to be very transparent, but still their reports posted publically do not go to the level of investments in the Fortune 500 companies, so it is difficult to tell what the amount of dollars are invested their. The retirement funds do have to invest for profit so that the funds will cover pensions.

    So, I think the general tone of Mr. Burien’s theories are that the state and all the local governments in the state could use some of their billions, nay trillions, in assets, to solve the state’s current budget / revenue crisis. I do not see that it can work that way, or at least not to a very large extent. The assets do not appear to be mainly made up of liquid assets.

    Anyway, even this original article here glossed over the basic information I am still seeking that would support the broad assertions of Mr. Burien.

    • dumpdc says:

      No, the assets are not liquid for the most part. But the investment income is, and could be used for budgets. Plus, assets could be sold, although timing would have to be used to prevent crashes in stock prices. We here at DumpDC support Mr. Burien’s decades of work.


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