Times Square Bomber Incident: A False Flag Operation?

May 8, 2010

Faisal Shahzad is the newest and dumbest terrorist since the Christmas Underwear Igniter. More on that later.

Ever hear the term “false flag operation?” The term is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one’s own…like in a naval attack on an enemy. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time. False flag operations are meant to deceive observers or enemies to think that another attacker is perpetrating the attack.

Is this Times Square bombing incident a false flag operation? Let’s review the data that’s been released and ask some questions.

Here’s what we’ve been told sofar:

The alleged bomber’s name is Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistan-born naturalized US citizen. He had very recently returned to the US after a five-month visit to Pakistan. He is married with 2 children, and his family recently moved back to Pakistan. Shahzad is a Muslim.

Faisal Shahzad

Shahzad has a BA and an MBA in computer science and engineering from University of Bridgeport, Connecticut. He owned a home in Shelton, Connecticut and defaulted on the mortgage in April 2009. In May 2009 he moved his family to Pakistan.

He bought a Nissan Pathfinder SUV, paid cash to a private seller.

He took a short trip into Pennsylvania, where he bought 36 M88 firecrackers and his transaction was recorded on camera.

He loaded his Nissan Pathfinder SUV with:

• 2 alarm clocks
• 2 five-gallon cans of gasoline
• 3 20-pound Propane tanks
• 1 storage box containing 200 pounds of urea-based fertilizer
• 36 firecrackers

He drove this fuel-laden vehicle to Times Square, parked it, armed the fireworks in some manner and walked away. He was caught on a security camera as he left.

The fireworks detonated and created smoke. Street vendors reported the incident to police and the investigation began.

Later, law enforcement personnel allowed him to board a jet at Kennedy International bound for Pakistan, and allowed the aircraft to push away from the terminal before bringing the plane back and placing Shahzad under arrest.

The vehicle Shahzad drove to the airport is found to contain one 9mm handgun and five “machine gun” magazines from a Keltec rifle. (I got that little tidbit from the Mark Levin Radio Show. Poor Mark…has no idea what he’s talking about. Keltec only makes one 9mm rifle, the Sub2000, and it’s not a machine gun, but a semi-automatic rifle.) Here’s a photo of the Sub2000.

Kel-tec Sub 2000 rifle

Law enforcement spokesmen have stated that Shahzad has waived his Miranda rights and is offering information about the incident. Shahzad is alleged to have admitted taking bomb-making training in Pakistan while he was back for a visit.

If you want any further information about his incident, go to Wikipedia and search for “Faisal Shahzad.”

Let’s now turn our attention to analyzing the data:

1. This Shahzad guy should ask for a refund on his bomb-making training. Because either (a) he was sick on the day they did car-bomb lessons, or (b) he was not paying attention during that lesson. First, he did not take the caps off the gasoline cans, thereby releasing the highly flammable fumes. Second, he left the propane tanks’ valves closed, preventing them from releasing their own highly flammable gas. Thirdly, after the Tim McVeigh bomb story, nearly everyone knows that in order to make a fertilizer bomb, you have to mix urea-based fertilizer with diesel fuel. Shahzad put 200 lbs. of fertilizer in the truck…no diesel fuel…no detonator.

The analysis I come up with is that this hapless wannabe bomber did not know what he was doing. The vehicle could have been a highly lethal explosive device, and could have done tremendous damage and killed lots of people. But the bomb was not armed in the most rudimentary way.

Of course, there is a (c) choice…that Shahzad prepared the vehicle exactly as he was instructed. That sounds just like how an engineer would behave…follow instructions exactly to the letter. Then, the evidence shows a potentially lethal bomb, but nobody at Times Square dies and no light bulbs get broken.

(An aside: The Christmas Underwear bomber was no smarter. The plastic explosive “PETN” he had in his pants will ignite and burn like Sterno. But the only way to detonate it is with a blasting cap. So “Bomber-Boy” scorched his dick, but didn’t blow up the plane. He couldn’t. Maybe that was the intent all along.)

Why would (c) be an acceptable assumption? Because it creates a perception of grave danger of terroristic acts on American soil. That empowers the Federal Government to continue its assault on personal liberty and property rights here at home…and convinces mind-numbed Americans that the threat is “real.”

2. Buying 36 M88 firecrackers at a fireworks store is not exactly a memorable transaction. So, did Shahzad do something or say something in his visit to the fireworks store that called attention to himself? Why would a Pennsylvania store think to review their security tapes when an M88 goes off in New York City…100 miles away? Did Shahzad keep his receipt? This just seems too bizarre to accept on face value.

3. How many times have you watched the evening news where there is a story about a crime in your area? The reporters stick a camera and a microphone in the face of a police spokesman and start asking questions. How many times have you heard a police spokesman say, “We cannot provide details as this is an ongoing criminal investigation?” Yet, in this incident, spokesmen are seemingly stumbling over one another to get in front of a camera or microphone. The amount of evidence released about this alleged crime is astounding.

So what do we make of all this? (a) Officials will try, convict and sentence this guy to life in prison despite the compromised evidence and pollution of the jury pool. (b) Shahzad will plead guilty without trial and go directly to prison. (c) Shahzad might be assassinated or “commit suicide” while awaiting trial. (d) The US Government gets to keep “protecting” America.

4. The American government has been picking a fight with Islam now for over 20 years. Since Bush Number 1 rolled troops into Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in 1990, Islam has hated America intensely. Washington continues to make war on Islam, which is like poking a bear with a stick. You can always count on a violent reaction. But the violent reaction gives you a reason to also react violently, and when you WANT a reason to be violent, it’s convenient. Washington already knows that removing the American military presence from Islamic nations would defuse the hostility throughout the Islamic world. But Washington WANTS Islamic hostility, since Islamic hostility gives Washington a reason to use our military abroad…as well as justification for domestic tyranny. For a Federal government bent on aggregating power to itself, it’s the perfect solution.

5. Ever been to Times Square? Getting a parking place is next to impossible. But this guy finds a parking place that just happens to be directly in front of a security camera. Coincidence or planned for him in advance?

Don’t discount the idea that this entire incident was planned and executed by American intelligence operatives. That’s what a “false flag operation” is all about. The magician David Copperfield does much the same in his Las Vegas act…deception and sleight-of-hand tricks to deceive the unwitting observer.

One question you have to ask is this: Would the US Government collude with the Pakistani government to use Faisal Shahzad to set an unexploded bomb in Times Square so that the “War On Terrorism” can continue? Would they willingly destroy Shahzad’s life and family to accomplish this task? You know the answer.

I’m not sayin’ that Faisal Shahzad did not act entirely alone in the execution of this criminal act. I’m just sayin’ that the way that the evidence about the entire incident and the way it has been released and leaked to the public is highly propagandistic in its appearance. Remember the info-dump after 9-11-01.

So, I hope that this article will at least make you more suspicious of the news stories about ANYTHING these days. You should almost NEVER believe what you hear and read in the Main Stream Media.

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