If It Quacks Like a Duck…

April 15, 2010

If It Quacks Like a Duck…

And if it waddles like a duck…
And if it has feathers like a duck…
And if it has webbed feet and a bill…
And if it swims like a duck…
Chances are pretty good that it’s a duck.

Texans got a good look at the ducks in Austin last Saturday. The Austin ducks look just like the ducks in DC. And, just like when ducks fly in formation, the Austin ducks are flying in formation behind the Washington lead duck.

Last weekend, some of the political leaders of Texas showed their feathers and finally took a stand about Texas independence. Sadly, the stand they took was to side with Washington and against Texas sovereignty and independence.

Do you remember my article Will Austin Become Liberty Central or Little Washington? In light of this news story, you can be assured that Austin is Little Washington, filled with power-thirsty, grasping politicians…and perhaps one or two patriots hiding in the shadows.

There are a plethora of activist organizations in Texas, just like in most other states. The Texas Nationalist Movement, the Tenth Amendment guys, the Tea Parties, the Article V group, and Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty are just a few. Last Saturday, all of the groups concerned with liberty got their reality check from AG Greg Abbott.

Cary Wise is the Membership Director of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM). Cary served in the US Air Force, and was a Michigan State Trooper, even though he is a son of Texas. Cary is now a businessman living near Hondo, Texas. He is one of my closest friends.

On Saturday, April 3rd, Cary was in Austin representing the TNM, and attended a meeting with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and members of the Texas Conservative Coalition, a group of 49 state representatives and state senators. Abbott confirmed that his office had joined other states to file a civil lawsuit against Washington in regard to the new Health Care bill. In that meeting, the AG stated plainly that the Governor would not call a special legislative session to address Tenth Amendment issues or state sovereignty. Abbott said the special session would be “too expensive.”

Cary asked specifically what Texans were supposed to do as the laws and regulations, such as Cap & Trade, Health Care, EPA regulations etc., were imposed upon Texans while they wait for the lawsuit to drag through the Federal Courts.

Abbott sat completely silent, and would offer no answer. None of the very uncomfortable Coalition members offered an answer either. Cary reported that the audience, numbering in the hundreds, was completely stunned at Abbott’s pronouncements, as well his subsequent unwillingness to reply to direct questions. Wise also reported that after the meeting, the politicians hastily moved to the exits to get away from the now-angry crowd.

Ladies and gentlemen, the political leaders in Austin will offer only token resistance to the tyranny flowing from Washington…the kind of facile posturing that doesn’t really cost them anything. They will file their suit against Washington in regard to the Health Care law, and use their ineffectual action as political cover to show voters that they are “fighting Washington.”

So, Texans, you now know that the Governor, the Attorney General and the Republicans (who should be most friendly to liberty) in Austin won’t help you. What will you do now?

Your only choice is to make secession a groundswell demand from the general populace of Texas. That sounds like a county-by-county effort to get county judges to agree to place the independence initiative on a referendum so that it may receive an up or down vote on its merits.

Got any better ideas?

I invite you to re-read my article Who Will Be The New Founding Fathers?

Texans, frankly tell your politicians, “Texas secession is going to happen with you, or without you.” You MUST make the elected officials pay a price for their actions against Texas independence. That does not mean violent opposition, but strong political action. Politicians will not respect you until they fear you.

And, finally, Texans, you must take the long view. Your efforts for independence and sovereignty may not happen in your lifetime. Remember, all politics is force, and force only yields to superior force. But it may take a while to overcome the centralized power in Austin.

My recommendation is to take a page from the book on branding cattle. A cowboy will separate one steer from the rest of the herd, rope him and bring him down. Then the branding iron is applied. In the same manner, conquer the Austin legislature person by person. Cull one Representative or Senator from the herd. Either get him to commit to your cause, or run a strong Texas Independence candidate against him in the next election.

But that requires a concerted effort, guerrilla political tactics and a bunch of money.

I call on all so-called “Patriot groups” operating in Texas to join together to storm the Texas Legislature about Texas Independence.

Secession is the hope for humanity. Will Texas be first?

La secesión es la única esperanza para la humanidad. ¿Quién será el primero?

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