The Ship of State: Ship of Fools

April 12, 2010

The United States of America is the 234 year-old criminal entity engaged in theft, plunder, murder, drug dealing, money laundering and counterfeiting on a worldwide scale. It is sometimes respectfully referred to as a ship of state. But the US Federal Government is a ship of fools.

The ship of fools is an allegory with a long history in Western literature and art. The allegory and artworks show a sailing vessel filled with humans who are oblivious, frivolous and demented, arguing amongst themselves, and clueless about the destination of their craft.

Ship of Fools - The USS United States

(From Wikipedia) The ship of state is a famous and oft-cited metaphor put forth by Plato in book VI of ‘’Plato’s Republic’’. It likens the governance of a city-state to the command of a naval vessel – and ultimately argues that the only men fit to be captain of this ship are philosopher kings, benevolent men with absolute power who have access to ultimate knowledge.

Plato establishes the comparison by describing the steering of a ship as just like any other “craft” or profession – in particular, that of a politician. He then runs the metaphor in reference to a particular type of government: democracy. Plato’s democracy, it is worth noting, is not the modern notion of a mix of democracy and republicanism, but rather pure rule by what he terms “the poor masses” by way of pure majority rule. Plato argues that the masses are too busy fighting over what they consider to be the right way to steer the ship to listen to a true navigator – representing his philosopher-king. Socrates, speaking for Plato, rhetorically asks “Will he not be called by them a prater, a star-gazer, a good-for-nothing?” It is ultimately seen, then, that the ship of state metaphor is a cautionary tale against rule by anything other than an enlightened, benevolent monarch-of-sorts.

Wow…sounds just like the philosophy of the ruling class of the junta commonly known as “The United States of America.” The President of the United States is always held up to be a benevolent philosopher-monarch-of-sorts, enlightened far beyond the common man. (They all seem to write a book before their presidential candidacy ramps up, don’t they?) Surely with that level of superiority and enlightenment, he can lead the nation, even when the nation doesn’t want to be led. After all, he knows best. Please do not miss the sarcasm in the last sentence.

Didn’t we just witness that “lead-‘em, like it or not” philosophy in the passage of the Health Care legislation? Overwhelmingly, no matter what poll was taken, Americans did not want this bill passed. Yet, our masters passed the bill and the benevolent philosopher-king signed it into law.

The ship of state named “The United States of America” has become the ship of fools. But certainly not recently. The metamorphosis was in process from the ratification of the US Constitution, and was completed in the Lincoln Administration of the 1860s. It effects continue unabated to this day.

Ships float, regardless of the material from which they are made, because the weight of the ship and its cargo is less than the weight of the water it displaces. But a ship sinks when it weighs more than the weight of the water it displaces. That can come from overloading the ship with cargo. It also happens when the ship takes on water, either through leaks or stormy seas that wash over the ship and add water weight.

Hmmmmm…I wonder if there is a lesson here in this metaphor. How about this?

The ship of fools has taken on ever-increasing weight. The Captain (the philosopher-king) and the officers (Congressional crew) have thrown caution to the wind and have drastically increased the number of crew members (government employees). In addition, they are adding the weight of Federal debt being stored in the ship’s cargo holds. The inspectors (Federal courts) turn a blind eye and do nothing to prevent the overloading of the ship. One day soon, the ship will founder or capsize, or simply sink beneath the waves of history, never to rise again.

We poor slaves, trapped in the cargo holds of the ship like the African slaves of old, need not revolt to save ourselves. All we need to do is get into the lifeboats of secession that line the gunwales of the ship, cast off and get clear of the ship before she sinks. If we wait until the ship of fools sinks, most of the slave cargo will die in the ensuing panic of abandoning ship. Many lifeboats will never be used, and will go down with the ship.

The men and women who populate the elected and appointed positions of power and privilege in Washington DC will have sunk the USS United States. The leeches will have killed the host, but that’s the very nature of leeches…even to their own peril. (forgive my mixing metaphors)

Inevitably, secession is an individual choice. You must decide to be free. Or, in the absence of your decision, you get exactly what you deserve.

In order to make this bitter medicine go down easier, enjoy Robert Plant’s music video entitled “Ship of Fools.”

Secession is the hope for humanity. Who will be first?

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