A Rich Fool Enters The Governor Race in Georgia

(Editor’s note: The Monday AJC reports that Boyd has been barred from entering the race as a Republican. Karma is a bitch.)

In Sunday’s Atlanta Journal Constitution was an article about Raymond Boyd, a millionaire who has self-funded his candidacy and announced that he is running for Governor of Georgia on the Republican ticket. I went to his website and looked around. There’s a lot or rah-rah at the site, but not a lot of meaningful content. But who cares? He’s financing his own race, so he cares not about content. He actually threw $2 million on the election table to place himself in the #2 money position of candidates behind Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine.

I sent him an email at his “I’m Listening” comment page. In my email, I asked about his position on secession. I also made a business proposition to help him with TV and radio media.

I’ve copied the exact email exchanges below for your review. The only changes I’ve made are to remove my email address and phone number.

This is the quality of candidate that the status quo electoral system attracts, Ladies and Gentlemen. Could we possibly embrace the concept of states secession soon enough?

Below is the exchange. Your comments are welcome.

* * * * * * * * * * *

From: “Russell”
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2010 12:47 PM
Subject: Submission from – I’m Listening Page- BoydForGeorgia.com

Submission from the I’m Listening – Let’s Talk Section of
http://www.boydforgeorgia.com .


Your Message:

Dear Mr. Boyd:
I am president of Abigail Morgan Austin Publishing Company here in
Marietta. I have a political website at http://www.DumpDC.com, which advocates for state’s rights and state secession. This is a very well-known website around the USA.

What is your position on secession from the Union, and the sovereignty of the State of Georgia?

I’m very interested in your candidacy, only learning of it in today’s AJC.
My friend John Oxendine leads the race, but I’m not convinced he is the best for Georgia.

Finally, my wife and I are both professional voice talents. You’ll be
doing a bunch of radio and TV ads in the comings weeks that will require voiceover talent. Many advertisers will use one or two voices exclusively to bring a familiarity to their ad campaign. We would be delighted to discuss this idea with you as you move forward.

Best to you,
Russell Longcore

—– Original Message —–
From: “Ray Boyd”
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2010 2:40 PM
Subject: Re: Submission from – I’m Listening Page- BoydForGeorgia.com

Russell, I have trouble believing any sane person would even consider the idea of Georgia succeeding from the Union (or any other state or group of states). We are a United States of America. We are indivisible. You must be talking to Karen Handel and Ray McBerry. What would you do – put a tall fence around Georgia? Governors of all the states have sat on their ass for the last 40 years while the federal gov’t stripped away states rights as granted in the Constitution, but succession is NOT THE ANSWER. As Governor, I will unite the other Governors to correct the situation quickly. It will seem radical at first that the states want back, all at once, what took years for the federal gov’t to strip away. I hope you come to your senses soon. I do not want the vote of an ignorant man who would seek to destroy this Republic……….Ray Boyd

—– Original Message —–
From: “Russell Longcore”
To: “Ray Boyd”
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2010 4:43 PM
Subject: Re: Submission from – I’m Listening Page- BoydForGeorgia.com

Mr. Boyd:


I am not accustomed to being insulted by personal denigrations coming from any person who seeks office. Guess there’s a first time for everything. To paraphrase a line in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet, “thou dost protest too much.” Make me wonder what you’re afraid of.

That “indivisible” crap came as a result of a Communist named Francis Bellamy who invented the Pledge of Allegiance. Read my article One Nation? Under God? Indivisible?” to learn more…that is, if you actually want to know the truth. Don’t despair, Ray. Millions of Americans mindlessly recite this travesty without knowing what it actually means or from whence it came. You may thank the government schools for that.

The nation has never been indivisible. When the colonies belonged to King George, there was no nation. And the 1776 revolution was a secession…a secession from Britain.

Next, I have never spoken to either Handel or McBerry, nor do I support their candidacies for any office. So, your assumption is incorrect.

Next, your kneejerk reaction to the concept of secession tells me that you have done very little study of either the Constitution or US history.

No fence is necessary, Ray. Georgia borders five states and the Atlantic Ocean. Look at Europe. Damn few fences between nations there, are there? I do agree that the states have allowed themselves to be subsumed by Washington, but it’s been going on since Lincoln, not just the last 40 years. What is necessary is resolve…exhibited by patriot statesmen, not politicians. May God please save us from more politicians ( like YOU) who have no grasp of liberty and sovereign governance.

Next, the word is spelled S-E-C-E-S-S-I-O-N, not “succession.” I’m not sure you know the difference since you used “succeeding” and “succession” in the same paragraph. Here’s a free tip. If, in your many travels around our fair state, someone from the audience at a political gathering asks you your position on secession, do yourself a favor and at least pronounce the word correctly. Ben Franklin said “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

You are living in a fool’s paradise if you think you (a) will be elected Governor, and (b) would be able to unite the other 49 Governors to “correct the situation quickly.” I don’t believe that the Governors are looking for a lightning rod of gubernatorial leadership to fight Washington. Many of them want to be President themselves, and have been in politics for their lifetimes. And you really believe that they would listen to YOU…a neophyte with no political skills or experience? What’s the weather like in that magical place that you live?

