New Page at DumpDC

One thing that we all have in common is that we all make a journey of understanding. We read and study and observe human action. All of this accumulated data results in our worldview…the “rose-colored glasses” through which we filter all of our sensory data. Our journey is just that…it is not a destination.

We at DumpDC are on a journey also. When I moved to the Atlanta area in 1992, I was a rock-ribbed Republican activist, fundamentalist Christian, Marine Corps enthusiast and completely intolerant of opposing thought. Now, I’m a Secessionist/Anarchist/Capitalist, a Scientific Deist and much more patient with the opinions, foibles and faults of others.

Why do I tell you that? Because of our new “Archive by Title” page.

This page allows all readers to find all the articles we’ve ever published in one easily accessible place. It will also show you how we have moved along in our journey just since the inception of DumpDC a year ago.

I urge you to take the time to read the articles in our archive. There are some fantastic articles in there written by great minds around the country. I promise that the time you spend in the Archive will be beneficial to your journey.

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