Zen and the Art of State Secession

April 4, 2010

“I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

“Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” by Robert Pirsig, was a popular book on philosophy published in 1974. My article title trades on that well-known book’s title. But I’m going deeper than just that. I’m going to show you how state secession can be presented to people in a very positive way, rather than trying to scare people into choosing secession.

The government…any government…ALL government… is blunt force with the threat of jail or death. We here at DumpDC are beating the drum incessantly for state secession. We want to see the individual states become sovereign nations, not the serf states owned by Washington.

So, don’t get the mistaken idea that we hold some Pollyana-ish utopian vision that state government will cure all the ills of human governance. It won’t. A state that secedes has the very real chance to bungle this process, and simply replicate the same problems that it desires to escape. In fact, my opinion is that even among the states that ever secede, most will just turn into little Washington DC clones.

But think about blunt force. How many times in your life have you actually used force against another person? How many times have you actually used force to protect yourself, your family and your property against violence or theft? Now take those numbers and compare them to all of the thousands of voluntary exchanges you have had with others…from total strangers to close relatives. Even the simplest exchanges like buying a Tootsie Roll at a store, or paying a neighbor kid to mow your lawn, or complicated transactions like forming a corporation or getting a job…are the essence of personal liberty.

So how much blunt force do you really need to run your life? Almost none. But blunt force is the tyrannical government’s oxygen. We here at DumpDC believe that you need very little as a person or as a properly-designed State.

There are two philosophies of human behavior we’ll deal with today. The first philosophy is that mankind is generally evil. Consequently, they believe that man must be forced to forsake evil and behave in socially acceptable ways. The second philosophy is that mankind is generally good, and that left to our own devices, we will work out ways to get along with other humans through voluntary interactions.

I used to be an adherent of the first philosophy. But over a lifetime, I have observed how much human suffering and death has been caused by the church and State as they have legislated morality, criminalized “sin” and plundered the people, whether their own subjects or the citizens of foreign lands.

Governments that are founded on the “man is evil” philosophy may start out benignly, but eventually become despotic and tyrannical. Governments are made up of people, and people all act the same. It is human nature to try to expand and grow…and test the limits placed upon us. So we shouldn’t be surprised that Washington has pushed the limits since its inception. And, for the most part, they’ve won.

Governments, instituted by men, are flawed. But some governments are less flawed than others, and we want to move individuals toward governing models that tend toward individual liberty rather than government power.

Compare the “generally evil” camp with evangelistic types that like to preach the fires of Hell. From Jonathan Edwards to Cotton Mather to Dwight L. Moody to Billy Graham, these types spent their lives literally scaring the Hell out of people, and scaring them into a religious faith. But running away from punishment is less effective than running toward a benefit. And that is what the Tenth Amendment guys, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Parties, and all the political parties rely upon to motivate voters and collect contributions.

I now reside in the “mankind is generally good” camp. And whereas I do write articles chronicling the flaws of the DC tyrants, I’d much rather craft a method of governance that wins people over to state secession through logic and reason.

My philosophical journey has taken me through the writings of Dr. Wayne Dyer. A book that has changed my life is “The Power of Intention.” In that book, Dyer defines God as “intention.” Then he explains seven characteristics of God as expressed in physical reality and non-physical reality.

I’ve taken those seven “faces” and plugged in the concepts of promoting state secession. What I want to convey is the old adage that you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. Showing all of the positive, life-affirming, liberty-protecting attributes of secession is a far better way to convince individuals to forsake nationalism and commit to nationHOOD.

The Seven Faces of Secession


Intention must be creative or nothing would come into existence. And creative energy is a part of all of us. Government regulation and taxation kills creativity. A seceding state, properly organized, will promote individual liberty and protect individual property rights. It will be the warm, moist soil where the seeds of individual creativity can be planted and will thrive.


Any power that promotes creativity must, by definition, be a kind power. If the power was malevolent, it would negate creativity. So a seceding state must come from a philosophical base that is welcoming, accepting, patient and tolerant. It cannot be tyrannical toward one group of people at the expense of another group of people. That’s why a national flat sales tax is kind, since it treats all people equally.


The kindness exhibited by a power shows a nurturing, cooperative environment and the heart of a servant. And the opposite…fear…is the intention of dominance, intimidation and lack. A seceding state shows its love for mankind by maximizing individual liberty and protecting property rights for ALL.


Why would any organization that was expressing creativity, kindness and love ever manifest itself in any form that was repellant to others? A seceding state will create beauty in its Constitution in inverse proportion to its number of words. Said another way, the constitution with the least amount of words is likely to provide the most individual liberty.


God is constantly expanding the universe. We must mimic that behavior as we seek to spread our good news and quest for liberty. Individuals sharing with other individuals about the benefits of secession will expand the deep desire for individual liberty expressed through state secession. The seceding state should promote and educate people around the world about secession and how to do it correctly.


God’s creation shows abundance everywhere. There are no limits to our potential as individuals or as organizations. The properly-drawn constitution will empower the citizens to accept the possibility that they can live in abundance, not lack. And, once they are living under the new nation’s laws, they will experience the opportunity to attract that abundance to themselves.


We must be receptive to all without judgment, and not withholding the blessings of liberty from anyone. That may mean a seceding state will have to completely rethink their immigration policy in light of the invisible hand of the free market.

* * * *

That sums up my raison d’être for DumpDC. I want to win individuals over to the features and benefits of state secession, as opposed to scaring the Hell out of them with the ghoulish tales of despotism and tyranny that flow out of Washington DC.

Secession is the hope for humanity. Who will be first?

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