If your mind has not been hopelessly welded shut by ignorance and hubris, I recommend that you read Lysander Spooner’s book “No Treason, which can be read online at http://www.lysanderspooner.org. Then read Thomas Paine’s works, “Common Sense” and “The Age of Reason.”

Mr. Boyd, I am proud to state that I will not be casting a vote for you.

For Liberty…not simply more tyranny,
Russell D. Longcore
Marietta, Georgia

PS: I’ll be writing an article at http://www.DumpDC.com, which will include this email exchange VERBATIM. It will appear this coming week.

—– Original Message —–
From: “Ray Boyd”
To: “Russell Longcore”
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2010 5:01 PM
Subject: Re: Submission from – I’m Listening Page- BoydForGeorgia.com

Russell, You are an educated nut case. I will be a public servant, not a
politician. Fortunately, I do not need your vote to become YOUR governor.
Thanks for the educational ride you intellectual basket case…..Ray Boyd
(put this in your sick diatribe to your “follows” – all 3 of them)

* * * * * * * *
OK, all of you “follows”…you who read this website. I invite you to send an email to Raymond Boyd (his email address is: Ray@BoydForGeorgia.com) and express your outrage at his vitriolic outburst to a simple question about secession. That should be an interesting outcome to this article. Thanks, Friends.

Secession is DEFINITELY the hope for humanity!

DUMPDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore.

10 Responses to A Rich Fool Enters The Governor Race in Georgia

  1. […] Enters The Governor Race in Georgia Posted on April 26, 2010 by Bill Miller This article by Russell D. Longcore on DumpDC.com. In Sunday’s Atlanta Journal Constitution was an article about Raymond Boyd, a millionaire who […]

  2. http://www.boydforgeorgia.com/


    who let the dogs out…hahaha!

    that jackass photo at militantlibertarian.org is priceless, can’t wait til Lew Rockwell picks this up!


  3. […] without having an understanding of them. Just today, DumpDC’s Russell Longcore has posted his recent exchange with a Republican candidate for governor of Georgia, Raymond Boyd, who rejects even the discussion […]

  4. TheDutchman says:

    Russell, I had a few email exchanges with Ray Boyd trying to determine his commitment on State Rights, etc. without any luck. I believe you struck gold. Personally, I was hoping for a different response, for the benefit of Georgia, but I think we got the real message.

  5. Just sent a message to this fool. I don’t really expect a response. I hope that a lot of people wrote this naive idiot with more money than brains.

    If I actually get a response I’ll forward it to this site.

  6. jt says:

    Good Show Mr. Longcore.

    Ray Boyd can go pound sand.

  7. Glimmer says:

    This is apparently a man with more money than brains at his disposal. He is used to barking orders and being obeyed. It sounds like he is living in a bubble and has no idea how out of touch and incredibly ignorant he is.

    He refers to you as an “educated nut case”???? Does he ever realize that because of other educated nut cases he even lives in the United State of America and not as a colony of Great Britain? What planet has this man been living on? And what delusions of reality inform him?

  8. OldDog says:

    Just mailed this to Russ, and the asshole in Georgia.

    Mr. Boyd:

    “Russell, I have trouble believing any sane person would even consider the idea of Georgia succeeding from the Union (or any other state or group of states). We are a United States of America. We are indivisible”.

    Ray: that is a pretty bold statement for a stupid coward to make. If the people of Georgia are equally as stupid as you in the matter of secession, and elect you as their Governor, I assure you they will be sorry. Rednecks don’t take kindly to being made a fool of, and have for hundreds of years made America proud of their intelligence, independence, and bravery. I hope your parents have passed on so they won’t be humiliated by your ignorance and lack of courage.

    Let’s consider intelligence first as it is a definite requirement for a governor. What do you consider a sane person should do when the D.C. scumbags sellout to the international bankers and destroy the very foundation of freedom in America?

    “As Governor, I will unite the other Governors to correct the situation quickly”. REALLY! Have you ever been to a National Governors Conference? Can you possibly be dumb enough to think they are not equally as ignorant as you? How would you explain the last one hundred years of State Governors accepting D.C. as their masters? Have you ever heard of the term “communitarianism”? Do you know anything at all about U.N. Agenda 21 and the surreptitious transfer of power to NON-ELECTED people, and organizations? OR, do you think that hubris is the one and only requirement for a Governor?

    Ray: the people of the great State of Georgia are not equally stupid, nor do they lack the balls to stand up and fight for their freedom.

    So, let’s consider courage now, which is something that is a real requirement for the coming BATTLE WITH D.C. The people of Georgia know full well that the scumbags in D.C. will respond with every means available to suppress secession in any State, as they have long ago chosen power over law as a means of governance. YOU, of course, as Governor would be the first to experience their wrath, and there is no doubt it would be the end of your miserable existence, which is something you obviously don’t have the balls for.

    Ray: I strongly suggest you take Mr. Longcore’s advice and read Lysander Spooner’s book “No Treason, which can be read online at http://www.lysanderspooner.org. You very obviously do not have the guts or knowledge required to govern the people of any State, and certainly not the great State of Georgia.

    James P. Harvey

  9. plumbob says:

    No surprises here. Boyd is as ignorant of the Constitution and of what form of government we should have (and once had) as the other 99 percent of the population. The Yankees who won the war have done a masterful job of re-writing history and most Southerners have swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

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