Solving Immigration in a Seceding State

June 2, 2010

Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood.
~ H. L. Mencken

Immigration in America is just another shining example of how the US Federal Government destroys everything it touches.

Immigration policy in America, at one time long ago, made some sense. But over the decades, various politicians have made exceptions to garner either territory, power or votes (all variations of power). Latinos are encouraged to enter the US without papers by the American businessmen who eagerly hire them. Children born of illegal parents are instantly awarded US citizenship simply because of the geographical location of their birth. Federal and state welfare programs give benefits to illegals. Public schools educate them. And many law enforcement agencies are forbidden from requiring proof of legal residence…or “profiling.”

My lifelong philosophy has been “don’t listen to what they say…only watch what they DO.” So, America, from the White House to your house…wants illegals in the USA. Consequently, experts estimate that there are now between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens living here. I don’t believe that there is any stomach in America…or enough money…to actually round up and deport 12-20 million illegals. And, there is no mechanism whereby this “roundup” could ever occur.

Apply my life philosophy to the Latinos coming to America. There are jobs and government benefits to be had here for the asking. That would be enough motivation for most people. But there is some history here that complicates things.

Here’s a map from 1848 showing the cession of Mexico after the Mexican War of 1846-1848. Notice that Mexican territory ran all the way to the southern border of the Oregon Territory and east to the borders of the Louisiana Purchase, including all of Texas.

Mexico's former borders

Maps and borders are drawn by governments as they divide and conquer. But a line on a map does not divide cultures. What’s true about the Pashtun tribe in Pakistan and Afghanistan is just as true in the Southwest USA. Latinos have not forgotten that most of southwestern United States once was their land.

I’ve written recently HERE and HERE about the immigration issues plaguing Arizona. But even those articles don’t fix the problem. So, what are practical solutions to the headache of illegal immigration? What could a seceding state, becoming a new nation, do to fix this problem?

1. The first solution is the creation of the new government. If the new government is of the corporate model of governance, there is a structure to build on. Citizenship is voluntary, never automatic for anyone.
2. Seal the border between that state/nation and Mexico. This will require a state militia which none of the states except TEXAS presently have.
3. The new immigration laws codify the process of becoming a citizen. Part of that is allowing illegals presently in the nation to report to the county Sheriff’s office or county courthouse and declare their presence, and plead guilty of a misdemeanor. The fine will be $500 payable in only gold or silver (or Egold or Esilver). At that point, the illegal will have the one-time choice of either becoming a citizen by paying one dollar and receiving one share of the national stock…or filing papers for resident alien status, both subject to a criminal background check. Parents would have to file for resident alien status for their children until the children reached age 18. That should be the only amnesty program necessary to effectively deal with the problem and allow the new nation to move forward. It also raises hard money to pay for the amnesty program.
4. Make English the official national language. That means that all government communications of any sort will be in English. Schools, books, forms, traffic signs, legal papers…everything official is in English. If the free market wants to promote any other language, OK. By encouraging immigrants to learn to read and write English, they are not assigned to being in a permanent underclass. But remember, at the southern border of the southwestern US border states, the culture is predominantly Latino. “English only” does not force anyone to forsake their culture, but smoothes the path to achievement and assimilation.
5. Once this program has been competed, then deport the remaining persons found to be in the new nation illegally.
6. Enact NO LAW that establishes the minimum wage. Much of the hiring of illegals is done to avoid minimum wage laws. Wages are supposed to represent the cost of labor for any goods or services. The only so-called “living wage” exists when your income equals or exceeds your outgo. Price controls imposed by government have NEVER worked positively. The minimum wage forces prices upward artificially, and that affects EVERY person’s wallet.

Let’s face reality, my friends. You and your neighbors want cheap labor for menial jobs. Businesses want the cheap labor. And most people don’t care a whit about immigration issues. Lots of talk…little action.

That’s MY solution. Probably needs work. You got a better idea?

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

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